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Black Belly Wife Chapter 8

The Laughable Master Justice

“I heard the crown prince was infected with a weird disease.”


“Mmm.” A left hand held a white piece.


“There are notices everywhere on the street, the kingdom is rewarding a thousand gold for a doctor.”


“Ooh.” A right hand held a black piece.


“Miss, did you already know about this early on”


“Not really early, about three days before.” The information came together with the news about the empire wanting to take over the bank.


This is still called not early Lu’er pouted her lips: “The crown prince is your cousin, how come you’re not nervous at all”


“He won’t die anyway, why would I feel nervous”


“How do you know he won’t die”


Murong Yun Shu slowly put a black piece on the chess board, she lightly said: “I’m familiar with the person who poisoned him.” Specifically, she met him before and knew his name.


Lu’er screamed: “So the crown prince was poisoned by someone!” which means the rumors that were spreading outside…….




“Don’t tell me……That person really was Master” Lu’er really hoped it wasn’t true.


“Yes, it’s real.”


“Oh my god!” Lu’er face palmed: “Master must be out of his mind! How could he poison the crown prince!”



“That’s right, he not only poisoned the crown prince, he even used the black heart poison specially made from Mount Heifeng.

As if he wants everyone to know that he is the one who poisoned the crown prince.”


Lu’er was so speechless that she flipped her eyeballs: “Miss, can you please act like a normal person! Poisoning the crown prince is a big crime! We’ll get decapitated!”


“They won’t slaughter the whole clan, what are you afraid of”




“Even if their whole sect got slaughtered, I haven’t married to him yet, which means I’m not in their family list.” Murong Yun Shu was so calm as though even if a tornado were to befall on her, it wouldn’t affect her a bit.

She continued putting a black piece on top of the chess board and complemented: “In any case, you won’t be implicated in the crime so stop worrying blindly.”


Lu’er’s eyes got wet, was Miss worried about her


“Miss, even if you don’t have any feelings for Master, the person who is sick right now is your cousin, aren’t you a little worried about him” Lu’er remembered that Miss had had a close relationship with her cousin in the past.


Murong Yun Shu ignored her words, she continued confronting with her left and right hands.

“Actually, you are very worried for your cousin, right”


Let’s make it draw, or else her left and right hand won’t be able to get along peacefully in the future.


“Miss, did you hear what I just said!”


Murong Yun Shu had never seen Lu’er being so determined on other things before! She held back her hand from the chess board and put the pieces back into the chess box instead, then she said: “Haven’t you heard of being obedient with your husband once you get married”


“Huh Miss also knows that you should be obedient to your husband!”


Murong Yun Shu did not care about Lu’er ridicule, she said with a serious face: “My future husband is poisoning the crown prince.

Of course I should stand with him, showing mercy to the enemy is showing cruelness to myself.”


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