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Chapter 3291: Submission

Someone of your strength doesn’t normally interest me!

The three experts immediately narrowed their eyes when they heard the contempt in Jian Chen’s indifferent voice.

Immediately, Xia Jianming and the two Primordial realm experts from the Xiong family and Zhen family began to study Jian Chen in an extremely cautious manner.

The senses of their souls also enveloped and lingered around him.

But with any exception, none of them could tell whether Jian Chen was telling the truth or not.

Instead, the spiritual beast mount under him was indeed a Saint Emperor.

Normally, even Deities that were no different from ants in their eyes would not be interested in a spiritual beast of that level.

It completely conflicted with his status.

As a result, the three of them struggled to believe that he was a supreme expert when taking the mount into account.

If it were not for the fact that Jian Chen had withstood an attack from the Infinite Prime of the Zhan family and remained unscathed, the three of them never would have treated him as a supreme expert.

“Sir, who exactly are you” the Infinite Prime of the Xiong family asked sternly, except he was filled with doubts.

The Wood Spirits World was not particularly large.

There were very few people who could reach the Primordial realm, and basically every one of them had earned a name for themselves.

Even First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes were not exceptions.

However, when he thought through those people closely, he discovered that this person on the spiritual beast matched none of the Primordial realm experts of the Wood Spirits World.

Jian Chen completely ignored the Primordial realm expert from the Xiong clan’s question.

He stared straight at Xia Jianming.

His eyes were calm, without any perturbations inside them.

Including Xia Jianming, the three of them were all Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

Strength like that was indeed not enough to interest him.

If it were not for the fact that Xia Jianming had a merchant union under his control, able to provide him with convenience to a certain degree, he would not even be bothered with saving Xia Jianming.

“A thousand years of your loyalty in return for your survival today.

Do you accept or decline My patience is limited.

I don’t have that much time to waste here with you.

I’m asking you one last time,” Jian Chen said to Xia Jianming.

“The two of them are trying to kill me.

Are you certain you can handle them” Xia Jianming glanced at Jian Chen’s petrified legs in doubt.

His legs were disabled, and he rode on a low level spiritual beast that was completely beneath Xia Jianming’s attention.

No matter how he looked at him, he did not possess the bearing of an expert.

“Of course!” Jian Chen said easily and calmly.

When he heard that, the Infinite Prime of the Zhan family’s eyes immediately turned cold, erupting with killing intent.

He said icily, “You want to play tricks Then show us your strength.

Let’s see whether you can back up your words.”

The Infinite Prime from the Zhan family immediately struck out.

The power of laws surged from him, immediately conjuring a towering, green tree.

He arrived in front of Jian Chen with a flash and waved his hands around as if he was creating a sky full of branches to pierce Jian Chen.

Faced with a mysterious figure that he was unable to properly understand or see through, the Infinite Prime from the Zhan family did not dare to be careless.

He used his full strength right from the beginning, completely erupting with his strength as a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

The Infinite Prime from the Xiong family did not take part.

He stood nearby to prevent Xia Jianming from escaping while paying close attention to the clash between the expert of the Zhan family and Jian Chen.

Xia Jianming also concentrated on the battle between Jian Chen and the expert of the Zhan family.

He wanted to see just how powerful this disabled youngster was.

After all, he rode a low-level spiritual beast, yet he behaved so arrogantly.

However, their clash was not as intense as they imagined it to be.

Jian Chen just sat on the back of the spiritual beast and casually reached out.

Immediately, the towering tree condensed from the laws behind the Primordial realm expert of the Zhan family collapsed.

The branches condensed from the power energy immediately vanished without a trace.

The Primordial realm expert from the Zhan family was now held up in the air by the neck by a single hand from Jian Chen.

His face was bright-red, while his eyes were wide open, filled with great fear and disbelief.

In the moment earlier, the Infinite Prime from the Zhan family had still been radiating with might, unleashing the devastating power of a Primordial realm expert.

Yet in the blink of an eye, he had been easily grabbed by the neck by Jian Chen like an ant.

At the same time, he was immobilised.

The tremendous power within his body could not be used either.

The powerful Laws of Space restrained him, such that he was hoisted up mid-air by Jian Chen like a dead dog.

The Infinite Prime from the Xiong family and Xia Jianming both shuddered at this sight.

Their eyes immediately narrowed, and their faces were also filled with disbelief.

The Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime ancestor of the Zhan family had been captured so easily

This was far too unbelievable to both Xia Jianming and the Infinite Prime of the Xiong family.

“You’re a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, yet you’re still thinking of testing me You’re too weak.” Jian Chen shook his head gently.

He held the ancestor of the Zhan family by the neck before slamming his head down.

Immediately, the ancestor of the Zhan family’s eyes lost their glow, and the signs of life rapidly vanished from his body.

He collapsed on the ground limply.

His soul had been destroyed.

A Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime really was no different from an ant before Jian Chen.

Even though he was heavily injured right now and his strength had declined severely, a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime still could not shake him.

Gazing at the ancestor of the Zhan family on the ground, the Infinite Prime from the Xiong family and Xia Jianming both blanked out, as they could tell that he was already dead.

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In the blink of an eye, an expert with the same cultivation as them had perished so easily.

The sight had an unimaginable impact on them.

“I, Xia Jianming, am willing to serve senior faithfully.” Xia Jianming recovered.

He immediately adjusted himself mentally and bowed deeply towards Jian Chen with a trembling heart, saying politely, “Greetings, master!”

The Primordial realm expert from the Xiong family immediately paled.

He glanced at Jian Chen in fright before immediately fleeing into the distance as quickly as he could.

The ancestor of the Zhan family’s death had already frightened him out of his wits.

Before the disabled young man, even mighty Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes could not offer up any resistance.

That was far too terrifying.

“Don’t call me master.

I’m just getting you to serve me for a thousand years.

After those thousand years, you’ll be free.” Jian Chen smiled faintly.

He had only arrived in the Wood Spirits World recently and his body was in trouble, so being able to subdue a Primordial realm expert to serve him would save him a lot of trouble.

“I promised you earlier that I would keep you safe for a thousand years.

Now, it’s time for me to uphold my word.” Jian Chen waved his finger through the air.

Immediately, a spatial crack appeared.

In the next moment, the Primordial realm expert of the Xiong family who had already fled actually rushed out of the spatial crack with the same posture as before, like he was swiftly fleeing for his life.


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