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Chapter 2310: Acting

Lu Xingzhi wanted to chase after Mrs.

Jiang, but he could not take a step forward.

Then, he looked at the chief.

“Chief, please put more people on this case.”

“Dont worry.” The chief patted Lu Xingzhis shoulder to comfort him.

“Go back and rest.

Otherwise, when your wife comes back and sees you like this, she will be worried too.”

Lu Xingzhi nodded and left the chiefs office with a dejected look.

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, he walked home weakly.


Jiang was already at home.

Her eyes were red as she sat on the sofa, wiping her tears.

When she saw Lu Xingzhi, she asked, “Was my acting okay just now No one saw through it, right”


Jiang started crying when Lu Xingzhi told her she had a part to play.

Initially, she could not cry.

However, no one could see through her acting when she thought about if Jiang Yao had really gone missing.

Her emotions rose, and she could not hold back her tears anymore.

“No, your acting was excellent,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“You dont have to go out for the next two days.

Just stay at home.

Ill leave the base later.

When Im not around, no one will come and disturb you.”

“Youre going out Didnt Yaoyao forbid you from running around Mrs.

Jiang shook her head.

“Your injuries havent healed yet.

Where are you going

“Our acting is good.

But my wife is supposed to be missing.

As long as Im not dead, I wont stay idle, and everyone knows that.

They know Ill be investigating the case.

Just dont tell Yaoyao.”

Lu Xingzhi handed the phone to Mrs.

Jiang and dialed a number.

“I cant get through to my wife.

Please call Master Cheng.”

‘Okay.” Mrs.

Jiang was about to ask Lu Xingzhi to call Master Cheng to ask about Jiang Yaos situation.

‘Yaoyao has been at Master Chengs place for a long time.

Shell be fine with Ah Lu,n Lu Xingzhi said.

Other than the army base, Master Chengs place was probably the only safe place.

Master Cheng was probably waiting for Lu Xingzhis call; he picked up almost immediately.

“Its me.

Wheres Yaoyao” Mrs.

Jiang quickly asked.

A few seconds later, Jiang Yaos soft voice came from the phone.

“Mom, Im here.

Dont worry, Im fine.”

“Youre okay” Mrs.

Jiang was relieved knowing that Jiang Yao was fine with Master Cheng and the others.

Master Cheng and Madam Cheng would take good care of Jiang Yao, and Madam Chengs cooking skills were also excellent.

Madam Cheng would also cook for Jiang Yao if she wanted to eat.

She was not afraid that Jiang Yao would go hungry.

“Mom, wheres Xingzhi Is he being good Did he run around” Jiang Yao was indeed living quite comfortably at the moment.

Madam Cheng had personally cooked dinner for her, and she was full.

She had also played with Cheng Jinnian.

At that moment, Cheng Jinnian sat with her , puffing his stomach and drinking yogurt with her.


Jiang glanced at Lu Xingzhi.

He had already put on his coat and was about to leave with his car keys, but Mrs.

Jiang eventually nodded and said, “He didnt go anywhere.

He just took me to the chiefs office to put on a show and came back.”Please read new chapter at Bon n o v e l.com


Jiang and Jiang Yao exchanged a few words before handing the phone to Lu Xingzhi..

Lu Xingzhi took the phone and said, “Did you miss me

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