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Chapter 7: Slimes are also food

Translator: yuzu

When Luya woke up in the morning, she was still consumed with anger from her dreams.

There was nowhere to direct her fury, and eventually she calmed down.

She lifted her sleeves to check where she had been injured in her dream, and sure enough she found a deep scar on her arm.

She had no idea if Lianna succeeded in reaching the imperial capital… though she really was such a bitch.

Luya cursed Lianna as she got out of bed.

However when she saw the red dragon lying nearby, her mood lightened.

She was starting to get used to waking up next to the dragon.

The red dragon was lying lazily in front of its pile of treasure, squinting at Luya.

Today was the third day since she came here.

The red dragon had brought her food every day, so in return, shouldn’t she try to improve her relationship with the dragon

Luya hesitated, but then nervously raised her hand and waved hello at the red dragon: “Hi… good morning!”

The red dragon looked at Luya motionlessly.

Its expression did not change, and there was no reaction.

She felt flustered by the dragon’s stare.

Those enormous vertical pupils projected an incredible amount of pressure.

After the two of them held eye contact for a while, Luya smiled awkwardly, and then quickly ran out of the cave.

Wow… I felt like my heart was about to burst!

Even though she wanted to try getting even closer, liking touching the dragon’s head, its scales, or its tail, it was better to take it slowly.

Maybe she’d reconsider it once she was more familiar with the dragon.

After Luya ran out of the cave, she found the Shiba Inu lying in the wilderness as if nothing had happened at all.

It had managed to survive until today as well.

This dog wasn’t as guarded around Luya today.

However, it still wasn’t like other dogs, and it seemed to hate playing with humans.

Since it was lying on the ground, Luya wanted to rub its fur to relieve some stress when she walked by.

However, the Shiba Inu had quick reflexes, and rapidly figured out Luya’s dubious motives.

Before she could even reach out with her arm, it had already gotten up and fled.

This was her first time meeting a dog that hated petting so much.

“No way”

Luya watched as the dog quickly distanced itself, as she was left hanging in dissatisfaction.

The Shiba Inu responded to her with a glare that was excessively cold for a dog.

Luya had no choice but to check her dew collection device.

Oh heck yes! It had already collected a half jar of water! Even if it wasn’t enough to make soup, it was enough for a girl and a dog to drink!

Luya was so excited, she quickly scooped a bowl of water to drink.

It was colorless and tasteless, so she had finally acquired drinkable water.

In her excitement, she hurriedly covered the pot with a lid, fearing that it would evaporate.

Then she used a bowl to scoop some more water, and then called the dog over.

“Doggie, come here!”

Although that dog wasn’t close to Luya, it was driven by instinct.

When Luya called, it still came to her.

Luya put the golden bowl in front of the dog, pointed at the water, and said, “We have water.

Go drink it!”

This gold bowl was solid and heavy, so she wasn’t afraid that the dog would knock it over.

She was comfortable with putting it in front of the dog.

The dog sniffed the bowl of water, but did not show much interest.

It turned around and walked away.

Huh Wasn’t it thirsty

“You’ll get sick if you don’t stay hydrated.

What will you do when you get kidney stones”

Luya had a slight headache as she shouted after the dog.

This dog was way too headstrong, and it didn’t listen to anything it was told to do.

But as Luya chased after it, she suddenly noticed that the fur on its face and nose was a bit damp.

Luya was taken aback.

Had it been drinking water by itself

She hurriedly opened the pot of water to check, and sure enough there were a few dog hairs floating on the surface.

…It wasn’t surprising.

After all, it had been collecting dew since last night, so a dog would naturally drink it when it got thirsty… umm, but…

Didn’t this mean she drank the same water that the dog had drunk!

Thinking of this made Luya feel a bit queasy.

Thinking carefully, she had even drunk the water that was used by the pig-headed monster… that water was somewhat muddy and had a meaty taste.

That said, humans and pigs didn’t eat poop, but dogs ate their own **.

Did this mean she was eating poop indirectly Wait, dogs could also be a host for Toxoplasma gondii1, so would she end up infected with Toxoplasmosis

…But she wasn’t pregnant right now, so she didn’t need to worry about Toxoplasmosis.

Luya tried to comfort herself a little, and told herself to forget about it.

Even if the dog wasn’t going to drink water right now, it was fine to leave it outside, since it would drink on its own when it got thirsty.

Soon the dragon flew out of its nest again.

Ever since she found out that she’d have food supplied every day, and fixed her drinking water problem, Luya was content with being a freeloader2.

She certainly gave up on thinking about escape.

Even if they fled to the outside, there were monsters everywhere.

Her original self had been unable to enter the imperial capital, so she had to wander around in the wilderness for nearly three years with vagrant refugees.

It was impossible to stay for long in settlements without barriers, since monsters would be attracted by the scent of living humans.

They’d either be eaten on the spot or sold to the human ranches.

Her original self had always been running.

Refugees who weren’t granted asylum had to live like every day was their last, and they could never relax.

Even though she was a sixteen year old girl, she was thin and small.

At this point, it was far safer to stay here in the dragon’s nest.

Normal monsters never approached a dragon’s dwelling.

If she could settle down here… there was food, shelter, and even a dog.

She’d be far happier than a majority of human refugees living outside.

The human ranches were simply unimaginable, since everyone was raised as livestock.

She once saw a person who escaped from the human ranches.

That man was raised to be a vampire’s blood bag.

A person could have their blood drawn around 5-6 times, and then they would die of organ failure.

The man was hellishly thin, and he had sunken eyes like a skeleton.

He said he had escaped from the human ranch in zone TD-23.

His blood had already been taken three times.

