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Chapter 23: Triple Update

Translator: yuzu

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Luya’s eyes snapped open, like a drowning person who was finally able to breath.

She gasped and wheezed heavily.

It took a long while for her to sluggishly regain her senses.

There was a strange taste of blood in her mouth and a burning sensation filled her entire abdomen.

For some reason, she was extremely thirsty, and her body seemed to be gushing with power.

She crawled up from the ground, stumbled over to the dew-collecting jar, and took a big gulp.

Finally, she felt a little better.

Then she noticed that the red dragon was sitting next to her, staring at her deeply and intensely.

“How do you feel right now”

“I’m fine.” Luya replied.

She suddenly realized that she didn’t need a translator, and she could understand what the red dragon said.

Luya took some time to sort out what had happened to her.

The seeds that the goblins called “Holy Grass” weren’t an ordinary vegetable crop, but rather they were mandrake seeds.

That’s right! Mandrakes!

It was a magical plant that screams when it is plucked from the soil.

Terrible things happen to anyone who hears those screams.

Without even knowing it, Luya had pulled out a mandrake, which sent her into a state of near-death.

But just before she was about to die, Farus the Red Dragon graciously fed her some of his blood, and rescued her from the jaws of death.

“Uuuh, you’re too nice to me.

You’re my savior.

I love you Farus! I’ll spend the rest of my life with you!”

Luya was so emotional that she was about to cry.

Not even her boyfriend treated her so well! She held the red dragon’s neck rubbing and sniffling, desperately snuggling up1 to him.

If their size difference wasn’t so great, she definitely would have held him and rolled around.

“How can I thank you Should I brush your scales for you! Seriously!”

She struggled to think of every possible thing that she could do.

After receiving the kindness of others, one must repay it in turn.

It wasn’t good to keep receiving favors.

“How about I brush your teeth”

Dragons lived for such a long time, so it was important to protect their dental hygiene.

She remembered that her friend would sometimes help brush her cat’s teeth, otherwise it would develop gingivitis2.

She had never seen the red dragon brushing its teeth, so it was bound to develop dental plaques sooner or later.

Her dog looked calmly at her from the side, but the red dragon looked exasperated.

It sighed quietly, and then spoke to Luya, “If you are unfamiliar with a seed or creature, do not touch it carelessly.”

“I know.

Thank you for your sacrifice, Farus.”

Luya hugged the red dragon’s neck affectionately.

She no longer had an ounce of fear for the red dragon, and she had complete trust in him.

He treated her even better than her ex-boyfriend did.

That scum would only tell her to “drink hot water” when her stomach hurt, and then play DOTA3 with his roommates until dawn.

The red dragon was much more reliable than men, and she almost started to dream of living with the red dragon permanently.

It wasn’t a bad idea, right

“I need to thank you too.”

Luya knelt down and squeezed the Shiba Inu’s face.

Although the dog broke away impatiently and walked off, Luya was still touched.

Even though this dog was cold, it still cared about her.

If it had been any slower, she would have been a total goner.

Even the dragon’s blood would have been ineffective at reviving her at that point.

All of this was fate.

She had saved this dog, sincerely took care of him, and this dog also knew how to pay his debts back to her! Even if Lu Dahuang was a poop-eating dog, she accepted him fully!

“Thank you, Lu Dahuang.”

Luya caught up and rubbed the dog’s head.

She looked at him with warm eyes and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to feed you plenty of meat.

You won’t need to eat poop anymore, my sweetie.”

The Shiba Inu’s eyes suddenly appeared a bit stunned.

Luya automatically assumed it was because the Shiba Inu was touched, so she happily rubbed the Shiba Inu’s back and ran over to check her vegetable field.

The mandrake that had almost killed her was still in its original spot, and it had already stopped moving by now.

Even though mandrakes are extremely dangerous when they’re harvested, they are used as an ingredient in numerous potions, and can produce a powerful analgesic effect.

Since they were already planted, it would have been a pity to lose them.

Luya wondered how she might be able to harvest those things without being affected by their screams.

It seemed like many people used dogs to harvest them.

For example, they would tie a dog with a string, and then force the dog to pull out a mandrake while running away.

