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Chapter 18: Killing the chieftain

Translator: yuzu

What was going on

Luya stared at the charred ground where the fireball exploded in astonishment.

If she had still been standing there, she would have been turned into charcoal in an instant.

Still paralyzed from shock, she realized — the stinky dog saved her life!

If she hadn’t looked back and seen the group of goblins approaching her, she would have hugged the dog and called it her precious baby.

Saving this dog’s life wasn’t a waste.

Even though Lu Dahuang was always cold, as if it looked down on her, it was still worried about her at the critical moment.

What a great dog!

“But why did the goblins come here They never come so close to the dragon’s territory.”

Luya hurriedly got up from the ground.

The Shiba Inu stood in front her, growling threateningly at the group of goblins.

In her nervousness, Luya counted the number of their opponents.

One, two, three, four… nine, ten, eleven… wait a minute So a total of eleven! Could this be a mistake Did the entire gang come out to fight them!

The goblins were holding sticks and bows.

They did not have many arrows, probably because Luya had just ransacked them, and their quivers were empty.

The one in the middle was wearing clothes and feather accessories on his1 head.

He looked a bit different than the other goblins, so he seemed to be the leader.

Currently, he was producing another fireball in his hands, growing it bigger and bigger.

They all looked at Luya hatefully, but they seemed slightly afraid and didn’t dare approach so rashly.

“What are you doing The red dragon will come back soon.”

Even though she didn’t know if she could communicate with them, she and the dog would definitely die if they fought so many goblins alone.

They could only try their best to talk.

Otherwise, the dog would be killed and eaten, and according to a goblin-related manga2 that she read, women would suffer an even more miserable fate than death…

She had to intimidate them.

The closer they got to a place full of the dragon’s scent, the more fearful they would be.

If she ran into the dragon’s lair, she didn’t think they would follow her.


The goblin chieftain jumped angrily, and said something that Luya couldn’t understand.

Luya hurriedly took out the pocket translator that she was carrying.

This device could translate the speech of a majority of monsters.

It appeared to work, and a comprehensible chunk of words suddenly popped up on the screen: “Return goblin clan’s secret treasure, the Sun-Scorching Scepter, robber!”

Robber Was that referring to her

Luya didn’t feel guilty at all, even though she had pillaged and looted the goblin camp yesterday and taken everything that she possibly could.

But what surprised her was that the staff was actually the goblins’ secret treasure She had thought it was just a fancy-looking toy that could only be used to intimidate people, although it didn’t even look particularly impressive.

The goblins’ words reminded her, and Luya glanced back.

That staff was currently being used as a laundry drying pole, propped up on a wooden frame she made.

The panties3 that she had washed yesterday hung from it, swaying in the wind.


Luya calmly turned her head back.

“Okay, I’ll give it back.”

“Giiiiguuuu—” The goblin chieftain continued to make demands.

【Return the holy grass seeds!】

Holy grass seeds Could that be the seeds that she just planted

Luya immediately froze.

There were more than ten seeds in the box, but she planted all of them into the ground without leaving a single one.

If you asked her exactly where she planted them, Luya didn’t know anymore, and it was impossible to find them.

Furthermore, after hearing it was such a high-level thing, she frankly didn’t want to return it in the first place.

Why didn’t the goblins plant it themselves This was clearly their own fault!

“Then I’ll need to go look for it.

Hold on a sec.4”

Luya pretended to be terrified beyond belief.

Seeing that the goblin leader had no objection, she picked up the dog and started to back off slowly towards the dragon’s cave.

When she reached the Sun-Scorching Staff that she had turned into a clothes drying rack, she retrieved her precious panties from the stick.

She raised the staff at the goblins.

【Hurry up and bring it over—】

The goblins urged and shrieked.

They still didn’t dare approach the place where the dragon’s scent was strong, and they stood in the distance jumping and clamoring.

To be honest, they looked kind of funny, but Luya suddenly swung her arms with all of her strength and threw the staff down the cliff where she dumped her trash every day.

“Go get it yourself!”

Once she said this, she bolted back into the dragon’s lair.

The dog seemed to have the same idea, and it followed Luya and disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a group of sluggish goblins.

It took them a while to realize what had happened and react.

【Hurry up and find it—】

The goblin chieftain stopped his feet and angrily shouted his orders in exasperation.

The goblins hurriedly jumped off the cliff one by one, trying to retrieve their treasure.

Very quickly, the chieftain was the only one left.

This was a little surprising to Luya.

Although goblins were said have low IQ, this was seriously too low.

They were even dumber than the dog she was raising!

She only wanted to stall them a little, disperse their fighting power, and hide until the dragon came back.

However, when the chieftain gave that order, all of the goblins actually jumped off the cliff.

How could they be so stupid!

When the goblin chieftain realized this, the Shiba Inu had already appeared behind him.

It rushed forward like a thunderbolt and bit his wrist.

Green blood burst out, and the goblin chieftain screamed.

He desperately tried to shake off the dog that had clamped down with a deathgrip, but in the next moment, the harmless-looking human girl suddenly came running out of the dragon’s lair, dragging an enormous sword.

Before the goblin chieftain could react, she already swung the sword at his neck.

Then, the goblin chieftain’s head went flying, and a large amount of green blood spurted out of the lower section of his neck.

The Shiba Inu swiftly dodged, but the green blood sprayed all over Luya’s body.

The chieftain’s head rolled a few feet until it finally stopped beside a rock.