He had escaped from the truck that was transporting him and ran all the way here.

The mercenaries chased away the monsters that had followed him, but that guy wasn’t able to live for much longer.

He died soon afterward.

Luya didn’t know what happened to everyone in the mercenary group after they all separated.

She couldn’t help but think of the group of vagrants that had taken care of her.

After Captain Ivie was killed by a griffin, the remainder of the team fell to pieces.

One by one, they were caught or fled, but she was the only one who was put to sale in the monster’s human flesh market.

She hoped that all of them were able to escape, but Luya didn’t have any real confidence.

This world was seriously too hellish, and did humanity even have a future

Luya sighed and continued to dig holes.

Today, she wanted to divert some hot spring water to the area around the dragon’s den so that she could take a hot spring bath anytime she wanted.

She ended up digging and digging for an entire day.

Primitive construction3 wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.

Luya never imagined that a workaholic 18K/month graphic designer4 like herself would one day become the Li Ziqi5 of volcanoes.

When the sun was about to set, the dragon brought back more spoils of war as before, right on time.

It was a monster bird that was very commonly seen in the sky.

Luya considered them to be very gruesome.

They would appear in forests or the wilderness, often in flocks, and swoop down from the air grabbing defenseless humans and fly into the air.

They would then drop people to their deaths, and then peck at human flesh.

…This couldn’t be something that was for her to eat


Eep, no way!

Perhaps the dragon didn’t think Luya would be able to deal with the bird monster, so its neck was already crushed and broken.

It had pretty much lost most of its blood, so it was practically dead already.

Its corpse was warm to the touch, but…

With so many feathers, there was no way she could pluck them all! Also this bird was several times bigger than she was, so it was impossible for her to grapple with it!

Luya looked at the dragon, who was brimming with anticipation, and she waved her hands.

“No… I really can’t eat this!”

The red dragon looked at Luya motionlessly.

It made Luya feel a little guilty, but she could only continue to explain to the dragon: “It’s too big for my size.

Yesterday’s tuna was already at the limit, so you should just eat this one yourself!”

The red dragon finally understood what Luya meant.

It appeared to be disappointed, but it still swallowed the warm corpse of the monster bird.

Then it opened its vast dragon wings and took off again.

Luya watched the red dragon disappear into the sea of clouds.

She felt very nervous.

Was the red dragon going to find food for her again

Luya hoped that the dragon understood her.

For instance, the bird’s egg that it had brought back on the first day was perfect.

It was filled with protein and nutrients, and was easy to eat.

How was she supposed to roast such a big bird like this one In the past when she was traveling with the mercenaries, they would cut the meat off the monsters they killed and roast them.

Most of the time, monster meat tasted nasty and required heavy spices to cover the foul taste and fishy smell.

If it weren’t for the severe shortage of food, nobody would want to eat that kind of stuff.

Currently, she had neither salt nor spices.

Roasting the monster bird wasn’t an option, so she could only hope that whatever food the dragon brought back could be consumed without seasoning.

Speaking of which, could she figure out how to get salt

She remembered that there were many other goods for sale aside from human meat in the monster’s market.

The monsters had formed a society similar to humans, so they could be selling seasonings like salt.

Perhaps she ought to mention it to the dragon when it comes back.

Hopefully, the dragon would be able to bring back some spices.

While Luya continued to think about what she needed in order to live, the dragon very quickly returned with some new prey — perhaps because it was getting dark soon.

This time it didn’t fly too far and spent less than twenty minutes before it returned to its lair.

As the red dragon glided by, two turquoise jelly-like objects fell from the sky.

It landed with a splat in front of Luya, and plopped into two piles of ooze.


Luya screamed in fright, and backpedaled a few steps.

They were slimes!! And still living!! They were wiggling!

Wait, these were for her to eat!

Luya was heartbroken and wanted to beat the ground in despair.

If she had known, she would have chosen the monster bird earlier, but now she was forced to go with slimes!

Brother dragon6, how did you misunderstand!

Author’s notes:

Friends of the Kryton Monthly Subscription, your basic daily meal has been delivered! We can guarantee that you will never starve.

Would anyone like to subscribe It’s on sale for a limited amount of time and only 30 RMB.

Everyone is so strict with pets.

My cat knocks over my water bowl every day.

Every time it goes to the toilet, it washes its feet in my water bowl, and drinks from my toothbrush cup.

When it washes its feet, it splashes around everywhere, and gets dissolved cat litter into the water.

I have to wipe its basket every day…

If you’re impatient, you really can’t raise pets.

Before adopting any, you have to think carefully.

Along with the cuteness and joy that they bring, you need to be able to put up with their shortcomings, put up with their poop, as well as deal with any trouble they bring.

But when I’m feeling down, I’m very happy to have a pet at my side.

Since I raised my cat, I will try my best not to abandon it.

Heart emoji 

Speaking of this, I remember that my dear friend’s bed got utterly destroyed by a stray cat she picked up… I think only pet owners can understand some of these feelings, but we’re willing to deal with things again and again!

Translator’s notes:

Toxoplasma gondii: A parasite that is usually found in cats.

It is especially dangerous for pregnant women.Freeloader (鹹魚): Literally, “fresh fish”, which is internet slang for someone who doesn’t do anything and leaves it to others.Primitive construction (基建): Literally, “building”, but the author is referring to making things like primitive technology.18K/month: The average national salary for graphic designers in China is 10,000 CNY/month.Li Ziqi (李〇柒): An Internet star who uses ancient/traditional Chinese technology to make things and cook food.

This is her youtube channel.Brother dragon: It’s common to refer to people as brother or sister in Chinese.


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