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What a Troublesome Day!

Murong Yun Shu tried to hold her frustration back and asked: “What happened this time”

“There are people who are trying to destroy the bank’s door, they aren’t happy about the suspension, even the market declined to accept Huifeng Bank’s silver cash notes.

The people are furious about it, I’m afraid the matter will soon become devolve into chaos.”

After Murong Yun Shu heard the explanation, her eyebrows sank as she frowned, she had a deep thought and said: “Release the news that Murong Sect has Mojiao Sect as a strong backup and that whoever dares to cause trouble will go against Mojiao Sect.”

“But, but it might evoke fury within the people.”

“Don’t worry, even if they dare to get furious, they won’t even dare to talk.”

“But the reputation of Murong Sect…….” Manager Qian didn’t finish his talk, since the person who was destroying the reputation of Murong Sect was Murong Yun Shu’s future husband.

Murong Yun Shu raised her eyebrows: “Our property is about to be gone, why would we still care about our reputation”

“Understood.” Manager Qian walked out  of Murong House with a puzzled face, he couldn’t understand what miss had up her sleeve.

Murong Yun Shu was still as calm as always, her tranquil eyes flashed with a light of inner plotting.

“Miss, I realized a problem.” Lu’er smirked.


“You seem to have started to know about the dog relying on human’s power.”

Murong Yun Shu frowned her eyebrows: “It’s human relying on the dog’s power.”

“You’re scolding Master as a dog.”

“If not should I scold myself”

Ermm……Fine, she used the wrong word.

Lu’er embarrassingly stuck out her tongue and said: “Master’s identity is so useful.”

Murong Yun Shu’s beautifully shaped brows raised: “If he couldn’t even do such small things for me, what would I need him for”

“…… Don’t tell me you agreed to…….

marry him in the first place because he was useful”


Luckily it wasn’t.

Lu’er felt relieved.

“I fancied his gold.”

“……Miss, you’re so lame.”

“Mhmm, I’m just an ordinary, lame person.”


There’s a lot of advantages in having a condensed population, one of the benefits were that any news can be spread quickly.

The incident of Fang Hongfei leading the entire Mingjian Sect to Murong House for a punitive expedition had spread over the whole underworld, it had also spread into Chu Changge’s ears.

East Guardian: “Leader, just give us a word, all four of us will immediately banish the entire Mingjian Sect!”

“That’s right, kill his whole family.”

“I’ll dig up his ancestors’ graves.”

“Then what should I do” North Guardian pondered awhile: “Sleep with his woman…….”

“You have such bad taste! Why would you want to sleep with his woman If you want to sleep with someone, you should instead choose to sleep with leader’s……” West Guardian shut his mouth urgently, his face terrified, he had a slip of the tongue, he really didn’t mean it.

“You want to sleep with me, or you want to sleep with my woman” Chu Changge smirked as he asked, he seemed as though he weren’t angry about it.

However, all four guardians knew that their leader was angry about it, and the consequences were going to be serious.

“I…….” West Guardian turned his sight to his three brothers, ‘help me please, help!’

“West Guardian has no interest in men, but I think he wanted to sleep with you, leader.”

“No no, how dare our West Guardian sleep with leader, at most he could only sleep with leader’s wife for a while.”

North and South Guardian both had different opinions.

West Guardian’s face was full of black lines, he was so speechless that he wanted to die.

Dear brothers, although we swore that we would use our idiot acting as our weapon when we were forced to join into Mojiao Sect.

And we decided we would stir up trouble until the end, but, this time he really didn’t spoof intentionally, he really stepped on a landmine!

Chu Changge was smiling as always, but the smile of his was a sight of horror in these four guardian’s sights: “Since I’m not in a hurry anyway, we shall not ride horses for the journey afterwards, change into a palanquin instead.”

“No problem, I shall find the top most gorgeous soft palanquin in the whole kingdom for leader.” West Guardian immediately kissed Chu Changge’s ass and said.