This way, the mandrake’s scream wouldn’t hurt the human owner…

But wasn’t this too cruel! A dog’s life was still a life!

Luya had a better idea.

She boiled a pot of water and poured it directly over the mandrakes.

Thus, the mandrakes in the ground were burned to death, and they didn’t make a noise when she pulled them out of the ground.

Luya removed the leaves from those things and placed them under the sun to dry.

Perhaps she’d be able to reuse them at some point.

A few days later.

The goblins came back from dealing with the killer ants, and they started to build a house for Luya.

Truthfully, this job was generally more suitable for dwarves.

Goblins could only carry out simple instructions, whereas dwarves were highly intelligent.

Dwarves were master builders and blacksmiths.

They had a great sense for engineering, and the construction of the dark city was managed by dwarves.

But Luya felt like her physical condition seemed to have improved a lot over the past few days.

She didn’t know if it was because of the dragon blood, but she felt like she was even more powerful.

Previously, she hadn’t been able to climb up the mountain slope, but now she was easily able to bound her way up.

She could lift a boulder several times her weight, and her running speed and endurance was much better than before.

Her appetite had also increased, so it seemed like a faster metabolism was the price of a stronger body.

Since she had more and more needs, she felt like it was about time to go treasure hunting in the cities where humans used to live.

So Luya started to make preparations.

She filled her bag with food and water, grabbed the extremely sharp sword she found in the dragon’s nest, and took along the goblin staff.

She didn’t look like a swordsman or a mage, and frankly she came across as a hodgepodge of different things.

She ran to the red dragon and told it that she was ready to go.

“Then come up.”

The red dragon laid flat and lowered its wing, allowing Luya to climb on its back.

But at that time, the Shiba Inu for some reason also came running from the distance and climbed onto the dragon’s back before Luya could.

“Are you also coming” Luya looked at him in surprise.

“But Mommy isn’t going on a walk.

We’re going to a very dangerous place.”

She tried to persuade the Shiba Inu, but the dog was adamant.

It laid on the dragon’s back and stared at Luya with zero intention of coming down.

“Fine, if you absolutely must go, then stick close to me.

Otherwise you might be caught by a monster and be turned into dog meat stew.”

Considering that the goblins were here, it was probably also dangerous to leave Lu Dahuang behind.

Who knew what the goblins might do to a dog…

A terrifying picture appeared in her brain, so Luya reluctantly agreed.

For safety, she also brought along the dog leash that Old Berg had sold to her, so she’d be able to find the dog if it ran around.

Luya leapt onto the red dragon’s back.

After her body got stronger, everything seemed to get much easier.

She even had a crazy notion that maybe she could become an amazing fighter.

“Alright! Let’s go!”

After she steadied herself, the red dragon took off.

Even though Luya had no idea what they would encounter on this expedition, she was excited like a student going on spring vacation.

In the original memory of this body, there was actually a small town near the food of the volcano.

Before the apocalypse, this dormant volcano was a tourist destination, just like Mt.


Without even thinking, Luya knew that town must have turned into a monster den ages ago.

If it were her former self, she would have been extremely uneasy and unwilling to go there.

But now that Luya received dragon’s blood, she felt extremely incredibly brave, and her body felt like iron5.

She believed that even if that the pigmen went chasing after her, she’d have no problem defeating them.

Pig people were the managers of the human ranches.

They were responsible for raising and selling humans, just like humans once did to domestic animals.

Pigmen were the main monsters who hunted humans in the wild.

They had relatively high intelligence, and they weren’t as greedy as other monsters, who often couldn’t control their desires and ended up eating humans on the spot.

In fact, pigmen were omnivorous, and their favorite food was the stinky stamens and twigs of the Devil’s Flower.

They preferred vegetables over meat, which was one of the main reasons why they were capable of running a human livestock business so well.

It was ironic that humans used to raise pigs in captivity, but now pigs bred captive humans.

The red dragon flew with her for a long time, and then Luya finally saw a destroyed human town down below.

The technology tree of the Asdra Empire was very strange.

Although their scientific developments exceeded Earth’s modern age in some places, they still retained the atmosphere of 17th Century Europe.

For instance, ordinary small and medium-sized towns generally didn’t have tall buildings.

