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After the rival in love incident, Bewitching Fairy Yue became so well-behaved that she didn't hang around in front of Murong Yunshu for several days, which made Murong Yunshu feel a little unaccustomed.


"You're just bringing trouble on yourself." Murong Yunshu shook her head as she murmured while smiling to herself.

She didn't know since when she, who had always preferred quiet moments, had started to get used to the hustle and bustle they brought.


Lu-er has gone shopping with some fellow villagers who worked in the outer part of the mansion; Feng Cheng and Xiyue had also gone somewhere; the concubines...most probably busy purchasing fabrics and new clothes; Nie Qing had not appeared for a long time.

She heard from Chief Steward Qian that Nie Qing had gone out of town to check on accounts.

While Feng Ling, who followed Nie Qing every inch of the way, had also left Jinling; as for Chu Changge...he was still sleeping.


Murong Yunshu raised her eyes to look at the sky outside. The sun had risen three poles high.

Why was he still sleeping


She didn't know why, but lately, she had become even more uncomfortable with being alone, and she was even a bit afraid of being alone.

If she didn't see him or hear from him in the morning, her heart would feel empty, as if he was not around.[ ]


Murong Yunshu was lost in thought when unexpectedly, a voice could be heard from outside the door.

She thought it was just an illusion in the first place.

She was stunned for a moment before she reacted.


"I heard you were looking for me" Chu Changge smiled as he leisurely walked through the door.

His pretty eyes were still holding a few hints of drowsy laziness, which, to put it in an exaggerated and anachronistic way, was really charming.


At the sound of his voice, the sky that Murong Yunshu found to be cloudy and unclear before, suddenly became bright and sunny.

The dark clouds that had shrouded her heart disappeared like mist and smoke that made her feel at ease.

She then raised her eyes and smiled at him, as she softly said, "You wake up."


"It's nothing more than my dying flash." Chu Changge chuckled, immodestly.


"Nonsense." Murong Yunshu glared at him without a sense of humour.


While still laughing, Chu Changge walked to her right and leaned against the edge of the table in front of her.

His two long, slender legs crossed, propping him to the floor.

His hands clasped over his chest, as he spoke with a look of wanton and unrestrained, "You must be feeling flustered when you don't see me, do you" He said with a languid smile while looking sideways at Murong Yunshu.


When he correctly predicted the thing that weighed on her mind, Murong Yunshu's heart felt slightly embarrassed before she managed to ask, "Did you go out to be a thief last night"


"I kept watch outside of your room all night last night, don't you know" Chu Changge said fervently.


"..." Murong Yunshu glared at him speechlessly as she stated, "I'm asking seriously."


The smile on the corner of Chu Changge's mouth intensified at her words.

"You really want to know"


Murong Yunshu was stumped for words.

She suddenly hesitated.

That smile of his looked unquestionably indecent to her eyes......


"I'll take you with me tonight if you really want to know." Chu Changge said.






In the end, Murong Yunshu still followed Chu Changge in becoming a thief, and a voyeur at that.


She had never expected that Chu Changge would bring her into the brothel, the same one she had been forced to 'live in' for a long time.

But that was nothing.

The most absurd thing was that they were currently on top of the beam, and underneath them――there was a vivid spring scene going on! Although covered by a red canopy, nevertheless, just like how the pipa lady had half of her face hidden (), the more tantalising the scene became.


Pipa Xing, a poem by Bai Juyi had been made into a song.

For the full poem, please click [here].



However, what made Murong Yunshu feel embarrassed was not the spring scene below, but, rather, the increasingly hot wall of flesh behind her.

There was no need to think about it to know what the heat meant.


She didn't know if she was infected by Chu Changge or something else, but Murong Yunshu also started to feel hot all over.


She couldn't watch this any more…..


Murong Yunshu twisted her head to propose to Chu Changge to bring her home, but unexpectedly, as soon as she moved, her body was held down by him.


"Don't move." Chu Changge whispered.


It was better if he didn't speak.

But when he did, Murong Yunshu became particularly red and quivered.

