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"Your Highness, Zhang Yu has also disappeared." With a heavy face, Xu Hu entered Hua Yeli's study to report this news.


At that time, Hua Yeli had just experienced the pain of splitting muscles and bone dislocation for a minute.

He had been sweating profusely and he had not yet wiped his sweat off.

As he wiped his sweat, he asked, "Did his disappearance happen in the guest courtyard where she lives"


"Yes." Xu Hu didn't need to ask who this 'she' he was referring to, for there would be no other 'she' in His Highness' mouth besides Murong Yunshu.

"Are you going to see her" Xu Hu asked.


This was exactly the question that had been nagging at the back of Hua Yeli's mind.

Should he go see her


She had captured two of his confidants in one go, and in full view of everyone——he had already set up secret guards around the guest courtyard.

No one saw how she brought them down.

In the blink of an eye, they had fallen over, and in the blink of an eye, they had disappeared.

It would be a lie if he said that he was not curious.


But he was worried that he couldn't control his heart's intense jealousy when faced with her frigid irony and scorching satire[ ]Chinese idiom : to mock and ridicule...


Yes, he was jealous.

He was extremely jealous.


"Your Highness" Xu Hu called him out, while urging him to make a decision.


Hua Yeli hesitated for a few more seconds before saying, "I'm going." At the same time, he had also made a decision for another matter in his heart.






When slow footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door, a sneer appeared at the corner of Murong Yunshu's mouth.

He finally came.


"Where did you take Wang Chao and Zhang Yu" Hua Yeli didn't want to start this conversation with these words, but he couldn't really find anything else to talk about.


Murong Yunshu smiled and asked back, "Where did you take Chu Changge"


All that came out of her mouth was about Chu Changge! Hua Yeli desperately restrained the jealousy in his heart and coldly answered, "A place where you can't find." As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted it.

He had faced tens of thousands of hardships[ ]Chinese idiom : innumerable hardships to lure her here, not for him to speak in cold words and sarcastic comments[ ]Chinese idiom : to mock and ridicule at her...


"Where you can see it." Murong Yunshu also answered his question.

This was called proper behaviour based on reciprocity[ ]Chinese idiom : deal with a man as he deals with you .


Hua Yeli froze for a moment, then reacted, "Where"


"There." Murong Yunshu motioned with her eyes.


Hua Yeli followed her eyes and looked sideways.

But as far as he could see, there were nothing but two spots of grass.


At this time, Murong Yunshu added, "I heard that if a person is unpleasant when he is alive, then when he dies, a spot of grass will grow on his grave.

I've been pondering over this for the past few days.

If spots of grass can grow on Wang Chao and Zhang Yu's graves, then won't your grave, Your Highness, turn into a grassland"


Hua Yeli was stunned and his face became awfully ugly.

"You kill them"


"Do you even care about their life and death"


"Why did you lay your hands on them when you already knew that their lives and deaths will not be able to threaten me"


Murong Yunshu responded, "Since I can make them disappear in the twinkling of an eye, I can also make any of them disappear.

Among these any people, naturally, include Liang Wang Fei[ ]wang=king/prince, fei=consort."


Hua Yeli had never gotten married and he did not even have a concubine by his side.

Thus, Liang Wang Fei[ ]wang=king/prince, fei=consort referred to King Liang Sr.'s consort, who was Hua Yeli's mother.

Everyone had a weakness, and Hua Yeli's weakness was Liang Wang Fei[ ]wang=king/prince, fei=consort.

For this piece of news, Murong Yunshu not only had to rack her brains, but she had also spent extremely a lot of silver.

She had refused Yun Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman last time, so when she asked for her help again this time, Yun Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman had asked for a lot of money.

However, this was understandable.

If it was Murong Yunshu herself, she would have done the same thing and taught the other party to regret their past deed to her.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator,  きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


As soon as he heard Murong Yunshu threatening his mother's life, Hua Yeli's face immediately showed a horrified look, "Mu Fei[ ]mu=mother, fei=consort has long resided in remote mountains to worship Buddha.

How would you know..."


Murong Yunshu slightly smiled and said, "What do you think I took Wang Chao and Zhang Yu for"



They would never betray this Wang[ ]king!" Hua Yeli was so ashamed that it turned to anger[ ]Chinese idiom : fly into a rage from shame.