Most structures were only two or three stories tall, and only major cities had skyscrapers.

There were cars on the streets, but the roads were very congested and disorganized.

The pavement was lined with beautiful bricks, so the atmosphere was very unique.

The population density was also rather low, so a small town only had several hundred people at most.

It was a little difficult for Luya to comprehend exactly how human society turned out this way.

When the red dragon landed in the abandoned town, some ugly giant rats with horns immediately scattered in all directions.

This town had sustained very severe damage, and currently it seemed to be a nest for rat monsters.

These low-level monsters were naturally afraid of strong existences.

When Luya dismounted from the dragon’s back, those giant rats immediately disappeared without a trace.

But Luya had a bad premonition.

She felt like she wasn’t going to find anything good here.

The rats had dug holes everywhere, and most of the buildings had already collapsed.

The roads were basically blocked, and this once beautiful tourist town was now a large and dangerous maze.

“This really is terrible…”

It was hard to imagine, but once upon a time many people lived here.

Now, there wasn’t a single living person, so the scene of destruction was more tragic than the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Luya sighed.

She was afraid that the dog would be dragged off and eaten by those rat monsters if it got separated from herself, so she cautiously led the dog forwards.

However, Lu Dahuang was also very careful at this time, and it did not stray too far from her.

Her main goal right now was to find a power generator.

If she was lucky, she might be able to find a functional one that she could bring back and restart.

In this world, power generators weren’t as large and bulky as the machines from Earth.

In addition to being used as a currency among monsters, magic stones were excellent energy crystals.

A single magic stone was sufficient to light up a town for an entire week, and a power generator was simply a device that transmitted a magic stone’s energy.

The main reason why power plants had large machines was mainly for the auxiliary condensers that kept the temperature cool.

If it was just for her own personal use, Luya could remove the condensers and take the generator back with her.

Once the dragon’s lair had electricity, her primitive lifestyle could progress into a civilized society.

Aside from looking for power generators, she also hoped to find some home appliances that she could use.

For instance, lightbulbs, electric stoves, and other household gadgets.

It was annoying to light a fire every time she needed to cook.

Once she had electricity, she’d be able to do many more things.

Incidentally, since this town was close to the dragon’s volcano, the people who used to live here were caught by the pigmen early on.

The skies were swarming with man-eating monster birds, and mercenaries didn’t dare approach this area.

Perhaps she could find some… seasonings… that the rat monsters weren’t interested in in the market.

That’s right! These days, her food had been too plain!

She didn’t have anything but salt.

Speaking as a Chinese person, it was really unbearable when every dish tasted the same.

If she had some sugar, sichuan peppers, white pepper, MSG, light soy sauce, and cooking wine, her quality of life would improve substantially.

Of course, it would also be great if she could find dog food.

She didn’t want to waste her time trying to feed this picky dog.

“Lu Duhuang, use your nose.

See if you can find any food.”

In these types of situations, a dog was really useful.

Luya knew that this dog understood her, so she told it to lead the way.

This dog was intelligent.

It jumped on some bricks, and started to lead Luya forwards.

From time to time, it even turned around to check if Luya was following.

They walked for a while, and then they arrived at a store that was completely blocked with a pile of boulders.

“A pharmacy”

Luya suspiciously looked at the signboard with a picture of a pill which had fallen to the ground, and she couldn’t help but wonder why Lu Dahuang had brought her here.

She looked down at the Shiba Inu.

After the Shiba Inu brought her to the pharmacy entrance, it stopped and barked in front of the store two times.

Could it be that it was worried that she’d get sick, and it wanted her to take some medicine just in case

My goodness, this dog was way too sweet.

She really misunderstood it!

Even though he was cold and unfriendly on the surface, he still cared very much about his owner.

He quietly kept his worry concealed in his heart, but was reliable at the critical moments.

What a great dog!

“Such a good boy! Then let’s go check out what’s inside the pharmacy.”

Luya looked at the dog warmly and said, “We can pick up some deworming medicine to keep the fleas and parasites away.

I’ll make sure to apply it inside6 and out.”

For some reason she said something the dog didn’t like, and it rolled its eyes again.

But Luya didn’t care.

