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When Chu Changge, dressed in white, came floating in, Murong Yunshu only felt a burst of ecstasy in her heart.

For the first time, she had experienced what it meant to be muddled in the brain[ ]Chinese idiom : excited and unable to act rationally with joy.

She originally thought that he had fled the cave and left because he was angry with her for refusing to marry him, but to her surprise, he had not only not left, but he even came to the wedding.

If she hadn't instructed North, South, East and West to come with the Mojiao Sect to kidnap the bride from the wedding, the person who would come to kidnap the bride would be Chu Changge himself.

At that time, it would have been even more wonderful than it was right now.


Chu Changge knew that Murong Yunshu would never be willing to let herself be controlled by others, so he knew that she would be prepared.

Thus he hid himself on the beam and waited for a good show.

She did not disappoint him as she made a great show of it to everyone's satisfaction.

If Hua Yeli hadn't said 'to collect the corpse of Chu Changge', which sounded unlucky to him, he wouldn't have shown up this early.


With a wave of his long arm, Chu Changge gestured for his disciples to rise, as he landed by Murong Yunshu's side, while saying, "Madam must have been frightened, for husband had arrived late."


Very late indeed.

Murong Yunshu turned her body to the other side and did not even look at him.


"You're not the one who had been rejected, why are you being angry" Chu Changge asked.


When Murong Yunshu heard him mention her refusal to his marriage proposal, she suddenly became embarrassed and questioned him back, "You are the one who had been rejected.

Why are you not angry" She would rather him be angry.

At least, him being angry meant he cared.


Chu Changge responded, "Of course I won't be angry with you." After saying that, he intentionally or otherwise glanced sideways at South, East, North and West behind her.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


The four people immediately took three steps backwards.

Since the Leader wasn't going to release his anger on Madam, then, he could only find other people to let out the anger in his heart.

They knew without thinking that the term other people was referring to the four usual cannon fodder...




No one can break the iron chains made from thousand-year-old black steel..." Hua Yeli said with a look of disbelief.


Chu Changge sneered.

His cold eyes were as sharp as a sword.

He then pointed out, "If I, Chu Changge, could be trapped by a few mere chains, would I be able to live to this day"


East, South, North and West secretly nodded their heads.

This sentence was truly true.

If a demon-like sect Leader, whom everyone wanted to put to death, did not have exceptional ability, he would have died hundreds of times.

Secondly, perhaps, Chu Changge had finally grown up and decided to come out to set winds blowing and wave rolling[ ]Chinese idiom : stir up trouble right now.


Hua Yeli staggered back a few steps.

He no longer had the strength to resist, as he could only beg for an answer, "How on earth did you...escape"


"You'll never know." Chu Changge smiled extremely soft, but it gave a horrible eerie feeling.


Hua Yeli looked at Murong Yunshu again with his eyes full of pain.

He asked with a heavy tone, "Since you knew he had escaped, why bother to attend the wedding"


Murong Yunshu smiled faintly and replied, "As I said, people of the Murong Mansion are true to their words and we will never break our promise.

Since I promised to marry you, it was only natural for me to go through the motions.

Otherwise, in the future, when someone deliberately trying to find a way to scrap his business with me by saying I'm such an unlucky person and used this matter to accuse me of not keeping my word, won't I suffer a dumb loss" After a pause, she added, "Besides, you have taken Chu Changge which caused me to have my heart and gallbladder hung up[ ]Chinese idiom : be on tenterhooks.

When I rushed from Jinling to Shuzhong with my horse never stopped galloping[ ]Chinese idiom : without stopping to rest, I suffered a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.

Today, with your bride being kidnapped in front of everyone's eyes, this will make you lose some of your face, and this is just the beginning.

The rest of the debt, I will keep them for now and I'll calculate them later." She would make him understand that Murong Mansion was not something he could afford to offend.


Murong Yunshu's words might not be a sword, yet they were sharper than any sharp sword.

They plunged straight into Hua Yeli's heart.

There was nothing more heartbreaking than when one's beloved regarded oneself as an enemy.


Chu Changge said with a smile, "I originally wanted to kill the people of Liang Wang[ ]King Residence without sparing even a fowl or a dog[ ]Chinese idiom : complete extermination, but since my wife said that she would torture you slowly, I will let you people live for the time being."


His mouth was clearly full of cold, heartless threats, but his face was smiling pleasantly.

It was as if killing was a rather pleasant thing for him to do.

This made the guests in the audience start to sweat.

They wanted to leave but they did not dare to do so, as their hearts had startled and their gallbladder trembled[ ]Chinese idiom : shake with fright.


Chu Changge scanned the guests one by one, and suddenly, his eyes rested on a woman's face that was filled with hate.

