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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 30 - Short-term Goal

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Chapter 30: Short-term Goal

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Excitement overpowered the Wild Bear. Killing extraordinary-level beasts in the ruin made the Wild Bear feel bored. It had killed over 2,000 extraordinary-level beasts in total, which undoubtedly stimulated its ferocity. Now that the Wild Bear had encountered a sovereign-level beast, it had only one thought, and that was to kill it instantly! Furthermore, the aura from the Shadow Ghost made it feel uncomfortable.

The Shadow Ghost was so frightened that its body almost trembled in fear. It had only taken a nap and had no idea how it came across a powerful Wild Bear. It roared, but it was pointless. The Wild Bear had already forced in on it in a corner, and it stroke with its paw. The Shadow Ghost wanted to turn into a shadow and leave, but it could not escape the Wild Bears paw.

In the end, it could only use its ghost claws to try to resist, but it was still pointless. The Shadow Ghost dissipated into the air, leaving only the ghostly aura that permeated the cave. At the same time, a dark red crystal core fell to the ground.

Chu Feng picked up the crystal core. Only then did he realize that this was the first time he and the Wild Bear had hunted a vicious beast. A true beast! Usually, an ordinary Beastmaster would hunt an awakening-level beast on his first hunt. However, Chu Feng hunted a sovereign-level beast on his first hunt.

Qiao Shi had nothing to say. She lamented, “I have underestimated your strength. Your Wild Bear had killed a sovereign-level Shadow Ghost at ease.”

It was shocking for Qiao Shi to witness that. After all, the Wild Bear defeated those beasts in the ruin with its skills. However, the Wild Bear had crushed and killed the Shadow Ghost with pure strength. That also meant that the Wild Bears strength was as great as a sovereign-level beast.


The Wild Bear patted its chest and motioned Qiao Shi to continue praising it. Seeing its reaction, Qiao Shi smiled. She had never thought that such a childish little Wild Bear could kill a sovereign-level Shadow Ghost at ease!


The Wild Bear waited for a while, but Qiao Shi did not continue to praise it, making it a little unhappy about it.

Qiao Shi had no choice but to continue praising the Wild Bear, “You are powerful. Little Wild Bear”


The Wild Bear proudly patted his chest as though it was saying, “Of course!”

Chu Feng was speechless. He walked out of the cave with the others behind him. A large Wild Bear King stood at the cave entrance. The estimated height of the Wild Bear King was at least five meters tall and was strong. He estimated that the Wild Bear King might transform to hundreds of meters tall after its 20 times great transformation as he wondered when would his Wild Bear have such great power.

Chu Feng looked around for Principal Gao. After all, the only king-level Wild Bear he knew belonged to Principal Gao. However, Chu Feng did not see Principal Gao. Instead, his eyes met a cold gaze.

Wan Wanqing said, “Did you guys kill that Shadow Ghost”

“Awooo!” The little Wild Bear cried out and pounced into the Wild Bear Kings embrace!

Chu Feng was bewildered as he thought, “Is this Wild Bear my Wild Bears mother”

Wan Wanqing saw that too. She glanced at the little Wild Bear, and her expression gradually changed. According to what she knew, the little Wild Bear had just hatched from its pet egg a few days ago. Yet it was already an extraordinary Level 5 pet beast.

Wan Wanqing couldnt help herself from observing Chu Feng. The young man in front of her was only seventeen years old and had probably just awakened his beast tamer talent. Yet he could train the little Wild Bear to such a powerful level. Even Wan Wanqing could not do that when she was his age.

Chu Feng was also observing Wan Wanqing. The woman in front of him had delicate features. She had a cold and elegant aura. What surprised him the most was that the woman, who was only in her early twenties, had reached king-level.

Chu Feng said, “I was the one who killed the Shadow Ghost.”

Wan Wanqing said, “I detected the aura of the Shadow Ghost and immediately rushed over. My judgment wouldnt be wrong. The Shadow Ghost has already reached the sovereign-level. Did you kill it”

She doubted it a little because no one else in the Diming Base City knew Wild Bears better than she did, except for Principal Gao. An extraordinary Level 5 Wild Beast could not defeat any sovereign-level beasts. Furthermore, the Shadow Ghost had a sovereign-level bloodline and was powerful. The Wild Bear could not defeat a Shadow Ghost even if it was an extraordinary-level bloodline and managed to break through to the sovereign level. There was an enormous gap between them.

Chu Feng remained silent and explained nothing. What made him even more puzzled was that the Wild Bear King in front of him was the mother of the little Wild Bear!

Wan Wanqing seemed to have seen through his confusion and said, “My Wild Bear is indeed the mother of your Wild Bear. Are you Principal Gaos student You have the aura of a Giant Elven Tree.”

Chu Feng squinted his eyes. What the woman said contained plenty of information.

He asked in astonishment, “Youre the Beastmaster of the Giant Elven Tree”

Chu Feng had never thought he would run into the Beastmaster by chance.

Wan Wanqing said nothing, which meant she was the one.

Wan Wanqing looked at Qiao Shi, “The daughter of the Qiao family... Forget it. Ill send you two back to Diming Base City.”

She casually summoned a Frost Dragon.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded. The Frost Dragon was not a sub-dragon type but the pure dragon race. An advanced king-level bloodline was an exclusive breed even among the dragon race, especially since the Frost Dragon was the avatar of a blizzard.

Chu Feng observed the appearance of the Frost Dragon in detail. Its size was about the same as that of a Western Dragon. Its height alone was six to seven meters and made out of ice cubes. When it spread its wings, pieces of ice crystals would sprinkle down. Just its appearance alone was beautiful. Chu Feng was envious. He wondered if the Mirage Worm could be as beautiful as the Frost Dragon when it turned into Mirage Butterfly.

Wan Wanqing sat on the back of the Frost Dragon and asked Chu Feng and Qiao Shi to hop on as well. Chu Feng didnt hesitate at all and climbed up. Qiao Shi hesitated a little because Wan Wanqings status was higher than Principal Gao. She was a little reserved when she was with Wan Wanqing. But after hesitating, she sat beside Chu Feng.

The Frost Dragon flapped its wings and flew high into the sky. They would hear the sound of the wind, but the Frost Dragons power had blocked most of the sound. It flew stably in the sky.

Wan Wanqing said, “The leaves of the Giant Elven Tree are very suitable for insect-type pet beasts to eat. You have bonded with an insect-type beast, I suppose.”

She was somewhat curious and wondered what kind of pet beast Chu Feng had bonded with that could make Principal Gao put down his pride and come looking for her.

Chu Feng didnt hide anything from Wan Wanqing. He said, “I bonded with a Mirage Worm.”

Chu Feng couldnt be bothered to hide it because there was no way for the pet beast to be snatched away after forming a bond. Moreover, his mentality had undergone many changes after obtaining Teng Yues memories.

He understood that the bloodline of a pet beast couldnt represent everything. So, what if it was an advanced overlord-level bloodline In the end, it could only reach overlord Level 10. It was still so powerless in front of a legend-level totem.

Chu Fengs current mind-state had already surpassed the overlord-level and was about the same level as the two magnates. Having the SSS-grade beast tamer talent like them, he didnt think he would be inferior to others. He set a short-term goal, which was to become an overlord-level Beastmaster!


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