"It's normal that you won't believe it, because even they themselves didn't believe that they would betray you." Murong Yunshu laughed, "Have you heard of Yun Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman's soul-sorbing technique"


Hua Yeli's expression sank into a few more shades darker.

Obviously he knew the power of the soul-sorbing technique.


Murong Yunshu continued, "There is a saying in the jianghu[ ]lit.

rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc.

, considered as a social group that goes like this, 'Anyone who enters Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman's door will empty out their heart, lungs and soul.' The meaning of this saying, as the name implies, is that once you are caught in Yun Si Niang[ ]form of address for an elderly married woman's soul-sorbing technique, no matter how strong your will is, you will answer whatever she asks you.

Your soul will be very truthful."


Hua Yeli's expression turned dark with anger.

After a long silence, he suppressed his anger and asked, "What did you do to Wang Fei[ ]wang=king/prince, fei=consort"


"Still alive." Her words were simple and concise.




"Are you going to return Chu Changge to me" Murong Yunshu asked carelessly as she spun her teacup.

In fact, her heart was thrilled to death.

Finally, it was time for her to see him.


Hua Yeli, still in his cold expression, pondered for a moment before he said in a hateful tone, "I will never let Chu Changge go.

Just give up your intention!"


Murong Yunshu's hand trembled, as the teacup fell on the table with a thud, which coincided with her heartbeat at that moment.

"As far as I know, although you are cruel and ruthless, you are very filial to Wang Fei[ ]wang=king/prince, fei=consort.

If she knows that her filial son will abandon her own safety, she will be heartbroken.

Older people cannot stand such a big blow."


"You won't hurt her." Hua Yeli's tone showed that he was very certain with what he said.


"I might as well have a try."


"You are kind by nature and you will never hurt innocent people, especially the elderly."


Murong Yunshu questioned, "How much do you know about me"


After hearing her question, Hua Yeli stared deeply at her for a few seconds before he spoke out meaningfully, "Much more than you think."


Murong Yunshu was startled.

When she heard Hua Yeli's tone, it seemed as if he was very familiar with her…


Hua Yeli added, "If you want to see Chu Changge, I will let you see him; if you want me to let him go, I'll let him go.

However, I have one condition."


Murong Yunshu let out a sigh of relief at his words.

Although she was disgusted by his behaviour, she was still glad that he was finally willing to negotiate terms.

"If you had made your terms much earlier, Liang Wang[ ]King/Prince Residence would have been able to save some money on tea."


"You haven't heard my terms."


"I'll agree to whatever terms you set."


Hua Yeli's heart burst with ecstasy.

His gloomy sky cleared for the first time, but soon the dark clouds came back.

She was actually willing to agree to anything for Chu Changge.

Could it be that she didn't care about anything except Chu Changge Impossible.

How could a person like her give up all of herself for someone else Impossible.

In no way it would be possible...


"You and I are both very busy people, so please stop wasting each other's time." Murong Yunshu lightly urged.


Hua Yeli stared at her for a long time and then said, "Marry me."


Murong Yunshu was dumbfounded when she heard his words.

Marry him Did he take the wrong medicine and was talking gibberish, or did she have a hallucination


"Are you feeling very surprised Who wouldn't want to marry a woman like you." Hua Yeli's tone was stiff as he tried to use the coldest of his tones to let out the deep feelings that was hidden in his heart.


Murong Yunshu was flabbergasted for another moment.

Then it dawned on her and she mocked, "Apart from marriage, can't you think of a better way to strengthen your power" True to form, he was from the Imperial Family.

Just like Hua Lingtian, and just like the Emperor, who thought that by marrying her, they would be able to gain her support and secure their seat on the throne.

How ridiculous.


Hua Yeli thought of many kinds of reactions she would have, but there was no such reaction coming from her.


actually misunderstood his meaning.

Not only did she misunderstand, but she had also outrageously misunderstood him.


But, that was fine.


If he suddenly told her that he had loved her for so many years, and everything he did was to get her, she would not believe it, right


Hua Yeli was ruthless as he said, "Yes, I can't think of other ways to keep you and let you help me with all your heart."


Murong Yunshu was silent for a moment before she agreed, "Okay, I promise you."


"Miss!" Lu-er shrieked, "How can you marry this bad guy!"


