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Along the way, Nie Jiqing felt that the whole house was extremely quiet.

Everything seemed to be so quiet and serious, without the slightest signs of life.


Nie Jiqing pushed open the door, and as soon as her eyes fell on the two people on the bed, she almost burst into tears once more.


Nie Jiqing closed the door lightly, but she laughed at herself.

There was no one here that would be awoken by the loudness of the door, so there was no need for her to be this careful.


If the sound of the door closing could really wake up Gu Ren and Ye Zhi who were in a coma, that would be gratifying.


The sound of the monitors in the room rang as she kept an eye on the vital signs of the two of them.

This was done to make sure that Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were still in good health when they returned.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi laid quietly on the bed.


Nie Jiqing saw their undulating breathing and determined that they were just falling asleep.

The only abnormality was that they slept a lot longer than the average person.


Nie Jiqing walked over to Ye Zhi’s bed and placed a chair beside her.

Nie Jiqing sat down and reached out to hold her daughter’s hand, which had become thinner than it already was before.


“You know, mom has been waiting for you for a long time.”


Nie Jiqing’s waiting had spanned for more than ten years.

Ever since her daughter was abducted and sold…she was always waiting.


Waiting for the news of her daughter, waiting for her to appear again, and now, she was waiting for her to wake up.


Even though she spoke, Ye Zhi did not wake up.


Nie Jiqing wanted to hold back her tears, but she still started to cry.

She placed Ye Zhi’s hand to the side of her face, and the temperature on her daughter’s hand was still warm, giving her at least the slightest peace of mind.


“Where did you and Gu Ren go Don’t forget to come back.”


In the darkness, Ye Zhi heard a voice in the distance.

She listened carefully and she thought as if Nie Jiqing was talking to her, getting closer to her with every second.


As soon as Ye Zhi heard Nie Jiqing’s voice, she immediately ran in the direction from which the voice came.

She wanted to call out to her, but she couldn’t make a sound.


In the next second, the sound of the monitor suddenly changed.

A harsh beeping sound rang out and Nie Jiqing panicked instantly, looking at Ye Zhi on the bed in a panic.


“Zhizhi, mom is here, please don’t scare me.”


When she said the last word, Nie Jiqing almost broke down in tears.

She wanted to see a change in Ye Zhi’s condition, but at the same time she was afraid that such a change would completely take Ye Zhi away from her.


Ye Zhi’s originally closed eyelashes trembled slightly and her brows wrinkled.

But after a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes.


The first thing she saw was the white ceiling.

She then tilted her head with difficulty and saw Nie Jiqing’s anxious expression.




Ye Zhi hadn’t spoken for a long time.

When she spoke, her throat hurt like she was rolling it in a pile of sand and her voice was obviously hoarse.


At this time, Gu Ren, who was beside her, also woke up.

His eyes appeared dazed but after a brief moment, he looked relieved.


Nie Jiqing cried with joy, and only then did she realise that she should call the doctor.


Nie Jiqing let go of Ye Zhi’s hand reluctantly and walked quickly to the door.

The doctor had already been notified of the change from the monitors and was already rushing his way towards the room.


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