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Chapter 13: Obtained a Goblet of Aqua Pura

Translator: yuzu

What was up with this demon

The red dragon had a tense expression, and Luya was bewildered.

What kind of nonsense was this demon spewing

Playing with people’s hearts was a classic trait of a devil.

It was a nasty but old trick in the book, and often the goal was to provoke relationships.

Did he think she was a pure and innocent girl who loved the red dragon a lot Or did he want to make the red dragon distrust her

Of course she wouldn’t fall for that trap!

Luya wasn’t fooled at all, like heck It was already difficult for her to relax in front the dragon, how could she dare ask the dragon for his blood

She pretended to be very frightened, and shook her head repeatedly.

“I… I’m not worthy! The red dragon saved my life, so how can I ask for more I just don’t want to miss anything the red dragon says… so a translator is enough!”

Gudius snorted with a smile1, and looked at Luya with a profound expression on his face.

“So turns out Farus was indeed interested in adopting a human.

I had thought only beastkin were interested in undomesticated humans.

That said, you surprised me a little, young lady.

You’re the first human so eager to approach a dragon… is this why Farus decided to keep you”

“I don’t know.

All I know is that I like this red dragon.” Luya responded charmingly, and she looked up at the red dragon affectionately, her eyes full of sincerity and longing.

She was pretty good at acting.

After all, Luya was an expert ass-kisser2, capable of smiling and humbly self-deprecating herself even when her boss insulted her.

Enduring the demon archduke’s humiliation was a piece of cake at this level.

But what did this mean Was his relationship with the red dragon good or bad She always felt like his words were laced with sarcasm and ridicule, but he also seemed to respect3 the red dragon’s request.

He was such a paradoxical demon.

In either case, one thing was very clear.

No matter what this demon said, Luya just needed to keep hugging the dragon’s thighs if she wanted to live.

By the time they left Gudius’ castle, Luya’s back was drenched with cold sweat.

Fortunately, the red dragon had quite a reputation3.

Luya became the first living human to gain permission to enter Dünbruck.

Gudius gave her a city pass which contained the aura of a high-level demon.

This would prevent skeleton soldiers and other low-level monsters from attacking her as an intruder.

This time, when Luya returned to the streets, she discovered that the eyes stalking her from the dark had basically disappeared.

The patrolling skeleton soldiers just glanced at her on the streets, as if she was an ordinary citizen of this dark city.

Their bones rattled and clanked as they walked away.

For the time being, she could move around freely, although she had to be careful of other high-level monsters… But since she was Gudius’s guest, they probably wouldn’t attack her

The red dragon was also here.

Luya looked up at the dragon beside her.

Compared to the way he4 looked before, he looked a little tired, but he stayed quietly next to Luya like an old-fashioned man5 shopping with his girlfriend.

This was a little heartwarming, and Luya couldn’t help but rub the red dragon’s neck, sighing in a low voice, “You’re so wonderful.”

The red dragon lifted its neck, and said something in the dragon language that Luya couldn’t understand.

It seemed they really needed a dragon language translator soon.

She couldn’t wait to go to the dark city’s marketplace to see if there was any good stuff on sale!

The city of Dünbruck was so expansive, it was nearly as large as the Empire’s capital.

Luya rode the red dragon in the skies of the dark city for more than ten minutes, and then they landed in a bustling boulevard.

This was the market district6 for the monsters.

The market district was extremely prosperous, despite the fact that it was shrouded in purple fog.

If it weren’t for all the strange monsters on the street, Luya would have thought she had entered a cyberpunk movie scene.

Although it was a market district, there were all kinds of business on the streets.

There was a female giant wearing a sexy red animal skin, brushing her hair seductively on the street.

A little imp with horns wandered around looking for customers, pedaling psychedelic mushroom powder.

Blood was the most popular beverage in the automatic vending machines.

There was also a giant bird-headed spider, who sold her own eggs directly on the streets: you could get a taste of bird-headed spider eggs for just one magic stone shard.

Of course, those were just the street peddlers.

The real good stuff was in the shops.

However, just by scanning around, Luya saw something that made her feel extremely disturbed.

In Dünbruck, the sale of live humans was prohibited.

Here, human meat was processed directly in the slaughterhouses, packaged, and shipped frozen.

There were specialty department stores that sold human meat.

In comparison, the human meat stalls in the monster’s market were just child’s play.

Luya felt a little dizzy, but she persisted onwards.

Since there were shapeshifting monsters, Luya was not too eye-catching now that she had the demon archduke’s city pass.

The red dragon followed behind her, which made her seem like a fearsome individual, and the passing demons on the street all avoided her with a wide berth.

This was exactly what Luya wanted.

Taking the bag of magic stones that the red dragon had given her, she entered a shop that looked like it was selling high-end goods, planning to buy some stuff.

With this much money, there was no way that the dragon’s lair couldn’t be transformed into a cozy living environment.

When Luya walked in, she saw that there were no customers in this store.

The shopkeeper was an old demon who looked fairly human.

His skin was blue, and eyes were entirely black without any whites.

There was also a tree spirit with a human face inside the store, and it swept the dark purple floor like a robot.

The old demon was wearing an expensive tuxedo and a monocle.

If you didn’t look at his face, he looked exactly like a polite old gentleman.

Luya secretly sized up the shopkeeper, and felt the irony7.

When these monsters established their own society, it still ultimately evolved into the human system.

Even the aesthetics were the same.

However, she had no idea about the merchandise in the store.

This place was like an assorted-goods boutique.

Aside from some ordinary home decor that she had seen in human cities, there were also many weird items soaked in jars.

