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Feng Weiming was speechless.

Just now his biological father threatened him that he would kill his lover, and now his lover also said with a cruel face that he would kill his biological father.

What kind of black humor was this

Moreover, Mu Yixi’s serious face was similar to Chen Fu’s, obviously he was not joking.

Feng Weiming’s eyes sharpened, and he said coldly: “You dare to try to kill someone!” Dare to touch someone, tired of living

Mu Yixi flattened his mouth.

Who was he doing this for

Feng Weiming had a headache.

Why didn’t he find that Mu Yixi loved acting like a baby before And where was his moral bottom line Fighting back when you are hurt was a legitimate defense.

If you really cross that line by killing, it was impossible to turn back.

Feng Weiming didn’t want Mu Yixi to stain his hands with blood for him.

“I’m fine, don’t get your hands dirty.” Feng Weiming said lightly, “He is my biological father.”

Mu Yixi was taken aback: “What” He never dreamed that it was the answer!

Feng Weiming also felt that the truth he learned from Chen Fu was like a bolt from the blue.

If his character was not so indifferent, he would have jumped up earlier.

He softly told Mu Yixi the ins and outs of the matter.

Mu Yixi’s face kept changing with Feng Weiming’s narration.

Because this truth was really tortuous and surprising!

“…So, what I’ve been trying to find out all this time and it was him who was hiding behind Xu Qingli and the others” Mu Yixi asked awkwardly.

He spent so much effort and spent so many years trying to find out the faintly visible hand behind those people, but he didn’t expect that this hand was so close to them, and it was also inextricably linked with the people around him.

Feng Weiming nodded silently.

Chen Fu’s brilliance lied in the fact that he was never the one to take action.

He didn’t make any demands, but just handed out a knife.

Whoever had evil thoughts and couldn’t stand the temptation would take the knife in his hand and use it.

And because of his obsession with Mu Jiuqing, Chen Fu even passed the knife carelessly.

Revenge against Mu’s family was just a sliver of his obsession, the motivation for his survival after being disabled, because after falling in love with Mu Jiuqing at first sight, the focus of his life became Mu Jiuqing, and revenge just became a routine, which could not be brought to him.

If those people went too far, he was afraid that Mu Jiuqing would get angry if he found out that he was behind the scenes, so he even helped them.

Chen Fu kidnapped him in order to persuade him to keep his secret secret.

And because Mu Yixi’s years of open and unannounced visits finally touched his side, and he was noticed, so he wanted to tell Mu Yixi to stop through Feng Weiming.

Chen Fu was a seriously distorted, lawless and rebellious social element.

However, Mu Jiuqing was the only medicine that could suppress his condition, and it was also an absolutely effective special medicine.

Chen Fu was even willing to give up revenge for Mu Jiuqing, just asking Mu Jiuqing to never know the truth so that he could continue to be with him.

Mu Yixi had mixed feelings in his heart.

No wonder Xu Qingli and others had such great destructive power in the previous life.

It turned out that Chen Fu had always been behind the scenes.

Feng Weiming inherited his mother’s looks, but his father’s mind.

Fortunately, he did not experience the tragedies that Chen Fu experienced, and was raised by Mu Jiuqing as if he was afraid of him being hurt since he was a child.

He was arrogant and indifferent, but his thinking was not distorted and paranoid.

Mu Yixi hesitated for a moment: “But your mother…” The matter of Mu’s family did not cause too much harm after all, it was just a false alarm.

In the final analysis, although the tragedy of Chen Fu’s family was caused by Chen Fu’s father, it was also related to the Mu family.

Tit for tat, but the ending in this life was much better than the previous one.

Mu Yixi hated Chen Fu more because he kidnapped Feng Weiming, which made him panic.

But if Feng Weiming didn’t want to pursue it, could Mu Yixi still yell at his biological father It was just that Fang Yan was imprisoned by Chen Fu and died indirectly because of it.

