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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 4 - Training in the School

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Chapter 4: Training in the School

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“It takes a hundred years for a Wild Bear to grow from the extraordinary level to the sovereign level. However, in the SSS-rank beast space, it only takes 140 days!”

Chu Feng suddenly understood. No wonder after the Wild Bear became his pet beast, it could immediately awaken its second level after entering the beast space. It could grow to an extraordinary level in fourteen days, which meant that there would be a breakthrough daily. Only after reaching the extraordinary level would its growth speed slow down.

Under normal circumstances, the growth rate of a pet beast would become slower and slower. Only by using some precious treasures, then its growth speed would increase. Chu Feng currently couldnt buy these treasures and there was no need for him to use them. After all, the speed of growth in the SSS-rank beast space was extremely fast, far surpassing most treasures!

“Chu Feng!”

Qiao Xingran caught up from behind and panted heavily. “Have you contracted with any pet beast”

“Yes, Ive contracted with it.” Chu Feng nodded. “What about you”

He was somewhat surprised because Qiao Xingran was slower than him. He was searching for the Wild Bear all this time but why was Qiao Xingran here

Qiao Xingran quickly answered his doubts. “Ive been trying to be on good terms with the Dream Caterpillar. Finally, when the training center was about to close, the contract was successful!”

“Congratulations.” Chu Feng smiled. “The Dream Caterpillar is also very clear that your talent is more suitable for it. Forming a contract with you is a good choice.”

Qiao Xingran scratched his head. “Thats right. The Dream Caterpillar is very suitable for me. What about you Did you form a contract with some pet beast”

Chu Feng recalled that the Wild Bear was of the king-level bloodline. He felt that it was better not to reveal it for the time being to avoid causing any trouble. He said, “The white bear with an advanced extraordinary bloodline will soon be contracted.”

Qiao Xingran sighed and said, “You have a B-rank talent. Normally, you would be qualified to contract with a pet beast with an elementary sovereign bloodline. But the white bear is not bad either. You must have your considerations.”

Chu Feng smiled and did not tell Qiao Xingran that the bear he had contracted was a wild bear with a moderate king bloodline. Sometimes, ignorance was bliss. His phone suddenly vibrated. Chu Feng looked down at his phone and saw that it was a message from his form teacher.

“Chu Feng, come to the office.”

The form teacher of Grade 12 Class 8 was a gentle beauty. Many students wanted to enter Grade 12 Class 8 because of the form teacher. After all, having a gentle and beautiful form teacher was a very blissful thing in a dull high school.

Lan Xis expression became gentle when she saw Chu Feng. She said gently, “Sit down.”

Chu Feng nodded and sat down beside Lan Xi. He discovered a very cute little head poking out from Lan Xis drawer. This pet beast was somewhat like a rabbit. It was so small that one palm could almost cover it. Due to its petite size, it could stay in the drawer which was just appropriate.

[Mystic Beast]

[Level: Level 3 sovereign]

[Bloodline: Advanced soveriegn]

[Talent: High-level illusionary talent, high-level spiritual talent]

[Skills: 1. Deception 2. Illusory 3. Control 4. Misty illusionary realm]

Chu Feng was very surprised. It was a mystic beast

In the past, he had never realized that Lan Xi had contracted a level 3 sovereign-level beast. High-level illusionary talent, high-level spiritual talent, the Dream Caterpillar that Qiao Xingran had contracted with was instantly dwarfed by it!

“Mi” The mystic beast tilted its head and looked extremely cute.

Chu Feng revealed a smile. A level 3 sovereign mystic beast. Any illusion cast by it would cause the entire school to lose consciousness, right

Lan Xi smiled helplessly. “Its my pet beast [Mystic Beast]. Its usually very naughty and I rarely let it out.”

Chu Feng praised, “Its very cute.”

He could completely imagine what would happen if she were to allow Mystic Beast to be mischievous. Lan Xi wouldnt be able to attend classes in the future.

Lan Xis expression became a bit serious. “Lets get back to business. Youve awakened the B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement]. Youre already considered a rare genius in our Diming high school year 3. The school has given you two options, so you can choose any one of them.”

Chu Feng instantly understood. The schools idea was probably to gather resources and nurture talented Beastmasters. Then, it wouldnt make any difference to the other students. It was because of this that Diming high school year 3 was able to develop for such a long time. It had almost a hundred years of history since it was founded. In these hundred years, it had nurtured a total of ten king-level Beastmasters!

“What are the plans” Since the school wanted to provide help, Chu Feng was naturally happy to accept it.

Lan Xi said seriously, “The first plan is that the school will directly give you one million yuan as start-up capital. At the same time, they will also buy resources for you. You wont need to do anything.”

Chu Feng asked, “What about the other plan”

He was somewhat tempted. One million yuan! In Diming base city, the annual income of every adult was around 20,000 yuan. One million yuan was a full 50 years of income! Of course, for extraordinary Beastmasters, it wasnt a big deal. Therefore, the school could ask for nothing. It could be regarded as a favour so that the Beastmasters wouldnt forget what the school has done for them.

Lan Xi said, “The second option is that the school will give you 10 million yuan as starting capital, and they will also buy you resources. However, when you are in the school, the school will arrange for you to gain experience, and you can only refuse twice.”

Chu Feng frowned, “Teacher Lan, the experience arranged by the school...”

Lan Xi smiled, “Dont worry, the experience arranged by the school is most beneficial to you.”

Chu Feng answered without hesitation, “I choose the second option.”

Although he was quick to answer, he had actually considered it very carefully. If he chose the second option, it would be equivalent to becoming a direct descendant of Diming high school year 3. There were many major powers in the base city. If he joined one, he wouldnt be able to join others.

Chu Feng felt that compared to joining other powers, becoming a direct descendant of Diming high school year 3 was a more suitable choice. As long as he could perform well, Diming high school year 3 would value him.

Another important reason was that one of Principal Gaos pet beasts was the Wild Bear King. The pet beast he contracted with was also a wild bear. It was very likely to be related to Principal Gao. With the Wild Bears connection, Principal Gao could more or less protect him.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng became even more settled. A king-level Beastmaster was a very impressive existence no matter which major power in Diming City! Becoming a direct descendant of Diming high school year 3 was the most suitable choice for him. Moreover, the starting capital was 10 million yuan! It was equivalent to the salary of an ordinary person who had worked for 500 years!

Lan Xi smiled and said, “This is a list of purchases. If youre considering using your talent [skill enhancement], I suggest you purchase a large number of [soul crystal spirit stones]. This is something that many seniors with nurturing type talents have detected. For [skill enhancement] talents, its the most cost-effective conventional treasure.”

Chu Feng found that there were not only spirit stones, but there were also many ordinary [spirit stones] and high-grade food exclusive to pet beasts. These foods could accelerate the growth of pet beasts.


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