After receiving the dragon’s blood, she had become exceptionally strong, and could easily lift the boulders blocking the pharmacy’s entrance.

“It looks like we’re in luck.”

The interior of the pharmacy and the medicine inside was well-preserved.

The rat monsters had no interest in medicine, and aside from a couple holes made by the rat monsters, there was no trace of anyone else breaking in.

Luya broke the lock on the door and entered the store.

She quickly found a large eco-friendly bag beside the cash register, and then filled it with antibiotics, disinfectant, and bandages.

There was a lot of medicine here, but she couldn’t tell what they were for just from their labels.

She didn’t understand the formal names of various diseases in this world.

Aside from obvious things like anti-inflammatory medicine, she didn’t understand strange terms like “snoring syndrome”, “bloodthirst disease”, “waterworm withdrawal”, “hyper-frequency epilepsy”, or “lost dream syndrome”.

What kind of diseases were these

They were completely incomprehensible.

Just in case, Luya decided to take one of each weird medicine.

Maybe they’d come in handy someday

She quickly emptied out the pharmacy.

She also took medical forceps, surgical scissors, and other tools.

She didn’t even leave behind a thermos cup that probably belonged to one of the pharmacy employees.

It was good thing that she had come to this town.

She had picked up a lot of loot.

Later, she wanted to check out the clothing store to see if she could change out the worn-out outfit she was currently wearing.

The fashion style of this universe was very interesting, and she really liked these European-style adventurer outfits.

She didn’t want to give up on modern amenities.

If she only depended on herself to burn pottery at the dragon’s lair, it would take her a hundred years before she progressed into the bronze age!

“There’s too much stuff, so let’s bring this back to the dragon and keep searching.”

For such a large town, it would be impossible for her to explore it all in one trip.

She already decided that she’d have to come back here a few times.

Luya set a goal for herself.

She planned to return to the red dragon to stash the medicine, and then go to a grocery store to find spices.

Next, she’d look for a power plant to grab a power generator, pick up two changes of clothing along the way, and then finally be satisfied with accomplishing her mission.

As for other household amenities and electric appliances, she’d leave it to the next time.

When she left the pharmacy carrying a bunch of large and small bags, she was about to call Lu Dahuang to come back to the red dragon.

However, Lu Dahuang ignored her, and then went running in a different direction.

“Hey! Where are you going Wait!”

Luya was distraught as she saw this.

This dog was too illogical.

Even though it understood her words, why in the world did it keep running around

She hurriedly put down the things she was holding to chase after the dog.

The dog ran very fast, but it kept a certain distance ahead of Luya, almost like it wanted her to follow.

Finally, it stopped in front of a pile of rubble.

“Why the heck are you running It’s dangerous here!”

Luya caught up with the dog angrily, but after the dog stopped, it was staring at the pile of rubble, as if there was something buried inside.

“What are you looking at”

After all this effort to bring her here, it seemed like it wanted her to dig

Could it have discovered something interesting

Luya immediately brightened.

This dog had a great nose, and maybe it found some treasure.

But she was also a little afraid that a swarm of cockroaches would come crawling out once she moved the rubble, which would be a bit horrifying.

…Whatever, cockroaches weren’t anything to be afraid of, so she might as well dig.

Luya took a deep breath and started to move bricks, but as she removed the rubble, she saw something entirely unexpected.

It wasn’t a monster or a corpse.

Rather, there was actually a living human hiding underneath.

More importantly, it was someone that she recognized.

“Ludding… Why are you here”

Luya looked at the fat man hiding underneath the rubble clutching his head and trembling in fear, and she couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

She recognized this person — in her memories, Ludding was the former cook of their mercenary group.

After the time they were attacked by monsters, everyone scattered, died, or was caught.

Luya had assumed that this uncle7 had been killed a long time ago, especially since he had no ability to protect himself.

It was a huge surprise to find him at this town beside the volcano, which was far from the place where they were originally attacked.

When the man heard Luya’s voice, he blankly lifted his head and looked at her in a daze.

When he finally reacted, there was an expression of disbelief on his face.

“Eve! My god! I can’t believe it! You’re really alive!”

He was so thrilled that he immediately tried to scramble out of the pile of rubble.

