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As soon as Murong Yunshu came in through the door, the manager whispered, "Young Miss, there's a small door to the backyard.

Let me take you there."


"M-hm." Murong Yunshu nodded slightly.


North Guardian wanted to keep up with her, but when he just took his step, he took it back, and muttered in his heart, "Leader must have said those words in anger.

Perhaps he already regretted it.

Then, I should go back and help Leader." So after he watched Murong Yunshu leave to the rear part of the building, he turned back soon afterwards.


Chu Changge, who was entangled with fighting the crowd and unable to get away from it[ ]Chinese idiom : be awfully (busy etc), saw that North Guardian had returned.

He couldn't be bothered more with this bunch of martial artists, and asked, "Where's Murong Yunshu"


"She's gone." North Guardian leaped to Chu Changge's side and fended off the enemy with him.


Chu Changge, however, didn't appreciate his kindness as he angrily said, "Jingbian City is bogged down in crises, and you let her go alone!"


North Guardian was taken aback.

He suddenly realised that the Leader actually wanted him to escort Madam out of the tiger's den[ ]a dangerous spot! He should have known that Leader considered Madam to be more important than the safety of the Mojiao Sect, so how could he be angry with her over a joke...


When the three guardians South, East and West also noticed that North Guardian had returned, they all had the expression like they hated iron for not becoming steel[ ]Chinese idiom : feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements.

Even West Guardian could no longer restrain his anger that he scolded him straightforwardly, "Really such an idiot!"


North Guardian also regretted it.

He used to think he was pretty smart, but somehow, ever since he joined the Mojiao Sect, his brain was getting worse and worse.

What an idiot! He originally wanted to knock himself on the head, but the situation was so dire and he was up to his ears in his job[ ]Chinese idiom : unable to attend to other things at the same time that he couldn't spare his hands to hit himself.

As a result, he struck forward ruthlessly which knocked away the enemy who was in front of him.


Although Chu Changge was annoyed with North Guardian's return, there was no doubt that his addition had increased their strength in this bloody battle just like a tiger that had grown wings[ ]Chinese idiom : with redoubled power, and there was a glimmer of hope of reversing the situation that was once undoubtedly became their defeat, or at least, for them to open up a bloody path[ ]cut an escape route would not be a problem.


And this was also something that Murong Yunshu had thought of.

So, when she realised that North Guardian had not followed her, she felt greatly relieved.

She originally didn't know which side had the advantage in this battle, and the reason she took that chance to leave was simply because she didn't want to add up to Chu Changge's burden, but Chu Changge's reaction made her heart sink to the lowest ebb[ ]fig.

all-time low.

His intention of letting North Guardian to 'detain' her away could not have been more obvious——he had no chance of winning.


Thankfully, North Guardian had gone back.

Hopefully, with his assistance, it would be able to boost their morale.

Even if it was only a little, it was still good to her. [ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Murong Yunshu walked out of the private bank back door and looked up at the sky.

It was an excessively beautiful blue sky, with white clouds dyed in a hazy gloomy colour.


"Chu Changge, you mustn't get into trouble." Murong Yunshu murmured softly while still looking at the sky and.


Suddenly, an icy scoff came from the tree in front of her, "You're facing with imminent death and you still have the heart to worry about other people!" Before the voice had hardly finished speaking, a silhouette leapt as nimble as a swallow from the tree, and landed two meters in front of Murong Yunshu.


Wasn't this the young girl from the next cell Murong Yunshu looked at this old friend in front of her, while wondering why the young girl would be here and blocking her way.

"Chu Changge is in the front."


"I'm not looking for him."


If she wasn't looking for Chu Changge, then she must have come for her.

Murong Yunshu clearly understood as she smiled and said while mocking herself, "King Liang Jr.

really thinks too highly of me." First, he sent Wang Chao and Zhang Yu, and then second, was the cold-blooded girl.

If she guessed correctly, the old woman who was living on the other side of her cell that day must have also been King Liang Jr.'s people.

In order to catch her, he truly move his troops and stir up people[ ]Chinese idiom : get many people involved (to do sth.) after racking through his brains[ ]Chinese idiom : at the cost of a lot of effort ah!


