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Early the next morning, Murong Yunshu was almost shocked when she opened the door and ran into a pair of stony black eyes.

"Good morning." She smiled and greeted him.


Chu Changge was still looking blankly at her.

After a long time, he finally spoke in the tone of a brave man who was going out to battle, "Yunshu, let's find some time to get things done.

Lest our long night will be fraught with dreams[ ]fig.

a long delay means trouble."


Murong Yunshu was stunned for a moment, "What kind of things"


Chu Changge said, "The great event in one's life[ ]usu.

referring to marriage."


Murong Yunshu was stunned again.

When did this person become so restrain in his words Moreover, he also had a 'brave man who once he went, he would never return' expression on his face...


In fact, Chu Changge had not become restrained in his words, but rather, he had a psychological shadow.

No matter what the reason for him being rejected last time, it was a fact that he had been rejected once.

So he was quite nervous this time around.

He didn't dare to guarantee that if he was rejected again, he would skip the 'consulting the bride's side' part and go straight to perform the wedding ceremony, or perhaps, just go straight to the bridal chamber.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

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Bridal chamber...


The more Chu Changge thought about it, the more he felt that this was a good idea.

Once the raw rice was cooked[ ]Chinese well-known phrase : what's done can't be undone, where would he still need to worry about their happy event


"You're smiling weirdly." Murong Yunshu pointed out.


Chu Changge immediately changed his smile into a warm spring breeze, harmless smile as he said, "How could someone as handsomely natural and unrestrained as me, a jade tree in the wind[ ]Chinese idiom : a description of a young man's talents as well as his physical appearance kind of person, smile weirdly You must have been mistaken."


Murong Yunshu stared at him expressionlessly for three seconds before saying, "You haven't slept all night, your brain must be exhausted."


His brain was exhausted......and it had broken down......Chu Changge's smile froze, "How did you know I hadn't slept all night"


Murong Yunshu glanced at him up and down, then she indifferently said, "You are still wearing yesterday's clothes."


So that was how it was.

Chu Changge suddenly had an impulse to say to her, 'If you don't promise to get things done, I will wear yesterday's clothes every day'.

On second thought, he couldn't help find it funny.

How could he come up with such a childish idea...


"That thing...that I just said," Chu Changge spoke up to here, then looked up expectantly at her. We have agreed to get married when we return to Jinling, so woman, don't act like you don't make that promise.


"Which one" Murong Yunshu asked while she already knew the answer.


Feeling of helplessness couldn't help climb up to Chu Changge's forehead.

"That thing."



An ancient Lunar Calendar

Image Credit | 迦葉子 (《日書》裡的邏輯和科學原理)

"Oh." Murong Yunshu made a show of realisation, as she raised her eyes to the sky and said, "Fine, let's look at the lunar calendar later and see which day will be good for travelling."


Chu Changge was overjoyed, and then he found that something was wrong, "Good day for traveling To do what" It should be the day they got married, right


Murong Yunshu explained, "Whenever it is suitable to travel, you can set off to Shaolin Temple any day."


"What am I going to do in Shaolin Temple" Chu Changge became more confused as he listened.

Did he miss something


"Solving your great event problem!" Murong Yunshu with a matter-of-fact look on her face.


Chu Changge's face was full of black lines.

Why on earth would he solve the great event in his life in Shaolin Temple...it was much more reasonable for him to go to the brothel than going to Shaolin Temple.

At least, the brothel was full of women.


Murong Yunshu added, "I have calculated it for you.

You have the fate of a person who is going to leave home[ ]becoming a monk."


"..." It was fine if she didn't want to marry, but she went as far as cursing him with inability to marry a wife.

Chu Changge placed a hand on his forehead.

What kind of eccentric woman did he fall in love with...


Murong Yunshu glanced quietly at the helpless looking Chu Changge.

The corners of her mouth curved slightly as she said, "Alright, that's will be the end of our days of pleasure."


Days of pleasure...what was more, he had been directly demoted from her fiancé status to someone she had found pleasure with.


Chu Changge really wanted to keep his face from changing colour[ ]Chinese idiom : remain calm even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him.

