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“Please have a cup of tea.”

The servant put down the tea and quickly left the living room, hiding far away.

This little Young master of the Chi family is unknown.

The only thing he is known about is that he was left alone on a private island for three days and almost had an accident.

The General offered to marry him, which must be extremely important.

If Chi’s family members come to the door, isn’t that mean asking for trouble

If General hadn’t proposed marriage, he might have stayed in Chi’s house until he died of old age, unfavored, transparent, and worthless.

Chi Ning placed his hands on his knees, turned his face sideways, and looked nervously at Chu Shaochen.

He must observe carefully, so as not to miss it.

Is the top Alpha’s recovery so amazing Even with the piercing injury, he can leave his sickbed in one night.

More outrageous than a medical miracle.

He caught a glimpse of the tea on the table and saw a hand that was about to touch the cup.

He was the first to pick up the cup, thanks to his quick eyes and quick hands.

Faced with Chi Mingfang’s dissatisfied stare, he smiled shyly and handed the cup to Chu Shaochen.

“Do you want some tea You must be thirsty since you just awoke.”

Chu Shaochen glanced at Chi Mingfang and was about to raise his hand to pick up the cup when his arm was held down.

Looking at Chi Ning, he has a slim figure and delicate facial features, and his eyes have a youthful appearance appropriate for his age.

He was just coming of age, and his whole body revealed the innocence of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy.

Chi Ning kept smiling, lowered his head, and blew gently, “It’s a bit hot, let me blow it for you a little.”

After saying a little, he really only blew it twice, “Come on, let me feed you.”

Chu Shaochen suppressed the smile on the corner of his mouth, nodded, and let Chi Ning bring the cup to his lips.

When his lips touched, his eyebrows twitched.

This tea is not only a little hot, but it’s very hot.

It was just a little bit cooler than boiling water.

Chi Ning’s fingertips were reddened by the heat and asked with great restraint, “Is it delicious”

Chu Shaochen pursed his lips and licked his palate, “Well, not bad.”

Ye Ru and Chi Mingfang, who were sitting across from them, were taken aback by the sight.

It must be fake!

What charm does a low-level Omega have that makes Chu Shaochen’s marriage worthwhile even if it requires him to cheat

With a 90% matching rate, there was not even one out of 100,000 pairs, indicating that the likelihood is extremely low.

Chi Ning nodded in satisfaction, gently put the hot cup on the coffee table, and quickly caressed his earlobe with the motion of brushing his hair, “That’s good.”

Turning to face Ye Ru and Chi Mingfang, he finally stopped treating them as transparent people and puzzledly asked, “Mom, why are you and second brother here”

The two people appeared together and were forced to deal with the problem head on.

Ye Ru regained consciousness after the shock, retaining the persona of a wealthy wife; even her worried expression was elegant.

“Earlier this morning, we heard about General’s injury.

We were worried that you would not be able to handle it, so we rushed to take a look.”

Chi Mingfang coughed and explained: “Father and elder brother were supposed to come here together, but a new batch of R&D products is being tested internally today, so they went over temporarily.”

“So that’s how it is.

I thought you guys had heard some gossip.” Chi Ning breathed a sigh of relief, “Mom, don’t read those tabloid newspapers.

Nine and a half out of ten statements are false.”

Chi Mingfang asked: “Then how about the other half of the statement”

Chi Ning: “…”

It turned out that the intuitive feeling of AA is different, is it so sour

Not only is it sour, but it’s also a little embarrassing.

“Second brother, the rest of that half-sentence is half-true.”

He was so kind that he even answered seriously.

Chi Mingfang’s face turned blue and white after he realized what had happened.

Ye Ru didn’t care about the brothers’ argument; his gaze was drawn to the side of Chi Ning’s neck, and she was concerned about his poor pheromone.

After the top Alpha has Omega, there will definitely be demand among AO couples.

If Chi Ning is unable to satisfy his Alpha, the marriage may end at any time; an Alpha cannot endure such a relationship.

And then obtaining rare materials through Chu Shaochen will become difficult for the Chi family.

“Ningning, Mom has something to say—”

“Mom, I can’t leave my Alpha right now.”

Chi Ning cut her off as soon as Ye Ru opened her mouth, “You know that once an Omega gets married, they will be loyal to their Alpha.”

“But you haven’t marked yet…” Ye Ru subconsciously said something, and after realizing it, she hurriedly made up for it, “I mean, Omega can’t be too clingy to their Alpha.”