"Since you know that His Highness thinks highly of you, you should do as he has requested by following us back to see him!"


This cold voice, which was quite hoarse, clearly did not come from that young girl's mouth.

Murong Yunshu followed the sound, but could not see even a half of a person.

She could only see that cold looking young girl who standing expressionlessly in front of her.


"What's your name" Murong Yunshu asked.


"Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow."


"Where is the elder one" Murong Yunshu asked again, still facing Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow, but her eyes were looking behind her.


"Who is your elder!" With an extremely unfriendly snort, a dark-haired woman came out from behind Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow, with a figure identical to Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow's, but with a very different looking face, an aging face that looked like a dried corpse that just crawled out from inside a coffin. [ ]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Before, in the cell, Murong Yunshu only noticed her face, so she never doubted her age.

At this time, it seemed that, except for the face, she and Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow were of the same age.

Looking at their hands, which were white and tender, it seemed that they were not more than sixteen years old at most.


It turned out that girl was having a premature aging.

No wonder she had such a big opinion on the word 'elder'.

Murong Yunshu looked at her and smiled, "I have some kind of friendship with someone who is much better than Huatuo." The implication was that 'if you let me live, I will show you the right way'.


Upon hearing this, the 'old woman', that was called Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow, who originally had a gloomy lustreless face, suddenly brightened up entirely, as she inquired joyfully, "Do you really know someone who is much better than Huatuo"


Murong Yunshu replied, "If you mean a man who is as white as a dead man and has a near-morbid state of an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness, yes, I know him."



These are called changpao.

Right away, a warm and jade-like voice could be heard coming from her left side.

"Miss Murong, to speak ill of people behind their backs isn't something a person of noble character will do." Followed by the appearance of Feng Cheng in a white changpao [ ]traditional Chinese men's robe, with his long hair still combed high, which was attached together using a golden hairpin, just as it was in the past[ ]Chinese idiom : as before.

As expected from a man of striking appearance, truly like a jade tree in the wind[ ]Chinese idiom : handsome both physically and talents appearance.


Murong Yunshu responded, "Thank you for reminding me.

I'll try to say these things in front of you in the future."


Feng Cheng's face was full of black lines.

She really took the phrase 'recognising one's mistakes and be able to reform oneself was the greatest virtue' really really well!


Without waiting for the two to catch up, Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow asked in a slightly cold tone, "Who are you"


"Feng Cheng." Feng Cheng indifferently spat out the two words that should be able to represent everything.

He had learned this trick from Chu Changge.

In the jianghu[ ]lit.

rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc.

, considered as a social group, names meant everything, and if the other party heard his name but didn't know who he was, it meant that he wasn't famous enough.

People who weren't famous enough usually had another name in the jianghu[ ]lit.

rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc.

, considered as a social group——a nobody.

So, usually those who dared to speak their name were either very famous or soon to be famous.

Feng Cheng belonged to the former.


Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow naturally knew what the word ‘Feng Cheng’ stood for.

Suddenly, her expression that considered herself as unexcelled in the world[ ]Chinese idiom : be insufferably arrogant went dim.

Now, there was a hint of flattery and admiration in her eyes as she looked at Feng Cheng.


Murong Yunshu thought that Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow would probably only show such a look when she was facing King Liang Jr., but she was now looking at Feng Cheng like this, showing how much she minded her unaged face, which precisely showed her weakness. Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow's weakness was that she had something she wanted from Feng Cheng.

As the saying went, when one was under the eaves, one had to bow one's head[ ]when a person has to depend on others like foods, pay etc, that person has to do what they say.

Since she had something to ask Feng Cheng, she would definitely not make things difficult for him.


Of course, whether Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow would let her off the hook for this, Murong Yunshu wasn't sure.

After all, women especially, always like to embarrass other women...


"Childe Feng." Murong Yunshu asked nonchalantly, "Can you win with your martial arts skills"


Feng Cheng glanced at Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow and Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow, then said, "Easy."


"What if we add two more" Murong Yunshu asked again.


"Add two more like you, or two more like me" asked Feng Cheng.


The corner of Murong Yunshu's mouth quivered slightly, "Kind of like you."