“Of course I, Chu Changge, shall use the best palanquin.” He stopped a second, and said: “To cut the cost and save the silver taels, we shall not hire any bearers for the palanquin.”

What did leader mean by not hiring any bearers All four guardians suddenly felt as though a storm of dark clouds were floating over their heads.

They felt an ominous presentiment.

Don’t tell them that the leader was thinking of…… letting them substitute as bearers

As expected, the next words coming from Chu Changge mouth directly pushed them into the hell of the thunderstorm: “Four of you, become my bearer.”

The four of them cried in silence for three seconds.

“Leader, hiring a bearer doesn’t use up a lot of money.”

“That’s right, if not we could pay the bearers for you.”

“We’ll even pay for the palanquin.”

“We’ll even become your bearers.”

“North Guardian!”

The three of them stared at North Guardian at the same time with a murderous intent.

North Guardian helplessly said with an innocent face: “I slipped, slipped.” He really didn’t mean it.

Chu Changge smiled and patted North Guardian’s shoulders, then he spoke with his earnestness: “Very well, I’m so gratified to see that North Guardian had such determination.” After that he turned around and said to the other three guardians: “Three of you should learn more from North Guardian.”

They wanted to kill someone, they really really wanted: “Leader, we shall destroy the Mingjian Sect first then we’ll come back as your bearers.”

Chu Changge raised his gentlemen shelf and lightly smiled: “Give me a reason.”

“…….Fang Hongfei bullied Madam.” wasn’t this reason clearly enough

“Did he successfully bully her” Chu Changge didn’t think that Murong Yun Shu was someone who could get bullied so easily.

“No, but Fang Hongfei had the intention to.”

“Just having the intention to is not enough.

Our Mojiao Sect has a reputation for killing people with a valid reason, if you act rashly, it’ll slur my reputation.”

Wasn’t your reputation already bad enough The four of them had the same thought in their heart.


In the morning of the next day, a piece of news shocked the whole underworld— Every man in Mingjian Sect got their head shaved bald in just one night, and on top of their head was a signature written with ink pen writing: “A Certain Chu Paid A Visit.”

“Mojiao sect has gone way too far! Father, let us unite our fellow friends and rush into Mount Heifeng.” Fang Hongfei couldn’t stand it anymore, he really wanted to kill Chu Changge immediately.

“Nonsense!” Fang Qingcheng’s face had turned green, he angrily scolded: “Who do you think you are, who gave you the permission to gather people”

“Mojiao sect did all kinds of evil deeds, they should be punished!”

“Even so, everyone in Mojiao Sect is insidious and ruthless, Chu Changge’s martial power is unpredictable, we must not act rashly.”

Fang Hongfei was so angry that his face looked twisted, he was frustrated: “If we don’t, are we going to swallow our anger and let our fellow friends from the underworld laugh at us!”

“A little impatience spoils great plans.”


“Fei’er.” Fang Hongfei’s mother kindly interrupted him: “Why aren’t you wiping the words away on your head”

“I…….” Fang Hongfei held his fist tightly, his eyes were full of resentment: “One day, I’ll let Chu Changge kneel on his knees below my sword and beg me to!” After that, Fang Hongfei flicked his sleeves and left.

Fang Hongfei’s mother was shocked: “Husband, Fei’er he……”

“Let him be.” Fang Qingcheng deeply sighed, perhaps he was wrong, he shouldn’t have let Fei’er go and break the betrothal.

Every male in Mingjian Sect had been found to have gotten their heads written on with words of ink, but only Fang Hongfei’s head wasn’t written in ink, Chu Changge had used his internal force to engrave the ink into Fang Hongfei’s head, like a tattoo.

Unless he shaved off that layer of skin, he would never be able to clean off the words, and hair wouldn’t even grow on it.


In the Murong House backyard, all the flowers bloomed together, with the sweet fragrance  everywhere.

Murong Yun Shu was drawing while listening to Lu’er talking about the rumors of happenings  on the streets, they looked like they were in a lively mood.