The corners of his mouth slightly hooked, and a ray of killing light flashed in his eyes.


The woman he stared at was Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman, the only survivor of the Tang Sect.

Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman  knew that since she was the one who poisoned Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge would never let her go.

Therefore, she rushed to send out a poisonous dart before he could make a move, in her desperate to fight till her death.


Those who were quick to see this move drew in a breath of cold air and looked towards Chu Changge.

They were hoping that Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman would succeed in her move and remove this evil from the jianghu[ ]lit.

rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc.

, considered as a social group.


To an inexperienced person, Chu Changge looked like a motionless mountain from the start to the end.

He looked calm and collected as the corner of his mouth smirking, and his hands put behind him.


When everyone looked at Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman again, at this time, her face was looking very pale.

She was covering her throat with both hands and her eyes were glaring intensely at Chu Changge.

Her eyes were about to pop out.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Chu Changge coldly snorted, then moved his gaze elsewhere, looking for the next person to die.


As Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman glared at Chu Changge, her throat 'gurgled', and the moment Chu Changge looked away, her eyes rolled back and she fell to the ground.

Only then did everyone realise that the poisonous dart that she wanted to send had stuck in her throat! No one bothered to check if Tang Sanniang was dead, because——the Tang Sect poison was highly poisonous.

The poison dart she wanted to use to deal with Chu Changge must have been the most poisonous of poisons.


When Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman died, everyone secretly moved backwards, while wishing they could put their heads down on the ground, for fear that they might be chosen by the living Yanluo and die without a burial place[ ]Chinese idiom : have a tragic end.

Only a man, with his eyes full of bloodlust and madness, stared at Chu Changge with hatred.

When Chu Changge's back was turned towards him, he aimed to stab Chu Changge in the back with his sword.

The crowd drew another breath of cold air, but this time they were worried that the assassin's reckless behaviour would anger Chu Changge.


Suddenly, with the sound of 'ding', the sword snapped into three parts and fell down.

When it fell to the ground, it shattered into powder.


It happened right under the crowd's noses, but no one could see how it happened.


Everyone only knew that this must be Chu Changge's work.

But exactly how Chu Changge made the shot was unknown.


When the man failed to kill Chu Changge, he shouted like a madman, "You killed San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman.

I'll fight you!" After saying that, he pounced on Chu Changge like a mad dog.


Chu Changge easily whirled away from his attack as he crossly said, "If you still want to live, never let me see you again from this moment on."


The man laughed wildly, "I betrayed my clan for San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman, and now once San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman is dead, I don't want to live either!"


In the last chapter → The man laughed wildly, "I betrayed my clan for San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman, and now once San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman is dead, I don't want to live either!"


Chu Changge frowned when he heard this.

He asked, "Who are you"


"I might as well tell you.

The Soul Snatcher that had been given to Murong Yunshu, belonged to me, Chi You[ ]he was from the Li Clan and the one who was supposed to be in search of the stolen Soul Snatcher.

His real name is You Chi [Chapter 51] He's currently one of Hua Yeli's advisors [Chapter 73] .!"


As expected! When Chu Changge heard him say that he had betrayed his clan for Tang San Niang[ ]san=third, niang=form of address for an elderly married woman, he had already slightly guessed his identity in his heart.

Now that it was confirmed that he was the traitor from the Li Clan who had brought the Soul Snatcher into the Daye Dynasty, then——death was his only way out.


Chu Changge's right hand was a bit lucky.

He was about to give him a slap when he suddenly heard a quick cry from outside the door, "Childe Chu, have mercy!" Chu Changge abruptly stopped his true qi[ ]vital energy and turned around to see that the person coming was none other than the Chief Sorcerer of the Li Clan, Huberg.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


"Huberg!" Chi You exclaimed.


Huberg looked at Chi You, shook his head with regret, and said to Chu Changge, "For the Princess' sake, please hand Chi You to me for punishment by the Li Clan later."


When Murong Yunshu heard Huberg mentioning the 'Princess of the Li Clan', her expression changed slightly as she looked towards Chu Changge.


"Don't let me see him again." Chu Changge said sullenly.

To be honest, this man was abominable to the core.

If he hadn't brought the Soul Snatcher out of the Li Clan, the Tang Sect wouldn't have used it against Xiyue, and King Liang Jr wouldn't have used it against Yunshu.

These two points alone were already enough to kill him a thousand times.

Not to mention the fact that he had led the way for Wang Chao and Zhang Yu to sneak into the Li Clan and kidnapped Yunshu.

But when Huberg brought up the Princess of the Li Clan, Chu Changge had to give Huberg this favour.

After all, inside the body of the Princess of the Li Clan lived Xiyue's soul.