"If in case I don't have to save you, it's not a problem." His implication was that 'if we don't back off now, we won't be able to escape'.


The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth shook as she said, "Why don't you just leave then."


Feng Cheng was taken aback, but then he answered, "Okay, I'll ask for some reinforcements."


"Well, Chu Changge is just in the front.

You should go and call him out." Murong Yunshu said seriously.


"He didn't know that you're surrounded"


"I don't think so." Murong Yunshu responded indifferently.


Feng Cheng took another look at the Jin Yanzi[ ]jin=golden, yanzi=swallow and Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow.

It was not difficult for him to deal with these two people, but among those two who were still hiding in the dark, one of them had martial arts skills comparable to his.

If he wanted to save Murong Yunshu, he could only look for Chu Changge.


"You can't leave!" When Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow saw that Feng Cheng wanted to leave, she said, "You must heal my face before you leave."


Feng Cheng quirked an eyebrow, "With your martial arts skills, you can't keep me here."


"How about this" Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow suddenly put her sword to Murong Yunshu's neck, threatening Feng Cheng.


Feng Cheng was horrified and was in a dilemma, but Murong Yunshu just leisurely snickered and said, "What King Liang Jr.

wants should not be Murong Yunshu's corpse, right"


"You..." Yin Yanzi[ ]yin=silver, yanzi=swallow was so angry that she couldn't respond back.


Feng Cheng glanced at Murong Yunshu with admiration, then jumped over the wall, and just after he crossed the wall, he heard the cracking and rattling sounds of fighting from the gate area.

His heart immediately became heavy.

His steps turned light, as he went as fast as the wind.


When he arrived at to the front gate, Feng Cheng was dumbfounded.

Chu Changge was obviously being besieged and overwhelmed.

Why did Murong Yunshu ask him to get some reinforcements Didn't she know that Chu Changge was under siege It didn't make sense...all of a sudden, a thought flashed in his mind.

Feng Cheng suddenly realised that Murong Yunshu obviously knew that Chu Changge was under siege.

Not only that, but she also knew that Chu Changge's strength was slightly inferior in the battle, and what she did was only a cover for her to get him some help.

Her original intention was——to send a reinforcement to Chu Changge, and he was the reinforcement.


She was so nonchalant like water that she could even be so calm when she was also facing danger herself.


It was just that, did she know that by sending reinforcement to Chu Changge, she also cut off her own escape route


Feng Cheng sighed lightly.

She should have known about it, but she still chose to let Chu Changge have the way to survive.

In fact, he was not surprised by her choice, because he knew quite well that everyone who had affection in his or her heart would have make the same choice…


Chu Changge was so pleased to see Feng Cheng arrival that he asked, "Why are you here"


"She told me to come." As he spoke, Feng Cheng had already begun to fight from outside the encirclement.


Chu Changge knew without asking who the 'she' that Feng Cheng had been referring to, and he at once became so furious that he straightforwardly struck at Feng Cheng——which knocked the enemy beside Feng Cheng.


Feng Cheng also swung his palm at him——which also hitting the enemy by Chu Changge'a side as he said, "No one can save her except you." Even if there came another saviour, she would still cheat that person to come here to help Chu Changge.


As soon as he heard the word 'save', Chu Changge's heart panicked.

She was really in danger just as he thought!


Damn it, Little North! Damn it Feng Cheng! Did't they know that she was not an inch of steel[ ]Chinese idiom : unarmed and defenseless and the one who truly needed protection!


As his heart was burning with anxiety, Chu Changge completely ignored how clever Murong Yunshu was, and all that was weighing in his mind was her safety.


At that instant when Chu Changge was agitated, Fang Hongfei took advantage of the opportunity to slap him on the back with his palm, which made Chu Changge's qi[ ]vital energy became disordered right away, and made him splashed his blood everywhere.


"Leader!" The Four Great Guardians shouted in alarm.

Inside their shouts, apart from being worried, they were also seized with terror, because that palm strike of Fang Hongfei was not an ordinary palm strike, but rather a cosmic absorbing palm power!


Cosmic absorbing power skill, absorbed people's internal forces for their own use.

With this skill, those who had been saying they either on the wrong or right way would definitely have changed their colours.


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