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Villainous Poor Student (37)

The security measures around Song parents’ house in a wealthy suburban area are very good, and now that Song parents have made arrangements with the security guards and property owners, it is difficult for Song Xu Yi to sneak out of the house.

After thinking for a while, Song Xu Yi decided to switch sides and said that she wanted to sleep at He Siyu’s house at night on the pretext of wanting to bond with her sister.

Song Xu Yi’s parents refused at first, but after Song Xu Yi’s persuasion, they finally relented and allowed Song Xu Yi to sleep at He Siyu’s home for the night, thinking that both Officer He and Auntie Wang were good, decent people.

The day before, Song Xu Yi told He Siyu the news during class.

He Siyu was extremely happy to hear the news.

She was usually quiet and couldn’t help but say more at this time: “Auntie Wang, should I dry an extra quilt Xu Yi likes to eat fresh meat wontons and meat buns, she also likes spicy food, but her mother forbids her to eat them…”

“Why do you need an extra quilt” He Siyu, who was usually mature and understanding, showed such a childish behavior for the first time.

Auntie Wang was somewhat relieved, so she smiled and rubbed He Siyu’s head, “It’s a happy thing for little sisters to chat under one quilt.

We’ll have small wontons and meat buns tomorrow morning…”

He Siyu nodded shyly and started thinking about what to talk about with Song Xu Yi in the evening.

She was a little frustrated at the thought: she had been so busy studying all day, she couldn’t think of anything to talk to Song Xu Yi about except her studies…


It was with great anticipation that He Siyu finally waited for the next evening.

In April, people were already wearing short sleeves on the coast, and He Siyu changed the bedding, first washed her hair and took a shower and changed into pajamas, usually He Siyu always wore long shirts, and Auntie Wang had taken care of her wishes, but the pajamas were mainly comfortable, and all that Auntie Wang had prepared for her was a small floral nightgown with suspenders.

After bidding farewell to the driver who had come and pick her up at eight o’clock tomorrow morning towards He Siyu, Song Xu Yi greeted Auntie Wang with a smile and then carried her bulging bag into He Siyu’s room.

He Siyu was doing her homework with her back to the door, Song Xu Yi originally wanted to walk in silently to scare her, however almost as soon as Song Xu Yi reached the door, He Siyu turned her head.

Over the past few months, He Siyu’s height had begun to rise, and she was already taller than Song Xu Yi.

Her hair had also lost its dryness and frizz and had become dark and silky.

The girl was wearing a halter top floral nightgown, her arms were slim and snow white, her features were delicate and bright, and she turned around and smiled when she saw Song Xu Yi.

Song Xu Yi couldn’t help but return a smile, and her heart was infinitely filled with emotion: the current He Siyu was really as wonderful as a little princess!

However, when she got closer, Song Xu Yi felt some heartache: the halter dress clearly revealed the scars on He Siyu’s body that had not yet fully healed, especially the scar on her left arm that was left by the boiling water, which looked striking against He Siyu’s pale skin.

Noticing Song Xu Yi’s gaze, He Siyu froze, then quickly donned the small jacket on the chair to cover the scars and changed the subject: “Xu Yi, you’re here, do you want to take a shower first I bought a new shower gel, it’s the peach scent you like…”

Next time, she has to gift Siyu some scar removal cream.

With this in mind, Song Xu Yi placed her bag on the chair, shook her head, took out the rope ladder she had prepared long ago in her bag, and confessed her plan to He Siyu:

He Siyu’s house was on the first floor of the flat, with the window facing the yard, and underneath the window was a pile of miscellaneous things, and there was no street light next to it, so it was actually particularly easy to sneak around at night.

Song Xu Yi planned to sneak out at night to catch the last bus to the office to work overtime.

Song Xu Yi had calculated everything, but she didn’t expect He Siyu, who had always been a soft-spoken person, to turn white when she heard Song Xu Yi’s plan: “No, it’s too dangerous, I can still accept it a little if you go out during the day, but at night…”

Song Xu Yi said no, but He Siyu refused, and even blocked the window with a face full of stubbornness.

Seeing the time passing, the last bus was past ten o’clock, Song Xu Yi had no choice but to hug He Siyu’s waist and start pouting, “Sister Siyu, I really want to earn money, this is really important to me, let me go out at night…”

Under the deliberate nurturing of the Song family, Song Xu Yi has rounded out a bit during this time, her cheeks with baby fat, the skin on her face looking delicate, her eyes looking blearily at He Siyu…

He Siyu couldn’t stand such a look from Song Xu Yi, she clenched her lower lip and abruptly averted her eyes, her tone easing as she looked at Song Xu Yi again, “Unless you promise that I will go with you…”

Song Xu Yi originally did not want to say yes, but now she could not help but nod reluctantly, thinking that she would run when He Siyu went out to change her clothes…

“Wait for me to get changed——”

However, He Siyu was afraid that Song Xu Yi would run away first, so she simply put Song Xu Yi’s bag next to her own and started to change her clothes in the room with her back to Song Xu Yi.

