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Chapter 139 – Ohoh!


Capital Rivas has a Japanese style to it, and beautiful cherry blossom trees stand right next to the main road.

They’re lined up right after the entrance gate and are in full bloom, making for quite the wonderful sight.

Those trees seem to be in full bloom ever since the game was released, and they’re a bit different than normal cherry blossom trees.

Namely, they cannot be cut down, their branches cannot be broken, and their scattered petals are not treated as items.

That said, the guards will chase you if you try cutting down the tree, even if it cannot be cut down in the first place.

So, at most, one can only collect the scattered petals, but as they aren’t items, they probably can’t be used as materials, which is a pity.

Other than the cherry blossom trees and the Japanese aesthetic though, the Tabarist Empire isn’t really any different from the other countries.

However, I noticed something unusual once I stopped looking at the trees and started staring at the people, “Huh Aren’t there a lot of people equipped with Magical Gloves” I muttered.

“Eh… There surely are a lot…” Lulu added.

“Oh my, ain’t that quite unusual for you, Bucket You didn’t look at the forums” Lolita asked me.

“Since we came here for sightseeing, I didn’t really do any research in advance in order to let the country surprise me.

That’s why I was surprised by the Japanese aesthetic and the cherry blossom trees.” I replied.

“I see.” Lolita said.

As a crafter who mainly makes equipment, I tend to naturally pay attention to the gear that people are wearing while I walk around the city… Is this some sort of occupational disease, perhaps

Even during sightseeing, I keep on doing that, and it was certainly quite surprising to see this many Magical Gloves.

In the Ljungsmelis Republic there were really few people using those, and even in the Zabrina Kingdom, where the popularity of the Magical Gloves was increased by Hime, it’s still not something you see that often.

But over here, in Capital Rivas of the Tabarist Empire, about one in every five people is using Magical Gloves.

If the user is as dexterous as Hime, then the Magical Gloves are indeed a fantastical weapon, but she is really far from the norm.

People on the beta had mostly said that it was too hard to use this weapon properly and most had given up on it.

The official release of the game didn’t make it any better, or rather, after a while, their effectiveness on woodcutting was decreased even.

It’s pretty hard to imagine such a hard-to-use gear piece being this popular.

I also doubt that there are a lot of people who are as good as Hime in this country, so there must be some other reason for this…

“Ohoh! Since you don’t know, then I’ll kindly teach you about it, Bucket!” Lolita told me.

“Ah, no need, I can just look at the forums.” I replied.

“A-ah! Wait, hold on! I’ll teach you! I’ll explain it to you properly!” Lolita hurriedly exclaimed.

Perhaps she wanted to show superiority in some way due to her crushing defeat at Monopoly, but Lolita ended up explaining the gist of it properly to us.

Apparently, in the Tabarist Empire, an item called Magic Stone Ball has been discovered, and it’s an auxiliary item that helps the Magical Gloves.

It seems to be limited to only helping the manipulation of dolls, but it allows one to use the Magical Gloves more easily if you connect the threads to the Magic Stone Ball.

Without it, you’re required to manipulate the doll directly by putting the threads on different limbs of your doll.

Hime is very dexterous, so she can handle the dolls just fine and make their movements be very dynamic, but most people can’t do that.

I personally tested moving my dolls around quite a bit once I finished creating them, but I could only make very clunky movements.

This is very troublesome if one wants to use the doll in battle, as the doll’s movements would be quite sluggish, and even simple things like biting or slashing with the equipped weapons would be very rough, never mind doing actual dynamic animalistic movements.

Nonetheless, dolls still sell decently enough at stores, so I think quite a few people are using them even with those limitations.

But things are not like that in Capital Rivas.

After Lolita finished explaining how the Magic Stone Ball worked to me, she showed me a video, in the forums, of someone using it.

Their doll’s movement was not as natural as Hime’s, but it was still a lot smoother than what I usually saw in the Zabrina Kingdom.

If doll handling is this much easier over here, then it’s no surprise that the Magical Gloves became quite popular.

Also, it seems like people here know of a lot of doll recipes that I haven’t heard about, and plenty of Original dolls seem to be on the market too.

Some are very cute, while others are quite cool.

I can see that the crafters here are quite enthusiastic about doll-making.

On another note, part of the reason that Magical Gloves are this popular over here, seems to be because of the spread of the information that recipes can be found on the library.

I kept it a secret for quite some time while I was in the Zabrina Kingdom, but in Capital Rivas the information was spread early on through the forums, so many crafters started getting recipes from the library.

Then, with this information at their hands, various tests were conducted, such as which recipes can be obtained by which books and what are the skill requirements to obtain each specific recipe.

There are definitely a lot of books on the library, so I suppose it’s much more efficient to obtain information with ‘human-wave-tactics’, than by monopolizing the information and slowly checking things by yourself.

Due to that, information spread much more easily here, so things like the Magic Stone Ball and the doll recipes were found fairly early on.

Well, this happened due to a fundamental difference in how we evaluated the merits of keeping information to ourselves, so I guess it can’t be helped that we got different results.

