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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 14 - Was It Biological?

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Chapter 14: Was It Biological

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In terms of talent, the Rock Behemoth was no weaker than the Wild Bear. In terms of skills, it was even more powerful. Chu Feng had observed before that the rock domain was also a top-level skill. It was probably as strong as the wild domain. As for rock control, it was ranked at the top even among top-level skills!

“Wild Bear.” Chu Fengs voice became much more serious. “The opponent youre about to face is a beast of the same bloodline. Apart from the wild domain, you can use all the other skills at will.”

This stage was undoubtedly a watershed for the Wild Bear. An advanced king bloodline! It was the same as the Wild Bears bloodline. Moreover, Chu Feng had a feeling that there was only one more stage left. He didnt want the Wild Bear to use all of its skills in the ninth stage.

In Chu Fengs opinion, even if the Rock Behemoth and the Wild Bear were of the same bloodline, as long as the Wild Bear went all out, it would be able to crush its opponent. That would not affect the experience points. No matter how powerful the Rock Behemoth was, it was only a level 10 awakening beast. If the Wild Bear went all out, it could easily kill an extraordinary-level within seconds!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bears expression was also very serious. Although it was regretful that it couldnt use its rights, this was the first time it was using the wild body skill in a battle as its opponent was worthy of being treated seriously!

The wild power spread and surged into the Wild Bears blood vessels. The sound of its heartbeat grew louder and louder, and the Wild Bears body was almost filled with blood.

Ten times giant transformation! Ten times great strength!

The Wild Bear now felt that it was invincible! A full twenty-six fold increase! And this didnt include the Wild Beasts increase in defense and speed. This was the effect of wild body! All attributes had been amplified!

Chu Feng nodded in agreement. Without a doubt, the Wild Bear was a pet beast that was good at fighting. Apart from its great strength, the rest of its skills were status skills! This meant that the Wild Bear had a very high limit!

The Rock Behenoth stared at the incomparably huge Wild Bear in front of it in a daze. However, it soon entered into a battle state!

Giant transformation! It also utilised giant transformation, but the Rock Behemoths giant transformation was only double the effect. Even though it was double the size, it was still very exaggerated. The Rock Behemoth was on all fours and was about the same height as the Wild Bear.

Chu Feng smiled. “This is the momentum of a battle between monsters!”

A large number of rocks condensed, fell and even floated in the air. Everything in the surroundings had been absorbed into the Rock Behemoths domain. The Wild Bear was quite helpless. If it could also use its wild domain, it would be able to suppress the rock domain in no time! They werent even on the same level!


The Wild Bear roared indignantly and pounced towards the Rock Behemoth. Its millstone-sized palm smashed heavily onto the Rock Behemoths body. The Wild Bear had almost undergone a qualitative change after using its wild body skill. Every heavy blow was able to cause the Rock Behemoths body to split open. The Rock Behemoth continuously resisted and controlled the rocks within its domain to smash towards the Wild Bear.

Chu Feng watched the intense battle in front of him and felt extremely shocked. The Wild Bear and the Rock Behemoth didnt even try to dodge each others attacks. Firstly, their huge and heavy bodies made it difficult for them to dodge each others attacks. Secondly, when one party began to dodge, the other party would seize the opportunity to attack to obtain victory.

Chu Feng watched silently. He was very confident in the Wild Bear. Even if it didnt use wild domain, the Wild Bears victory was certain.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Wild Bear felt its shoulders go numb from the fierce attacks.

The Rock Behemoths body was full of cracks, but it was tenaciously holding on. It was still relentlessly attacking the Wild Bear.

Rock control was truly terrifying. Every rock was like a sharp knife and a heavy hammer, causing the Wild Bear to feel pain.

The Wild Bear even wanted to retreat, but when it thought of Chu Feng who was behind, it felt that it could continue to hold on. The Wild Bear threw another punch. This punch contained all of the Wild Bears strength. It felt as if its body had been hollowed out, and it truly had no strength left!

The Wild Bear finally heaved a sigh of relief when it saw the Rock Behemoth slowly turn into specks of light and disappear. It plopped down on the ground.

“Awooo~!” The Wild Bear let out a wild roar filled with fighting spirit! It had won!


[The tenth stage, begin.]

[You can rest for an hour and get ready to challenge the final level.]

[If you succeed in the challenge, you will receive a huge reward!]

The voice of the ruins echoed in Chu Fengs mind. Chu Feng relaxed. The challenge was going to be over. The power of the challenge sprinkled down and healed the wounds on the Wild Bears body.

Chu Feng had been sitting beside the Wild Bear the whole time. When he saw that the Wild Bear had fallen asleep, he couldnt help but smile. He immediately put the Wild Bear back into his beast space. Suddenly, there was some sort of movement. Chu Feng was overjoyed. The Wild Bear had already advanced to level 7 of the awakening realm! High-intensity battles were indeed very beneficial to pet beasts!

The nurturing of pet beasts by Beastmasters was not just limited to the beast space. It also included training, battles and even more detailed training plans to the point of managing their daily diet. All of these could speed up the growth of their pet beasts. The Wild Bears advancement was both accidental and inevitable.

While Chu Feng was resting, the opponent of the tenth stage slowly appeared in front of them. After seeing this, Chu Feng couldnt help but feel doubtful. Could the Wild Bear win this battle

[Rock Behemoth]

[Level: Level 1 extraordiary]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: Top-level rock talent, top-level strength talent, high-level defensive talent]

[Skills: 1. Giant transformation, 2. Rock transformation, 3. Rock Domain, 4. Rock control]

The tenth stage! It was actually at the extraordinary level!

In the viewing area.

[There are three challengers.]

[One awakening-level, one extraordinary-level, one sovereign-level.]

[Challenger No. 80002, ninth stage cleared.]

Li Siyu and Sheng Nana looked at the display on the screen with their mouths wild open.

“Are you kidding me Chu Feng cleared the ninth stage That was an advanced king-level bloodline, a level 10 awakening beast!” Sheng Nana was extremely shocked, at the same time, her heart was somewhat bitter. When she was at the awakening level, she had stopped at the sixth stage. Clearly, Chu Fengs beast tamer talent was only at B-rank! That wasnt right!

Li Siyu was also very puzzled. “The ruins cant be wrong. Its just that Im not sure how Chu Feng did it.”

In the circle of geniuses in Diming city, the difficulty of the heritage ruins was well-known. Even an A-rank Beastmaster who was able to form a bond with a sovereign-level pet beast during the awakening period was considered very good. If it wasnt for the addition of a Beastmasters talent, many people wouldnt even be able to clear the third stage. But Chu Feng had directly cleared the stages to reach the tenth stage!

Principal Gao couldnt help but ask the Wild Bear King in the beast space again, “Are you sure its your biological son”

The Wild Bear King said, “Get lost!” But it also felt that something was wrong. It asked, “Didnt you take Little Wild Bear and that kid to the heritage site What happened to them”


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