Hua Yeli accidentally looked at Murong Yunshu.

He didn't hear it wrong, did he For her to actually be this straightforward...


Murong Yunshu ignored Lu-er and looked at Hua Yeli with a sneer, "Feeling surprised I've told you earlier that no matter what you ask, I will agree to it."


These words were like a sword, piercing Hua Yeli's heart with pain.

She was really willing to do anything to save Chu Changge...


Murong Yunshu added, "I have a marriage contract with Chu Changge.

So before I marry you, I must first break it off with him."


"You want to see him first before you get married to me" Hua Yeli's face showed concern.


"Don't worry. One word from me, Murong Yunshu, is worth nine sacred tripods[ ]Chinese idiom : words of enormous weight and I will never break it." Murong Yunshu added, "The people of Murong Mansion value reputation the most.

If I break my promise to you, I will not be able to face the successive generations of my ancestors even if I die."


Hua Yeli did not doubt Murong Yunshu's words at all.

The reason why Huifeng Private Bank could still sustain was because of Murong Mansion's reputation.


"Okay, I'll let you see him." Hua Yeli said.


Once Murong Yunshu received his promise, she finally let go off her hanging heart.






Hua Yeli must do what he just promised.

The next day, he sent Murong Yunshu to the cave where Chu Changge was imprisoned.

However, her eyes had been blindfolded along the way, so she couldn't see the scenery along the journey, let alone recognise the way.


But it didn't matter.

What matter was that she could finally see him.


As Murong Yunshu looked at the dishevelled Chu Changge on the stone platform, she could only feel her eyes heat up as tears flowed out like spring[ ]Chinese idiom : extreme grief.


"Yunshu!" Chu Changge called out Murong Yunshu's personal name in his ecstasy, and he immediately jumped up to hug her.

Unexpectedly, the length of the chains on his hands and feet were limited.

With these movements of his, his hands and feet were painfully strangled by the chains.

But these little pains disappeared without trace in an instant because of the torrent of joy that he was currently feeling.


Chu Changge quietly looked at Murong Yunshu, and his dry lips moved as he whispered, "Come to my side."


Murong Yunshu nodded while wiping the tears from her face.

She stumbled towards the stone platform, with her dripping in the knee-depth water.


Chu Changge watched her approach, step by step.

His heart beat a little faster with each step she took.

When she finally came within reach, Chu Changge hugged her fiercely and tightly, wanting to melt her into the marrow of his bones.


Murong Yunshu also hugged him back.

She buried her head in his arms, with her pressing the side of her face to his chest, as she closed her eyes, and listened to his heartbeat.

Her heart had been floating for a long time, and it finally found a shore to anchor.[ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator,  きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


The tide of longing inside them rushed out, and became out of control.


Only now did Murong Yunshu realise that she had been yearning for this embrace so much that she wanted to stay here for a lifetime.


At this moment, emotional cleanliness, love and unlove, sanity, pride...were all thrown away by Murong Yunshu beyond the ninth heaven and the most ephemeral cloud[ ]Chinese idiom : far, far away.

All she could think of was, to get close to this man who had completely taken over her heart at some point, hold him tightly and make their moment an eternity.


Chu Changge was overwhelmed with emotion.

God knows, all these days, what he feared the most was that he would never see her again in his life.


Fortunately, God who had always loved to joke with him, finally took him seriously and sent her to his arms.


After an unknown amount of time, Chu Changge suddenly called out softly, "Yunshu."


Murong Yunshu had never heard Chu Changge call her by her personal name in such a gentle manner.

Her heart immediately missed half a beat and her face showed some shyness, "Hmm"


"Let's get married."


Murong Yunshu did not expect him to propose marriage under such circumstances.

She flinched for a few seconds before withdrawing from his arms.

She looked into his expectant eyes and answered seriously, "It's not good."


In an instant, Chu Changge's body stiffened, his expression froze, and his throat stuck.

Had it been wishful thinking on his part all this time


Chu Changge wanted to ask 'why', but he swallowed the words back into his mouth.

Because he was Chu Changge, the incomparable Chu Changge.

The Chu Changge who was blessed with a unique and unparalleled status.

The Chu Changge who only allowed himself to be mistreated, and not to be mistreated by others.

To be rejected was already sorrowful.

If he asked why, wouldn't that make him even more pathetic


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