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This old fellow was really… awesome!!

Chu Feng was overjoyed!

It was so unexpected!

Ye Tiannans actions not only shocked Mo Kun and the others, but even surprised Chu Feng!

He had never thought about it!

He had been prepared to risk his life.

Who would have thought that Ye Tiannan would really be willing to pay such a huge price just for a promise…

Chu Feng had to say that such a person… deserved to become a god!

If not for the fact that he was worried that Ye Tiannan would also attack him, Chu Feng even wanted to go up and kiss Ye Tiannan!

“Old Ye! Do your best! No matter how much you lose this time, I, Chu Feng, promise to make up for it!”

Chu Feng became ruthless.

Even if he had to sell everything, he could not disappoint them!

He must return the favor.

He had many valuable things on him.

At most, he would give Ye Tiannan some!

For example, the undead!

This thing was nothing to him, but it was quite precious to others.

Especially the Terror Knight!

This was a top-grade talent undead that could make a divine-grade expert fight!

If one didnt work, just two, three!

Anyway, he had plenty of them!

Coincidentally, Old Ye was about to break through to the divine rank.

With a couple of talented undead creatures to nourish his body, he could instantly stabilize his realm!

As for being exposed…

Chu Feng could tell that Ye Tiannan had an almost stubborn persistence in his martial arts.

People like him knew very well what they should and should not do.

Furthermore, Chu Feng would not expose too much.

The risk was manageable!

Anyway, he had to repay this favor!

Hearing Chu Fengs excited words, Ye Tiannan only smiled faintly.

He had never thought of obtaining anything in return.

He was just unwilling to go against his martial arts faith.

Furthermore, in Ye Tiannans opinion, Chu Feng could not afford to give him what he needed.

He would probably not need what Chu Feng could afford.

Now that he had the Heaven Opening Pill, ordinary treasures were nothing to him.

So what if he was given 100,000 drops of Star Domain Essence


On the other hand, this kid was getting more and more impudent.

Now, he was even calling him Old Ye.

Ye Tiannan was speechless.

The silver sword in his hand was not idle.

His figure was like an illusion as he walked in the air.

There was no powerful aura fluctuation around Ye Tiannan, but every move he made could easily cut through space.

One had to know that this was the battle-preparation world of Starlight!

A continent refined from treasures!

The space was extremely stable!

Being able to create a spatial rift meant that Ye Tiannans attack had completely reached the level of a god!

He casually stabbed out.

The world wailed.

On the other side, Mo Kuns expression turned extremely ugly.

His strength was inferior to the other party to begin with.

At the same time, after Ye Tiannan burned his Spiritual Abode, this gap was widening!

A sense of pessimism filled his heart.

He could only grit his teeth.

To Mo Kun, he had no choice but to risk his life!

There might be a chance of survival!

He roared at the sky and faced Ye Tiannans sword.



Wind blew and yellow sand filled the sky!

The surging sound waves shook the world.

Even the aftershock of their battle was enough to easily destroy the Spiritual Abode!

At that moment…

Whether it was Chu Feng and the others, or Yin Pei and the others, they all stopped moving and defended frantically.

After a series of earth-shattering sounds, the dust settled.

Only then did everyone realize that no matter how crazy Mo Kun was, no matter how many methods he used, he was still firmly suppressed by Ye Tiannans sword.

On the other hand, Ye Tiannan had been so relaxed from the beginning.

With just a casual sword move, Mo Kun was exhausted.

The difference was too obvious.

It was impossible to fight back at all!

Perhaps this was the difference between gods and mortals…

Even if there was only a thin line, it was like a moat!

However, Mo Kun was a quasi-god after all and had even burned his Spiritual Abode.

He could still hold on for a while.

Everyone saw this scene.

Yin Pei was even more anxious.

If Ye Tiannan were to kill Mo Kun and free up his hands, all of them would die!

As for escaping

There was no escape!

With Ye Tiannans quasi-divine speed, where could they escape to

In the end, they would definitely catch up.

Therefore, there was only one way left.

That was to fight to the death!

Even if he died, he would drag someone down with him!

Especially Chu Feng!

The instigator of all this.

Yin Pei truly hated him to the bone.

They both wanted to kill each other quickly!

He roared at the sky.

“Everyone, follow me! Fight to the death! We must kill Chu Feng today!”

But at this moment, Ao Guang, Yin Peis most loyal lackey, turned around and fled without hesitation!

As the Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode, he still had a chance of escaping!

Only a fool would continue to fight you to the death!

Yin Pei was furious as he roared!

“Ao Guang, you bastard! Dont run! If you dare to run, my father will definitely not let you off!”

Ao Guang ignored him.

Im going to die, why should I care about your threat!

As for whether he would be pursued by that lord in the future… that was a matter for the future!

In any case, if he did not escape now, he would definitely die!

Ao Guang was clear about this.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng could not help but sneer.

“Tsk tsk tsk, Brother Yin Pei, youre really unlucky… You took in a lackey who actually fled.

I feel bad for you!”

At this moment, Chu Feng was naturally mocking him.

After all, they were mortal enemies.

It was best if he was angered to death!

Yin Pei remained silent, but the anger in his eyes could not be extinguished even if water from five lakes and four seas were poured out!

Once Ao Guang escaped, they might not even be a match for Chu Feng and the others, let alone kill them!

Damn it!!

Yin Pei roared indignantly.

However, he could only watch as Ao Guang fled.

Chu Feng wanted to stop him.

After all, if this guy escaped, his spoils of war would undoubtedly be greatly reduced!

The Spiritual Abode of the Ninth-Turn Heaven Martial Realm would definitely be able to condense many little golden beans!

However, in the end, Chu Feng gave up after some thought.

Why bother

If he really forced Ao Guang into a corner and this guy really burned his Spiritual Abode to kill him, he might really be unlucky.

Forget it.

His life was more important.

He could only sigh indignantly like Yin Pei!

But at this moment, not far away, Ye Tiannan shook his head slightly and the silver sword in his hand suddenly shot out.

It was like a long silver dragon crossing the world!

The long dragon tore through the sky!

As it sped along, space kept shattering!

A dazzling light suddenly erupted from the sword.

Its target was the fleeing Ao Guang!

Its speed was indescribable!


Ten thousand miles away, Ao Guang was still rejoicing at his decisiveness when he suddenly felt a chill on his neck.

It was numb.

“What happened Is it the wind”

Ao Guang was still puzzled.

To his surprise, his head and body began to slowly separate.

“I think… I think my head has been cut off Am I going to die Hmm… What a strange feeling…”


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