In any case, Magical Gloves, or rather, doll manipulation via Magic Stone Ball, seems to be quite popular over here.

However, there doesn’t seem to be anyone wielding a Magic Doll in the Tabarist Empire, differently from how Hime uses it back in the Zabrina Kingdom.

That said, people from the Zabrina Kingdom seem to have already talked about Hime’s Magic Doll on the forums of the Tabarist Empire, so the information about it is spreading quickly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people in Capital Rivas already know the recipe for the Magic Doll, but I guess they haven’t been able to make it yet.

And well, it makes sense, since even I struggled a lot to make it even after borrowing the help of Mii and Muu.

Moreover, it’s extremely hard to do the Magical Remodeling properly, and it can also make the doll too unwieldy if you’re not careful.

Nonetheless, the topic of the Magic Doll seems to have become quite popular in the Tabarist Empire forums, so I guess there might be a big demand for it over here.

… I hope this doesn’t cause me any trouble.


“By the way, did you two take the Master-Disciple quest” Lolita asked us.

“I… Don’t want to take it.” Lulu replied.

“Don’t wanna take it either.” I agreed.

“Figured as much.

Mii and Muu said they wanted to take it and become masters, but Mukaida said he’d pass on it because it was too troublesome.” Lolita commented.

“I feel like opening up to disciples will just attract a bunch of people that just want to use my facilities and tools.” I told her.

“… Working together with strangers is impossible to me.” Lulu said.

Lolita just giggled at that.

The Master-Disciple quest is a new system added with the major update.

Frontiers is still getting new players regularly, but there is a huge gap between new players and the people who have been playing since release.

This Master-Disciple system was added in order to help both old and new players, while also creating an environment where they can easily interact at.

In order to become a Master, you first need to clear the Master-Disciple quest, but there are no such requirements to becoming a disciple.

All you need to do is ask a Master to take you in as a Disciple.

If they accept you, then the connection is established.

Then, the Master and Disciple can put some skills in the Master-Disciple Frame.

And if both Master and Disciple are within a certain range of one another, those skills will level faster than normal.

The bonus is bigger for the Disciples, but the Master’s bonus is definitely worthwhile too.

And as you two need to be at a certain range of one another to get the faster leveling bonus, both Master and Disciple would naturally end up working together, leading to them naturally interacting with each other, and the Disciple would be able to learn many things from the Master.

That’s basically the gist of what was told in the official announcement.

Many people had wanted to become our disciples before, but as they were just aiming for our facilities, tools and materials, we always refused them.

But well, this was before there was any benefit for us in taking disciples on.

This system changes things.

That said, we still are top-tier craft-focused player Pioneers, so recruiting disciples would surely create quite the ruckus, and I just can’t really be bothered to deal with that.

And unfortunately, the Master-Disciple system is a player-only system.

NPCs cannot apply to become disciples, nor can they become masters.

In any case, even if one does clear the Master-Disciple quest, you can still reject people’s disciple applications if you don’t like them.

But well, as I’m not even planning on taking the quest, this doesn’t matter much to me.

“I have a hard time imagining Mii and Muu as teachers…” I commented.

“Haven’t you taken good care of those kids though” Lolita asked.

“No… Not really…” I replied.

“… I can understand.” Lulu seemed to be pitying me.

“Ah, I get what you mean.” Lolita too.

I did work quite a bit with Mii and Muu when making the Magic Dolls and remodeling them, but listening to their machine-gun talk really makes my head hurt.

I hope they calm down a bit, but it’s hard to expect that when they’re still in elementary school…

I also don’t think they want to become masters just to help some disciples out… They probably just want to be bossy around someone, don’t they

“What about you, Lolita Are you going to take in a disciple” I decided to ask her.

“I’m planning to take one, actually.

“Like, I want to be able to increase the members of Works soon.” She replied.

“I see… The number of members hasn’t really increased because almost nobody is able to pass your inspection, but I guess it makes sense that you do want to get more people on the Clan eventually.” I commented.

“Exactly! I can’t help it if their personality is terrible, but if the problem is with their skill level being too low, then I think I might be able to take the player as a Disciple and train them until they’re up to par.” Lolita explained.

“Your Skill Level will also go up if you do it like that, so there is plenty of merit for you too.” I said.

Works is a Clan only for top-tier craft-focused Pioneers, and we mostly work independently even while being on the same Clan.

We sometimes may exchange products or information, but that’s about it.

A low skill level makes it impossible to join, as it would be too hard for them to properly exchange goods or information fairly with the rest.

Therefore, those people have all been rejected by Lolita so far, and the few that did have the necessary Skill Levels tended to be rejected due to their personality.

At the end of the day, Works only has top-tier crafters, so she has to turn down any parasitic players who want to join just for the sake of getting products, information, facilities and tools.

It can’t be helped that Lolita is quite strict with who can join the Clan.

The lack of growth is definitely something that nobody would ever fault her for.

Or rather, I think she’s doing an excellent job so far, even if it means we only got a single new member since the Clan was founded.

But well, I don’t really care about the number of members increasing.

I’m happy for as long as we stay away from troublesome people.


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