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After a few days, Murong Yunshu noticed that the mansion had gotten even livelier.

She could even bump into strangers everywhere she went.


As a matter of fact, when she looked up, she just bumped into another one, an elegant young man of 16 or 17.


Before Murong Yunshu could open her mouth, the young gongzi who approached her from the other side, smiled at her in a friendly manner and asked, "Excuse me, where is the Main Madam of Murong Mansion"


Murong Yunshu's eyelashes quivered as she asked back, "Are you asking about her grave or her memorial tablet"


The young gongzi was flabbergasted for a moment, then laughed out loud, as he explained with a lisp, "What I mean is......where is the room of......the Young Mistress of Murong Mansion...…"


"Oh." Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows.


"Do you know where it is" The young gongzi stopped laughing and asked.


"Go straight ahead till the end." Murong Yunshu showed the way.


"Thank you." The young gongzi smiled at her again and walked forward gracefully.


When the man had gone away, Lu-er asked in confusion, "Miss, don't you dread people bothering you Why did you even give him the directions......"


"How is he going to bother me when I'm not there"


"......" Lu-er's face was full of black lines, "Aren't we always going back there"


"Who says we have to go back"


"Uh......" Where do we sleep at night if we don't go back


Murong Yunshu muttered as she walked, "Many people have come to the mansion recently."


"Uh-huh." Lu-er nodded, "I heard that they are all friends of Madam Chu." Towards the end, Lu-er added, "All have paid for their rooms, one thousand taels a night."


That's Bewitching Fairy Yue…..


She should not mind about it.

Regarding this matter, it was she, herself who had started it.


Murong Yunshu sighed amusedly and suggested, "Why don't I just open an inn instead"


Lu-er said, "Then, we still need Madam Chu's help in soliciting customers."


Soliciting......she was not going to run a brothel.

Murong Yunshu gave Lu-er a disdainful look and instructed, "You should return to Qingfeng Pavilion first.

I'll take a stroll by myself."


"Oh." Lu-er left obediently.






Lu-er had just walked outside Qingfeng Pavilion and barely stepped through the courtyard door when she was startled by the black stream of people in the yard.


What's going on


Lu-er blinked, then blinked again, while pondering whether to immediately report the situation to Miss or to ask for clarification first before she left.


At that moment, a flaming red figure 'floated' towards her.


Seeing the face of the person who had come, Lu-er was overjoyed that she asked, "Madam Chu, who are these people Why are they blocking Miss's boudoir"


Bewitching Fairy Yue chuckled, "As the saying goes, whoever comes is a guest.

They, without a doubt, are guests." After saying this, she stretched her neck and stood on tiptoe, looking behind Lu-er with her eyes wide open.


"What are you looking at" Lu-er asked in confusion.

She looked back behind her as well.


"Where is your Young Mistress" Bewitching Fairy Yue asked.


Lu-er said, "Still strolling alone.

You're looking for her"


"I'm not the one looking for her. They're the ones looking for her." Bewitching Fairy Yue said as she pointed to a group of flamboyantly dressed men of varying heights behind her.


Lu-er took a glance inside and shivered.

She suddenly felt that Bewitching Fairy Yue in front of her had the potential to be a female pimp......


Bewitching Fairy Yue urged, "Go and call your Young Mistress to meet the guests."


That's a very pimp-like statement! Lu-er exclaimed in her mind.


Suddenly, Lu-er felt an inexplicable chill down her back, and immediately screamed in her mind: bah bah bah, what are you thinking If Madam Chu is a pimp, wouldn't Miss be the top girl


Fortunately, Miss was not here.

Lu-er breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, she suddenly became uneasy after a while.

She had always felt that Miss could read people's minds.

Otherwise, how could she always seem to be able to see through what they had on their minds


She couldn't tell if Miss could read her mind at this time…


Lu-er shivered all of a sudden.

She did not dare to think about it anymore.


"I told you to get Yunshu to come.