However, he couldn't control the corners of his mouth from twitching uncontrollably.


Murong Yunshu was very pleased that she had worn him out.

She smiled again before turning their conversation to proper business as she slowly said, "A man of character is aspired to travel far and make his mark[ ]Chinese idiom : go far away from one's home and aspire to a great career.

If his life under heaven is still undefined, how will he make his own home"


"Madam is wrong." Chu Changge adjusted his expression and then said in a persuasive manner, "My mission in this world is to bring it to chaos.

Now that the Emperor is incompetent, the Crown Prince doesn't have any virtues, and the various vassal kings start to stir[ ]Chinese idiom : ready to make trouble, seeing that the Daye Dynasty is about to be torn apart with fire beacons in all four directions[ ]Chinese idiom : uprisings of war everywhere, it is time for me to finish my work and retire to the mountains.

If I don't find someone to retire with, how will I live my life in the future"


Murong Yunshu pursed her mouth amusedly, and responded, "If you want to retire, you have to find someone else.

I want to stay and make a fortune from the trouble that will befall on the country."


In an instant, the outline of Chu Changge's pretty face changed its expression.

"Madam, a thousand pieces of gold are easy to come by, but a good husband is hard to find.

You should consider carefully."


Murong Yunshu countered, "I'm afraid I won't be able to get a good husband for myself, so I have to make up for it with a thousand pieces of gold."


Chu Changge was speechless as he looked at the sky.

He sighed a few times, then suddenly, as if he had thought of something, he gathered all his expressions and stared at her without saying a word.


Murong Yunshu felt a little guilty being stared at by him.

She subconsciously leaned back, while looking at him timidly.


After looking at each other for a while, Chu Changge's face suddenly overflowed with a big smile.

Before Murong Yunshu could figure out what his smile meant, he had picked her up in person and strode towards the inside of her room.


"You..." Murong Yunshu was about to ask him what he wanted to do, only to see him use his left foot to hook the door once he entered, and the door was immediately snapped shut.


What was the point of closing the door in the middle of the day


Before Murong Yunshu could return to her senses, Chu Changge had already placed her on the bed.

As she laid on the bed while looking up at the man standing beside her bed with a burning gaze coming from his eyes, Murong Yunshu could only feel her face flushed and her mind no longer had the ability to think.


Chu Changge's black eyes were smiling, but he was looking at her somewhat harshly.

He still did not say a word, but those beautiful eyes, as if they could speak, were conveying some kind of message to Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu only felt that the air around her seemed to be frozen, suffocating her.

Her brain felt dizzy like it was lacking oxygen.

She foolishly looked up at him without uttering a word.

She did not even dare to take a breath, afraid that it would anger the wolf in front of her.

She vaguely felt that Chu Changge's look was like the happy, smug look of a wolf before it ate a sheep.

If she did not want the sheep to immediately fall into the wolf's mouth, her best option was for her to stay silence.


Meanwhile, at the entrance to the courtyard, four men stood at a distance.


East Guardian : "The door has been tightly closed."


South Guardian: "A man and a woman together."


West Guardian: "Just like dry wood and a raging fire[ ]Chinese idiom : people filled with burning passion for each other.'


North Guardian looked resentfully at his three xiongzhang[ ]term of respect for a man of about the same age who had spoken much earlier than him.

Why would it always be him who would run out of words


At that moment, Lu-er, who was coming from behind them while carrying breakfast, walked in front of them with a puzzled face.

She asked in bafflement, "What are you people doing here"


"Watching the excitement." The four answered in unison.

North Guardian secretly breathed out a sigh of relief.

He did not destroy their perfect formation in the end.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Lu-er stretched her neck and looked around the courtyard.

When she did not find anything new, she asked again, "What kind of excitement"


North Guardian tried to be the first one to answer, "Evil spirit's fight."


Evil spirit's fight Only he could think of something like this.

The other three South, East and West could only roll their eyes at him.


Therefore, North Guardian consciously lowered his head silently, while his heart felt wronged and upset.

He himself didn't know how he could come up with such a strange statement...


