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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 7 - Enhancement Points

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Chapter 7: Enhancement Points

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Chu Feng added another two enhancement points to [great strength] and raised it to level 3! At this time, the [great strength] had changed once again. Chu Feng was even more shocked! It was three times stronger than his strength, which meant it was four times stronger than his original strength. What kind of concept was this It was enough to allow any pet beast to challenge higher levels!

Chu Feng instantly added forty-seven enhancement points to [great strength] and directly brought it to level 10!

[Brute force Level 10: Basic skill. Instantly burst out with power ten times more than ones own body. (0/11)]

At this point, Chu Feng didnt intend to add more points to [great strength]. He had carefully calculated and according to the law of increasing points, if he wanted to raise his [great strength] to level 100, he would need about five thousand enhancement points! In comparison, Chu Feng only had 800 enhancement points.

He began to strengthen the [great transformation] skill and raised it to level 10 in one go.

[Great transformation Level 10: Middle-level skill. Body size and strength increase by 10 times at the same time. Can be stacked with other skills! (0/55)]

Strengthening [great transformation] directly used up Chu Fengs 250 enhancement points. He only had 400 enhancement points left. He hesitated for a moment before raising the [wild body] skill to level 5 and the [wild domain] to level 4. He had used up all his enhancement points!

[Wild body Level 5: High-level skill. The power of the wild has fused into ones body. All attributes are increased by five times and can be stacked with other skills. (0/50)]

[Wild domain Level 4: Top-level skill. The power of the wild has gone berserk and formed a mysterious domain. Within the domain, it becomes four times stronger in all directions. At the same time, it can suppress the opponent and form a visual barrier. (0/200)]

Chu Feng did some calculations. If the Wild Bear unleashed all of its skills, it would display thirty times its original combat strength! He even felt that if the Wild Bear used all of its strength and relied on its level 2 awakening strength, it wouldnt be impossible to defeat an extraordinary-level pet beast.

At present, within the beast space. The Wild Bear was lying next to a pile of sweet honey, smelling the fragrance of the honey as it slept. Suddenly, it jumped up abruptly, as if its entire body was being burned by flames. Countless memories flooded into its mind and the strength in its entire body increased explosively!


The Wild Bear suddenly became bigger, directly becoming ten meters tall!

Great transformation, level 10!

An endless wild aura surrounded the little Wild Bears body and even gradually spread out.

Wild body, level 5!

Wild domain, level 4!

The bears body was filled with energy, making it difficult for it to endure. It even wanted to use level 10 great strength to release all of its strength!

“Calm down!” A voice rang out in the beast space!

The Wild Bear gradually calmed down. With Chu Fengs help, it gradually digested this powerful energy. The bears eyes gradually became clear as it completely absorbed all of the increased energy!

Only then did Chu Feng let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that he had to be more cautious. If the Little Wild Bear had released all of its power just now and suddenly erupted with twenty times its strength, even an extraordinary-level pet beast would be directly killed!

Chu Feng wasnt sure if the SSS-rank beast space could withstand the little Wild Bears full-strength attack Although he was very confident in the SSS-rank beast space, Chu Feng himself had just awakened and his beast space had just opened. He really couldnt take the risk!


The Little Wild Bear cried out in excitement! It had discovered the changes in its body. It had never thought that Chu Feng would have such a terrifying talent! It was even somewhat flustered as a sense of danger rose within it.

Chu Fengs talent could bring such a direct improvement to his pet beasts! Even a king-level ferocious beast would want to be under Chu Feng, let alone a young one with the king-level bloodline!

This was... too exaggerated!


The Little Wild Bear gradually became sleepy and fell into a deep sleep.

A trace of its aura leaked out. It had awakened to level three, level four, level five and level six!

Chu Feng was very surprised. After giving the little Wild Bear some points, its growth speed had increased. It had jumped straight into level six!

Chu Feng couldnt help but nod. “Originally, it would take the little Wild Bear more than ten days to reach the extraordinary level, but now it only takes ten days!”

If other Beastmasters heard his words, they would want to give him a good beating! Even the gifted Beastmasters who had awakened their A-rank talents, such as Li Siyu and Sheng Nana, had to spend more than half a year to train their initial pets to the extraordinary level. Looking at Chu Feng, as long as he added some points and hung them in the beast space... his beast would be able to reach the extraordinary level in less than ten days!

In Grade 12 Class 8, the classroom was very quiet. Only the sound of Lan Xi writing on the blackboard echoed in the classroom. No chalk had ever been used in Beast High School. Instead, a special kind of pet beast paint was used to enhance the impression of people.

Many painters would form a bond with a specific pet beast and use the special paint produced by the pet beast to increase the visual impact of their paintings. In fact, after two hundred years of development, the beasts had already penetrated every aspect of human life.

Lan Xi put down her pen. On the blackboard, there were delicate and pretty words: the first lesson of becoming a Beastmaster!

She discovered that Chu Feng was resting with his eyes closed below the stage. He seemed to be using the beast tamer talent! Lan Xi couldnt help but feel a little anxious. It was fine under normal circumstances, but now Principal Gao was listening in! Even if he wanted to enhance the White Bears skills, it wouldnt take that long!

The teachers and the Principal sitting at the back of the classroom noticed Chu Fengs strange behavior. The teachers began to communicate with each other.

“That student, what is he doing”

“Nurturing type beast tamer talent I know this kind of aura.”

“Oh my god, could it be that he is using his beast tamer talent”

“I hope Principal Gao isnt angry, or that person will be finished.”

“Didnt teacher Lan ask the students to prepare in advance How could there be such a careless student”

The teachers all looked at Principal Gaos reaction. Seeing that his expression was very calm and there was no sign of anger, they finally relaxed.

Principal Gao was an old man with white hair and beard. He wore taiji clothes and appeared very gentle. However, those who knew about Principal Gaos deeds wouldnt look down on him. On the contrary, they would be even more respectful towards him!

In the past, there had been a small beast tide in the Diming City. Principal Gao had charged into the beast tide alone and killed a level 5 king-level Smokey Tiger King! This shocked the entire Diming City! In that beast tide, Principal Gao was one of the most illustrious Beastmasters!

Principal Gao looked at Chu Feng with some surprise. This student looked very familiar.

Chu Feng

He had deliberately placed the little Wild Bear in the pet beast center because he knew that the Little Wild Bear wouldnt choose a Beastmaster with no talent. As for the matter of forcing a contract, Principal Gao hadnt even considered it.


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