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For the next week, Qin Lin spent most of his time at the reservoir to supervise the situation there.

Yang Dong and the four duck breeders were completely in work mode.

After a week, the big ducks also began to be put into the water.

They could wander on their own without much effort.

Facing the vast water surface, the big ducks were clearly very enthusiastic.

Every day, as soon as they were released, they would splash into the water.

On the other hand, he had to take good care of the 300 ducklings.

Otherwise, they would accidentally follow the big ducks into the water.

The other thing was to build a duck manure fermentation room.

This would take some time.

The engineering team also appeared on the water.

It was the company Qin Lin had contacted a few days ago to build the floating bridge.

They were much more professional.

The floating buckets they transported were all of the same style.

In the end, they would even design them to be wrapped in wood so that tourists could not see the existence of the floating buckets.

They tried their best to maintain the beauty of the scenery.

Over the past few days, Qin Lin naturally kept transporting duckweed out of the game.

Every few hours, a batch would mature.

Every day, he would transport more than 3,000 catties of duckweed out and let Chen Dabei and the others spread it in the water.

In a week, the area of duckweed covered by that reservoir area became larger and larger.

The beautiful scene was already a little spectacular.

Occasionally, the snow-white ducks that wandered past were more like paintings.

Their quacking was also filled with vitality in the spectacular clear grass.

Qinglin Villa was even more lively than before because the holidays had arrived.

The people from Youcheng County who were out working began to return to Youcheng County.

These people rarely came back.

They only knew from the Internet that Qinglin Villa had popped up in their hometown.

As locals, they could only rely on their phones to watch videos to understand it.

Then, they were attracted by the popularity of the villa time and time again.

Now that they were back in their hometown, they naturally had to come to Qinglin Villa to take a look.

This also made the villa a little busy.

Sun Ming drove to the villa parking lot and stopped.

He walked toward the villas office with a document.

He was very familiar with this place.

After all, this design and construction were all done by him.

He was here to discuss the ranch with Boss Qin today.

Previously, because Boss Qin had added the requirements of a racetrack, the blueprint for the ranch was almost unusable.

The circulatory purification and drainage system had to be redone.

The blueprint was only released today.

After entering the villas office area, Sun Ming picked up his phone and called Qin Lin.

“Hello, Boss Qin… Yes, Im in your office… Are you in the reservoir… Theres no need.

Ill find someone to ask and look for you…”

After hanging up, Sun Ming saw Gao Yaoyao moving things in with a little girl in a waiters uniform.


Sun, are you looking for our boss” Gao Yaoyao asked with a smile when she saw Sun Ming.

She was one of the oldest employees, so she naturally knew the person in charge of the villas expansion, Sun Ming.

Sun Ming nodded.


Which way is the reservoir”

Gao Yaoyao said to the little girl behind her, “Xiao Ru, put down your things first and bring Mr.

Sun to the boss.”

“Okay, Sister Yaoyao.” Chen Xiaoru put down her things and led Sun Ming out.

She was already on winter break and had specially come to Qinglin Villa to work.

This was because the employees meals in the villa were very delicious and the villa was lively.

Sun Ming followed Chen Xiaoru and quickly arrived at the reservoir.

When he saw the scene inside, he clearly looked surprised.

That area was clearly different from the rest of the reservoir.

At a glance, the waves that entered ones eyes gave off a breathtaking feeling, making one unable to help but be attracted.

The snow-white ducks that had wandered were also very beautiful.

And the three especially big ones in the distance were swans, right

That elegant figure and the handsome face with wings spread out were indeed swans.

This clearly did not see that they were ducks.

Sun Ming was a little emotional.

Boss Qin was going to turn this area of the reservoir into a treasure again.

It was really admirable.

It was not for no reason that the other party could turn the original dilapidated villa into the famous Qinglin Villa today.

Otherwise, it was not that no one had contracted this reservoir after it had been here for so long.

However, the people who contracted it only raised fish and so on.

In the end, they gave up without earning money.

Who would have thought that this reservoir could be built into such a beautiful scene with simple duckweed and duck

However, on the other hand, everyone knew that not anyone could build Qinglin Villa.

Many things were like that.

It often seemed very simple afterward.

Everyone felt that they could do it themselves.

But no one had thought of why they themselves had not thought of it before others had done it.

Therefore, there was a saying: The first person to think of it was a genius, the second person to imitate it was a smart person, and the third and fourth person to do it was a mediocre person.

As for those who felt that it was very simple and could do it themselves, they were stupid.

“President Sun, youre here” Qin Lin saw Sun Ming and walked down from a bamboo raft.

“Uncle Qin, Ill go back first.” Chen Xiaoru also greeted Qin Lin and skipped back to the villa.

Qin Lin looked at Chen Xiaoru and shook his head.

As the students were on winter break, a few students came to the villa to ask if they were recruiting winter leave workers.

Many companies were actually unwilling to hire winter and summer workers.

Firstly, it was because the time was short.

Secondly, there was anindirect loss of employees.

Thirdly, the efficiency could not keep up.

Fourthly, it was troublesome to settle the salary alone.

Qin Lin didnt care about this, nor did he mind giving these students a chance to work during the summer and winter holidays.

This was because after his fathers cancer, his family was in trouble.

He had always had a part-time job and had been working during the summer and winter holidays.


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