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Chapter 14: Let me give you a bath

Translator: yuzu

Luya’s heart suddenly beat faster.

This sounded like exactly what she needed.

She could only collect a limited amount of water every day on the volcano, and the dew water definitely wouldn’t be enough if she wanted to grow something.

So she asked: “It sounds good.

How much is it”

“Fairly priced, it costs five whole magic stones.”

Old Berg held out five fingers.

Was this expensive or not

Luya remembered that the bag of magic stones that the red dragon had given her was filled with only thirty stones.

A whole magic stone was worth a lot, and a hundred magic stone shards were equivalent to a whole one.

She felt like five stones was a bit expensive for buying an automatic kettle.

Hesitant, she tried to bargain and asked, “Can’t it be any cheaper”

“Oh sweetheart, Old Berg only sells items at one price.

You can go to other stores to compare prices, but I believe you will come back to me.”

“Then I want to discuss this with the red dragon.”

Luya gave Old Berg a deadpan look, and then stretched out her hand: “So give me a dragon language translator.”

“That’s not for sale.

After filing an application at the monster city hall, you can submit a request for one.” Old Berg pushed his monocle, and replied slowly.

“What Is that so…”

So it was a restricted monster item Did that mean she wouldn’t be able to get one

Luya reasoned that if she went to the city hall, her human identity would immediately be exposed.

So she thought about this for a moment, and then asked Old Berg, “Then can’t you give me yours You can report that you lost it to get another one.”

“As a high-level demon, I don’t need this kind of thing.

However… fine, I can find one for you.”

Perhaps because he did not want to lose a potential big customer, with Luya’s pestering, Old Berg had no choice but to retrieve an ancient-looking second-hand translator from the cabinet.

He shoved it in Luya’s hands.

“Some fool left this behind, so take it.

Have your discussion with Farus, and he’ll definitely be willing to spend those magic stones.”

“Thank you.”

Would it really work Luya attempted to fiddle and turn on the machine, and then she took the translator to the red dragon.

Hesitantly, she looked at the red dragon and asked, “I want to buy a goblet that automatically produces water, but it costs five whole magic stones.

Since this is your money, I want to get your opinion.

Is it worth buying”

“(Dragon Language).”

The red dragon narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

As he growled, a row of text popped out of Luya’s pocket translator.

【As long as you want it.】

Oh my god, what was with this hot CEO-like1 style of speech Wasn’t this just amazing

Luya was very touched, and she stepped forward to hug the red dragon’s neck.

She spoke gratefully, “Thank you! I will cherish it!”

She went back into the store, and then happily pointed at the goblet and said: “I’ll buy it.”

With the red dragon’s permission, Luya started to purchase things without restraint.

Old Berg said they also provided delivery services, so if they couldn’t carry everything, they would ship it to the red dragon’s lair the next day.

Luya was comfortable buying a bunch of household items, such as a bed and chairs made out of 400-year-old black cedar wood.

Sleeping on them would ward away evil spirits that killed people in dreams.

She also bought a heated blanket made out of griffon feathers, a never-melting snowman, a living broom, some big earthworms that could improve soil quality, and other stuff that seemed useful.

Of course, the most important thing was medicine.

Old Berg’s shop did not sell beastman medicine, but he gave Luya a potion.

No matter how severe the injury, a person could completely recover in one night after drinking it.

It was a bonus gift considering the amount of things that she had bought.

When Old Berg heard that Luya was raising a dog, he recommended a magic collar and leash for walking a dog.

As long as the pet was wearing the collar, no matter how far it ran away, the leash would be able to find it.2

This was exactly what Luya wanted.

It was annoying to look for that stinky dog when it ran around.

She very happily spent one whole magic stone to buy this dog walking set.

Since there was no way to carry back many of their purchases, those items were entrusted to the home delivery service.

When Old Berg respectfully bade them farewell, Luya carried everything that she could hold onto the dragon’s back.

Luya looked around at the other shops while standing on the market street.

At first glance, there were plenty of useful shops for weapons, beasts, potions, and other things.

Of course, just like a human society, the monster’s commercial district also had many things like clothing stores and all kinds of food.

There were human meat restaurants as far as the eye could see.

Seeing this made Luya very flustered, and simply hanging around here made her hair stand on end.

Luya had no need for those things.

She had already bought almost everything she wanted from Old Berg’s shop, so she was ready to leave this uncomfortable place.

“I’m ready to go.

Do you need to spend some time alone with Gudius”

【It’s not necessary.】

The red dragon replied simply.

As his wings unfurled and unleashed a gust of air, the monsters on the street were blown about.

The little demon selling mushroom powder shrieked, as all the things in his pocket were blown out.

Monsters didn’t like dragons.

Whenever they appeared, they always brought disasters, but no one dared complained.

They were terrified of dragons.

Carrying the results of Luya’s shopping spree, the red dragon took off into the air, and brought her away from Dünbruck.

When they returned to the dragon’s lair, Luya hurriedly took out the potion that Old Berg gave her, and she rushed to the place where she had left the Shiba Inu.

