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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 8 - Confrontation

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Chapter 8: Confrontation

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If the Little Wild Bear was unwilling, no one could force it. Even if it was an extraordinary level beast space, it could easily break it!

Not all Beastmasters could withstand a king-level bloodline. Therefore, Principal Gao had a very deep impression of Chu Feng, who was the last to form a contract with the little Wild Bear.

Boom! A strong wind suddenly spread out with Chu Feng as the center!

Principal Gao was very curious. What had happened in Chu Fengs beast space Was it the Wild Bear that had triggered this power Could Wild Bear, who is at level 1 awakening, really possess this kind of power Even if it used all of its skills, it was impossible.

The other teachers looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

“What is he doing Has his pet beast lost control”

“Isnt Lan Xi the most talented teacher in our school How could her student make such a low-level mistake”

“Its just a public class. Teacher Lan, you cant make a mistake, right”

They were all astonished that Lan Xi would make such a simple mistake! She allowed a student to use his beast tamer talent in a public class without permission!

“Chu Feng, please dont do anything rash!”

Lan Xi was somewhat anxious, but she quickly calmed down. Her beast tamer talent was [spiritual control], so it wasnt difficult for her to control her emotions.

She said gently, “Class.”

The students looked around and saw the confusion in each others eyes, but they didnt dare speak because many teachers were sitting at the back of the classroom, as well as the Principal who was a king-level Beastmaster!

King-level! His strength was many times greater than that of an awakening level!

At this moment, Chu Feng slowly opened his eyes. He immediately noticed that the atmosphere in the classroom was very strange! Why was everyone looking at him

“Has the public class already started I just added some points to little Wild Bear and also tried to suppress its power. It seems like Ive spent too much time.”

Chu Feng realized the seriousness of the matter, but since the situation had already blown out of proportion, he said, “Teacher Lan, Ive just encountered some problems.”

Lan Xi asked softly, “Have you solved them”

Chu Feng nodded, “Yes.”

Lan Xi said, “No matter what happens, as long as it can be solved in the end, it can be considered a good thing.”

Chu Feng was inwardly amazed at her adaptability! As expected of a Beastmaster with spiritual control, her ability to improvise was not bad.

The other teachers looked at each other and were somewhat impressed by Lan Xis answer. Not only had she solved a problem, but she had also added brownie points for herself. They even suspected that Lan Xi had prepared this beforehand. That was because the student was very calm and didnt panic at all. Even though the changes in the beast space had already affected the outside world, he was still so calm.

Principal Gao couldnt help but laugh. He stroked his beard and said, “Teacher Lan, why dont we change the way this class is conducted”

The other teachers were even more shocked. Not only did Principal Gao, who had been silent all this time, not blame them, he even smiled and suggested to Lan Xi.

Lan Xi was also stunned for a moment, then asked, “Principal Gao, do you have any suggestions”

Principal Gao said, “Most Beastmasters want to become strong in the beginning, and even go to the front line to defend their homes and country. To achieve this, strength is very important. Of course, Beastmasters should have a clear understanding of their strength.”

Lan Xi echoed, “Principal Gao is right.”

She agreed with Principal Gaos words because the battlefield at the front line wasnt a childs game. It was an extremely cruel battle. On the battlefield, it was a norm for Beastmasters and their pet beasts to die together.

Principal Gao smiled and said, “Grade 12 Class 8 has three B-rank Beastmasters and one A-rank Beastmaster. Why dont we invite them to a duel and let the other students see how big the difference is between Beastmasters with different levels of beast tamer talent What do you think”

Principal Gao was like a child with a great interest in playing games. Lan Xi was helpless. As expected, Principal Gao was always giving her difficult tasks.

Beastmasters at the awakening stage, especially Beastmasters who had just awakened their beast tamer talent, even if there was a difference in levels, such as between a B-rank and an A-rank, their battles were meaningless. If they didnt handle it well, it would instead become a minus.

Lan Xi shouted, “Tao Dong, Bao Mingyun, Wu Yan and Chu Feng, please step out together!”

Chu Feng and the other three walked up to the platform together. The Beastmasters classroom was very spacious. It was a full 500 square meters, with seats in the middle and large spaces on both sides. This was the place for pet beasts, and pet beasts could also attend the class together. However, Beastmasters generally wouldnt let their pet beasts out. The beast space had the effect of accelerating growth. Beastmasters generally wouldnt waste this opportunity to let their pet beast grow unless they had already grown to its peak.

Seeing that the student who was in trouble earlier was also there, the teachers were all very surprised.

“Hes a genius Beastmaster as well”

In the world of Beastmasters, the criteria for being a genius was very clear. As long as ones talent was B-rank or above, he would be considered a genius!

Even the major factions in the Diming base city would place great importance on every genius Beastmaster. Every Beastmaster with B-rank talent and above would become a sovereign-level or even a commander-level Beastmaster. Even though the probability was small, there might be a chance that they could even become a king-level Beastmaster!

Chu Feng was undoubtedly the most attractive out of the four.

Principal Gao smiled and said, “Why dont we have two matches Chu Feng will fight Tao Dong, Bao Mingyun will fight Wu Yan, and the two victors will have another match. The final victor will receive one of my precious treasures.”

The whole place was in an uproar!

Even the students of Class 8 who had been too afraid to discuss the matter couldnt hold it in any longer. A king-level Beastmasters precious treasure would be used as a gift to reward one of the four people

The first thing they could be sure of was that the value of the treasure was more than ten thousand! It might even be higher!

If the person won two matches, he would be able to obtain Principal Gaos precious treasure. Not only the students of Class 8, even the teachers at the back of the classroom were somewhat tempted.

“If I were twenty years younger, I would participate in this competition!”

“These kids are really lucky that Principal Gao is in such a good mood.”

“Principal Gao has sent Chu Feng to fight Tao Dong. He probably doesnt want to give Chu Feng a chance.”

“The gap between their levels is very big. Chu Feng has no chance of winning.”

Chu Feng glanced at Principal Gao with some surprise. With Principal Gaos status, he must have already known that Chu Feng and the Wild Bear were bound by a contract. Was he here to test him

Tao Dong...

Chu Feng looked at the young man opposite him. His looks were inferior to his, but he possessed the noble aura of someone who had been lived a comfortable and luxurious life since he was young. Tao Dong was a direct descendant of the Tao family in Diming base city.


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