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Yes, it is indeed the principle of the weak eating the strong, but this principle is unclear.

No life is willing to die, and mankind also has the right not to accept this fate, so we must resist and retake the world that belongs to us.

Luya didn’t intend to argue with Piggy either.

Discussing this matter would be fruitless, so she chose to use force.

“You are right, but don’t forget that your life is in my hands.”

Luya looked at Piggy, motioned to the stick in her hand, and Piggy’s body was shocked.

“Come on, then tell everything you know.”

“I, I don’t know,oink!”

As soon as Piggy wanted to throw the pot, Luya knocked him with a stick.

He yelled and started to run around.

After being beaten four or five times, Piggy clutched his head with a swollen nose and eyes and said, “I heard my father say that the human ranch is to let the cooperating necromancer use the secret technique to eliminate the ego and implant unity.

The thinking mode of people only knows that they can eat and exercise at a fixed time.

If they can dispel the spell, they may be able to change back to their original form.”

“It turned out to be brainwashing.” Luya thought he had his brain lobes removed, but this kind of surgery is risky and costly, and the monsters can’t perform high-precision surgery.

It is better to find a Necromancer for brainwashing efficiency.

This is good news; at least we know this state is reversible.

As long as it is a spell, there is a way to remove it, and if the lobes of the brain were removed, it is really no way.

“Then how can the spell be canceled” she asked, staring at Piggy.

“I don’t know, oink, anyway, there has never been a precedent for lifting spells.

My father’s ranch partner is a freshman who just graduated from the College of the Dead this year.

To be honest, his technique is not stable.

The previous wizard was very good, but he was blown to death while fighting the human army.”


I always feel that there are a lot of slots, but I don’t know where to start.

Luya looked at Matthew, who had completely lost himself, with mixed feelings.

He was eating pumpkin puree spoon by spoon under the feeding of Ludding.

At present, it is too difficult to get him back to normal.

She can’t find a Necromancer at all.

Even if she can find the other party, they won’t be willing to help her.

Maybe they will also use the spell on her.

In the final analysis, she is not strong enough.

Those monsters are not easy to deal with; they can’t be beaten.

But then again, she was just an ordinary social animal before crossing, and she could not become a savior who changed the world through hard work.

After all, even God does not want to save the world.

What can she change as a mortal

She was not so naive as to think she had obtained dragon blood; if she became stronger, she would be the chosen one.

Although very unwilling, it is extravagant for human beings who are not protected now to just live.

It’s more realistic to do what you can, hug your thighs, and survive the end of the world.

At least Matthew was rescued, and now he should have enough food, and Ludding will take care of him anyway, so she doesn’t need to worry about it.

For the time being, wait for the red dragon’s body to recover, and then find a way to catch a necromancer to see if he can help Matthew recover.

What else can I do Luya sighed.

Although the world is difficult, she can’t stop.

Other important things must be done today.

For example, the Red Dragon told her that the pig people would deliver what she wanted to the foot of the mountain today, and she had to move it back by herself.

Understandably, the Pigmen don’t dare to go up the mountain.

Normally, she can ride a dragon to carry it, but now the red dragon is injured and goes to sleep.

According to her current physical fitness and combat effectiveness, the problem of going down the mountain alone is not big, but it is not easy to bring back so many ingredients, at least a few times back and forth.

Not only Luya thinks it is troublesome to run back and forth, but those things may also be stolen by the passing monsters while she is carrying them.

This kind of thing is not allowed to happen, and she will be angry if she loses a bag of wheat flour.

So Luya decided to take the goblins that worked for her and let the goblins help her carry them.

“Stand at attention, report the count!”

“Chi Chi Chi——”

The goblins quickly stood in a row under Luya’s instructions.

After Luya counted the number, she nodded satisfactorily, then brought weapons and water to prepare for the first official descent.

She was a little emotional; the Red Dragon didn’t want to restrict her freedom.

Trust her so much and doesn’t worry about her running away at all.

If it was her at the beginning, maybe she would run at this time.

But now Luya will never leave the red dragon and leave alone.

Not only do not want to let down this feeling but also because they are now like family…

She believed in the red dragon, just as the red dragon also believed in her.


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