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Chapter 2593 Frozen Encounter

Davis headed outside after he called the three people outside, feeling the chill atmosphere slightly uncomfortable.

A layer of warm breath left his mouth as he heaved a breath but at that moment, two arms wrapped around his arm, feeling a bountiful plushy feeling press against him.

Turning to look, he smiled at Natalya while she also beamed back.

Is something bothering you She asked, looking at him with her obsessed eyes.

Davis blinked, wondering how she truly managed to garner a hint of his change in demeanor.

They had just parted after a wonderful session, yet she was able to see the difference.

He could tell that she was truly looking at him all the time, which would normally be considered creepy, but it was deeply satisfying to him.

Say, Natalya.

Have you ever thought that I\'ve taken advantage of you in any way

Mhm Natalya blinked, wondering what this was about all of a sudden.

However, she turned her head away, thinking for a moment before she answered.

If there\'s anything you\'ve taken advantage of me, then I can only think of my heart.

It\'s completely in your hands that it aches when it leaves your side.

... Davis couldn\'t help but silently laugh, Silly woman...

you sure do know how to boost my ego and long for you.

Natalya\'s lips curled, I don\'t know what you\'re thinking of, but whatever it is, you haven\'t taken advantage of me.

Whatever I do on my own is my fault and glory, so even if you took advantage of me, it is because I let you take advantage of me.

Davis nodded, If that\'s the case, why would you let me take advantage of you

... Natalya appeared taken aback, Is that even a question Obviously, it\'s because I love you with all my heart.

Why would you love me What was the start of it all

It\'s because... Natalya thought hard as her eyes squinted, ...

you saved my family and me and treated me politely.

I wanted you so badly that I considered that there wasn\'t a life without you anymore, so I seduced you that night.

Right. Davis gave a heavy nod, Then what if you\'re born in a natural position to be treated in a good way by me Would you have still fallen in love with me If it\'s love, then wouldn\'t it be more appropriate to say that it was mere attraction you had for me or, even worse, that I groomed you instead



Natalya turned to look at Davis in shock before her gaze swiveled to the tent.

A moment later, she sighed, I understand what\'s going on.

This is an issue neither I nor anyone can interfere with, so if my words were to change your mind somehow, forget what I said.

I knew my little sister Fiora better than anyone else, so I wanted her to live a happy life with you and me, but this...

this is more complicated to me.

Davis couldn\'t help but wryly smile, You know it\'s truly difficult when even my crazy second wife is backing off.

Natalya\'s expression froze before she lightly elbowed his waist with a pout, I\'m not crazy.

I\'m just an obsessed mistress.

Alright, alright.

You\'re just...




Natalya pounced on him and bit his arm, causing him to burst into laughter.

She pursed her lips and tried to etch her mark on his arm, using this chance as much as she could.

Nonetheless, she wondered if this could be considered taking advantage of his kindness and if it was even acceptable.>

They had everything they could dream of.

Even now, she obtained resources that she couldn\'t hope to find.

She took such advantage of him just by giving herself, so who was truly taking advantage of who She could never understand, nor did she want to think about it, as she was truly happy with her life.

However, she knew the same couldn\'t be said about someone else as they were in a position of power.

Natalya loosened her bite on him as she raised her head.

pAn,Da nv,e1 Whatever you do, I know it will be for the best, so I will support you forever.

Thank you. Davis placed his hand on her head and patted, I am deeply fond of these words, but this isn\'t about me.

This is about caring for that adorable fool who\'s getting ahead of herself.

I\'m already fulfilled with you all, so I must look after the other young ones better.

Mhm~ Not only are you the man I have fallen for, but you\'re also the user of Enigmatic Heart Intent, so nothing of emotional distress will get past you.

I trust that we will have a better future under your care.

Natalya giggled, causing Davis to nod.

That\'s a burden I\'m willing to take, but I can only take it if they\'re willing to place that burden on me and give their trust like you.

Otherwise, I can only advise them to stay away from me.

Mhm~ Mhm~ Natalya nodded twice, seemingly agreeing with him.

Her mood was also great as she got to have a conversation with him that made her feel like they were able to bond more.

Soon enough, everyone gathered, and Legion Captain Starlily reported her findings to him, after which they gradually made their way outside through one of the tunnels.

The icy tunnels appeared to have cracked more so than before, but they still held together.

It was unknown when it would collapse, but Davis and the others frowned as they got to a junction.

The icy walls were painted with blood.

The clothes of the disciples were hung over icicles, and there were even some body parts that were half-eaten.

What\'s terrifying was these clothes belonged to true disciples, and the residual aura that was left from their prowess was well over Level Two Immortal King Stage.


the Unfettered Ice Fiend is trying to hunt us

Tanya raised her brows in astonishment while Davis smiled.

It\'s not trying but really is hunting us.

With how it tried to ambush him when he tried to dual cultivate with Nadia, he knew that it was a cunning creature, especially when he doubted that it split itself from its body that he killed using his new death energy technique with inspiration from Karma Laws.

When it could perform such a feat, whether intellectually or instinctively, he knew that it was bad news.

He now understood why the disciples of the Aurora Cloud Gate would fail to stop the calamity.

If anyone had a chance, it would be the Divergents who twist fate, which would be him or Myria, but through their influence, others could also possibly quell the disaster.

As long as they were here, he felt like anything could happen.

They examined the intersection a bit before continuing further when they suddenly found a few frozen carcasses of Unfettered Ice Fiends.

Every one of them possessed hideous expressions, but there was also excitement in their eyes as though they witnessed something delicious.

Just as they wondered why the carcasses were left here instead of taken away for resources, they saw a lone silver-robed woman fly by a narrow tunnel in the distance.

She cast a look towards them before flying away like a specter, but Natalya had her eyes deeply squinted before her gaze fell on those carcasses.

Is that Forsaken Yin Aura I sense from these carcasses

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