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Chapter 5: Ten Million

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Chu Feng carefully read through the list and discovered that if he used spirit stones to transform into enhancement points, he could transform about twenty thousand spirit stones into one enhancement point. The transformation rate of other treasures was about the same as this. However, if it was the soul crystal spirit stones, he could transform ten thousand soul crystal spirit stones to one enhancement point. In other words, if Chu Feng used all the ten million startup funds to buy soul crystal spirit stones, he could buy one thousand enhancement points.

Chu Feng said, “Teacher Lan, help me purchase eight million worth of soul crystal spirit stones and one million worth of sweet honey. I wont use the remaining one million for now.”

This was the result of his serious consideration. He had to purchase a large number of soul crystal spirit stones. Sweet honey was the most suitable food for wild bears, allowing them to grow faster. Even in the beast space, wild bears needed to consume energy. Sweet honey could replenish energy and stabilize its foundation.

Lan Xis gaze was filled with admiration. “Youre very decisive. Ill help you settle all this. Youll probably be able to get it by tomorrow morning.”

If it were an ordinary person, they probably wouldnt be able to remain calm in the face of a huge sum of ten million yuan. However, Chu Feng wasnt muddle-headed. Even if he only had a few thousand yuan on him, he could still boldly spend a large amount of money to buy suitable resources. This was also a commendable boldness for a Beastmaster.

Chu Feng said, “Thank you, teacher Lan. Ill be leaving first.”

Lan Xi nodded. After he left, she asked Mystic Beast, “What do you think of him”


Through the beast space, Mystic Beast answered Lan Xis question. Mystic Beast was skilled in illusions and had a very accurate judgment of people.

Lan Xi nodded. “You also think hes reliable Indeed, hes the most stable person among my students. Perhaps in just a few years, hell be on par with me.”

“Mi!” Mystic Beast also nodded.

On the way home, Chu Feng felt his strength increase greatly and his speed also increased by a lot. This was because he had formed a bond with the Wild Bear. The Wild Bear possessed top-level strength talent, top-level defense talent and high-level speed. The Beastmaster will also be affected in these three areas.

As the Wild Bears Beastmaster, Chu Fengs most intuitive feeling was that his physique had become stronger. If it was Qiao Xingran, who possessed moderate spiritual and illusionary talents, then the effect on him would be that he would be more energetic, his memory would be enhanced and his eyes would carry a slight illusion, causing those who looked directly into his eyes to lose their focus.

The effects of different levels of beast tamer talents on Beastmasters were also different. E-rank beast tamer talent would be affected by 1%, D-rank beast tamer talent by 2%, C-rank beast tamer talent by 5%, B-rank beast tamer talent by 10%, and A-rank beast tamer talent by 20%. As for the beast tamer talents above that, it was confidential information.

Chu Feng didnt know how an S-rank or SS-rank would be affected, but he knew very well that SSS-rank beast tamer talent would be affected by 100%! In other words, Chu Fengs physical fitness would gradually be on par with that of Wild Bear. His level would become higher as he formed contracts with other beasts, and eventually, it might be even higher than that of Wild Bear!

Of course, no matter how strong a Beastmasters physique was, they hardly participate in a battle in person. The reason was simple. Beastmasters didnt have any combat skills.

Take Wild Bear as an example, even if it was just a basic skill such as great strength, it could instantly double ones combat strength! And this was only the first level of strength. As the level increased, the Wild Bears strength would become even greater through the use of its skills!

Chu Fengs residence was located in a relatively simple courtyard on the outskirts of Diming base city. As soon as he arrived home, he received a text message from his bank card stating that he had received one million yuan. Chu Feng didnt pay too much attention to this text message. He only prepared some food and placed it in the beast space. At night, he naturally went to sleep.

The next day, Chu Feng woke up early and went out. Qiao Xingran happened to be out as well. Compared to Chu Fengs small courtyard, Qiao Xingrans house was a villa. It looked much grander. Chu Feng was already used to the disparity between the two families. After all, Qiao Xingrans father, Qiao Xiong, was an advanced extraordinary Beastmaster.

He and Qiao Xingran had the same beast tamer talent. Both of them had C-rank [spirit amplitude], which meant that their beast tamer talent was hereditary. Chu Feng could simply imagine that Qiao Xingran would be very likeable when it came to romance in the future.

Qiao Xiong also walked out. There was an insect on his shoulder, and its colour was very psychedelic.


[Level: Level 10 extraordinary]

[Talent: Advanced spiritual talent, advanced illusionary talent]

[Skills: 1. Illusionary 2. Hallucination 3. Fantasy 4. Mirage]

The level 10 extraordinary Mirage Insect had already reached its limit. If it wanted to continue advancing, it would need opportunities. This was a limitation of race. Unless the Mirage Insect could advance its talent and obtain a top-level spiritual talent or a top-level illusionary talent, it still could increase its level.

Qiao Xiong had a forthright personality and had always been very kind to Chu Feng. He often helped the orphan Chu Feng. The reason why Chu Feng and Qiao Xingran could become friends was also because of Qiao Xiongs existence.

Qiao Xiong walked towards Chu Feng, his large hand patting his shoulder. “Chu Feng, not bad. I heard that youve awakened a B-rank beast tamer talent and even chose the option of ten million from Diming high school year 3 Thats pretty good. In the future, youll be a direct descendant of Diming high school year 3. Your future achievements will surpass mine.”

Chu Feng was astonished at Qiao Xiongs quick access to information. As an advanced extraordinary Beastmaster, he was able to easily obtain information about Diming high school year 3 It seemed that Qiao Xiong was an even more powerful existence...

“Ten million!”

Qiao Xingrans eyes widened in shock. “Chu Feng, the school gave you ten million”

Qiao Xiong patted the back of Qiao Xingrans head and smiled. “Calm down, look at you worked up you are!”

“Dad, this isnt a small amount!” Qiao Xingran retorted. “Ive never seen so much money in my life!”

Qiao Xiong glared at him. “If you can awaken the genes of your ancestors, a true A-rank beast tamer talent [spirit control], the real elemental type, I can give ten million to you directly!”

Qiao Xingran was silent. The Qiao family had passed down from generation to generation. No one had awakened spirit control at all. Every one of them had a spiritual amplitude...

“Uncle Qiao.” Chu Feng smiled. “I cant guarantee that Ill surpass you, but I can still achieve the same level of strength as you.”

Qiao Xiong said, “What are you being so modest about Youve awakened a B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement]. How can you not be sure that youll surpass a C-rank beast tamer talent like me”

Chu Feng had been a sensible child since he was young. He liked Chu Feng very much. With Chu Feng accompanying Qiao Xingran, Qiao Xiong had always been at ease.

Chu Feng said, “Uncle Qiao, Ill do my best.”

Qiao Xiong laughed loudly. “Its good that you know how to do your best. Hurry up and go to school! Qiao Xingran, do me a favor. The school cant nurture you, so Ill nurture you. But after you reach the extraordinary level, youll have to return it to me, understand”


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