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Chapter 19: Not many empires could be considered good

Translator: yuzu

The red dragon had no idea why the little girl wanted to go out carrying the goblin chieftain’s head.

He was even more surprised that the little girl had grown so fast, that she was able to kill a goblin with that sword.

It was a deeply gratifying feeling.

Then, when he brought her to look for the group of goblins that had fallen down the ravine, he finally understood what the little girl intended.

“I, Luya, messiah, goblin-slayer, dragon knight, star of another world, and survivor of humanity, will become the new master of you measly goblins.”

Luya held up the goblin chieftain’s head in her hands, and spoke in an extremely cold yet oppressive manner.

“I have slain your leader.

If you are willing to obey, I will spare you.

Otherwise, I will turn you into dust with the dragon’s flaming breath!”

Thus all the goblins knelt down.

Even the ones that had broken their legs from jumping off the cliff scrambled to lay down, shivering.

In the end, Luya was finally able to get the fruit trees that she desired moved up the mountain, and she ordered the goblins to carry bricks every day in order to build her house near the dragon’s lair.

The materials would be salvaged from the abandoned house in the mountains.

Luya drew the designs herself.

She didn’t know if the goblins could understand it, but she’d deal with it later once the foundation was built.

After the goblin attack was safely dealt with, the things that she ordered from Dünbruck finally arrived.

The delivery team was a group of imps who were professional movers that could quickly transport things for short distances.

But since the red dragon lived in a relatively remote area, as well as the fact that very few people visited, it took some time in order to transport the merchandise to the dragon’s lair.

The little imps slowly lowered a crate that was tied with a rope, and they gave Luya a receipt to sign.

She remembered that the name of this original body seemed to be “Eve”, but she still wrote down her own name.

As such she flourished her pen and signed, “Luya”.

“Thank you for your patronage.

We hope that you will continue to use Devil’s Courier Express1 in the future.” The imps said softly, and then flew away after getting their receipt.

Luya didn’t have the patience to deal with the salmon the dragon brought back, and she excitedly started to unpack the express delivery.

She had bought a lot of things from Old Berg, including the best-selling shampoo among female succubi.

It was a special shampoo that included sun and moon essence as well as demonic medicine.

It could moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation, improve acne, strengthen the toughness and luster of hair, and improve a woman’s charm overall.

As soon as she saw this description, she bought it without hesitation.

The main thing was that she didn’t have any shampoo to clean her greasy hair and dirty body.

She planned to use it together with the Shiba Inu.

Later today, she would give the dog a bath to try it out.

She looked at the Shiba Inu with anticipation, and her gaze made the Shiba Inu walking beside her feel some kind of unpleasant premonition.

The black cedar furniture was moved into the dragon’s lair.

After laying down the new carpet and mattress, the place finally looked like a place where a human lived.

Truthfully, she really wanted to put up some wallpaper and lay some floor tile in the dragon’s lair, but it seemed like she needed to contact Dünbruck’s engineering team in order to do this.

She didn’t want to go back to that terrifying place so soon, so she prepared to use the goblins of this mountain to build a house.

If she planned to live here permanently, she would need her own house sooner or later.

After all, sleeping with the red dragon every day was actually a safety hazard.

If it turned over at night or sneezed, she could be crushed, sent flying, or end up with broken bones.

And to be honest, it snored too loudly when it slept!

But the house had to be built close to the dragon’s lair.

This way, once there was any kind of danger, she could run quickly to find the red dragon for help, which would be perfect.

As for the undead that appeared at night, she didn’t worry that much.

As long as the candles weren’t extinguished, they wouldn’t appear in any place with a sufficient amount of light.

For this reason, she even bought a small nightlight to address these problems.

If she acquired some more furniture and raised some poultry, she’d have a happy life farming and raising a pet dog in another world!

Thinking about it, even if she could enter the Imperial Capital, she’d have to live in the slums.

The Empire did not provide many subsidies for refugees, and it was even difficult to acquire food and clothing.

In the slums, it was common for a dozen people to cram in a room only a few square meters in size, which was more painful than the dormitories she lived in at university.

Furthermore, the better careers in the Empire were monopolized by the aristocracy, unless a person had special talents.

It was difficult for ordinary people to get decent jobs.

Since they didn’t have money, commoners had no way of entering elite schools, and not much was taught in the public schools.

The class division was very serious, and it was increasingly difficult for the general population to get ahead.

Refugees also didn’t have medical insurance.

If they became ill, they could face bankruptcy.

…It was seriously too real yet typical of a capitalist society, and Luya suddenly thought of many things.

Sure enough, not many empires could be considered good.2

So even if Luya struggled her way into the Imperial Empire and became a refugee, her life might not be as comfortable as she was now.

