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Chapter 16: Choosing the Reward for Clearing the Level

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Even for a pet with an overlord-level bloodline, it would be extremely difficult to clear the stage completely. It was practically impossible for a Beastmaster to form a contract with a pet with an overlord-level bloodline at the awakening level. Without extraordinary strength, there was no way to contain the violent strength of an overlord-level bloodline in the beast space!

Principal Gao said faintly, “I advise you to calm down, or youll get beaten up. Besides, that woman who contracted with the Wild Bear King isnt simple.”

The Wild Bear Kings companion was a female wild bear and she was even stronger than the Wild Bear King. What made Principal Gao truly afraid was the Beastmaster of the female Wild Bear King. Whether it was her talent or strength, Principal Gao knew that he was far inferior to her. Principal Gao didnt want to provoke her at all unless there was a need to do that.

The Wild Bear King also trembled as if it had thought of something terrifying. It sighed, “Has Chu Feng come out yet”

“Not yet. Hes probably choosing a reward. Chu Feng has completely cleared the awakening-level heritage ruins. Even a king-level Beastmaster would be moved by the reward he has obtained.”

The Wild Bear King nodded, “Remind those two girls not to tell anyone about this.”

“I know.” Principal Gao exited the beast space and said with a serious expression, “Li Siyu, Sheng Nana.”

Sheng Nana said in a low voice, “Principal, I wont tell anyone else.”

She knew what Principal Gao wanted to say. They should not get involved in this matter.

Li Siyu was also very clear. “I wont tell anyone else either. Just trust us.”

They all knew what this matter meant.


In the challenge space.

[The tenth stage, cleared.]

[You have completely passed the awakening-level heritage test.]

[The reward for clearing this stage is about to be released.]

The voice from the ruins rang out in Chu Fengs mind. He glanced at the exhausted little Wild Bear and gradually relaxed. He had finally cleared the stage!

“Awoo!” The little Wild Bear also heard the sound of the ruins and immediately relaxed.

Chu Feng and the little Wild Bear looked at each other and laughed.

Chu Feng praised little Wild Bear, “Youve done well.”

He didnt expect the little Wild Bear to keep the wild domain as its trump card. Only at the last moment did it use the wild domain to confuse the Rock Behemoths line of sight. In the end, it won. Chu Feng was clear that both the wild body and the wild domain allowed all attributes to level up. This probably increased the little Wild Bears reaction speed and combat awareness as well. Even in the most intense battles, the little Wild Bear was still able to calmly think of countermeasures.

“As expected of a top-level skill. Its indeed very powerful.”

Chu Feng smiled. He had used a lot of enhancement points on the wild body and wild domain. He had used even more points than great strength. If there was no effect, he would be at a disadvantage.


The Wild Bear straightened its back. It felt extremely proud!

“A few more words of praise! I like it!” The little Wild Bear was motivated by praise.

Chu Fengs smile grew even wider. Suddenly, a screen condensed in the air before him.

[You can choose three of the five rewards below.]

[1. Overlord-level pet beast egg.]

[2. 10 royal sky crystals.]

[3. Level 10 king beast core.]

[4. 50 drops of soul essence.]

[5. Top-level random skill.]

The projection of the five rewards appeared in front of Chu Fengs eyes. He was shocked to see all sorts of tempting rewards! Finally, his gaze fell on the first option, the overlord-level pet beast egg! This was something he had to choose!

What did the overlord-level bloodline mean

Chu Feng had spent a lot of resources on the little Wild Bear. The little Wild Bear, with the strength of a level 7 awakening, was able to overcome and defeat a level 1 extraordinary beast! However, Chu Feng felt that the little Wild Bear was at the same level of growth as an overlord-level beast.

However, an overlord-level bloodline was extremely rare! The overlord-level referred to an existence that could rule over everything in a vast domain! In the vast Diming City, only the city owner had reached the overlord-level!

“If I contract with an overlord-level pet beast and use the SSS-rank beast space to accelerate the growth rate, Ill be able to nurture an overlord-level beast within three years. Ill be on par with the city owner!”

Thinking up to this point, Chu Feng was extremely excited. He immediately chose the egg of an overlord-level pet beast. After that, he continued to look at the other rewards. Next, he chose 10 royal sky crystals and 50 drops of soul essence.

Although a level 10 king beast core was also very precious, Chu Feng didnt care much about it. This was because he had already cleared the stages of the awakening-level heritage ruins. The principal would give him this kind of resource that could be obtained from the outside world. There was no need to waste this precious quota.

As for the random top-level skill, although it could increase the Wild Bears limit, the Wild Bears current skill system was already very perfect. Chu Feng didnt think that he would be so lucky. It just so happened that he could randomly pick a top-level skill that was perfectly compatible with the Wild Bear. So in the end, he still gave up on this option.

Chu Feng felt that 10 royal sky crystals and 50 drops of soul essence were already pretty good. The royal sky crystals were used on Beastmasters and were very beneficial to the growth of the beast space. The soul essence was an upgraded version of the soul crystal spirit stone. One drop of soul essence was equivalent to a hundred units of soul crystal spirit stone.

In other words, Chu Feng could obtain five thousand enhancement points by absorbing fifty drops of soul essence. Most importantly, no one knew how much soul essence Chu Feng had obtained. Later on, when Principal Gao asked the Wild Bear why he was so powerful, Chu Feng could say that he had obtained five hundred drops of soul essence.


Chu Feng pressed the confirm button!

[The reward is being distributed.]

Chu Feng could see that a door seemed to have opened in the air. He wanted to see what was inside the door, but all he could see was a dazzling light as if it contained countless treasures. Chu Feng felt shocked, but at the same time, he was somewhat puzzled. who was the one who had created the heritage ruins of Diming City

Whether it was a top-notch Beastmaster from the ancient era or a top-notch power from the ancient era, the methods they used werent something that Chu Feng could understand presently!

Three dazzling lights surged out from the door. Three treasure chests appeared in front of Chu Feng. He looked carefully and found that the treasure chests seemed to be made of space-splitting stones. Space-splitting stones were items that could split a small space. Time stopped within them. This treasure chest alone was very expensive. It would cost at least several million yuan.

Chu Feng didnt need to open it himself. The treasure chest opened automatically. A pet beast egg the size of an ostrich egg, ten transparent crystals, and fifty drops of liquid containing spiritual energy all floated in mid-air. The three treasure chests then returned to the door.

Chu Feng couldnt help but twitch the corner of his mouth. How could such a large heritage ruin care so much about a few chests Chu Feng felt somewhat speechless.


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