Chi Ning was slightly startled, thinking of Chu Shaochen’s attitude towards him.

Looking up, he found that Chu Shaochen’s face was slightly pale.

It’s true, he couldn’t even be separated for a second when he was injured.

Top Alphas are indeed very possessive of their partners.

He didn’t really like to be clingy, but the Alpha himself is very clingy!

One second he was bedridden and asked to be served, and the next second he was drinking tea and watching a play freely.

Never mind, he could say it differently.

Chu Shaochen pursed his lips, his face was expressionless, but he actually suppressed the upturned corners of his mouth with all his attention on Chi Ning.

“Mom, you misunderstood.

He is now an injured person.

As an Omega, I should take care of him every step of the way.

This is also thanks to the teachings of you and third sister.”

Sitting up straight, Chi Ning looked obedient, “I’ve been studying that Omega guidebook.”

He read it, but not much.

It’s most likely on the stage of the Table of Contents.

Chi Mingfang’s mind is obviously not in a good place, “What can you take care of You don’t even have pheromones.

Alpha needs Omega’s pheromones to calm down when he’s injured.


The words were only half spoken when the back of his neck twitched suddenly.

Powerful pheromones rose silently from all around, and the smell of blue ice cypress became stronger and stronger, creating a suffocating oppression that made Chi Mingfang feel like someone was strangling his neck.

Ye Ru is a permanently marked Omega, so she will not be affected by the pheromones of the other Alphas.

But there are always exceptions, and the top Alpha is one of them.

Chi Ning had a vague sense that something was wrong, but because he couldn’t release pheromones, he wasn’t affected by any pheromones.

He slightly sighed, “Second Brother, I don’t have pheromones, but—”

“I’m the Omega he identified with.”

“I…” Chi Mingfang’s forehead was sweating from the pain, and he couldn’t speak well.

Chu Shaochen glanced at the two and slowly put away his pheromones, “He is my Omega, and I hope you will keep that in mind.”

What is he trying to say in front of him

This brat was probably still learning how to control pheromones when he was straddling the slums and the black market.

His Omega can certainly be fierce.

Chu Shaochen’s eyebrows lowered and his cold features became more unapproachable.

Chi Ning looked at Chu Shaochen in surprise, and for a moment felt the courage of the so-called top Alpha.

It is indeed the existence that makes all Alpha, Beta, and Omega can’t help but surrender.

Chi Mingfang couldn’t help but want to run, he was just an A-level Alpha, not worth mentioning in front of the SSS-level Alpha.

“Ning Ning…” Ye Ru panicked and looked at Chi Ning, hoping that he could persuade Chu Shaochen.

It seems that Chu Shaochen takes Chi Ning very seriously

He didn’t even hesitate to release pheromones to suppress them even though he was injured.

It seems that the reason Chu Shaochen chose Chi Ning must be investigated again.

Chi Ning received Ye Ru’s signal and winked at her.

Ye Ru immediately exhaled a sigh of relief; after all, Chi Ning was still a child of Chi’s family, and he had to be on their side.

Chi Ning placed his hand on the back of Chu Shaochen’s hand, smiled, and shook his head.

Just a small problem, he can handle it.

Glancing at Chi Mingfang, Chi Ning snorted very lightly.

Wow, what a mess.

His older brother looked even more worst than when he was left on the small island to fend for himself for three days.

No, no, no, how could he feel good about it, this is his older brother.

“Second brother, you are so forgetful.”


Chi Ning explained very seriously, “It was said in the physiology class of the first grade of middle school that the top Alpha’s dependence on Omega is not entirely due to the influence of pheromones.”

He paused for a few seconds, “Their determination of Omega is more psychological, and the induction of pheromone alone is not enough.”

Chi Mingfang’s ears were buzzing, his mind was dizzy, and he couldn’t understand anything.

Ordinary Alpha in front of Top Alpha, the other side only needed a tiny bit of pheromones to completely suppress them.

There is no way to fight back.

They can only wait to be beaten.

Chi Ning paused for a moment before saying, “Oh, I forgot, Chi’s family doesn’t have a record of the birth of a top-level Alpha.”

“Then it’s normal that you don’t know the characteristics of the top Alpha.”

Earlier he mentioned the first-grade class of middle school, and later he said that there was no top-level Alpha born in the Chi family.

Chi Mingfang felt that Chi Ning was calling him stupid, but he had no proof.


“What’s wrong Second brother.”

