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This mountain is bigger than Luya imagined.

She flew here on the back of the red dragon several times before, but she didn’t fly too far.

As a result, she still doesn’t know what this mountain is like.

And there seems to be a ruin, which is incredible.

Her physical stamina has now been strengthened by dragon blood, and it is not a big problem to cross mountains and ridges.

Goblins have much better physical strength than ordinary humans, so running with her is not a big problem.

It’s just that when they encountered a monster, the goblins hid, completely relying on Luya to open the way in front.

…Why is she a soft girl mixed up like this Why didn’t the goblins carry her down the mountain **** off.

However, Goblin can’t be blamed.

The original demons in the mountain basically hide from people.

Some giant elephant soldiers are occasionally seen, but they have a fixed range of activities and won’t chase people.

Luya encountered some monsters that fell from the eyes of the earthly demons.

They were aggressive and would actively attack the life they felt.

When Luya saw these monsters, she just slashed without saying a word.

If she moves slowly, they might go after the goblins.

She needs goblins to work for her, and she can’t reduce her staff anymore.

Because I encountered some monsters on the road, it was almost afternoon when I reached the foot of the mountain.

The goods Luya requested were piled together like a hill, but it might be because she came too late and didn’t see any pigmen nearby.

After making sure there were no threats, she ordered the goblins to move things with her.

“Work hard, speed up, and I will give you 10% of the food when I move back.”

After all, she is not a devil either.

There is no reason to let the horse run without feeding it.

Goblins also need to eat.

Otherwise, they will rebel sooner or later if they are blindly worked and not paid.

After hearing that Luya would distribute food to them, those goblins brightened up.

They were all lifeless, but now they immediately carried the food up the mountain.

The road was cleared when going down the mountain and went smoothly when the goods were moved back.

Except for some wild beasts that jumped out on the mountain, after seeing a group of powerful goblins, they immediately ran away.

They used a lot of effort to transport the food back to the mountain and then divided it up.

After the goblins got the food, they left happily.

“Why do you share the food with the goblins We don’t have enough to eat for long, oink!”

After watching the goblin go far, the piglet jumped out again, looking at Luya with some dissatisfaction.

“This is the food that this young master exchanged for himself! Goblins clearly only need to catch the slime and eat it!”

“This is a win-win situation, don’t you understand Do I look like that kind of inhumane demon You are too greedy.”

Luya corrected him and began to scold, “And this is not what you exchanged for yourself.

Your family doesn’t want you anymore.

This is because they want to avoid the trouble of the Red Dragon finding them, so the protection fee they sent is this.

Isn’t it Farus’s things are mine, and my things are still mine.

I hope you can figure out this concept.

If you don’t understand, I’ll teach you the rules today.”

No, the point is, who is a bully !


Ludding was ashamed, and the dog was silent.

Piggy stared at Luya speechlessly for a long time and then started crying with a “wow”.

“Don’t cry; it’s noisy; I’ll hit you again if you cry.”

Luya glanced at the piglet, thinking that the cubs of any creature were the same.

Having said that, the cubs of the pig people are still weirdly cute, just like little sweet pigs, but once they grow up, they are disgusting.

The main reason why she is still willing to keep this piglet is because it looks a little cute.

When it becomes like those pigmen outside, she would immediately chase him away and let the red dragon throw him down the mountain!

Under Luya’s threat, Piggy ran away angrily.

Luya didn’t intend to pay attention to him.

She brought the wheat flour and rice to the dragon nest one by one.

Although white sugar was given, it was not refined; it was just some coarse sugar.

But there is no way to refine it in this environment.

You can’t count on the production level of the orcs.

It would be nice to have sugar.

In addition, the pigmen also gave some unknow seeds.

With the lessons learned from the mistaken planting of mandrake Luya specifically asked Ludding to identify the seeds and initially confirmed that they might be cabbage and radish.

I will plant it first; if I find it not a good thing, I will burn it to death with hot water.

After his busy work, he was sweating profusely, but Ludding was very happy.

He said that he would make bread today.

He obtained live yeast from the skin of grapes.

This time he should be able to make something decent.

Luya felt very happy, so she was going to take the dog to take a bath while Ludding was cooking.

These days, she finally succeeded in digging a hot spring pool, and after paving the bottom and walls with stones, she drained the hot spring water.

In this way, I finally have the feeling of “soaking”, and this pool can be used by everyone.

The previous few times, because she cooperated very well when she bathed the dog, she also enjoyed the hot spring comfortably.

As long as Luya didn’t scrub it, she would not resist, so Luya planned to wash it with the dog this time.

A long time ago, she imagined the scene of bathing with her pet dog, but now it is finally possible to achieve it.

But it’s weird.

I don’t know what happened to the dog this time, Luya took off her clothes and planned to take her into the pool with her, but she was unwilling again.

“What’s the matter with you Avoid the bath”

Luya pulled it twice, and the dog kept his back to her, unwilling to look back.

This makes Luya very inexplicable.

She is not shy.

What is the embarrassment of a dog Could it still have something like shame

…It doesn’t exist.

If this dog had a heart of shame, it wouldn’t be this virtue.

After changing to other dogs, under her careful care, she has long been grateful and enthusiastic about her, and this dog just ignores her love as if it depends on her mood.

It’s really too poor quality.

“Don’t run; I won’t squeeze the G gland for you; what are you afraid of”

After hearing Luya’s words, the dog broke away from the rope and ran away.

Luya looked angrily at the back of the dog running away.

However, this Shiba Inu can’t do anything; eating and running are the first place; she deeply suspects that this dog’s attributes are agile and can’t catch it at all.

So Luya had no choice but to wash on her own.

Anyway, this dog doesn’t sleep with her and doesn’t smell bad compared to ordinary dogs, so just let it go.

As for Matthew.

At the moment, the young man who was always in good spirits was sitting on the chair as if his whole personality had been cut off.

He was not aggressive, nor had any temper, and he did not remember anyone.

He remained motionless and looked at Ludding who was making bread.

Lu Ya was soaking in the pool, looking at Matthew through the cover from a distance, feeling calm.

After taking a shower, Luya put on clean clothes and returned to Dragon Nest to see the Red Dragon.


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