“Master is so superior!” Lu’er said with a face full of praise about Chu Changge.


“Master is nice to Miss!”

Nice…… to me Murong Yun Shu’s hand shook, a drop of black ink fell on the white piece of paper and soon it was smudged all over.

“Wasted.” She felt pity and mumbled.

“Everyone was envious that you married such a good husband!”

Envy Don’t tell me everyone wants to collude with Mojiao Sect Murong Yun Shu smiled: “He’s married to me.”

“There’s no difference.” Lu’er shook her hand as if she didn’t care much about it.

Suddenly, she curiously looked at the drawing and asked: “Miss, why didn’t you draw anyone on the horse”

“Because I didn’t intended to.”

“But it looks like there should be someone on it.” Lu’er didn’t understand about drawings, but that gallant horse running at the side of the cliff looked like there should be someone riding on it, someone who was vigorous and as uninhibited as the horse.

Lu’er once again stared at Murong Yun Shu, she realized there’s was a doubtful blush on Murong Yun Shu’s face, then she suddenly understood: “So Miss was thinking of drawing Master!”

“Who would want to draw him Don’t talk nonsense!” Murong Yun Shu acted as though she were angered by Lu’er words, but she couldn’t control her blushing from her face to her ears.

Lu’er secretly laughed: “Fine I won’t continue talking about him.” it was a new discovery that even Miss would feel shy about, what thrilling news!

“Go get the scroll paint.” Murong Yun Shu felt so embarrassed because of her burning face but there was nowhere for her to hide, so she had no choice but to send her away.

“Oh, I’ll surely pick the best scroll paint.” Lu’er smiled dubiously and ran off.

Murong Yun Shu quickly covered her face, as if she were trying to lower the temperature on her face by doing that, then she took the pen and started drawing.

It wasn’t until she finished drawing, that she suddenly realized that she could draw Chu Changge’s face naturally without deliberately thinking about his facial features, as if she knew him very well already.

“That’s weird.” She mumbled softly.

“You’re right, it’s so weird, why does Master look like he has a better personality in the drawing than the Master in reality”

Murong Yun Shu was so focused on drawing that she didn’t notice Lu’er was behind her, she was completely shocked by the sudden voice and almost jumped out of her seat.

After a few seconds, she finally recovered from the shock: “You’re saying that he doesn’t have humanity”

“I was just saying that he wasn’t as great as your drawing.”

Or maybe…… You don’t know him as well yet.

Murong Yun Shu said deep in her heart, she blankly stared at Chu Changge in the drawing, he was full of glowing spirits and with fine facial features.

Her thoughts had gone far away.

After some time, she suddenly asked: “Did you say that the kingdom issued a wanted warrant for Chu Changge”

“Yes, I even tore a piece of the warrant and brought it back, it looks as though Master’s head is very valuable.” Lu’er gave Murong Yun Shu the warrant.

Murong Yun Shu unfolded the crumpled warrant paper, she looked into the contents and mumbled: “His head is worth thirty thousand silver taels, his drawings…… might be worth thirty silver taels……” then, Murong Yun Shu raised her head and said to Lu’er: “Deliver that painting I just drew to the government,  and exchange some money to buy some snacks.”

“Ha” Lu’er thought she heard wrong: “Deliver it to the government”

“Yes, the drawing of him in this warrant doesn’t look like him at all.”

Lu’er face was filled with black lines: “Miss, although the nose doesn’t look like his nose, and the eyes don’t look like the eyes in that warrant, but he really is Master! How could you……  help a tyrant to victimize his subjects!”

“Helping the kingdom catch the culprit, how does that count as helping a tyrant”

Lu’er was so speechless, she pondered over and over again and finally thought of something to refute Murong Yun Shu: “Miss, you said you would be obedient to your husband!”

“Mmhmm.” Murong Yun Shu nodded her head lightly, then she took a detailed look at the warrant in her hand and said: “He must be discontented with this drawing too.”


Lu’er looked at the sky.

Master, I’ve done my best, please fend for yourself.


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