Chu Changge's words caused Murong Yunshu's heart to plummet to the bottom.


She pursed her lips and said to Hua Yeli, "You asked me how I took Wang Chao and Zhang Yu that day.

Now, I will answer your question." Once she had done saying that, she looked at the four people South, East, North and West.


The four of them immediately understood.

They looked at each other, and then——disappeared with Murong Yunshu.


Just like that, she disappeared into thin air under Hua Yeli's nose.

Hua Yeli was not a person who had never seen the world before, so he quickly figured out that the four men must have taken her away with their qinggong[ ]"the art of lightness".

The body is trained to be "light as feather", so that a person can run at great speed, leap high and drop down softly on the tip of the toe skills.


Although Chu Changge didn't understand why Murong Yunshu suddenly left, since she already left, he didn't have to stay there any longer.


Thus, Chu Changge also disappeared.

Then, the 'Ten Miles of Red Costumes' also disappeared.


The crowd breathed out a sigh of relief and sighed in their hearts : It's really not good to mess with the people of the Mojiao Sect!






When Chu Changge rushed to the Gossip House, he was told by Yun Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman that Murong Yunshu had left Shuzhong City.

He was anxious and puzzled as he wondered why she didn't wait for him.


Chu Changge galloped his horse and finally caught up with Murong Yunshu's carriage outside Shuzhong City.

He stopped ten metres in front to wait for her.


The four guardians immediately stopped the carriage, and then walked away silently.

It was already a capital crime to elope with Madam, and to stay behind to be the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth wheel were no different than courting death...


Lu-er was also reasonable enough to go and sit down in a small grove by the roadside.

She didn't go too far away, just close enough to hear their conversation.


"Come with me for a while." Chu Changge drove the horse to the carriage and stretched out his hand to her, just like when he rescued her outside Jinling City.


Murong Yunshu pursed her lips and gave him her hand with some hesitation.


Chu Changge slowly squeezed her hand.

Instead of pulling her onto his horse right away, he just held her hand quietly, with his deep eyes staring at her face, as if he was vowing to do something.


Murong Yunshu's heart was pounding, lingering on the edge of a sinking pitfall.


Suddenly, Chu Changge pulled her onto the horseback with great force.

Then, he clamped the horse's belly and gave a low roar of 'drive'.

The horse galloped away, leaving behind a trail of dust.


Murong Yunshu subconsciously held onto Chu Changge tight.

Her heart beat even more over time as the horse ran too fast.

If she became careless even for a bit, she would surely be thrown off.


Chu Changge, however, had completely ignored her nervousness and rode even faster.


After a long run, Murong Yunshu finally couldn't help but say, "Slow down a little."


Chu Changge immediately pulled the reins to slow down the horse's speed, but it was still quite fast.


Murong Yunshu then simply said, "Stop."


As soon as she stopped talking, the horse came to a sudden halt.


Murong Yunshu's body lurched forward because of the horse sudden stop, and her nose slammed into Chu Changge's back, causing her to frown in pain.

"If you have any problem with me, just say so."


"I should be the one who said this." Chu Changge jumped off his horse, raised his head, and gazed into her eyes.

He pondered for a long time before he started to speak with deep feeling as if he had used up all his courage.

His voice was low but strong, "What you have in your heart, just tell me directly, don't make me guess.

Your heart is so deeply hidden, refusing to let anyone pry.

Even if I set my mind to guess, I would not be able to do so."


Murong Yunshu also looked at him.

There were tens of thousand words[ ]Chinese idiom : having a lot of things to say in her eyes, but she didn't know how to let them out.


Chu Changge continued, "Whatever you desire, whatever you want to do, whatever you wish me to do, as long as you say it out, I will definitely do it.

Just like how we rode the horse just now.

If you feel uncomfortable and ask me to slow down a little, I will slow down a little, and if you ask me to stop, I will stop."


After a pause, he resumed, "Even if it is an unreasonable request, I can be an unreasonable person to satisfy you.

As long as you are willing to tell me."


Since Chu Changge had spoken to this point, if Murong Yunshu's heart was not even moved at all[ ]Chinese idiom : emotionless and unconcerned, she would really be a cold-blooded person.

It was clear that Murong Yunshu was not that kind of person.


"I...didn't mean to stuff it inside." Murong Yunshu lowered her eyes as she looked at the ground like a child who had done something wrong, and said, "I just....didn't know how to bring the matter up.

I didn't know if I could bear...such a dismal fact.

I thought, as long as I didn't ask, as long as I withdrew of my own accord, I wouldn't be broken-hearted or sad.

But as soon as I heard someone mention her, or even accidentally think of the existence of this person, my heart would ache inexplicably.