From his low voice, it was obvious that he was suppressing some kind of emotion......


Murong Yunshu no longer dared to move.

Her body stiffened with tension, and even her breathing was done carefully, for fear that, if she was not careful, she would 'stir up the fire' of the person behind her.


"Yunshu." His eager breath was hot on her ear as Chu Changge's chin rested on her shoulder.

He tried to restrain the desire rushing through his body, and spoke hoarsely, "I...can't hold back anymore." The person he was holding in his arms was not someone else, but his loved one whom he had decided to protect with his life.

Why did he have to 'mutilate himself'


Hearing Chu Changge's words, Murong Yunshu instantly felt like she had been struck by lightning.

Her mind went blank for a few seconds before she regained her normal ability to think, and then her heart began to beat wildly.


What he meant was...doing it here...


Murong Yunshu was so ashamed that she hated that there was no cloth around to cover her face.

She bit her lips tightly, not knowing how to answer.


After not getting an answer from her for a long time, Chu Changge thought she was unwilling and was about to take her away when he suddenly heard her asked in a voice as low as a mosquito, "Wouldn't it be uncomfortable down there..."


Chu Changge flinched for a moment, then burst out laughing.

She really knew how to use words.


Murong Yunshu was feeling quite rattled.

She bit her lip in chagrin and no longer spoke.


When the couple below heard Chu Changge's laughter, they abruptly stopped.

Feeling flustered, the woman at once pulled the blanket to cover her body, while the man slowly got up and put on his trousers.

At the same time, he shouted, "Which one of you is not afraid of death and dares to disturb the pleasure of this Gongzhi Get yourself out here!"


The moment the man got up, Chu Changge covered Murong Yunshu's eyes, then said, "All you need to know is that a certain Chu has come here today." After saying that, he picked up Murong Yunshu and flew upwards, breaking through the wall in the process.


When the man heard the words 'a certain Chu', he, who had just lifted his trousers, had his hands trembled with fear and his trousers fell down again.[ ]


"Ah――" the woman shrieked and covered her eyes.


The man gave her a blank look, "Why didn't I see you shrieking bashfully when you were under this Gongzhi just now"


At that moment, the door on the wall of the left side of the bed suddenly opened, followed by the appearance of a man in flamboyant clothes, trailed by a vicious-looking woman.


The man in flamboyant clothes was no other than the current Great Leader of the Martial Arts――Fang Hongfei.

His face was as white as death because he practised the Cosmic Absorbing Power Technique, which had attacked his Yin vital energy.

The woman following him was none other than Yin Yanzi (yin=silver, yanzi=swallow), who had aged before her time.


As soon as the naked man saw Fang Hongfei, he immediately fumbled to put his clothes on.

Then, he respectfully bent down and greeted, "Alliance Leader."


"Chu Changge already left" Fang Hongfei asked coldly.


The man was stunned as he asked in reply, "You knew he was in this room all along"


Fang Hongfei said, "I'm asking you if the person who just left was him." After saying that, he raised his eyes to look at the roof and was shocked――unexpectedly, the roof was still intact! Chu Changge's martial arts skills were so profound that he had broken through the wall without breaking other things.....


The man did not know what Fang Hongfei had in mind and seeing Fang Hongfei's face growing gloomy, he hurriedly nodded and said, "Yes, yes, just now I heard him call himself 'a certain Chu'."


"Very well." Fang Hongfei turned around and drew his voice up, "Brother Wang, I have troubled you."


A moment after the words were spoken, the door opened again and two men walked in.

One cold and one hot.

Such a stark contrast. [T/N]






Meanwhile, after Chu Changge left the brothel with Murong Yunshu in his arms, they went straight to Murong Mansion.


Chu Changge was sure that at this moment, his qinggong had reached its peak.

He had never been this fast even when he was running for his life before.


The most primal desires were indeed the most explosive.


But as fast as he was, his gait, his stance and his expression were still so graceful that one could be jealous.

There was not a trace of anxiousness on his face, but rather as if he was going for a ride next.


