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She was even more shocked when she looked closer.

The appearance of a Viking, the thick beard covered the other’s facial features, the expression was firm, the posture with the weapon was vivid, and she felt that it might really be a god of war.

The main reason is that Luya doesn’t know the legends of these other worlds.

This body has never read a book and knows very little, so she can’t figure out what is in front of her from her limited memory.

If it is just a statue that will be active, there is no need to spend such a big effort to place it in the deepest part of the ancient ruins.

But Luya really suspected that it might be an ancient god.

The people of Asdra are not allowed to have any beliefs under the empire’s rule, so they are most likely left behind in the previous civilization.

After all, this is a continent not favored by God.

The power of the gods comes from the beliefs of mankind.

Even if this thing is an ancient god, there shouldn’t be much divine sense left.

Anyway, it’s right to run when the situation is wrong.

Luya relaxed slightly after analyzing; she continued to observe the statue.

Neither the spear nor the shield in its hand looked like a common product, and after such a long time, it still exuded a strange luster.

And the weapon seemed to be removable, but Luya did not dare to move its weapon rashly for fear that it would suddenly come back to life.

What is more interesting is the sword hanging from the waist of the statue.

The scabbard is inlaid with a row of large and small gems, reflecting the strange light under the jumping flame of the torch in Luya’s hand, making people unable to move their eyes.

“The sword is calling me.”

She wants to draw the sword.

She didn’t know why; Luya had a very strong impulse in her heart as if she was the person destined to be selected by the sword.

It seemed that a kind of power was driving her, so she couldn’t help but step forward again, reaching for the ancient sword in the gem-covered scabbard.


The dog behind seemed to be aware of something at this moment and barked at her.

It rushed up the steps and ran towards Luya at its fastest speed as if trying to stop her.

However, it was too late.

When the dog pounced on her, she had completely entered a state of indifference, holding the hilt in both hands.

“do not bother me.”

Luya seemed bewitched; her expression was fanatical and devout; she slowly began to exert force with both hands, trying to pull out the ancient sword.

The dog bit Luya’s skirt, and Luya kept pulling the sword for more than a minute.

She seemed to be frozen.

Luya’s dog stared at her for a long time, and after another five minutes, it sat down on the spot, and the expression in its eyes gradually changed from tension to contempt.

Luya’s face was flushed, she looked like she was struggling hard, but nothing happened.


“It may be rusty.”

Luya finally released the hilt after trying to no avail.

She looked completely awake now, and to hide her embarrassment, she pretended to be nonchalant and said to the Shiba Inu.

As someone strengthened by dragon blood, no one can draw a sword she can’t even draw.

Maybe it’s just decoration, she must have had an illusion in front of her, how could she be suddenly bewitched, really.

“Go back; there is nothing here, don’t run around next time.”

The statue has not been resurrected, nor has any trap triggered.

Luya patted the dog’s head, and she was a little touched: The dog was still worried about the danger and came to her; he could be considered a loyal dog; it was no shame that she was so kind to it.

But as she thought that the dog should give up this time, but when she turned around and was about to leave, Lu Dahuang suddenly jumped onto where the statue was sitting and bit the hilt of the sword.

“What are you doing Lu Dahuang”

Luya was stunned.

Before she could react, the sound of metal scrapping had appeared.

Then she saw the dog, with its swift speed, grab the sword from the scabbard.

After leaping and turning around, he bit the sword landing firmly.


Luya stared at this scene dumbfounded, and after a while, she burst out a word.



How did the dog pull out the sword that she couldn’t pull out!

She stared at Lu Dahuang, biting the sword in a daze.

Even in the darkness, the sword exudes a blue light and looks extraordinary.

She didn’t understand at all.

If she was not the one chosen by the sword, why would she feel the sword’s call There was indeed a very strong force that made her want to draw this sword…

If the sword attracts everyone to draw it, it is similar to the principle of the sword in the stone, and only the selected person can draw it; it is not incomprehensible.

…But the question is why it is a dog!

Luya looked at Lu Dahuang with “I am super fierce” on her face, and she suddenly felt dissatisfied for no reason.

Isn’t this a bit too much The sword chose the dog but not her.

How can she not compare to this dog Is she unworthy

She didn’t have time to get angry.

Suddenly, the sword held in Lu Dahuang’s mouth gave out a dazzling light, enveloping the entire temple instantly.

After the light disappeared, Luya no longer found where she was.

Instead, she came to a space of pitch-black nothingness.

A giant the size of a tower appeared in front of her.

The giant exudes oppressive energy all over his body, wearing pitch-black armor and his entire face like a  living sculpture, looking down at her solemnly and solemnly.

Luya forgot her fear for a moment, what she saw in front of her eyes was shocking beyond words.

Before such a behemoth, she was like an ant facing a giant elephant.

No matter what she struggled with, it was meaningless.

She suddenly realized that this giant was probably the owner of that sword.

Lu Dahuang drew the sword, and then the sword led them into this space.

So what is this place

The giant didn’t do anything other than stare at her.

She and the giant looked at each other for a long time.

After seeing that the other party didn’t intend to attack her, she finally plucked up the courage to ask.

“Where am She Are you a god”

“This is a crack in time, a place of disorder; I am not a god; I am an observer of chaos; you cannot hear or recite my name.”

The giant body shook slightly, but its voice appeared directly in Luya’s mind, resounding like a bell, without any emotion, cold and numb.

Luya had a lot of questions in her mind, such as why she was here, its purpose as an observer, and the reason for its existence.

But before she could speak, the giant’s voice appeared again.

“The Lord chosen by my sword will obtain the power to kill all the gods and demons as you wish.


This sentence immediately shocked Luya, and all of her questions were instantly forgotten.

Can the master chosen by that strange gem sword punish the gods and demons

No, wait a minute, is something wrong here

Even if she didn’t have talent and relied on dragon blood to unlock the power,  she recognized that she hadn’t become the chosen person.

After all, not everyone can become King Arthur.

But it chose a dog!

Is this fair!




The author has something to say: I always feel that I am writing a very typical Japanese RPG.

The map and layout of this book are quite large, and the world view and details are gradually increased and completed.

Character personal takeaway DLC (not)

After I finish writing, She will see if I can sell the copyright to the game company.


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