There was one that clearly looked like the roots of a plant, but it kept wiggling around like an octopus.

Dried mummified hands hung from the shelves.

There were some suspicious seeds of unknown origin, some water droplets bouncing around a bottle, meat being grown in a jar, and strangely colored clumps of dirt…

She had no idea what these things were for, and it made her feel like she had accidentally walked into a black magic shop.

Before she had the time to examine the merchandise further, a strange voice came from behind.

“How may I help you”

Luya jumped in surprise, and she immediately turned around.

It was the old demon shopkeeper, although she had not noticed him appearing behind her.

She immediately backed off two steps, and had difficulty formulating words for a bit.

However, the demon did not give her any trouble, and he only grinned with a rather hideous smile.

“Oh don’t be nervous, dear.

Even though you are human, I am a businessman.

I like the magic stones you brought more than I care about your identity.”

He glanced at the red dragon who was staring into the store from the outside.

As if to put Luya to ease, he added, “I also don’t want to be burned to death by a dragon… Oh, anyhow, you’ve come to the right place.

Old Berg’s shop is fairly priced and trustworthy.

I can find anything that you desire, and there is nothing that Old Berg doesn’t sell.”

“Is… is that so”

Luya swallowed her saliva.

Although she felt like the demon had zero credibility and didn’t believe anything he said, she thought he was unlikely to try anything weird with the red dragon standing outside.

So she thought for a while, and then asked the demon who called himself Old Berg, “Um… I want to improve my current living environment.

There’s no clean drinking water, and no soil that’s suitable for growing crops.

I can only eat things by barbecuing food like a caveman.

There’s also no furniture or other daily necessities.

Finally, I have a pet that is infested with fleas.

Can you recommend anything that might be able to help”

“You live with the Farus the Red Dragon That’s certainly not surprising.”

Old Berg squinted.

He was an excellent salesman, and he immediately smelled the business opportunity.

He enthusiastically started to assist Luya with her shopping.

“Then you really are in the right place, sweetheart.

These problems of yours are nothing in the eyes of Old Berg, and we’ll take care of all of them.

Water is not a problem at all, and I have just the right thing here.”

Smiling sinisterly, Old Berg motioned at Luya to wait a moment, and he disappeared into the storage room at the back of the store.

A few minutes later, he came out pushing an enormous cage.

There was a monster that looked like it had come straight from a Tokusatsu film8, and it kept hitting the bars of the cage, screeching with ear-piercing squeaks, as if it was about to burst out of the cage at any moment.

Before Luya could ask what it was, Old Berg introduced it.

“This is a little monster that can control the weather.

As long as you inflict a certain amount of pain, it will attract thunder and heavy rain.

Of course, I can test it right here to show you.

Master Gudius will be angry, but I assure you that it will not fall short of your expectations.”

“No thanks! I don’t want this!”

Luya’s face was ashen, and she waved her hands repeatedly in refusal.

If she brought this thing back, she might as well keep collecting dew every day!

“Why not It’s very popular among beastmen and murlocs.

Every tribe relies on one to control the weather.

Due to the fact that these little things don’t reproduce easily, as well as over-hunting, there are very few wild ones these days.

It’s very difficult to get one, and you need to place an order in advance.

You’re extremely lucky that we have one in stock.” Old Berg seemed puzzled.

This was way beyond overkill! She just wanted to have a little water, so why the heck would she want something that big!

“Is there anything less exciting I just want to have enough water to drink and improve the soil, so it’ll be enough if I can irrigate the ground to grow some vegetables.”

“Alright, I understand your request.”

Old Berg thought for a while, and then pushed the cage back into the storeroom.

Then he brought a pot that was filled with water, and placed it in front of Luya.

“This is the Goblet of Aqua Pura9.

It is necessary for alchemists, and as long as you place it on the ground, it will produce clean water endlessly.”

Author’s Notes:

Why do the comments keep telling me to think harder Am I really as airheaded as Cuicui I’ve learned from her prior mistakes and improved the system a bit.

If we go by a word count, it’s really easy to write more for every fertilizer that I get! I think I can actually write the bonus chapter easily… I’m that confident!10

Currently, I owe you guys 2800 words.

It’s a good amount, and there’s no reason to panic.

Translator’s Notes:

Smile (似笑非笑): A smile that wasn’t quite a smile.Ass-kisser (社畜): See the TL notes from last chapter.

Literally, “social animal”, but refers to someone who is willing to take a lot of abuse.Respect (麵子): This phrase appears multiple times in this chapter, and is a common idiom in Chinese.

Literally, this sentence says, “gave the red dragon some face”.

In Chinese, having “face” or losing “face” refers to a person’s reputation.He: The original raw uses “it” here.

Luya is still frequently referring to Farus as an “it”, although eventually she will switch over to using “he/him”.Old-fashioned man (直男): Literally, a “straight man”.

This refers to a heterosexual man with traditional and conservative values.Market district (商業街): Literally, “market street”.Irony (吐槽): Literally, to “retort”.

In Japanese, this would be called “tsukkomi“.Tokusatsu film (特攝片): A style of Japanese live action film which makes heavy use of special effects.Goblet of Aqua Pura (清淨之壺): I took some liberties translating this.

Literally, this is “Pot of Clean Water”, but it sounds terrible ^^;;;; …this “pot” is supposed to have a cool and impressive sounding name (it is a special item, after all), so I latin-ized “clean water” into “aqua pura”.In the last chapter, Sayuko promised that for every fertilizer she got, she would write additional words for the VIP bonus chapter.


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