As such, there wasn’t a reason to feel so disappointed.

She was no longer the pitiful little girl who was completely helpless and unable to protect herself, and she lived quite well right now.

So after watering the holy grass for the second time this morning in satisfaction, Luya started cooking the salmon.

The never-melting snowman that she had bought from Old Berg was very useful.

In the beginning, she had only expected to use it as an air-conditioner when the weather was hot, but right now it could be used to chill salmon.

After cutting the salmon to pieces and putting it on ice, it became salmon sashimi.

Although it was a pity that she had no wasabi, she could try to dig around the mountain over the next few days to see if she could find any horseradish.

After grinding it into a sauce, it could be used as wasabi.

Currently, she could only eat it with salt, which tasted a bit unsatisfactory.

After eating two pieces raw, Luya decided to try the fish.

It just so happened that she grabbed a lot of pots and pans from the goblins, so she now had a frying pan that she could use.

She cut a fillet of fish, removed the bones, heated the frying pan, and then cut off the fattiest piece underneath the skin to render on the pan.

When the fish oil emerged from the fat, she placed the fillet on top to fry slowly.

The heat was a bit difficult to control, but Luya had already figured out how to adjust the temperature.

Soon, that piece of salmon gradually turned golden, and the aroma of fresh fish floated in the air.

The Shiba Inu smelled it and promptly began waiting impatiently beside Luya.

When it was almost cooked through, she cut the fillets in half, placed one piece in the dog’s bowl, and sprinkled her own portion with the pink mineral salt that she had snatched from the goblins.

Ha, perfect.

Freshly cooked pan-fried salmon!

This time, it was definitely delicious, Luya thought to herself excitedly.

She put the two plates of fish on the black cedar table she had just bought.

It finally looked something like a proper meal.

She clapped her hands together and ceremoniously said “Itadakimasu3” in a somewhat Japanese fashion, but when she turned around to pour some water for herself, the Shiba Inu suddenly jumped onto the table and snatched away Luya’s salted fish fillet with great precision.


Luya was unbelievably shocked.

She rushed forward to grab the dog in an attempt to get her fish fillet back, but Lu Dahuang fled quickly.

It had already swallowed the entire piece, not sparing a single bit.


What kind of smelly dog was this!

Luya grabbed her head in anger, and complained at the Shiba Inu who was smacking its lips enjoying the fish it had just eaten.

“Dogs will die of kidney failure if they eat salt!”

The Shiba Inu gave her a cold look, then turned around and walked away shaking its tail.

Wait! What was the matter with that disdainful look! Why did she feel like the dog was looking down on her

Lu Dahaung seemed to have no interest in the other piece of salmon in the dog bowl that was unsalted, and it didn’t even want to touch it.

Luya had no other choice.

Her food was stolen, and it would take too much time to make another one.

She had to dump the food out of the dog bowl, sprinkle it with mineral salt, and then eat it miserably all alone.

Damn, why did she have to eat a dog’s leftovers

Sooner or later, she’d have to discipline that stinky dog.

…But since it saved her life today, for now she’d tolerate it.

After eating and drinking her fill, as well as finishing her work for today, it was time for the most important task all day.

That is, bath time!

Although these days she would soak in the hot springs, without any shampoo, it was such a pain to wash her hair.

Even when she washed her head, it would still be greasy, like a slop.

Currently, Luya’s hygiene status was only one step away from the goblins.

Never mind other people, she herself couldn’t bear her current state.

Today, she just had to wash her greasy hair.

The body that she had transmigrated into was originally a pretty girl, but after three years as a refugee, she looked like a ghost that was hardly human.

Now that she had enough food and clothing, it was about time to clean herself up.

“Lu Dahuang, come here for a second.”

Luya hid the magic shampoo behind her back and beckoned at the innocent puppy who had no idea what was about to happen.

For now, she’d try out this shampoo on the smelly dog first.

Author’s notes:

The protagonist is playing to be the dragon’s wife.

The dog has completely been treated as a dog.

The protagonist’s goddess-like behavior and kindness will only go to the people who treat her well, as well as human-like animals, but not monsters = =||

Monsters and humans have a hostile relationship.

Killing monsters isn’t the same as killing people, so don’t confuse it…

Let’s not become social justice warriors for goblin rights… um…

Translator’s notes:

Devil’s Courier Express (惡魔專線): Literally, “Demon Special Line”, but I altered the company name to something that sounds more typical.Sayuko is fairly political, and I think this may be a jab at American imperialism (美帝國主義).

The paragraph above seems to be critiquing the American healthcare system and widening economic inequality.Itadakimasu (我開動了): Luya seems to say this in Chinese, “I’m starting!”, although she is mimicking the way Japanese people say Itadakimasu before eating.

There is no Chinese custom analogous to this.


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