Chi Mingfang felt the pressure around him disappear and he breathed a sigh of relief.

He glanced at the harmless Chi Ning and knew it wasn’t an illusion right now.

Just as he was about to speak, he saw Chi Ning smiling at him.

“Don’t worry,” he said quietly as his finger quietly pointed to Chu Shaochen

Chi Mingfang furrowed his brows and thought that there was no way a useless low-level Omega could betray the Chi family.

He was thinking too much.

Chi Mingfang shook his head, “It’s nothing.”

“Take good care of General.”

Chi Ning smiled: “Yes, please don’t worry, second brother.”

Ye Ru and Chi Mingfang saw that Chu Shaochen was not seriously injured, as had been rumored outside, and decided to leave after sitting for a while.

Chi Ning, who saw off the guests politely, followed Ye Ru and Chi Mingfang out.

Chu Shaochen leaned back on the sofa, closed his eyes, and frowned slightly as they walked away.

Cumulus One is a bait, and the purpose is not Cumulus One, but him.

Someone in the Federation wanted to get rid of him.

In the garden, Ye Ru slowed down and looked at Chi Ning.

“Ning Ning, you must understand that you are an Omega without pheromones, and you are born with deficiencies, so you must be more patient with General, and you cannot be willful, you understand”

Chi Ning nodded, “Yes, Mom.”

Ye Ru glanced at the gate, then looked back at Chi Ning, “What is the best way for an Omega to tie up an Alpha, I don’t need to teach you, right”

What way

If it’s bonding, it won’t work, and he has no way of marking him.

He humbly asked for advice, “But Mom, I can’t be marked.”

Chi Mingfang, who was carefully rubbing his glands next to him, became angry when he heard this sentence, “Isn’t it taught in middle school textbooks The loyalty of top Alphas to Omega is not all guided by pheromones.”

Chi Ning was stunned, tears welling up in his eyes, he lowered his head and asked in a low voice, “Please tell me, second brother, what should I do”

No, no, no!

The Chi family really thought that Chu Shaochen loved him to the point of death, and would be willing to be wronged.

“Forget it, you little trash; you can’t do anything anyway.

You used to only eat and drink for nothing at home, but you eventually became useful, and you’re still not reliable,” Chi Mingfang said impatiently.

His lips parted slightly, and he sighed imperceptibly.

It turns out that working to earn living expenses is also called freeloading.

Chi Ning thought for a while, then raised his head to look at them, “Second Brother, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t think that you are the same as the General, and nothing can trouble you, after all, he is the General of the Federation, the light of the Imperial Star.”

Chi Mingfang’s face twisted in anger.

Ye Ru only cares about how to help Chi Feng advance in his career and is unconcerned with trivial matters.

“Listen, Chu Shaochen is injured now, you have to take this opportunity to make him rely on you, so as to help the family, understand”

“I understand, mom and second brother don’t worry, I will take good care of General.”

Chi Ning solemnly nodded, he will certainly take care of Chu Shaochen and bring him back to life, one is worth ten.

Chi Mingfang turned to face Chi Ning; he hadn’t noticed before, but his face was quite pretty.

“There are various rumors circulating outside today, all of which claim that the Imperial Star has fallen.

The Federation’s youngest General failed to live up to his name, and the government responded that the starship on which he was assigned malfunctioned before he was injured.”

Chi Mingfang immediately healed the scar and forgot about the pain after his glands returned to normal.

He said dismissively, “It makes no difference how powerful you are despite being born in a slum.

Everything will disappear once you die if you do not have family power.”

As a well-known Imperial Star family, the Chi family is more than enough.

Chu Shaochen proposed marriage, fearing that he needed the Chi family’s support behind his back.

Chi Mingfang leaned in front of Chi Ning, who had a low brow and pleasing eyes, and asked, “Little waste, do you know what people say about you”

Chi Ning shook his head and didn’t speak.

The two words “little waste” have been said, what else can be said outside He can think with his toes.

“They said that you’re bringing bad luck because your Alpha had an accident on your first day of marriage, a low-level Omega like you, born in this world, is destined to be rejected by others.”

Chi Ning was taken aback, and he looked up at Chi Mingfang before quickly lowering his gaze.

The tabloid was too inaccurate.

He had calculated it before, and it was obviously his parents, brothers, and sisters that had bad luck.

No wonder Chi Mingfang couldn’t make a fortune.

Even the trash fortune-telling app in his optical brain can cheat him of money.