Could Feng Weiming really let go

Feng Weiming sighed, a little disappointed: “I don’t even remember…” At that time, his mother took him out and they were in an accident.

Although he was protected by his mother and he was not injured, the fright he received also caused his personality to change, and he lost all his memory.

When Mu Jiuqing adopted him, he didn’t intend to tell him his life experience at all at first.

It wasn’t until Mu Jiuqing accidentally confided in him when he was five years old that he got to know that Mu Jiuqing adopted him and treated him well because he loved his mother deeply.

At that time, Feng Weiming thought that Mu Jiuqing was coveting a married woman, so had been at odds with him for many years.

Feng Weiming had very little impression of Fang Yan, and the crime against Fang Yan was committed by his own father, what could he do Feng Weiming also had no feelings for Chen Fu, he cared more about Mu Jiuqing.

Mu Jiuqing had entered his forties this year, and he was alone until he got together with Chen Fu.

He and Fang Yan hadn’t even been together, but Fang Yan had left a deep impression on his heart, affecting him for the rest of his life.

After going around and going around, Mu Jiuqing finally accepted Chen Fu and stayed with him.

Feng Weiming had never seen Mu Jiuqing show that kind of love-hate expression towards others.

His adoptive father really liked Chen Fu…

Feng Weiming couldn’t imagine what Mu Jiuqing and Chen Fu would become after knowing the truth.

So, he couldn’t say it.

Seeing that Feng Weiming rarely showed a little helplessness, Mu Yixi pondered slightly: “Don’t think too much.

Who is third uncle He and Chen Fu have known each other for many years.

I don’t believe he really didn’t notice it at all.” Mu Jiuqing had been in charge of the overseas Mu family for many years, and he could straighten out such complicated relationships inside.

In the overseas Mu family, he had one-sidedly suppressed others, and even Mu Jiurong couldn’t please him.

How could such a character really know nothing about his lover’s situation

Feng Weiming had a fan filter for him and thus he saw his adoptive father as a fragile old bachelor.

Mu Yixi’s words were like a blow to the head, Feng Weiming was shocked, and suddenly realized something.

With Mu Jiuqing’s character, it was really impossible for him to fall for Chen Fu without knowing anything about it.

Besides, looking at Chen Fu’s useless appearance in front of Mu Jiuqing who couldn’t even tell a lie, how could he completely hide it from the shrewd Mu Jiuqing

It was more likely that Mu Jiuqing knew some, but not everything, and what he knew was enough for him to willingly indulge Chen Fu… For example, the matter of Fang Yan.

After so many years, Mu Jiuqing really valued a relationship that was too late to start this much

Feng Weiming was a little confused.

The conclusion after deep thinking was a stronger intuition that could not be explained.

So many things, it was rare for him to be confused.

At least Feng Weiming believed that with Mu Jiuqing’s restraint, the possibility of Chen Fu continuing to make trouble behind the scenes would be infinitely reduced.

“Do you want to take revenge on Chen Fu” Feng Weiming asked Mu Yixi.

The existence of Chen Fu used to be a thorn in Mu Yixi’s heart.

He knew that Mu Yixi had always wanted to find out the behind-the-scenes mastermind who was trying to harm the Mu family, so he spent a lot of energy dealing with his biological mother.

Mu Yixi shook his head.

Knowing that it was Chen Fu, and with Mu Jiuqing’s invisible guarantee that he would not do harm to others, he had untied the knot from his previous life.

That was enough.

Based on the world, the Mu family would never lack enemies.

If Chen Fu was missing, there would still be a Li Fu and Zhang Fu.

It was impossible for him to wipe out all the enemies.

And these were headaches for Mu Jiurong, Mu Yiqi and others.

He was going to live a new life, he did what he could, and he had no regrets so far.

Next, he should live his own, brand-new life.

And after these things and almost losing Feng Weiming, Mu Yixi suddenly realized a problem – he looked at Feng Weiming, and said very seriously: “Mingming, I have found out that I love you…”


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