“What happened to the most basic trust between people”

Song Xu Yi did not expect her thoughts to be seen through by He Siyu, so she could only stand by the window and pout to the system while waiting for He Siyu to finish changing her clothes.

“Shameless, pouting like a child!”

The system’s tone took on a bit of contempt, feeling that with each world that passed, it refreshed its perception of Song Xu Yi.

Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth and wanted very much to hack the system, and by this time He Siyu had already changed her clothes and carried her school bag, and the two of them gingerly set up a rope ladder by the window and climbed down.

The two caught the last bus to the industrial park.

The last bus had only a few people left, the lights were turned off in the bus, the neon outside the window lit up Song Xu Yi’s quiet side face, He Siyu pursed her lips and frowned, a bit puzzled why she was so impulsive, actually followed Song Xu Yi and ran out…

At this moment, Song Xu Yi was lying on her chair with a flashlight, writing her improvement plan, and did not notice He Siyu’s little preoccupation.

He Siyu turned her head and looked at Song Xu Yi, carefully reached out and touched the soft hair of Song Xu Yi, remembering the way Song Xu Yi had pampered her before, and sighed gently:

If she did it again, she probably still wouldn’t be able to stand Song Xu Yi’s pampering of her…

The two arrived at Song Xu Yi’s temporary company after 11pm.

With Mr.

Zhao’s investment, Song Xu Yi’s OSN has more than doubled in size, however, everything was chaotic in the beginning stage and now it is in the time of rapid expansion.

Song Xu Yi spent most of her time after going over there helping with packing, dealing with after-sales and orders, and then finding problems from them and summarizing them for submission…

/// OSN – Online Supermarket Neighborhood | Name too long so I’ll be using this

He Siyu joined in to help.

But she was more alert than Song Xu Yi and kept in mind the time of the first bus and dragged her to wait for it as soon as the time came.

And on the way back He Siyu perfected Song Xu Yi’s plan, bought some vegetables at the vegetable market and did not use the rope ladder, but opened the door directly with the key and went back home.

The two ran into Auntie Wang, who had gotten up in the morning, and He Siyu blurted out a lie without changing her face: “We went out for a run this morning and bought groceries on the way——”

Perhaps it was because He Siyu usually acted extremely obedient and well-behaved that Auntie Wang did not suspect that He Siyu was lying.

Song Xu Yi was dumbfounded by this series of actions:

He Siyu lives up to her reputation as a highly intelligent villain in the plot summary!

Because of the busy night, Song Xu Yi slept on her desk most of the time during class the next day, and the tutors didn’t mind her, as long as Song Xu Yi didn’t go out and run, which in their opinion was already a very good situation.

He Siyu, on the other hand, was still in high spirits, as if nothing had happened:

During the hellish days in the village, He Siyu often stayed up all night and rarely slept, and she had long since become accustomed to the insomnia.

But when Song Xu Yi had slept enough, she looked at He Siyu, who was studying hard, and decided that this was not a good idea, as He Siyu was at a critical stage of her development and could not stay up late like herself.

So, Song Xu Yi thought about not allowing He Siyu to follow her at night and started to persuade her to stay at home, but He Siyu was very determined, no matter how Song Xu Yi acted pampered to He Siyu, she would not relent and in turn persuaded Song Xu Yi to take a break at night.

In the end, Song Xu Yi reluctantly gave in and set up two cots in her office, on which the two rested for a few hours each night.

Little did Song Xu Yi know that when she fell asleep, He Siyu would still be up every night to help.


After the two persisted in this way for a month or two, Mr.

Zhao found out about the two sneaking out at night, and while laughing in tears, he relented and gave 10% of the profits to Song Xu Yi, while telling her not to sneak out again at night.

But at this time it was a period of ultra-high-speed development of OSN, and many things had to be decided by Song Xu Yi, who was worried about the development of the company and still sneaked off to the industrial park at night from time to time.

The time just flew by and soon it was September.

After a year of intensive remedial study, Song parents originally thought that the two girls would be able to make up for their knowledge up to grade 5 or 6, but no one expected that both girls would have completed their primary school curriculum.

So after a few rounds of entrance exams, Song Xu Yi and He Siyu went straight to the local junior high school to start their studies.

After entering junior high school, there was a placement test.

Song Xu Yi was so determined to start her own business that she did not want to excel in academics, so she planned to hide her strength and enter an ordinary class, but He Siyu was not aware of her plans, she was so determined to study in the same class as Song Xu Yi that she thought she would be placed in Class A, the best class in the school, so she began to work hard day and night, but she did not expect that after the results came out she would be placed in Class A as she had hoped, but Song Xu Yi was placed in Class F.

After seeing the results, He Siyu did not feel happy at all when she got into class A.