Chi Mingfang brushed his hair, “So you have to be grateful to the Chi family, otherwise you won’t be able to live in Imperial Star.”

Hearing that Chi Ning blinked his beautiful eyes and his eyes remained unchanged, “Thank you, brother, for your concern.”

“General will definitely recover soon.”

Chi Mingfang and Ye Ru: “…”

What a fool.

Chi Ning stood at the gate, his eyes moist, waving to the moving car.

How he wished that this farewell was forever.

After seeing off Ye Ru and Chi Mingfang, Chi Ning returned to the living room and found Chu Shaochen leaning on the sofa motionless.

He froze in place for a few seconds before running over with his slippers on.

Is he really bringing bad luck to his husband

Kneeling on one knee on the sofa, he carefully reaches out his hand towards his nose.

When he reached over, his wrist was unexpectedly grabbed.

Caught off guard by Chu Shaochen’s eyes, Chi Ning said embarrassedly: “I saw you were not moving and thought you had passed out, so I wanted to—”

I wanted to see if you were still alive.

It’s good to be alive.

“Your hand strength is a little strong; can you let go or lighten it”

Chu Shaochen looked down at the red mark on his wrist when he heard Chi Ning’s voice.

In an instant, his brow furrowed, his hands relaxed, and the vigilance and alertness in his eyes faded.


“Well, it’s too strong.”

Voss heard their conversation when he came in from outside with a pot of strawberries and stopped five meters away from the sofa in the living room.

His expression was even stranger than when he informed Chi Ning that Chi’s family was on their way.

As a seasoned butler, Voss showed a very high level of professionalism.

He didn’t look sideways or even move his brows as he walked over.

He set the strawberries down and saluted them.

“General, Young Master Chi, these are the freshly picked strawberries from the orchard at the back, please taste them.”

Voss took a deep breath and lowered his head as he casually glanced at the postures of Chi Ning and Chu Shaochen, “If there are no other orders, then I’ll go out first.”

Chi Ning: “”

Why does he feel that Voss’s expression is more like someone eating melon

“…Stand up.”

Chu Shaochen’s lips were pale, his forehead was messy, and Chi Ning was crushing half of his leg.

Although he was enjoying his undivided contact with Chi Ning, something could happen if this continued.

Chi Ning took a few steps back after hearing his voice, then moved to the opposite end of the sofa and knelt.

“General, is this distance acceptable”

Chu Shaochen nodded and asked casually, “What did Madam Chi say to you before leaving”

The Chi family has two patented production lines, but the Chi family’s life has been difficult during this period due to a lack of energy and rare materials.

Now it is possible to seek convenience from him and make connections with others.

Chi Ning heard the words and thought about it seriously.

What did she say Anyway, it won’t be a good word.

He retracted his gaze from staring at the strawberry and turned to look at Chu Shaochen.

“She told me to listen to you carefully.

And stop thinking of myself as a member of the late family after I marry you since it would be misleading.”

After thinking for a while, he said: “They used the optical brain to read my fortune and found that I will have a hard life.”

Chu Shaochen: “…”

“I also have a hard life.”

Chi Ning moved forward joyfully and returned to Chu Shaochen’s side.

With both hands on his knees, he leaned forward with excitement in his eyes, “I’m sure I’m different from you.”

Chu Shaochen resisted the urge to reach out and rub Chi Ning’s hair, “What’s the difference”

Chi Ning hesitated for a while and confessed honestly.

“Bad parents, brothers, and sisters.”

Chi Ning realized this sounded difficult to accept when he noticed Chu Shaochen’s pupil quiver, so he prayed earnestly every day.

Make a wish with the tree of life in the morning and evening every day.

Please, the fate must be true.

If it is false, then all the good virtues in him will become pieces of the universe.

Not even a crumb remains.

Chu Shaochen was silent for a few seconds, and tried to stand up, “It’s quite special.”

He snorted softly, being treated harshly by his family because of his unknown fate was really in line with the style of big families in the Federation.

Chi Ning looked up at Chu Shaochen and asked doubtfully, “General, aren’t you going to rest in bed”

Chu Shaochen: “…”

Thinking of the injury that required him to stay in bed for a month to recuperate, he said blankly, “I’m a little dizzy.”

Chi Ning shook his head helplessly and stretched out his hand for Chu Shaochen to hold.

“Then I’ll help you upstairs to rest.”

It’s really true, even if you’re injured, you don’t let people worry about you.

Would Alpha be so clingy like this


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