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In the wilderness, a group of huge beasts galloped south along the vast plain with a rumbling sound.

At the edge of the desert, there was a very tall black stone platform.

This platform was made of black stones from top to bottom.

If one looked carefully, they would be able to see the fine cracks formed by the large stones stacked together.

At the top of the stone platform was a square platform five meters square.

Five or six people were standing on the square platform and looking into the distance.

“City Lord, as long as our fortress is built, it will be enough to withstand the attack of tens of thousands of Spirit Transformation Realm demon beasts at the same time.

Not only is there a very tight defense array set up, but there is also a very complicated maze structure.

Let these demon beasts come in batches and break them one by one.”

“Moreover, the entire fortress is made of the hardest obsidian.

This strength is enough to deal with a very large-scale war.”

There were a total of three people in the designer team.

They proudly introduced their latest work to Hu Jiujiu.

It was in the direction where the tens of thousands of demon beasts were attacking.

The demon beasts ran very smoothly in front, but after arriving beside the fortress, they suddenly slowed down completely, as if something was blocking their path and it was difficult for them to move.

The demon beasts in front were blocked by the thick wall and array formation.

The demon beasts behind were still squeezing forward, causing the demon beasts to be in chaos.

They were struck by thousands of huge demon beasts at the same time.

However, the frontmost array emitted an extremely intense black light that carried an extremely heavy feeling.

It forcefully blocked this attack and successfully blocked the first demon beast.

The three main designers looked at Hu Jiujiu proudly, as if they were proud of their design.

These three fellows were also the latest talents.

There were many talents in Ping City now, especially after the academy was successfully established.

Many people were eager to sign up.

Not only were the students full, but the number of professors was also increasing very quickly.

This was their foundation.

There were also many people who were very willing to come to Ping City after knowing the reputation of Ping City.

This also increased their ability to attract talents.

These three designers had come together.

They had a certain level of research on the structure of buildings and array formations.

After studying at a deeper level in the academy, they had the opportunity to use it like this.

“Its okay.”

Hu Jiujiu nodded slightly, as if she was quite satisfied with the work in front of her.

It did not look bad.

The designers were encouraged when they saw this.

“City Lord, you dont know.

We worked overtime every day for this place.

We spent a lot of effort.”

“Why did you tell the City Lord that”

“Today is the time to be happy.

We should say something happy.”

There were also some disagreements in their small group of three.

While the group of people was chatting enthusiastically, there was someone in the corner who did not seem to be liked by many.

He stood there alone and watched the group of demon beasts attack the fortress.

No one knew what he was thinking.

This person was Li Yuanqing.

As Hu Jiujius follower, he had come to this place to observe and inspect the newly built Southern Fortress.

It had been three months since he locked up that puppet.

Although these three months seemed long, they passed in the blink of an eye.

Many things had happened in the past three months, but those terrifying people had never returned.

Although there were no more twists and turns during this period of time, Li Yuanqing still placed great importance on strengthening the fortress.

He had always emphasized the importance of strengthening the defense.

Therefore, all the humans in the Catacombs were busy building various fortresses.

Now, all kinds of defensive fortresses were being built from Ping City to Sea City to Rong City.

Although they did not know the exact use of building so many fortresses, they were still very happy to throw themselves into these things under the encouragement of the higher-ups.

“Youve indeed done well, but there are still some areas that can be improved.” Hu Jiujiu has been smiling at them just now and doesnt seem to have any serious considerations.

Now, she suddenly changed the topic and said to them.

These designers originally thought that their design was already very perfect and that even the City Lord could not find any fault with it.

In the end, they were suddenly splashed with cold water and were instantly speechless.

“Its fine.

Since the City Lord said that there are still problems, well go back and change them.”

The main structure of these defensive fortresses was carried out according to the plan provided by Li Yuanqing, so generally speaking, there would be no problem.

However, the problem was elsewhere.

“Although your overall structure and materials are all according to standards and you didnt make any major mistakes, the problem is the cooperation of the array formation.

“Your obsidian materials are completely not placed on the focus of the array formation, causing a certain degree of chaos in the array formation when it is attacked by demon beasts.”

Hu Jiujiu pointed at the beast tide that had already dispersed.

These demon beasts had already become their livestock.

Seeing that the fortress in front of them was too sturdy and could not be broken through at all, these demon beasts tactfully returned the way they came.

They felt like they were being played like this a few times a day, but they obediently ran over every time.

The designers listened in fear and did not dare to say anything.

“During the first wave of the beast tide, we could clearly see obvious fluctuations in the array formation structure in front of the fortress.

This also caused the array formation to consume too much energy at the beginning.

“What does it mean if the energy is lost in an unstable form You know what it means, right”

The lead designer lowered his head like a primary school student who had made a mistake and replied obsequiously, “If the energy is unstable in a short period of time, it will cause a certain vacuum in the defense.”

“Thats the problem.

We pursue extreme stability.

Everything else should be put at the end.

If you cant even achieve the most basic stability after building a fortress, what use is it”

“City Lord, we know our mistake, but in our opinion, its enough to use this strength to deal with the demon beasts in this Catacombs.

Isnt it a waste to use more”

Hu Jiujiu glared at them unhappily and said, “How many times have I told you The enemies we have to face are not these weak ones.

We have to face countless, we dont know how powerful, people.