She went home and started to do her homework, and even in the evening when Song Xu Yi came, He Siyu did not say anything as usual.

Originally, Song Xu Yi had planned to go to the office this night, but to her surprise, it was raining heavily outside when she arrived at He Siyu’s house, as typhoons often occur in the coastal area, so for safety reasons, Song Xu Yi had to sleep in He Siyu’s room this night.

Song Xu Yi took a shower, rolled around on He Siyu’s bed, and carefully surveyed He Siyu’s small room, finding that He Siyu’s room was really extremely clean and tidy, with books neatly arranged according to size, the creases in them smoothed out, and towels neatly folded…

Thinking about the messy appearance of her room, Song Xu Yi started to praise He Siyu again on a regular basis, “Sister Siyu, your room is so clean…”

However, Song Xu Yi did not see He Siyu’s slightly coy smile as she usually did in the past, He Siyu sat at her desk with her head down and did not speak.

It was only then that Song Xu Yi noticed that something was wrong and hurriedly jumped off the bed to run to the desk, only to find that He Siyu’s eyes were red, as if she had just cried——

“What’s wrong”

Song Xu Yi’s heart ‘thumped’ as she glanced around and saw the crumpled class placement list on He Siyu’s desk.

“She was expecting to be in the same class as you, but you got into class F without saying a word!” The system in her head spoke out coolly, it didn’t expect the villain of this world to be so honest either, it made it a little heartbroken.

Is it because of this

Song Xu Yi froze for a moment, looking at He Siyu, who had turned her head away and said “nothing” in a muffled voice, and felt incomparably guilty.

It was her fault.

Raising children is not only about material abundance, but also about their mental needs, and she has really neglected Siyu’s mental state for some time now.

Song Xu Yi, who was planning to go back and buy some parenting books to study, reassured He Siyu, “I’m sorry, Siyu, I didn’t tell you that I’m going to Class F.

You know that I’m secretly starting a company to earn money, and if I’m in Class A, I can’t easily skip classes later…”

And she plans to skip classes later

He Siyu forgot to even get angry and looked back at Song Xu Yi in surprise.

Looking at He Siyu’s surprised eyes, Song Xu Yi was a little vain, but afraid of further misunderstanding in the future because of this matter, she still clarified her plans: “Siyu, I think my company is much more important than my studies at this stage, only when the company is founded can I realise my dream, so most of my energy will be spent on the company, and in many years to come, I will probably put the company more than anything else.”

“But you’re not like me, most people’s dreams need to be achieved by studying hard, so I’m glad you’re in Class A.

I also believe Siyu can get the best grades and achieve your dreams later——”

“I know it’s a little hard for you to accept right now,” Song Xu Yi sighed and hugged He Siyu’s stiff body with her head bowed, “I wouldn’t dare say these things to anyone, but you’re my best friend and I can’t hide it from you——”

Song Xu Yi originally thought it would take some more words to appease He Siyu, but to her surprise, He Siyu was silent for a while after listening to Song Xu Yi’s words, and then she spoke softly, “I know, Xu Yi, I won’t tell anyone about this.”

She seemed to have really put the matter behind her and smiled towards Song Xu Yi, before going into the bathroom to wash up and then climbing into bed and turning off the lights.

Because of the days of toil, Song Xu Yi’s sleep quality was excellent.

Seeing that He Siyu seemed to have let go of the knot in her heart, Song Xu Yi slept with relief and it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

Song Xu Yi’s sleeping posture had always been bad, and it didn’t take long for her to stick to He Siyu like an octopus.

He Siyu was like an old cadre, her hands placed at her side in a disciplined manner, her face getting redder in the night, but the corners of her lips were involuntarily curled up.

He Siyu didn’t know what was wrong with her, she couldn’t control her tears when she encountered something related to Xu Yi, and she let Xu Yi coax her: it was obvious that Xu Yi was younger than herself, and she guessed the reason why Xu Yi took class F——


There was a secret between her and Xu Yi that neither Song father nor Song mother knew about!

Xu Yi says she’s her best friend!


When she thought of what Song Xu Yi had said, He Siyu could not stop being happy.

Her mind drifted with the experiences they had shared since they met, and her mind never drifted to sleep.

He Siyu could not help but quietly raise her hand in the darkness and rubbed the soft top of Song Xu Yi’s hair, and the sleeping Song Xu Yi unconsciously murmured twice and rubbed against the nape of He Siyu’s neck…

Immediately, He Siyu moved her hand away as if she had been electrocuted.

Xu Yi is so cute!

Her heart was as sweet as honey, He Siyu’s eyes were open and she could picture Song Xu Yi’s naive and lovely face without looking, she curled her lips, a thought flashed in her mind out of the blue, so shameful that He Siyu immediately closed her eyes and pursed her lips——

Yet somehow, the thought still lingers in the mind…

“Xu Yi is so cute, I want to give her a… kiss on the face!”


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