Why are you still standing there in a daze" Bewitching Fairy Yue stared at Lu-er strangely.


"Oh." Lu-er mumbled her answer and quickly returned the way she had come.

Hopefully, Miss hadn't gone far.


After Lu-er left, a gongzi with finely chiselled features and a striking appearance, in luxurious clothing came out of the crowd.

He was the one who had run into Murong Yunshu before.

He was King Chu's youngest son, Hua Ziqing.


"Senior Yue, who was that little maid just now" Hua Ziqing asked.


"A little maid."


"I mean, whose maid is she"


Bewitching Fairy Yue laughed, "Whose else can talk to me other than Murong Yunshu's personal maid"


Sure enough, it was her! Although Hua Ziqing had guessed that the woman he had met before was probably Murong Yunshu ever since that maid had appeared, he was still struck by Bewitching Fairy Yue's words.

He had come all the way to Jinling and didn't spare anything to stay in Murong Mansion, just to meet the legendary god-like Murong Yunshu, only to brush past her!


Thinking about the coincidental encounter just now, Hua Ziqing's face couldn't help but be filled with black lines.

That woman knew he was looking for her, but she was still so calm to even show him the way......


What a freak.


While Hua Ziqing's mind was racing, Lu-er had already gone and returned in a hurry while looking anxious.


Hua Ziqing's heart sank.

Had there been an accident


After all, he was full of youthful vigour.

Without waiting for Lu-er to approach, Hua Ziqing asked anxiously, "Why didn't Murong Yunshu come"


Lu-er glared at him in displeasure and blurted, "It's all your fault!"


"What are you blaming me for" Hua Ziqing looked puzzled.


Lu-er replied, "Miss runs away from home when she saw troublesome people come to the door."


Hua Ziqing raised an eyebrow, "You're the troublesome people!"


"......" The speechless Bewitching Fairy Yue pushed Hua Ziqing away and asked Lu-er, "Where did she go"


"I don't know," answered Lu-er.


Bewitching Fairy Yue knitted her willow eyebrows.

It would be a problem if Murong Yunshu's whereabouts were unknown.

She had taken so many 'bribes'.

If these people couldn't see Yunshu, they would swallow her raw and whole......


Lu-er also had her eyebrows frowning and a black look on.

Miss used to take her everywhere she went, but this time, Miss had left her behind.[ ]


Hua Ziqing thought about it and suddenly cried out joyfully, "She didn't come back to get her luggage, and she doesn't have any money on her, so she must not be able to go far."






Did he think that the Murong Mansion's private banks all over the country were nothing


"Kid, with this kind of intelligence, you are still born as a dragon's son and grandson.

Tell me honestly, did you bribe the King of Hell" Bewitching Fairy Yue asked as she patted Hua Ziqing's shoulder in an elderly manner.


The corners of Hua Ziqing's mouth twitched slightly and he said nothing further.


Lu-er gave him a strange look, "Aren't you so good at scolding just now How come you suddenly become silent"


Hua Ziqing turned his head to one side coolly and said, "An educated person knows how to respect the old and cherish the young." [T/N].


Lu-er froze, then bent over laughing.

The rest of the 'troublesome' people in the room also burst out laughing.


Only Bewitching Fairy Yue had her face so green with anger, "Who are you calling old"


"Uh......" Hua Ziqing was tempted to say, 'You're about the same age as my mother', but when he felt the murderous glare from Bewitching Fairy Yue, he immediately changed his words very uncharacteristically, "It’s cherishing the young...…"


In a moment, the laughter stopped abruptly, followed by another earth-shattering burst of laughter.


Bewitching Fairy Yue didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

This kid...this kid was more irritating than that girl, Murong Yunshu!


"Where is Ah Chang" Bewitching Fairy Yue suddenly remembered her son.

With him around, that girl wouldn't get far.


"Gone too." Lu-er said.


Bewitching Fairy Yue was deeply shocked that she said in an unpleasant tone, "One person leaving is called running from home.

Two people leaving is called elopement.