“Ouch, my hip…”

“Slow down, slow down.”

Luya helped him stand up, and then passed him some water.

“Drink some of this first.

How did you end up over here”

“Thanks… I thought I was going to die of thirst.”

Ludding took the bottle of water and drank it eagerly, glugging it as it went down.

Although he had been hiding here for two days without water, he still saved a lot for Luya.

Just like when he used to cook for everyone, he always secretly gave Luya a larger portion and spoiled her.

When the town that Ludding lived in for 45 years was destroyed, he lost his wife and daughter.

After he was taken in by the mercenary group, he treated Eve, the youngest of them, like his own family.

In Luya’s memories, Eve was always full of trust and gratitude for that man.

Luya looked at Ludding and explained to him, “My situation is a long story.

I was caught by the pigmen and was almost slaughtered in the monster’s market, but thankfully someone saved me.

What about you”

“It’s about the same for me.

I was also caught.

As you know, I’m too old to run, and the pigmen hunters took me to Human Ranch D37… *cough* *cough* *cough*”

He choked and started coughing.

Luya patted him on the back, took out some dried fish from her pocket, and handed it to Ludding.

“Slow down, I still have more food.”

“That’s great.

You’ve saved my life.

Ludding eyes brightened up, and he took the dried fish and wolfed it down hungrily.

Luya had complicated feelings towards the chubby cook.

Perhaps the emotions in Eve’s memories were affecting her, so she felt abnormally close to the cook.

Ludding was a good person.

When Sheila the herbalist wanted to sacrifice her for Captain Ivie, Ludding and the archer desperately defended her.

But they were attacked by monsters soon after, and the argument was never resolved.

Regardless, Luya was very happy to see someone that she trusted.

She wanted to ask the red dragon to see if she could bring Ludding back.

If Ludding didn’t dare enter the dragon’s lair, then he could live in the house that the goblins were building.

There was one advantage that stood out in particular: Ludding could cook for her.

Wouldn’t that be amazing!

He was an extremely good chef, and Luya wouldn’t need to wash the dishes anymore!

Ludding certainly didn’t know what Luya was thinking.

He chewed the dried fish in his mouth while he explained what had happened to the rest of the party after they were attacked.

“I don’t know what happened to Sheila.

She jumped off a cliff holding Ivie’s body.

Dick left us and ran away.

Matthew tried to help me, and both of us were caught together…”

“When we were taken to the human ranch, we were always locked together.

Since I was old and my body fat percentage was too high, the monsters thought I wouldn’t taste good, so they planned to feed me with a special diet before selling me off… In order to save me, Matthew used himself as bait to cover my escape.

I don’t know what happened to him… I… I regret it so much now.

I shouldn’t have run away by myself…”

Ludding choked up as he spoke, and he wiped the tears in his eyes with the back of his hand.

His remorse was more than apparent in his words.

The man named Matthew was an archer on their mercenary team, and he was also the most honorable of all of them.

At the time, both he and Ludding were the ones who defended Eve, and he had been the one to help Ludding escape from the human ranch.

It was rare to find someone as genuinely good-hearted as him.

But after Ludding escaped, he immediately regretted it, and he was full of guilt for leaving Matthew behind.

As a powerless ordinary human, he feared the pigmen hunters who pursued him.

Ludding had been hiding in this abandoned city for two days, evading those pigmen hunters and the undead that appeared at night.

He didn’t have the courage to crawl out from the rubble, out of fear that he would run into those man-eating rat monsters.

Just when he thought he was going to die here, Luya appeared.

“Then, why don’t you come with me We can live together.”

Luya thought of the tasty dishes that Ludding could make, and invited the chubby chef along.

“Of course I’m willing to go with you… Eve, I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

Ludding covered his face miserably.

“Matthew, that guy… Oh, I shouldn’t have left him.”

“We’ll talk about Matthew later.

The important thing is that you need to rest now.”

“I’m okay, but Eve, why did you come here This kind of place is very dangerous.

The person who saved you… is he also here”

Ludding looked around as he spoke, seemingly curious about the person who had rescued Luya from the monster’s market.

