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Originally, Chu Feng had planned to let Yu and the others take the assessment first.

Werent important figures usually the last to appear

However, these silver-armored sergeants major were too attentive and sent Chu Feng to the martial arts stage.

Even the mecha giants in the first level had been prepared.

Chu Feng could only be forced to take the assessment first.

Fortunately, he had seen many assessments before.

He had a good understanding of the strength and means of these mecha giants.

There was not much difference when the assessment was held.

However, Chu Feng was skeptical about whether he could pass the fourth stage.

There was not another chance.

Unless Chu Feng did not hesitate to spend hundreds of little golden beans to undergo a thousandfold burst of power and obtain power comparable to that of a quasi-divine-grade, coupled with his saber technique, he might not have a chance to clear it.

But the problem was… it was really too wasteful!

A hundred golden beans was not a small number.

Who knew how many Spiritual Abodes he would have devour

If it werent for the fact that Chu Feng had been lucky enough to obtain the gift from the Divine Blacksmith, he would not have accumulated more than 500 beads.

These were all life-saving methods.

How could they be wasted in an assessment

Furthermore, Chu Feng was unwilling to unleash his strength in front of so many people.

Wouldnt that reveal his trump card to everyone

Chu Feng believed that even Dongfang Hu, who had just failed, had definitely not taken out his true trump card.

No one would be stupid enough to use such a life-saving method in front of everyone.

A exposed trump card was not a trump card anymore!

Thus, Chu Feng was actually feeling conflicted.

But at this moment, the mecha giants on the other side had already charged forward.

To Chu Feng, the strength of an ordinary mecha giant was naturally nothing.

With just a burst of ten times, a saber beam slashed across and cut the mecha giant in two.

Chu Fengs blade was much heavier than Dongfang Hus sword.

Just the weight advantage was enough to crush ordinary mecha giants.

Chu Feng easily passed the first stage.

Yu, Dongfang Hu, and the others felt that it was only natural and were not surprised.

However, in reality, the vast majority of people did not know of Chu Feng!

To be able to easily defeat a Seventh-Turn Heaven Martial Realm expert at such a young age, such talent was really too terrifying!

Then, they took a closer look.

Damn it!

How was this possible This guy was only a Spirit Realm warrior!


In an instant, a tsunami of exclamations sounded in the martial arts arena.

It was unheard of!

He had never even heard of anyone who could kill a Spiritual Abode in the Spirit Realm!

Those Master God experts were far inferior when they were young!

Even those legendary figures, such as the Master of the Blood Sea Space and the Heaven Ascension Demon Master… could not do it!

Hmm… This guy must have hidden his strength!

Soon, everyone had the same thought! Otherwise, there was no way to explain!

However, just hiding his strength from everyone present was shocking.

He thought about the silver-armored sergeant who had been respectful to this guy just now…

Immediately, Chu Feng was only left with the word mysterious in the crowds impression!

Of course, Chu Feng himself had no idea that these guys were thinking so much.

The second stage of the assessment had arrived.

There was no time to care.

After the three mecha giants combined, they were comparable to an Eighth-Turn Spiritual Abode.

However, in front of Chu Feng, who had erupted a hundredfold, it was still not enough.

The blade slashed across and the mecha was easily defeated!

He obtained the position of second-rank sergeant.

Chu Feng felt that he was very ordinary.

However, the surrounding crowd erupted again.

Good lord, it was still so easy

Why was there no news of such a monstrous fellow before

With Chu Fengs performance, he was even qualified to be ranked in the top thirty of the Genius List.

However, most of the people present had never seen Chu Feng before!

At this moment, the third stage arrived.

The five mecha giants fused together with an oppressive aura.

The five-hundred-meter-tall giant looked down from above.

Its thick mechanical arm was daunting.

Facing such a behemoth, Chu Fengs face became more solemn.

With just a hundred times the explosive power, it would not be easy for him to defeat the mecha giant in front of him.

He could only wait for an opportunity.

Chu Feng no longer charged forward.

Instead, he fully displayed his advantage in realm.

His saber techniques were ever-changing.

With the fusion of man and saber, there was no fixed pattern to the saber technique.

Every slash of Chu Fengs was compatible with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

The saber beam was unrestrained and actually wrapped tightly around the mecha giant like a thread.

Even though the big guy in front of him had the power to shatter the Ninth-Turn Heaven Martial Realm with a single punch, he could not use his strength against Chu Fengs soft saber beam.

Feeling extremely aggrieved, he let out mechanical wails angrily, but there was nothing he could do.

Chu Feng had already unleashed his softness to the extreme!

This scene was extremely skillful.

Everyone was amazed again.

“How terrifying! Even his realm is so high! Where did this monster come from!”

Even Yao Linger, who was not far away, was surprised.

Her small mouth opened slightly as she muttered, “This realm feels no less than ours…”

Thinking of this, Yao Linger was even more shocked!

One had to know that she was a top ten existence on the Genius List!

In the world, there were only a few geniuses who could compare to her in terms of realm.

Before today, Chu Feng was clearly not included…

In the middle of the crowd, Huangpu Ming frowned.

He had already seen through Chu Fengs identity as a pure-blooded human.

However, what puzzled him was that he had never heard anything about Chu Feng.

It was impossible for such a genius to remain unknown! The next moment, Huangpu Ming seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

Killing intent flashed across his eyes.

“Could it be… those humans If thats the case, thats impressive…”

Chu Feng had no idea what the crowds reaction was.

He only knew that with his tireless effort, he had finally subdued the big guy in front of him.

He looked at the mecha giant wrapped in saber light.

Chu Feng was extremely happy.

This battle had truly proven that even if he, Chu Feng, only erupted a hundred times, he already had the strength of a top-notch Ninth-Turn Heaven Martial Realm expert!

At that moment, the voice of the main control system sounded again.

“Candidate Chu Feng has passed the third stage of the enlistment.”

Chu Feng knew that this was a normal process.

Dongfang Hu had already demonstrated it to him once.

Just as Chu Feng was waiting for the main control system to continue speaking and ask him if he wanted to continue the assessment, the strange thing was…

The voice of the main control system seemed to have been cut off.

He did not say anything for a long time.

Chu Feng was puzzled.

“Whats going on Is the main control system stuck”

The others were also puzzled.

They whispered to each other.

Clearly, this was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

And at that moment, the main control system finally spoke again.

However, the content was earth-shattering, causing everyone to be stunned.

“Due to the fact that Candidate Chu Feng has crossed several ranks to fight and is extremely talented, he has been specially given the position of sergeant major.

There is no need to undergo the fourth stage of the assessment (Please refer to the rules for new recruits for the benefits of sergeant major).”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone exploded!


“Whats going on!”

“This guy just passed the third stage, right Why was he directly awarded to a sergeant major! Did he pull the strings!”

“Oh my god! Cross-rank battle… and several ranks higher! Could this guy really be only in the Spirit Realm!”

“Damn, damn, damn! Are you serious!”

The crowd would rather believe that Chu Feng had a connection to the City of the Great Emperor than believe that he was really just a Spirit Realm warrior!

This was completely different!

Oh my god, what was wrong with this world!


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