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Time slipped away quickly.

The next afternoon, Xiao Xin received a call from the courier.

The incense she had bought had arrived.

Xiao Xin ran to the security booth at the entrance of the villa to get the package.

The express delivery that their employees bought online would not enter the villa.

It was usually placed at the entrance security booth.

After receiving the package, Xiao Xin couldnt wait to return to the finance office.

As soon as she entered, she heard the other two finance girls discussing something.

“The incense ordered from the lady bosss office smells wonderful.”

“Thats right.

And theres something very comforting about it.

I wonder what incense she ordered.”

When Xiao Xin heard their words, she smiled proudly and said, “I know.

The lady boss ordered agarwood incense.

The box I bought online just arrived.

Ill let you two girls share it.”

This made the other two finance girls lean over curiously.

Xiao Xin opened the package with a smile and took out the incense inside.

She had also bought an incense burner, but it hadnt arrived yet, so now she could only take a small bottle, take out a bit of incense powder carefully, put it in a cup, and light it.

A moment later, wisps of white smoke floated up from the cup.

Xiao Xins pretty face lit up with anticipation.

However, the two finance sisters immediately looked at Xiao Xin in confusion.

As the agarwood incense was lit, a smell indeed wafted out.

However, it was not pleasant incense from the bosss office at all.

Instead, it was a little like the incense that was lit in the temple for a few cents.

Xiao Xin was also a little dumbfounded.

This was completely different from what she had expected.

It seemed that it was not only the fragrance, but the one she had bought did not feel very comfortable either.

A finance lady asked in confusion, “Xiao Xin, are you sure that the one you bought is the same as the lady bosss”

Another finance lady also said, “Thats right.

Your incense doesnt even have the same fragrance.”

“The lady boss told me its agarwood incense.

I bought this too.” The anticipation in Xiao Xins heart instantly disappeared and turned into frustration.

“This shop is actually selling fake goods.

I want to complain.

This is more than 300 yuan.”

In the office.

Qin Lins attention was already focused on the game on the screen in his mind.

The game character was swinging his ax and chopping at a tree.

As the tree shook and fell, several more sections of wood material appeared on the ground.

[Congratulations on obtaining a pine wood material!]


This was another tree of little value.

Qin Lin was helpless.

Todays luck seemed to be a little bad.

It was all ordinary trees.

The key was that the location of the trees was still fixed.

If he did not cut them down, this location would not refresh.

Now there was only one left.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to continue to the last respawn point.

If the last tree had not been harvested, today would be another game of luck and wasting time.

Still, ones luck couldnt last forever.

[A sandalwood tree has been found.

Do you wish to cut it!]

Seeing the notification, Qin Lin sighed silently.

After harvesting the rosewood, red sandalwood, and agarwood, this sandalwood was already inferior enough in his eyes.

Sandalwood wasnt the same as rosewood.

In fact, it wasnt even the same tree species.

Most rosewood could be used to forge value, carve, and the like.

Sandalwood was a kind of incense wood that served as an incense material.

Most of it was used to make incense and incense powder.

However, the same incense powder cost more than 13,000 yuan a catty.

The cheaper one on the market was only 2 yuan a gram.

The most expensive one was only 3 yuan a gram, which was about 1,500 yuan a catty.

There was no comparison at all.

Naturally, agarwood incense was meant to precipitate agarwood.

There wasnt much in an incense tree.

It depended on luck.

Sandalwood, on the other hand, could be used to make incense.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to hack at the sandalwood tree.

Although it couldnt be compared to the agarwood, the red sandalwood, or the rosewood, it was still better to find a tree of some value, right

Instantly, the sandalwood fell, turning into 6 pieces of wood material.

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary sandalwood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary sandalwood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Quality 1 sandalwood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Quality 1 sandalwood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Quality 1 sandalwood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Quality 2 sandalwood!]

Qin Lin saw the six sets of wood materials he had obtained.

This was a huge drop, right

Wouldnt it be nice if this one was an agarwood tree

Even if it was rosewood or red sandalwood, he would have the materials for his office chair.

But it was the sandalwood tree.

Now that he had everything, he had to see what happened.

He stood up and locked the office.

With a thought, he entered the game.

However, when Qin Lin saw the attributes of the sandalwood, his eyes lit up.

It should be said that this didnt seem too bad.

[Sandalwood: Quality 1]

[This is a special incense wood.

Its an excellent material for making incense.

It has a special effect when made into incense: insect repellent 1, odor repellent 1, sleep enhancement 1, peace of mind 1.]

Apparently, this sandalwood had the same calming properties as the agarwood.

There was no need to mention the insect repellent and the repellent odor.

That was the basic effect of sandalwood incense.

However, the effect of 1 sleep enhancement was definitely a blessing for many insomniacs.

The smell of sandalwood incense in the world was also said to be helpful for sleep, but similarly, this was contradicted by several experts who conducted a series of scientific experiments to prove that sandalwood was ineffective.


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