If that person could fight their way into the monster’s market, it had to be some elite soldier of the Empire, right

But the Empire no longer accepted refugees, and they never rescued any people from the human ranches.

Once the captives are fed that special diet for a long time, they gradually lose themselves and become mindless, until finally they’re ready to be slaughtered like pigs.

Luya had heard that the imperial fleet had once destroyed a human ranch, but it was mainly to cut off the demon army’s food supply.

They used magic cannons to blow up the entire area, and in the end there wasn’t a single survivor…

Ludding felt this situation was very strange, but he trusted Luya and believed what she told him.

“He’s here.

Can you stand up I’ll introduce you to him later, but before that, I’m going to the power plant to find a power generator to take back.”

“I can show you the way.

I passed by the power plant before I started hiding here, so let me help.”

Ludding stood up with difficulty, and then struggled to smile at Luya.

His gaze then slowly turned to the dog beside her.

“Oh… this is a beautiful boy.

Have you started raising dogs”

Ludding looked at the Shiba Inu emotionally and murmured, “My daughter always wanted a dog… it’s so nice…”

“Yes, I picked this one up.

He looked pitiful so I adopted him, and it’s thanks to him that we found you.”

“Ah, then I really need to thank him.

What’s his name”

As Ludding reached out to pet him, the Shiba Inu immediately dodged him with disgust, and then barked fiercely at Ludding.

Ludding pulled back his hand awkwardly, and Luya explained to him, “Don’t worry, this dog isn’t very friendly, and he won’t even let me pet him.

You can call him Lu Dahuang, although he doesn’t respond to that name.”

“Alright, thank you, Lu Dahuang.”

Ludding sighed and decided not to pursue the dog topic.

“I’ll take you to the power generator, Eve, but you should know that the magic stones used to power it have been taken by the monsters long ago… even if we find a working device, it’s not of any use.

But if you insist…”

“Don’t worry, just believe me, Uncle Ludding.”

In her memories, Eve often called him Uncle Ludding, and Luya didn’t want to explain how she had been transmigrated into another body, so she continued to use Eve’s identity.

“Then let’s go, but oh… I can’t forget this.”

Ludding grabbed a kitchen knife that he had gotten somewhere from underneath a rock, then signalled at Luya to follow him.

He led the girl and the dog in the direction of the industrial district.

He didn’t know why, but as they moved forward, the clusters of rat monsters on the road suddenly scattered when Luya approached.

It puzzled Ludding immensely, even though he had been extremely nervous about them.

“That’s strange.

What’s the matter with those rats…”

He remembered that those monsters had chased him before, but now they seemed to be afraid of something.

“Maybe they’re afraid because there’s more of us now.

Monsters will prey on the weak and run from the strong.” Luya spoke casually.

The true reason was probably because she became more powerful after she drank the dragon’s blood, and those monsters instinctively feared her.

But she was not going to tell other people about this secret.

She didn’t want to endanger the red dragon, even if Ludding was a good person.

“It makes no sense…”

Ludding murmured, but he didn’t think about this too carefully.

In either case, he still needed to bring Eve to the power generator.

He had no idea what kind of person she had met.

It must have been a group of elites with the strength to rescue her from the monster’s market.

Alas, it was so hard to survive in this horrible mess of a world…

Although Ludding was fat, he was very nimble.

He quickly crawled over the rubble.

This was not a safe place, and Luya followed close behind while carrying the dog.

Ludding ran breathlessly for ten minutes, and then the silhouette of the power plant finally appeared in the distance.

“It’s just ahead… huff… ha…”

Ludding was rather old after all, and he had reached the limit of his physical strength.

He could only pant breathlessly and say, “Give me a moment… ha…”

“Stay behind me, and don’t wander too far.

I’ll go grab the generator first.”

Luya was about to head over, but then Lu Dahuang suddenly bit the leg of her pants, not letting her take another step.

“What’s wrong, Lu Dahuang”

Luya looked down at the dog.

She couldn’t help but feel alert.

Was there something dangerous up ahead

At that moment, she realized there was a faint odor of something repulsive here.

It drifted in the air, and it made her throat uncomfortable.

She suddenly remembered where she had encountered this smell.

“It’s the smell of pigmen!”

Ludding’s face immediately contorted, and he grabbed Luya to hide behind a boulder.

