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At the same time as the vision occurred, the Shiba Inu suddenly became violent and fierce, its hair exploded, and it let out a low growl.

Luya hugged the dog subconsciously, and she stared straight at the blood-red sky.

It was the first time she saw the demonic world eye after the end of days in her memory.

Human beings don’t know the origin of the demonic world eye and the reason why it appeared, but what is clear is that what comes with the demonic world ee is death and destruction.

Even the demons are afraid of this.

The monsters that appear in the eyes of the worldly demons have no intelligence and reason and will only destroy everything they encounter with instinct.

They often appear overwhelmingly, and there are as many as a cow has hair.

As long as the earthly eye is not eliminated, human beings will never be able to regain their own world.

“I heard that the thing appeared over the human ranch A127 last time and completely destroyed the ranch.

The meat man and the breeder were all dead! Oink!”

Piggy squatted at Luya’s feet in fear; his teeth trembled, “The patriarch said that the terrifying eyes are our savior, and destruction and sacrifice are inevitable, but I don’t want to die yet… oink!”

“Do you remember when the demon eye last appeared”

And why does it appear here

Luya stared at that eye, she was no longer so afraid of it now, but her heart was more flustered.

If the magic eye appeared here, the original balance in this mountain would be completely broken, and it would be occupied by a terrible killing monster.

Everything she had worked so hard to manage until now would be destroyed.

After finally turning it into a livable environment, what should she do Is there no way to stop this…

“I don’t know, a month ago Those horrible eyes are so elusive; there is no trace to follow! Oink!”

Piggy said with fear, “There is a legend that it will be attracted by the emotion of hope.”’ Once a place gives birth to hope, that eye will come and destroy everything…”

“You sure”

Is hope what attracted it to appear That’s really an unsolvable problem.

She did generate “hope” here.

Luya suddenly had a headache; no wonder the empire could not find the whereabouts of the demonic eyes, except for those cities under the protection of the shields, where hope cannot be conveyed; where is there hope

“I’m not sure, Oink! It’s just a guess! Anyway, let’s get through the level before you! The monster that fell out of that eye, whether it is a human or other life, will attack indiscriminately!”

“Can’t let it ruin everything….”

Luya clenched her fists.

She felt unwilling and powerless.

The power of human beings is too small.

How can she be an enemy of gods and demons

In her arms, the Shiba Inu began to struggle and let out a low growl, “Woo”, and Piggy squeezed close to her, and no one could do anything about it.

The blood became thicker and thicker, and something hideous seemed to gradually tear through the sky.

A blood-red eye gradually condensed the entity, accompanied by suppressed despair and bells ringing from nowhere.


Piggy was holding his ears in pain.

“I don’t want to die…oink…”

Then at this moment, the red dragon suddenly flapped its wings and flew towards the **** sky.

As the demonic eyes opened, that blood-red eye began to condense monsters like secretions, gradually taking shape, and more and more, falling from the air like hail.

At this moment, the red dragon flew to the front of the eye, emitting dragon flames to it.

The dragon flame penetrated the world’s demon eye, and that eye let out a scream-like lament.

The red dragon’s hot flames melted the monster it was secreting, and after the eye was attacked, the body gradually turned into an illusion, as if it was about to disappear.

“It was beaten away!”

After seeing the red dragon repelling the demonic eyes of the world, Piggy was immediately overjoyed, and he got up from the ground, cheering for the red dragon.

“Awesome! We are saved! As expected of the supreme dragon, haha!”

The earthly demon eye is not aggressive; in other words, it never actively attacks.

It only spits out monsters continuously from the blood-red eyes.

There is a saying that the eye is connected to another world, and it is also said that it is the darkness itself, but apart from the great priest Godot, no one knows what the truth is.

As soon as the earthly demon eye is attacked, it will immediately be de-substantiated and disappear without a trace within a few seconds.

Its trajectory cannot be traced, which is also one of the main reasons why the empire has not been able to eliminate the evil eyes of the world.

For this reason, the empire began to study the jamming device.

What is the reason for it to disappear quickly after being attacked Scientists are still looking for a solution.

Luya stared at the sky.

A few minutes after the Demonic world eye had disappeared, the blood of the sky gradually faded and returned to its original clarity.

She saw the red dragon flap its wings and glide in the air, finally landing slowly in front of her.

“Go home now.” the Red Dragon said, staring at Lu Ya.

“Ok, I know.”

She took the weapon and hugged the dog on the dragon’s back.

When the Demonic World Eye appeared, many monsters fell onto this mountain.

She finally started to build a house and planted plants, and she must not be destroyed by the monsters out of that eye.

Ludding has no self-protection ability and must return as soon as possible to ensure his safety!

“Farus, let’s go!”


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