All along the way, Murong Yunshu was in a state of mute indifference.

It was only when her body was gently placed on the bed by Chu Changge that she came back to her senses and she stared at him in silence.


Chu Changge restrained his eager desire.

He slowed down his movements, slowly leaned down and gently parted the scattered hair on her face.

He then tenderly kissed the base of her ear, neck and collarbone......


Murong Yunshu only felt a spasm in her body, as her body began to go out of control.

Chu Changge's kisses became more and more urgent, burning and wanton.

At the same time, Murong Yunshu felt her body getting hotter over time, as if there was a nameless blazing fire inside her, igniting the wildest passion in her heart.

With a low moan, her sanity――had crumbled to pieces.






The next morning, Lu-er, who had been faithful to her duties, as usual, came to wait on her Master to get up.

When she pushed open the door and crossed the screen, she saw the floor was filled with clothes and she staggered.

After she noticed that there were man’s clothes among them all, she returned to her senses.

Then, she withdrew quietly from the room and closed the door behind her.

As she lifted her eyes to the red sun in the sky, she strode out of the courtyard with an expressionless face.

Just as she turned a corner and came to a deserted place, she covered her face and shouted unrestrainedly, "I can't believe I bumped into Miss and Guye......

ahhhhhhhhhhhh......I’m going to get a sty!"


Inside the room, Murong Yunshu opened her eyes in a daze and abruptly saw a sleeping handsome face.

She was stunned for a moment, then smiled slightly and touched the handsome face, while murmuring, "Why do I keep dreaming of you." She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.


Three seconds later, Murong Yunshu's eyes snapped open with a look of horror.


This is not a dream.

This is not even a dream!


He, he, he...how could he be here And sleeping in the same bed with her, under the same bedding, on the same pillow...


Murong Yunshu suddenly remembered what happened last night.

Her face immediately blushed to her ears, as she became petrified.


At that moment, Chu Changge also opened his eyes, looking drowsy.

With a smile, his long arms reached out to wrap around her waist.

He dropped a kiss on her forehead, mumbled something, before falling back to sleep with a happy face.


Murong Yunshu was originally feeling extremely abashed, but when she saw Chu Changge’s half-asleep, dazed appearance, she became inexplicably relaxed.

It turned out that the feeling of opening one's eyes and seeing one's beloved was so wonderful; full of happiness, contentment, and indefinable joy.


Murong Yunshu smiled lightly and reached out to gently stroke the contours of his face.

She was extraordinarily fond of seeing him sleeping quietly beside her like this.


"Madam." Chu Changge suddenly spoke with his eyes still closed, "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere"


Murong Yunshu hurriedly withdrew her hand as if she had been caught red-handed doing something bad, and subconsciously returned a reply, "No."


"No is good." Chu Changge responded with his eyes still closed while stifling his laughter.


At first, Murong Yunshu did not understand what he was smiling about when she suddenly remembered the question she had asked last night on the beams of the brothel about being uncomfortable.

She was so ashamed that she could not find a place to hide from shame.

She really wished she could obliterate all evidence right away――let just kill the witness.


Chu Changge was still laughing.

The more he laughed, the happier he became.

After laughing for a long time, he finally asked, "Does Madam have anything to say to her husband"


Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and questioned, "Did you plan all this beforehand"


Huh Chu Changge had a puzzled look on his face.


"Last night, you took me to the brothel, wasn't it for…"


"Stop!" Chu Changge felt so angry and amused at the same time, "Me, as your husband, is not that perverted."


"But judging from the cause and the result, you did seem like a pervert." Murong Yunshu pointed out.


"...Madam." Chu Changge's lips curled up in a bad way, "You're being too sensible."


Seeing his expression, Murong Yunshu's face immediately showed an alert expression, as if she was asking 'what do you want to do' with that look.


Chu Changge smiled devilishly as he rolled over and pressed himself against her, while whispering in her ear, "It's not good to be too sensible when you're in bed."


Therefore, for the first time in her life, Murong Yunshu missed both breakfast and lunch.


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