How many of you can survive with such an attitude when you really fight them”

While they were being scolded here, one of them carefully looked to the side and realized that the strange follower who had been standing there just now had already disappeared.

He had actually fled.

In the Immortal World.

Daoist Bai Mei gritted his teeth and looked at the little doll in front of him.

He had spent a lot of effort to put his proud work in the lower realm.

He thought that he would be able to easily take down those people in the lower realm and deal with them properly.

However, he did not expect to be played by them and become like this.


The puppet returned to being only a meter tall and stood in front of Daoist Bai Mei without saying a word.

The little guy stammered as if he wanted to say something to defend himself, but Daoist Bai Mei did not listen to his nonsense.

“Whats the point of saying all this now A weak human kid played you like this and was even tricked into the Devil Realm.

Do you know who owns the Devil Realm You messed up the Devil Realm to this extent.

Im going back to clean up your mess!”

No wonder Daoist Bai Mei was so angry.

Although it seemed like three months had passed in the lower realm, it had only been three days with him.

In the past three days, the puppet seemed to have gone crazy.

It killed all the gangs of various sizes in the Devil World and almost overturned the entire Devil World.

Eighty percent of the Devil Worlds population was lost.

If not for Black Dragon coming to inform him, probably not a single one of them would have been left alive.

The Devil Realm was under the name of the Azure Dragon Lord.

Now that his puppet had turned his assets into such a state, the Azure Dragon Lord would not let it go.

However, he knew that it was useless to scold this kid.

This guy was so straightforward.

He would not keep things that were too complicated by his side.

Everything he did was for the Black Dragon to see.

The Black Dragon was sitting at the side.

He had specially come today to discuss how to make up for the Azure Dragon Lord.

However, after Daoist Bai Mei brought this kid back, he kept scolding him.

Black Dragon knew very well that this guy was putting on a show for him.

“Alright, Bai Mei, how can you still have the time to argue with this kid at a time like this Why dont you think about what to do next Moreover, arent you going to explain to me why it ended up like this I saw that you seemed to be quite confident before, so I handed the lower realm to you to manage.

However, I didnt expect you to not even be able to deal with such a human.”

Black Dragon came today mainly to watch the show.

He was originally prepared to enter seclusion, but he did not expect such a thing to happen halfway.

Fortunately, he received the alarm in time.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable if the Azure Dragon Lord discovered him first.

Daoist Bai Meis face turned red.

He looked at Black Dragon and said, “I was careless.

I didnt expect this kid to have such strength.

Give me some more time and I will definitely be taken down by this kid.

You dont have to worry about anything else!”

Black Dragon was unhappy.

He looked at him and said, “Bai Mei, why dont you know You turned my lower realm upside down for no reason.

Do you still expect me to believe you”

“I know that I was indeed a little careless this time and gave that guy some chances, but overall, the progress is still very smooth.

Ive already figured out the background of the lower realm.

As long as I go again, Ill definitely be able to uproot the human group led by Li Yuanqing.”

“At that time, there wont be a single human in the lower realm.

Just leave your subordinates down there to train.”

Black Dragon nodded and smiled at him.

“I say, Bai Mei, youre too good at avoiding the important.”

“Then what else do you want” Bai Mei spread his hands as if he was about to quit.

“Things have already come to this.

Since I promised not to accept anything, Ill help you clean up this mess.

What else do you want”

“I dont want to do anything.

Its just that that kid broke all my spirit mines.

I lost a lot of harvest.”

“Thats your own business.

What does it have to do with me”

“How can it be unrelated If you hadnt caused such a commotion, would things have ended up like this”

Bai Mei knew that he was unlucky this time.

It was really infuriating that something that had nothing to do with him could be blamed on him.

“Then tell me what to do.

In any case, things have already happened.

Ill accept my bad luck.”

Black Dragon smiled and looked at Bai Mei.

“Bai Mei, weve been friends for so many years.

Why do you make it sound so ugly Its as if I want to force you into a dead end.”

“Come on, dont I know what youre thinking What do you want Just say it.”

“Actually, I want to give you a benefit.”

“What benefit”

Bai Mei glared at Black Dragon warily.

Other than scamming people, Black Dragon usually scammed people.

When would he take the initiative to give benefits to others

“You also know that Li Yuanqing has a real Dharma treasure in his hands.

Im not interested in that Dharma treasure anymore, so Ill give it all to you.

Not only that Dharma treasure, but Ill also give you the entire Demon Realm.”

Bai Meis face darkened.

He vaguely felt that something was wrong, but he could not tell what was wrong.

“Are you so kind as to give me your precious Demon Realm for no reason”

“Bai Mei, what are you saying How many years have we been brothers How can you question our relationship just because of a mere Demon Realm”

“Dont give me that **.”

Black Dragon stood up indifferently.

“I wont say anything else.

Anyway, Ive already mentioned this to you.

I only have a small request.”

“See Hurry up and tell me your request.

Everyone will be more open.”

Black Dragon looked around Bai Meis cave abode before his gaze landed on the puppet.

“I think your little thing is quite useful.”

“What are you thinking This is my treasure.

I cant give it to you!”

Black Dragon curled his lips and strode out.

“Do as you deem fit.

In any case, I feel that the treasures on Li Yuanqing are much more precious than your little things.”


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