Make it clearer next time." Her hope of causing trouble had ended up with disappointment.


Lu-er looked so innocent that anyone couldn't say anything further......






At the same time, outside Jinling City, two people on a horse were enjoying the jianghu world.


It was the road that they had walked together once.

Same scene, different mood.


The last time they rode together, Murong Yunshu sat behind Chu Changge with her arms wrapped around his waist.

And this time, it changed to Chu Changge sit behind Murong Yunshu, with his arms around her.


Murong Yunshu leaned on Chu Changge's solid chest, as she raised her eyes to the blue sky and white clouds millions of miles above.

She listened to the gentle breeze while feeling extremely joyful.


To be happy was to leave all your troubles behind and lie in the arms of your beloved while watching the clouds roll by.


"With us just walk away like this, you're not going to worry that something happens in the mansion" Chu Changge asked with a smile.


Murong Yunshu raised her dark eyebrows and asked, "What can happen when we are not even there"


"......" That's true.

Even if something was going on, it was all directed at them.

"Where do you want to go" Chu Changge let go of the reins and let the horse walk at will.


"Can I go anywhere I want"


"Of course." Chu Changge's tone was like chopping the nail and slicing the iron as if even if she wanted to fly to the sky, he would do it.


Murong Yunshu pondered for a moment and said, "Jianghu."


Chu Changge was slightly flabbergasted at her words, but then he said 'yes' with alacrity, before tugging on the reins, clamping down on the horse's belly and letting out a low cry, "Go――"


The stallion rushed off with dust trailing behind.






In fact, Murong Yunshu did not know where jianghu was.

She only wanted to visit his world, even though she knew it was bound to be full of foul wind and bloody rain.


Speaking of it, wasn't her world also filled with foul wind and bloody rain


Only, blood was shed in his world while hers did not.






At this time, in Jinling city, apart from the soldiers’ mutiny and troops rebel filling Murong Mansion's atmosphere, there was another group of people that had been thrown into confusion.


"Did she see through you!" Fang Hongfei asked in exasperation.


The person standing in front of him was just like the cleaning auntie whom Murong Yunshu had encountered in the mansion.

"Even if she found out about me, it's only because a certain person 's craft is quite poor." When she said 'a certain person', she was glancing at the other person in the room.


That other person is King Liang Jr's confidant, Wang Chao.[ ]


As soon as Wang Chao heard someone say 'his craft was quite poor' to attack his proudest disguise skill, he immediately shouted, "You try to learn the skill, then let me see one of your disguises! Damn Yanzi!"


The cleaning auntie, who was also known as Yin Yanzi, gave him a cold look and said, "If you don't have a guilty conscience, why do you take a general comment as a personal attack on you"


"You......" Wang Chao gasped.


"Alright, don't fight!" Fang Hongfei's face sank as he said, "You are all His Highness right-hand men.

So don't just make a fuss over everything."


Yin Yanzi snorted coldly and stopped talking.


Seeing this, Wang Chao also loudly grunted with his nose up in the air.


Fang Hongfei glanced at the two of them and said to Yin Yanzi, "I originally wanted you to mix with the people in Murong Mansion to wait for an opportunity to collect evidence of Murong Yunshu's collusion with other vassal kings.

Then, we will present it to the Emperor as national prestige.

Now the plan has only just begun, but it has come to a sudden end.

It seems that we will have to find another way."


Yin Yanzi was expressionless.

She just wanted to know what she should do next.


Wang Chao laughed in silence.

To use the proof as a national prestige To speak in such a grand manner in front of his own people was truly admirable.

To be honest, if it was not for His Highness' orders, he would rather play with a weirdo like Murong Yunshu than work with a despicable person like Fang Hongfei.


Zhang Yu had a cold face.

His Highness was a ruler and could accept all kinds of people, as long as the other party had value.

But Fang Hongfei was a mere subject.

Even if Fang Hongfei served the same master, Zhang Yu still disdained to associate himself with him.


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