She stared at the weirdly shaped sword she had taken from the dragon’s lair in a daze.

The past few days, she had been using this sword to dig at the ground.

She knew it was a good sword, since it could cut through ground as hard as rock.

However, after being soaked with blood for the first time, the blade of the sword glimmered with a faint light, and then quickly faded.

What kind of god-tier weapon was this! Could it have been left behind by the warriors who tried to fight the red dragon

She vaguely remembered in her memory that the Empire wanted to research the weaknesses and physics of the Demonic World Eye.

They wanted to study the seven dragons of the world to obtain even greater power, and they dispatched an elite fleet to dragon territory.

Although she didn’t know which dragon they chose, the final outcome was a massive defeat with heavy losses.

Could this weapon be one of the red dragon’s trophies

…It was hard to say, but it didn’t matter in either case.

Luya didn’t care about this very much, and it was already enough that the red dragon treated her so well.

It had even allowed her to casually use this weapon, which was probably spoiling her to the extreme…

Thinking of this, Luya was a little touched.

As a weakling with a power level of only 55, she relied on a god-tier weapon, plus a dog acting as a tank to draw their enemy’s aggro6, used a filthy tactic of interrupting spell-casting with melee attack, and finally successfully defeated a goblin mage!


She panted in excitement, suppressing the urge to make a battle cry.

At this moment, she wasn’t the slightest bit surprised by seeing the corpse, as if some switch in her body had been turned on.

She was more like a warrior, excited by the fact that she had beheaded her enemy.

Her adaptability was much stronger than she thought.

Luya slowly walked over to the goblin chieftain’s severed head, grabbed its dirty and greasy hair, and lifted it up from the ground.


When Farus the Red Dragon returned, he7 discovered something that shocked him.

Farus had flown to a faraway ocean for his precious little girl, and fought with a sea monster called a Leviathan.

It took him a long time to catch the salmon that the little girl wanted.

When Farus brought the salmon back, he unexpectedly discovered that the goblins who ordinarily lived in fear on his mountain, were actually so bold to attack his territory while he was away.

He couldn’t help but worry about the little girl’s safety.

If the goblins dared hurt her…

Farus liked this little girl very much.

In other words, he liked humans, even though they were unpredictable, deceitful, and would occasionally bare their fangs in betrayal.

But this girl was the first human he had known who was so eager to get close to him, and she even took the initiative to reach out to him.

She didn’t disappoint him either.

His human girl was smart, timid, and hadn’t yet grown sharp claws.

He could tell that the little girl was trying to figure things out, yet she was filled with trust for him.

Farus enjoyed this sense of dependence, and he would never permit those goblins to destroy it.

The red dragon roared angrily, but when he landed at his nest, the little girl who seemed to hear his voice immediately ran out to greet him.

“My god, red dragon—! You’re finally back! I seriously don’t know what I should do!”

Farus couldn’t help but be a little startled.

He still hadn’t processed exactly what had happened here, but his little girl had already run over to his side.

She was impatiently trying to climb onto his back.

“Take me flying! Thank you!”

Heavens knew if all those goblins fell to their death.

Not a single one had climbed back up after jumping off the cliff.

If that were the case, wouldn’t it be impossible to catch a goblin to work for her Luya didn’t dare climb down earlier by herself, but it was perfect now that the red dragon returned.

Maybe she’d be able to test if the dragon’s intimidating aura was enough to make them listen.

Farus was always willing to satisfy her requests.

She was a sensible and well-behaved girl who never made any excessive demands.

As such he lowered his wing and let Luya climb onto his back.

But at this moment, Luya seemed to suddenly remember something important.

She tapped her head and spoke aloud, “Wait a minute, I need to go back and grab something.”

Farus watched her run back into the lair.

After a while, she came out holding the head of the goblin chieftain, brimming cheerfully, “I forgot to bring this!”


Author’s notes:

Happy Christmas Eve.

Everyone is arguing whether the dragon should have a human form.

Piyu Technology took the opportunity to launch a Krypton Gold Service.

Krypton 998 can unlock the human skin of the red dragon, and Krypton 648 can unlock the Shiba Ina’s prince skin.

There are two main plots.

The main plot revolves around the dragon, but the crown prince is also an extremely important key character.

I never said that the dragon wasn’t the male lead.

Ultimately, this isn’t just a love story! It’s an extremely epic tale of adventure and redemption, and there’s a lot of content.

I’m good at telling stories, and I’ll try to write this like a fairy tale as much as possible.

Translator’s notes:

His: The original raw uses “it” to refer to the goblins throughout the chapter.

I’ve altered it because the chieftain has a speaking role in this chapter.I’m assuming this is Goblin Slayer, which is an anime that aired a year before this story was written, and is famous for its gruesome depictions.Panties (胖次): The original raw uses internet slang (the English/Japanese loanword “pan-ci”).

Nobody says it this way in real life, so the author is going for a comedic effect by mimicking the “pantsu” in Japanese anime.Luya’s acting isn’t convincing at all in the original raw, so I’ve localized her casual attitude.Power level of 5 (戰五渣): A Dragon Ball Z reference.

A person with a power level of 5 is about as strong as a farmer (super weak), in contrast with someone with a power level of over 9000.“Tank” and “aggro” are gaming terms.

A “tank” is someone with high resistance who takes damage for the party.

“Aggro” refers to attracting the attention of monsters.He: The original raw uses “it” to refer to Farus here.

I’ve switched it to “him” because Farus is being called by name in this section a lot.


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