Lu-er became even more curious, "What evil spirit's fight You guys can see evil spirit" As she asked this, Lu-er's eyes skimmed over South, East, North and West one by one, hoping that someone would be able to give her an answer.


East Guardian looked up at the sky and muttered to himself, "It's a beautiful day."


South Guardian looked up at the sky and echoed, "The sky is clear and blue."


West Guardian looked up at the sky, and spoke in a pun, "It seems that we would be able to see the blue sky once the clouds and mist are cleared from our Black Wind Mountain sky[ ]well known phrase [literal translation : scatter/clear the clouds and see the blue sky] : everything is getting back on track."


North Guardian continued to keep his head down.

For him, silence was golden.


Lu-er touched her brainless head, as she blinked and blinked again, before continuing her walk towards the courtyard.

It was important for her to deliver the food to Miss.


But as soon as she took two steps forward, South, East, North and West immediately blocked her way.


"What are you doing blocking my way for" Lu-er asked unhappily.


East Guardian said very implicitly, "You'd better not go in there right now."


"Why I'm delivering food to Miss!" Lu-er said.


"Because...this..." East Guardian felt that it was inappropriate for him to explain, so he nudged at South Guardian who was beside him, "Lil South, you explain.



South Guardian nudged at West Guardian, "Lil West, you explain."


West Guardian was taken aback for a moment before he said, "Lil North is best at this kind of thing.

Lil North, you explain." He then tugged North Guardian's sleeve.


North Guardian looked at the sky with tears in his eyes.

Lining up in this formation was too harmful for him! How much better it would have been if they had stood in a circle where he would be able to kick the ball back to Old East


Seeing that all four of them were silent, Lu-er anxiously said, "If you can't tell me the reason, quickly give way!"


North Guardian was also anxious.

He unexpectedly stated, "The boudoir is an important place, hence it is an inappropriate place for young children to enter."


"Ah" Lu-er's eyes widened, "How can there be children in Miss' boudoir..." When her words reached here, Lu-er suddenly shut her mouth up.

Her face immediately flushed till the roots of her ears.

She was dumbfounded for a long time before she started to stammer, "Mi, Miss...Guye[ ]son-in-law [used by wife's family]…"


South, East, West and North nodded in unison.

This girl might have looked silly, but her awareness was not bad.


Lu-er was completely dumbfounded.

Only after a while did she run out.


This time, it was the four South, East, West and North who became dumbfounded.


"Why are you running so fast Even if you kill yourself right now, the opportunity to reincarnate will not be your turn!" North Guardian exclaimed.


Lu-er was adamant to notify the concubines regarding the not too encouraging major event that she didn't even care what North Guardian had just said.


North Guardian scratched the back of his head and muttered, "This is really inexplicable." With a turn of his head, he realised that his remaining three brothers were currently staring at him.

"Wha, what are you guys looking at me for"


West Guardian smilingly said, "Lil North, I realised today that not only are you stupid, but you are also a talent."


North Guardian was like a three-meter high monk where one couldn't rub his head[ ]well-known phrase : totally at loss.

What did West meant by him not only being stupid but also a talented person Did these words even make any sense


South Guardian raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is there an opportunity for you to reincarnate at this moment"


"How did you come up with that" East Guardian questioned.


North Guardian replied, "Of course, that lonely and resentful spirit will have the opportunity to be reborn, since Leader is currently making people.



Lonely, wild, resentful and evil spirit...East, South and West shivered at the same time, as if they have seen their own miserable future...from a certain point of view, to die young was actually a blessing from Heaven.


North Guardian raised his eyes and looked at the distant mountains, feeling extremely proud.

Humph, like I can't scare you guys to death!


For an unknown period of time, the four of them were each preoccupied with their own thoughts when suddenly the door opened with a creak.

The three of them East, South and North looked over in unison, and their hearts thumped to the bottom when they saw a spring-faced Chu Changge walking towards them in a calm and relaxed manner.

How much they had wished for their Leader's expression at this moment to be discontent with lust…



The Four Guardians top 3 missions :


Guard the Leader.


Guard Madam.


Annoy the Leader. 


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