Then he covered his and Luya’s mouth, his fat body trembling involuntarily.

It’s unclear how the pigman race evolved, but they retained a body odor that was close to domestic pigs.

Adult pigmen had a particularly strong stench, and it couldn’t be washed off or masked with perfume.

Pigmen were especially proud of it.

The stronger their body odor, the better they’d be able to attract a female mate.

The smell made Luya feel almost nauseous, and it reminded her of the stench of the pigheaded butcher from the monster’s market.

She wanted to throw up, but at that moment, she saw two pigmen elites carrying meat cleavers walking out from the west side of the power plant, monitoring the surroundings.

“Why haven’t they left…”

Ludding trembled all over, and his teeth chattered.

He had obviously been hiding here for two days, and he despaired upon realizing that those pigmen hunters hadn’t given up yet.

Once a human who escaped during transit was caught, they were usually executed on the spot and brought to the monster’s market for sale.

If they were found now…

Ludding’s heart was about to jump out.

Captain Ivie was once able to defeat a pigman hunter in a one-on-one fight, but right now they only had Eve, himself, and a dog.

They stood absolutely no chance against two pigmen hunters.

“Listen to me, Eve.”

Ludding tried to calm himself down.

He grabbed Luya’s hand, his voice trembling slightly.

“We need to leave this place right now.

Go find the person who rescued you and run away.

If I can’t keep up, don’t look back.

Just keep running…”

Ludding prepared himself for the worst.

It was best if they could escape together, but if they were discovered by those monsters, he planned to use himself as a distraction to lure them away.

He felt horrible leaving Matthew behind at that time, and escaping alone had left him with a terrible sense of guilt.

It was more painful to be a survivor, and he shouldn’t have agreed with Matthew back then…

But this time…

If his daughter was still alive, she’d be roughly the same age as Eve.

His daughter would never be able to grow up, but Eve still had this chance.

Ludding felt terrible.

Why did human beings have to suffer so much Today, one was extremely lucky simply to be alive.

He couldn’t help but pray in his heart.

If God existed, why wouldn’t he come and save them

Were the people of Asdra abandoned by God because they have no faith

God couldn’t hear Ludding’s prayers.

However, at this time, he saw Luya pull away and take a stone with a strange-looking emblem out of her pocket.


Ludding called Luya’s name apprehensively.

He didn’t understand what was going on.

Just as he uttered those words, a thunderbolt suddenly dropped from the sky.

A silver flash struck a pigman hunter holding a meat cleaver, and it exploded into pieces.

A pungent smell of scorched flesh floated up, and the terrible stench in the air grew even more intense, making one want to retch.

But then he saw Luya suddenly stand up from her hiding spot.

She raised a huge sword and cried, “Humans will never be slaves,” and rushed towards the other pigman hunter who had discovered them.

The first pigman soldier was killed in a surprise attack.

This felt very refreshing, like attaining sweet revenge.

Now, she just had to get rid of the other one! Super easy!

Watch her pulverize him! Tonight, they’d have roast pork8 for dinner!!

Author’s notes:

Why don’t we have it like this The dog likes the heroine, and the heroine likes the dragon.

Translator’s notes:

Snuggling up (撒嬌): In the raw, “act cute”.Gingivitis (口腔炎): My dictionary says “stomatitis” here, which is the medical term for inflammatory ulcers in the oral cavity.

I’ve altered this to a more common term to keep the narrative flowing.DOTA: A popular multiplayer online battle arena game.Roast dog meat (狗肉煲): More literally, “dog meat stew”.Felt like iron (胸口碎大石): In the raw “break a large stone on one’s chest”.

This is actually a martial arts trick when a concrete block is broken (like in karate) directly with someone’s chest.I think this medicine can be given as a suppository, so once again the author is making a crude joke about Lu Dahuang’s butt.Uncle: It’s common to refer to strangers as uncles/aunts in Chinese.Roast pork (烤五花肉): Chinese bacon, a classic dish.

Pronouns are driving me crazy… Luya keeps reverting back to “it” (and the author occasionally switches), and sometimes I’ve been altering them (especially since in English we often refer to animals as he/her), but the flipping… @


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