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Mirajane Strauss!

Thats the name of the girl giving off a delinquent vibe!

Elfman Strauss!

Thats the pussy looking teenagers name!

Lisanna Strauss!

Thats the obedient sister characters name!

If one were to look at their family names then one would easily see what is the relationship between them. Quite frankly, these 3 people are siblings.

Of course, at this point, Noah still wouldnt find out about Lisanna or Elfmans name until much much later.

As for now, Noah is just shocked beyond belief.

“My job is now yours”

He put on a face like he cant believe this is happening. Noah scanned over Mirajane who looked like she owned the joint, a very uneasy Elfman and a helpless looking Lisanna before opening his mouth.

“Im sorry but Im unable to fully comprehend what you said just now. Could you please elaborate further”

“I think I made it pretty clear just now!”

Mirajane stood arms akimbo as she stared Noah down. Her exquisite facial features that rival Erza in that it gives off a different style are being destroyed by the look of disdain on her face.

“Moreover, look at you. I dont think you have the ability to solve this spirit matter. Thats why you should learn to take a hint and let us do the job!”

At this point, Mirajanes words are way past picking a fight or being haughty. Shes clearly out to screw Noah over.

Therefore, even if Noah could normally control his emotions really well, he cant help but feel displeasure rising within him when he heard her. He brushed the rod shaped cloth sack leaning against one side of the table before looking at Mirajane with a smirk.

“So what youre saying is that someone who looks about the same as me such as yourself, has the ability to handle this thing”

Mirajane didnt snap back at him instantly, she glanced over the rod shaped cloth sack. She still had a nasty face on but a hint of vigilance arose inside her.

Looking at the shape of the object, its not that hard to guess what it contains.

But, from her next sentence, its clear that Mirajane is not going to back down.

“You think carrying a weapon around makes you a magician Sure is easy to be a magician from Fairy Tail!”

He half heartedly responded to her just now but his eyes shot open when she threw that line. His eyes grew colder, and with it the magic power within him stirred just a tiny bit.

“May I take your words just now as a direct insult to Fairy Tail”

Since adoption by Makarov, he had on numerous occasions, almost demolished Fairy Tail headquarters because he lost control of his emotions. He has to remind himself from time to time that no matter what happens he must remain calm.

This is the reason why he could exhibit poise not found in adults since such a young age.

Because of this as well, whenever Laxus makes fun of Noah, Noah wouldnt even get riled up or anything. This irked Laxus very much so, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say he was intimidated by his little brother whos calm to a fault. Since then, he would use the foulest of attitude to interact with Noah.

With his character, he would never admit he is afraid of this little brother of him wont get his jimmies rustled easily. Each and every time he confronts Noah, its to penetrate that calmness of his which Laxus fears.

If Laxus were here he would know that therere only 3 reasons why Noah would affect Noahs psyche.

1: Stuff about Makarov who basically raised Noah.

2: Hurting people close to Noah.

3. Shit talk about Fairy Tail.

In a way, Mira stepped on a landmine with this one.

Mira (Tl: author used the shortened version of name so imma keep it like this) seems to have detected the flash outburst of magic power from him. Her heart jumped and her body stiffened up.

Even if only fleeting, Mira could feel danger within that flash of magic power outburst.


Lisanna seems to have not felt anything. Seeing as Noahs eyes grew cold, she grabbed Miras hand and bowed her head down towards Noah.

“Im sorry! Im deeply sorry!”

“Please dont get angry.”

Elfman said while looking very unsteady.

“We really dont mean any harm.”

Picking a fight is not doing harm

If it were anyone else, the person might have just lost it and fought with the three.

Luckily, Noah isnt that impatient. He breathed in deeply and calmed down his anger as he faced the 3 person group in front of him.

“I think I more or less understand your intentions of coming to see me. Its to receive the villages request, would that be correct”

Mira hmped and turned her head away, looks like she wont be doing anymore explanations. Elfman on the other hand, kept nodding his head. Lisanna meanwhile, is upset at what her sister did. All three showed very different expression, he cant help feeling a bit helpless.

“I just want to ask.”

Noah kept his sights trained on the 3 persons group.

“Are you people sent by Phantom Lord”

“Phantom Lord”

Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna stopped and ,seemed perplexed.

Seeing their reaction, Noah could guess that these siblings arent associated with Phantom Lord. Definitely not with the same group that came to meddle with Fairy Tail.

“Why then, are you trying to steal my job”

Noah questioned.

“I have never wronged you people before right”

When Noah said this, Elfman and Lisanna both lowered their head in guilt. Only Mira continued using that blunt tone of hers.

“You dont need to know why, youre a Fairy Tail magician arent you Just go back to your guild and exchange your job for something else. Leave this job to us!”

Noah raised an eyebrow and promptly ignored Mira before turning over to Lisanna.

He figured it out. Of the three siblings group, Mira is the standard delinquent girl, talking with her wont yield much. Elfman is a pushover, he would stutter if questioned. It looks like the youngest sibling, this Lisanna girl would be easier to negotiate with, not much problem with her.

“Im truly sorry.”

Lisanna kept apologizing and even her cute face had sorry written all over it.

“But we really do need this job, if its possible, I hope you can please give this job to us.”

“Lisanna, why are you talking to him”

Mira leered at Noah.

“Little boy, Ive said it, your jobs belong to us, if you dont want to get beat up by me and sent running home I suggest learning your place and giving up right here!”


Lisannas voice was filled with exasperation and helplessness. Evidently, shes at wits end with her sisters bad attitude.

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Noah sighed and grabbed the rod shaped cloth sack leaning against the table before standing up.

“Although I dont know why you said you needed this job really bad but If I had to take a guess, You girls went over to the village chiefs house, was told by the chief that I had already received the job and therefore came to find me in the hopes that I would give up correct”

Done with that, Noah lifted a corner of his lips into what seemed like a smirk that only a cheeky prankster would have before continuing.

“If thats so then why dont you come and try to steal my job away!”

Without waiting for Miras group to say anything, Noah ran outside.


Elfman and Lisanna are surprised while Mira is so surprised she cried out. They grabbed each others hands and rushed out as well.


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