Other than running away, I truly...didn't know any other way." When she said she had no other way, Murong Yunshu's heart immediately ached and her eyes began to feel damp.


However, Chu Changge, the one who heard her words, was confused, "What dismal fact What's this about withdrawing voluntarily And who is this 'she' you're referring to What the hell are you talking about"


Murong Yunshu looked at him abruptly and found that the inexplicable expression on his face was not a pretense.

He really didn't know what she was talking about.

How could this be Could it be...she had misunderstood him "Isn't that ‘Princess of the Li Clan’ yours..." Murong Yunshu suddenly felt that no matter what ‘word’ she added after ‘your’ would only make her feel uncomfortable, so she decided not to add anything at all.


Chu Changge was stumped for a moment, "You mean Xiyue Yes, she's my younger sister.

What's going on"


Younger sister Younger sister! Murong Yunshu felt that she had been struck by lightning, that she was unable to speak for quite a while.

After a long time, did she finally ask, "Real younger sister"


Chu Changge nodded and said, "Coming from the same mother's womb.

I was born three minutes earlier than her."


Born...three minutes earlier...so to speak, they were dragon and phoenix twins[ ]fraternal twins...


Murong Yunshu really wanted to find a hole to drill herself down at this moment.


Chu Changge was puzzled, "Why did you suddenly mention Xiyue for..." Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, then he laughed out loud, "Yunshu, you thought Xiyue would be my old lover, didn't you" No wonder she said that day in the cave that 'he couldn't satisfy both sides', so...


Murong Yunshu with a flushed face, was biting her lips.

Her head hung low.

Where is that hole...


"Ha ha...ha ha ha..." Chu Changge's laughter became louder and louder.

The more he laughed, the happier he became.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Murong Yunshu became angry from embarrassment.

"Don't laugh anymore!" If there was no hole around, it would be good if there was a ladder.

With her sitting on the horse like this, it was just like she had been thrown on a high platform, where people would watch her unscrupulously.

Although there was currently only one audience...


"Okay, not going to laugh anymore.

I won't laugh." Chu Changge forced his laughter down, then he asked, "Was that why you rejected my proposal" Very good.

His self-confidence had returned.


Murong Yunshu really wanted to gag him, or run away by riding the horse.

But what could she do She was unable to defeat him nor did she know how to ride the horse——even if she could, she wouldn't be able to outrun him.


"One of the reasons." Murong Yunshu replied honestly.


Chu Changge raised his eyebrows.

"What are the other reasons"


"There are a lot."


"For example."


"For example, the Emperor won't let me marry easily." Murong Yunshu casually said one of the reasons.


"Don't worry, the dead won't have a problem with it." Those who stood in the way of their marriage would die.


"..." Murong Yunshu placed a hand on her forehead, "Let's talk somewhere else." In fact, what she really wanted to say was, could he put her down first Although it felt good to look down on people, but to look down on him...not only did she not feel superior, she also felt endlessly oppressed.


Chu Changge smiled and stated, "Promise me first that as soon as we return to Jinling, we will get married."


He really did do it on purpose! It was a good thing she had spoken out about the lump in her heart before.

Otherwise, she guessed he would have left her on the horse until she spoke.


What did you call a threat This was what you called a threat!


Murong Yunshu only hesitated symbolically for a few moments before answering, "Okay, I promise you."


Chu Changge was overjoyed when he heard her words.

He supported her off his horse by hugging her.

He hugged and twirled her around several times before putting her down.

The smile on his face was really pure and heart-warming.


Murong Yunshu never knew that such a black-bellied, wildly arrogant and conceited man would have such a pure smile on his face.

When she thought that such a touching smile bloomed because of her, her eyebrows also curled up.


She, just like him, was a person who would get wind if she wanted it, and would get rain if she wanted it[ ]Chinese idioms : have everything going one's way.

Thus it was difficult for her to feel a happy satisfaction in her heart when she got it something.

At this moment, the man in front of her, who was the envy and jealousy of men everywhere, was ecstatic at her nod to his request.


Having such a husband, what else could she ask for


What was to be done He could not be her husband for now.

Though the knot in her heart[ ]emotional entanglement had finally been untied.


Just after being forced to marry King Liang Jr, the Emperor and various vassals Kings were ready to start wriggling[ ]Chinese idiom : getting restless.

If she were them, she would definitely—have to get rid of her if they couldn't marry her.


If she married him at this juncture, wouldn't she push herself and him to where the wind and the waves were the fiercest [ ]Chinese idiom : at the heart of the struggle This made no difference to her.

In any case, ever since she came into this world as Murong Yunshu, she was doomed to unable to pay attention to her own moral uplift without thought of others[ ]Chinese idiom : think only of oneself.

While Chu Changge, he already had enough enemies to deal with...


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