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I Was Adopted By A Dragon In Another World Chapter 29 Part 1


Why do you always come to our humble house

Luya wanted to ask him why he suddenly appeared here, but she found that as long as she was under the watchful eyes of this terrible demon archduke, she would dare not say anything.

Red Dragon is not here, and no one can support her; Luya is afraid that she accidentally pokes his thunder by saying the wrong thing, then the game is over.

It’s just that Gudius looked at Luya twice, wondering if he found something, and said meaningfully, “It seems that Farus is beyond my expectation.

You are indeed very different to him.”

Probably it was about the Red Dragon giving her dragon blood.

Luya knew it well and didn’t know why he asked, so she pretended not to understand, looked at Gudius, and said, “If you are here to see Lord Farus, he went out last night and has not yet come back.

, If you don’t mind, please wait for a while.”

“I’m not here to find him.”

He said with a smile, and then five azure transparent liquids appeared in his hand and were sent to Luya.

” I will forward these to you.”

It’s a recovery potion…

Luya looked at the five potions that Gudius used magic power to support floating in the air in surprise.

She couldn’t understand the effects of these things.

She could recover from multiple injuries.

Was it for her to ask for it…

It’s so touching; Red Dragon is true to her! She announced that she was going to lock herself with Red Dragon.

These things are actually a waste on goblins, but the point is not…

“Does this require you to deliver the goods in person” She looked at Gudius somewhat weirdly and was so afraid that he could not help but complain.

Surprised; what a shame this is!

“Not at all.

I only need to let the deliveryman come over, but I can’t help but wonder what makes Farus care about you so much…so I just came here for a look.”

As he said, he squinted his eyes and looked Luya up and down with scrutiny, unaware he had found the answer he wanted.

“…Huh” Lua looked at him blankly and innocently.

If you say too much wrong, just play stupid.

“By the way, I want to tell you something…”

Gudius’ lips curled slightly, revealing an ambiguous smile, “I can read your human heart, don’t you know”


Fuck! Tell me earlier, brother!

Wasn’t it because I had complained about him before, and he knew all her dirty little secrets ! He has been able to act as if nothing had happened until now!

“I have never concealed this.

It’s just that you don’t know me.

No one can have a secret in front of me.”

Gudius smiled lightly; besides being able to read human hearts, he is also very good at torture.

Some people who have used magic to isolate their brains are also unable to keep secrets in front of Gudius.


But fortunately, Gudius didn’t plan to discuss this with Luya.

He sent the potions into Luya’s hands and said with interest, “I know how much the situation is.

It seems that you really like Farus…Ha ha ha, this is really rare; some humans like dragons so sincerely.

“Why can’t people like dragons”

Luya is a little unconvinced; how nice the Red Dragon is! Where can I find a second dragon so understanding, responsive, and sincere to her

Her reaction made Gudius very interesting.

He did not continue the topic and slowly got up and said, “It may take some time for Farus to come back.

I have already done his commission for him.

I will not wait for him.

Let’s say goodbye first.”

“Wait, you finally came; eat something before leaving.”

Unexpectedly, Luya suddenly stopped him.

At this moment, she was bold and took the initiative to pour him a cup of hot water.

“Oh I thought you would want me to leave soon.” Gudius raised his eyebrows slightly.

“It’s true, but that’s not the way of hospitality.

What’s more, you helped Farus deliver the goods.

If you are malicious, all of us are dead, so as a thank you, please have a meal.

It’s a dish that we humans are confident in.

Gudius looked at Luya somewhat unexpectedly, with a cold smile on his face.

“Okay, if you invite so kindly…hehe…”

After Gudius sat down, Luya pulled the frightened Rodin aside.

After a long time, the poor uncle finally recovered from his fear, staring at Luya helplessly and asking, “Eve…you, What are you thinking about Why are you leaving that terrible man…Do you know who he is”


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