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Chapter 2312: Add Fuel To The Fire

After all, the hijacking of the cruise ship did not happen in Luo City, but the professor and the students were missing from there.

Nobody knew who discovered the identities of the two missing people a day after the case was reported.

Professor Ouyang, who had been transferred from Nanjiang Medical University, was the medical worlds star.

Many people knew him through his students.

The disappearance of such a professor gave the local cops a headache.

They were not expecting the students identity to be even more impressive.

She was the Divine Doctors student!

The entire city, even University L, was overturned to find them.

The identity of the young Miss Jiang astounded everyone.

Lu Xingzhi had not returned to the army base in a few days.

When he returned, he would visit the chiefs office.

He would either inquire about any new developments or request that more people search for his wife, who had been missing for a few days.

He did not stay in the army base for the night.

He would remain in the hospital after leaving the base.

To make it appear genuine, he stopped taking the medicine Jiang Yao had left for him.

Every day, the hospitals doctors and nurses would look after him.

The hospitals doctors and nurses were also competent.

The doctors would call the army base the moment Lu Xingzhi left the hospital.

They would scold him and inquire where Lu Xingzhi had gone, regardless of who answered the phone.

He was covered in wounds.

Was he willing to lose consciousness again so no one could find him, or would he run all the way back from the hospital, all his wounds ruptured

That was because army personnel knew that Lu Xingzhis injuries were still severe.

However, in order to find his wife, he fled the hospital without regard for his own body.

Everyone was concerned about Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhi was looking for Lu Xingzhi, so naturally, it was impossible for Master Chengs people not to put on an act.

Perhaps not many people knew about the relationship between Jiang Yao and Madam Cheng.

Still, many people knew that Master Cheng had dealings with Lu Xingzhi, especially when he brought his whole family to visit her on the day of Jiang Yaos birthday.

So, Master Chengs people had been contacting Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi, who had failed yet again after being dragged back by the doctor, was sitting on the bed with his phone.

He was texting Jiang Yao to console his yearning.

Then, someone pushed the door open.

When Lu Xingzhi looked up, he saw it was Master Cheng.

‘Youre texting Yaoyao” Master Cheng knew what Lu Xingzhi was doing from the way he held his phone.

Since Jiang Yao went to his place, Jiang Yao had been holding her phone and texting for a very long time every day.

It was apparent that she was texting Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yaos original phone was turned off, so Master Cheng got her a new phone.

Everyone knew that number, and no one would suspect Lu Xingzhi if he refused to let go of his phone at that critical moment.

He was in a hurry to keep in touch with the people looking for his wife.

‘Yes.” Lu Xingzhi could not wait to learn how Jiang Yao spent her 24 hours a day.

When Moe was by Jiang Yaos side, he would often take advantage of Jiang Yaos lack of attention to send him a message to let him know if Jiang Yao was in a good mood.

Even though he had learned about Jiang Yaos situation from Moe and Big Ke., he still went through the trouble of asking Jiang Yao to hear her answer.

“Its almost time for us to leave the city.

Its time to tell Jindo City to add fuel to the fire..”

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