Perhaps because Luya had transferred its wound to herself, the Shiba Inu had regained consciousness at this point, but it looked sickly.

It looked extremely weak, and it struggled to get up when it heard some noise.

But when it saw Luya, it seemed relieved, and it laid back down, struggling to keep its eyes open as it stared motionlessly at her.

—Its eyes were just like a human’s.

Luya couldn’t help but be taken aback.

She didn’t know why she suddenly felt this way.

Perhaps it was because the Shiba Inu looked so pitiful, which contrasted sharply with his stubborn eyes that refused to show any weakness.

“Don’t worry, I brought back medicine.

You’ll have to thank the red dragon.

It saved both of us.”

As Luya chattered away at herself, she removed the cork of the healing potion, opened the dog’s mouth, and poured half of it in.

Perhaps since it knew that she was saving it, this disobedient dog was quite cooperative at this moment.

It did not resist, and it swallowed the medicine that Luya gave it.

Then it closed its eyes and fell asleep in exhaustion.

Hey, it was unexpectedly well-behaved.

Feeding it medicine was much easier than she expected.

However, she didn’t know how long it would take before the healing effect started.

Luya rubbed the Shiba Inu’s head and looked at its face seriously.

It was a crimson puppy with a beautiful coat, and it was prettier than 99% of other dogs.

She carefully examined the Shiba Inu’s butt, and… um, it wasn’t neutered yet.

If this were her original world, it could definitely be an internet celebrity dog if she posted it on social media.

It didn’t matter if its parents belonged to a pedigree, it would be expensive to breed one like this regardless.

It was such a pity, a real pity.

Right now she could only appreciate this dog by herself.

Luya shook her head.

As the dog slept, she put the collar she had purchased from Old Berg around its neck.

“Okay, starting from today, you are my dog.”

She announced seriously, “Since you were able to live in such harsh conditions, your name will now be Lu Dahuang.3”

With its eyes closed, it was unclear if the Shiba Inu had heard Luya’s words.

However, its body trembled for no reason.

Luya patted the dog’s butt in satisfaction, and then ran to look at the things that she had purchased.

The furniture and other large items wouldn’t be delivered until the next day.

Luya didn’t know how Old Berg would get monsters to come to the dragon’s lair for the delivery, and she prayed that it would work out somehow.

Fortunately, she had brought back all the important things herself.

She took out the Goblet of Aqua Pura from her bag, found a corner to put it down, and then took a few large earthworms out of their bottle.

Old Berg had said that these things could turn any infertile land into arable soil, suitable for planting.

The earth near the sulfur springs was completely barren, so she hoped that these little guys could change the environment here.

After those earthworms came out from the bottle, they went straight into the soil and disappeared.

Luya stared at the soil where the earthworms had burrowed themselves for a long time, but she did not see any changes in the soil quality.

She hadn’t been tricked by the shopkeeper, right

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so fast…

She murmured and put the earthworms aside.

Tomorrow, she’d check on it again after she woke up.

She continued to examine the things that she bought.

She threw the living broom into the dragon’s cave, since it was supposed to be capable of automatically sweeping things.

Although the red dragon never voided in its own lair, it never cleaned it.

There was a thick layer of dust inside, and there were spider webs in the corners.

Even the gold in the treasure room was covered in ash.

The air quality was poor, and her nose always felt uncomfortable after sleeping for a night.

Fortunately, this body did not have allergies, but when she blew4 her nose, there was a lot of icky snot.

It made her uncomfortable, so it was time to clean up the dragon’s lair.

The first step to changing a living environment was to address the sanitary conditions.

In truth, she suspected that the red dragon did not clean itself very much.

When she rode on the dragon’s back, she noticed that its scales were caked with dust, a bit like a car had been driven in a city for a long time without cleaning.

Luya, who was a bit of a clean-freak, could not stand this.

Ai, maybe it was because it was a bachelor dragon.

So after struggling for a while, Luya finally mustered the courage and decided to move forward.

She took out a bucket and a brush from the cleaning supplies she bought, and went straight to the red dragon who was resting outside of the cave from fatigue.

She seriously and earnestly addressed the dragon: “Farus, I have a request!”

After hearing Luya’s voice, the red dragon who had been resting with its eyes closed suddenly sat up.

It raised its neck and stared at her, looking slightly puzzled.

Luya met the red dragon’s amber pupils with her eyes.

She took a deep breath and spoke loudly.

“Please let me give you a bath!”

Author’s notes:

I owe nearly four thousand words, but! No matter how much I owe, I will pay all off at once! I have enough saved that I can update up to ten chapters in a single day! It’s totally fine.

However, I probably won’t get that many, so there’s no need to panic.

Translator’s notes:

CEO-like (霸總): Like a handsome high-powered businessman.The collar and leash are two separate objects that exist as a pair.Lu Dahuang (路大黃): Last name first in Chinese.

Luya’s last name means “Road”.

Literally, first name means “rhubard”, which based on the sentence context, is a plant that can thrive in cool weather.


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