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Yin Peis expression was crazy.

He was betting everything on this!

He had sacrificed too much for this assassination!

Once he failed, he would not even be able to gather the resources to break through to the Spiritual Abode!

He recalled how he had vowed in front of his father that he would definitely find the Heaven Opening Pill for him and help him become a high-grade Spiritual Abode…

If he admitted defeat and fled now, then everything would be for naught.

This blow was too heavy for Yin Pei!

He could not afford it!

Therefore, Yin Pei chose to take a gamble!

He was betting that Chu Feng would not be able to unleash his strength again!

He was betting that Mo Kun and the other guy could stop Ye Tiannan!

He was betting that if the six Spiritual Abodes joined forces, they would be able to kill Chu Feng and Yu in the shortest time possible!

It was a desperate battle.

But at this moment, Yin Pei had no choice!

He suddenly roared at Mo Kun.

“Uncle Mo! Ao Guang! Lets give it a shot! If we win, my father will break through to the Divine Lord Realm! You guys will also become gods!”

“The two of you! Dont hesitate!!!”

Yin Pei was hysterical.

He really wanted to win!

Mo Kun could not help but look at Ao Guang with a complicated expression.

If he risked his life, he would definitely burn his Spiritual Abode.

The price would be too great.

However, if he did not risk his life and Yin Pei was unwilling to leave, could he leave him here to die

Then his father would skin the two of them alive!

“Damn! Then lets go all out!”

Mo Kun said fiercely.

“Ao Guang, the two of us will burn the Spiritual Abode together later! However! I alone am enough to restrain Ye Tiannan and make him unable to care about anything else!”

“Three Eighth-Turns, three Seventh-Turns, and a total of six Spiritual Abodes.

Theyre indeed not weak, but Chu Feng cant be treated logically at all! Who knows what hell do again!”

“Therefore, you will burn your Spiritual Abode to help Young Master Yin Pei!”

“In that case, even if Chu Feng has three heads and six arms, its useless!”

“A Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode burns his Spiritual Abode the moment he arrives.

Hes completely comparable to a quasi-god! Even if Chu Feng can continue to erupt, its useless!”

“I dont believe that Chu Feng can still unleash the combat power of a quasi-god! This is impossible!”

Since he had decided to go all out, Mo Kun did not mind adding more.

From the scene just now, his burning of the Spiritual Abode was completely comparable to Ye Tiannan!

He was not even at a disadvantage!

As long as Ye Tiannan was not crazy enough to burn his Spiritual Abode, it would definitely be enough to distract him!

In Mo Kuns opinion, Ye Tiannan would definitely not burn his Spiritual Abode for Chu Feng and the others.

That would undoubtedly ruin his future!

His path to becoming a god might even be delayed.

After all, in everyones opinion, Ye Tiannans relationship with Chu Feng and the others might be that they had reached an agreement at the treasure appraisal meeting.

He had already done his best to help Chu Feng and the others fight to this point.

Even Chu Feng could not say anything!

In that case, at most, he would burn for a while longer and release Ao Guang, this top-notch combat power, to settle the situation in one go!

Ao Guang was also shocked by Mo Kuns decisiveness.

However, thinking of the current situation, he gritted his teeth and nodded abruptly.

“Alright! Then its as Brother Mo Kun said! This time, our Demondawn Palace will definitely win!”

“We will win!”

Mo Kun also took a deep breath.

His eyes suddenly became extremely solemn.

His aura erupted again!

He actually began to burn his Spiritual Abode again!

It had to be known that once half of the Spiritual Abode was burned, it was almost impossible to recover!

However, Mo Kun did not know how long he would have to fight this battle.

Therefore, making this decision was a huge gamble for him!



Mo Kun charged straight for Ye Tiannan.

Behind him, a sonic boom rumbled, and his aura enveloped the world, as if even the world was about to explode.

Ye Tiannans expression suddenly became extremely solemn.

Even he would not underestimate an expert of the same rank who had chosen such an extreme method to risk his life.

He instantly unleashed his full strength and fought it!

The consecutive collisions shook the world.

Within ten thousand miles, clouds rippled and the sky wailed!

At the same time, Ao Guang also erupted.

According to the plan, he charged straight for Chu Feng and the others.

Just now, seeing that his plan had failed and he had failed to kill Ao Guang, Chu Feng had joined up with Yu to prevent Yin Pei and the others from

But at this moment, they were all within Ao Guangs attack range.

Yin Pei saw this scene and could not suppress his excitement.

Instantly, he laughed wildly.

“Hahaha! Uncle Mo! Ao Guang! Good job!! The two of you really gave me a huge surprise!”

“The two of you will take the lead in this battle! The others, follow me! After this is done, my father will definitely not mistreat you!”

At this moment, Yin Pei stood proudly in the world and laughed wildly, as if victory was within his grasp.

“Hahaha! Chu Feng! In the end, I will win this battle! No matter how good you are at scheming, were just too strong.

How can you fight me!”

Yin Pei was right.

As the two top-notch experts burned their Spiritual Abodes, the situation was immediately reversed!

On Chu Fengs side, no one had the Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode.

Naturally, they could not burn the Spiritual Abode.

“What should I do”

Beside him, Yu pursed his lips and sought Chu Fengs opinion.

Unknowingly, even the arrogant Yu had treated Chu Feng as the soul of his team.

Chu Feng did not reply, but he turned his gaze to Ye Tiannan.

At this moment, Ye Tiannan was actually completely blocked by Mo Kun alone.

They were actually evenly matched!

Clearly, he could not be counted on.

A helpless smile.

“I can still erupt with the power of the Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode again, but this time, not only do the enemy have the combat power of six Spiritual Abodes, but they also have the Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode.

Even if I erupt, it might be useless.”

It was not that Chu Feng did not have confidence.

The difference in strength was really too great.

It would be fine if the other party did not go all out, but once they did, the advantage he had painstakingly accumulated in the early stages would instantly be wiped out.

In fact, the crisis had returned to his side.

The only way now was to stall!

Until the other partys Spiritual Abode burned out and they could not hold on anymore!

But this process was definitely extremely dangerous!

If he was not careful, he would be easily killed by Ao Guang.

Even if Chu Feng erupted, he would at most be able to fight Ao Guang for a while.

The final outcome would not change.

It was dangerous!

What should he do

Chu Feng frowned and pondered hard.

Beside him, Yu pursed his lips.

“At most, Ill also burn my Spiritual Abode.

Im an ancient peerless genius! In the same rank, that Ao Guang is trash compared to me!”

“Now, even if Im one rank lower than him, once I burn my Spiritual Abode, I wont be inferior to him.

Its more than enough to stop him.

I can even kill a few Eighth-Turns!”

“At that time, we will have hope of winning again.”

Hearing Yus indifferent voice, Chu Feng glanced at Yu coldly and said in a low voice, “Do you want to die Once a Spiritual Abode below the Ninth-Turn is burned, it will be irreversible!”

Yu shrugged.

“What can I do You guys dont even have the right to burn the Spiritual Abode.

I can only reluctantly sacrifice myself.”

“In that case, at least you guys can still live.”

“Hehe, dont worry, theres no need to be so touched.

In our ancient human race, such things are very common.

Its normal for the strong to risk their lives to protect the weak.”

“If we cant even protect our descendants, whats the point of this tribe existing”

“Right, Brother Chu My great-great-great-great… grandson Perhaps, haha!”


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