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This person is Matthew…

Luya quickly recognized the other party, but I don’t know if it was stimulated.

Matthew’s appearance seemed a little different from what she remembered.

He looks a bit too wooden.

“Oh my goodness, Matthew! It’s you!”

After coming out of the cave, Ludding suddenly showed an expression of ecstasy after seeing the man in the cage; he hurried up to open the cage and rescue the young man locked in it.

But Luya did not have the energy to care about Matthew at the moment.

She looked at Red Dragon’s wounds and hurriedly took out the other three healing potions that she was reluctant to give to the Goblins and hid them, opened the Red Dragon’s mouth, and tried to pour it.

Go in.

“It’s not necessary.

It’s a wound caused by a curse.

Those medicines are not useful.

Just keep them.”

The Red Dragon answered Luya tiredly and refused the potion she had saved.

“How can there be a curse What happened Tell me, Farus.”

She looked at the hideous wound with great worry and felt her heart twist.

She became more worried about whether the Red Dragon became like this because of herself.

But the Red Dragon seemed to have guessed her worries; his voice was low, but he tried to comfort her gently, “It has nothing to do with you.

It’s just that I have never been at peace with Nidhogg, and his curse can’t cause me any substantial harm.

I can recover after one sleep cycle.”

Was it the wound caused by the evil dragon Nidhogg But why did you encounter evil dragons

Luya remembers that the magic dragon Tiamat warned the red dragon not to break the rules, and it really has something to do with her…

She couldn’t help but have a lot of conjectures, but Red Dragon did not confirm or give any explanation.

It shook its head but calmly told Luya, “It’s okay.

I can recover from sleep for a while.

In the next 21 days, I may be unable to take care of you.

The items you ask for will be delivered to the foot of the mountain tomorrow, and you need to carry them back by yourself.”

“I know; I will take care of myself.”

Luya looked at the red dragon with tears in her eyes, full of concern, “During this period, please let me take care of you.

We are family members.

Please don’t say anything outside.”

The red dragon sighed, but it did not refuse in the end, slowly crawling back to the cave, lying down in its lair, and closing its eyes sleepily.

Luya had no idea what happened to the red dragon.

According to the known intelligence, it might be a conflict with the evil dragon Nidhogg, but the reason is unknown.

I don’t know if the fight is over.

The Red Dragon doesn’t plan to say it, and there is no way to know the truth.

After Luya watched the red dragon fall asleep, she sat beside it in a daze before she got up to see Matthew, who was brought back by the red dragon.

When she came outside the cave, she saw Matthew sitting in a chair without saying a word, and Lodin was busy cooking pumpkins for him to eat.

And her dog seemed to be very interested in Matthew, looking at him vigilantly near Matthew.

Luya sat down opposite Matthew and greeted him aloud.


Although she inherited Eve’s memory, she was not a real dress after all, and she did not have too deep feelings for Matthew.

The main reason for being willing to save him is that he is upright and can help in the life of the doomsday world without worrying about being calculated.

Matthew is a fairly handsome young man.

His advantage is that he is full of sunshine and always maintains an optimistic attitude.

Luya has hardly seen pessimism in his memory.

However, Matthew’s eyes were dull for some reason, his whole person looked dull, and he did not respond to her greeting.

“…Matthew Are you okay”

Luya felt strange, stretched out her finger, and shook in front of Matthew.

Matthew slowly raised his head, looking at her with a confused expression as if he didn’t understand what was happening.

“He looks strange”

Luya had an unfavorable premonition.

She looked at Ludding and couldn’t help asking, “Is Matthew being stimulated It doesn’t feel normal.

I didn’t respond to him.”

“I don’t know.

It’s better to come back than anything else.

Maybe it’s too much stimulation.

Let him slow down first, and he will get better after a while.”

Ludding frowned, but after hearing what he said, the piglet hiding in the corner observing secretly couldn’t help interrupting them.

“It’s not like that, don’t you know Those disobedient flesh people will have their ego eliminated, keep their instinctive consciousness, and be able to eat and move.  It seems that he has been processed by his appearance, oink!”


Luya and Ludding were both stunned, then turned their heads in disbelief and looked at Piggy.

“……what did you say”

This is too **ing desperate.

Ordinary humans who have not been able to get asylum will eventually end up in the wild.

“My God, how could this be…”

Ludding suddenly felt unable to hold his body.

He knelt on the ground and muttered in disbelief, “It was all to save me that Matthew became like this…It’s so cruel…”

Luya felt her scalp go numb, and she was extremely uncomfortable.

She didn’t know what to say, stared at the piglet for a long time, and finally asked coldly.

“Can he recover like this”

“I don’t know; the human beings that have been processed will be sold soon.

There has never been an example of recovery.

But you are lucky and will only get his meat a few days later, oink!”

Piggy said nonchalantly, “But in terms of cruelty, what can be compared to humans Didn’t you humans treat animals the same way I heard my father say that a few centuries ago, humans were trying to increase the weight of the pork.

Before slaughter, the pigs will be watered.

We have not abused the meat people to keep the ingredients fresh and take the offal alive.”


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