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When Chu Changge arrived at the western gate, he happened to see a magnificent carriage driving in the direction he had come from under the guard of soldiers.

He only gave the driver a faint glance, and when he saw that it wasn't the person he was looking for, he didn't look any further and cast his gaze towards the crowd of people leaving the city.

He was sure that among these people, there must be the person he was looking for.


East, South, West, and North of the Four Great Guardians were also under pressure from passers-by who took a look at them as if they were freaks, as they joined the search for Murong Yunshu.


When they saw that the city gate was about to close, the Four Great Guardians couldn't restrain themselves.


"Maybe they've disguised themselves again and have already left the city under our noses." North Guardian guessed.

The other three also nodded in agreement.

North Guardian wiped a tear of emotion in his heart, as something that he said had finally agreed by everyone.


Chu Changge shook his head.

"Looks can be changed, but body shape and eyes can't." Before he saw the back of the dark red faced woman in the inn, he suspected that she was Murong Yunshu.

As he took the lesson drawn from the overturned cart ahead[ ]Chinese idiom : lessons drawn from others' mistakes, he wouldn't be wrong this time.

Unless…they hadn't left the city!


As Chu Changge thought about this, he quickly said, "Go back to the inn."


"Not going to look for her anymore" The four people were puzzled.


The corner of Chu Changge's mouth quirked as he replied, "She'll come looking for me." She was so smart.

She would definitely have a way to contact him, and all he had to do was wait.


The Four Great Guardians looked at each other in blank dismay[ ]Chinese idiom : gaze at each other helplessly.

The Leader's way of thinking really wasn't something normal people like them could understand…


At dusk the next day, Chu Changge received the news from Murong Yunshu.

To be exact, he heard the news of her——Marquis of Jingbian had caught three reactionaries, two men and a woman, who were currently being held in prison.


Chu Changge smiled with great pleasure.

He figured that she would have sent him a message in some way, but he never dreamed that it would be like this.

It had been wind and rain through the town[ ]Chinese idiom : a big scandal, so obviously everyone had known about it.

Was she afraid that he wouldn't know that it was her


Smart, really smart, really worthy of being the person that he, Chu Changge, had taken fancy of. [0]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

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"Leader, let us immediately storm into the Marquis' residence!" North Guardian seemed eager to try it out.


West Guardian glanced at him like he was an idiot and said, "You only know how to fight and kill.

Indeed an unrefined person!"


"If I'm not an unrefined person, could it be that no matter what I'm still a fine person" North Guardian retorted back.


West Guardian felt that speaking to such an illiterate person would really make him very angry, so he decided to ignore him.

"Leader, seeing that it's getting late, in my opinion, it's better to wait until late at night and visit the Marquis' residence by then to rescue Madam.

Then, it will be unknown to god or ghost[ ]Chinese idiom : without anybody knowing it."


"That's a pretty good way.

That really small Lord Marquis' residence is just like a vegetable garden.

Even in the middle of the day, it's not hard to steal a vegetable or two." East Guardian agreed.


South Guardian, on the other hand, was silent.

He knew very well that Leader already had some considerations in his mind.


As expected, Chu Changge completely ignored the opinions of the three guardians and laughed, "For a place like that, I'll naturally wait until the sun rises at dawn, then bring enough gifts, and walk in with a swagger."


The three people East, West and North, were deeply shocked.

Was Leader trying to bribe…


South Guardian, on the other hand, laughed without saying a word and patted East Guardian on the shoulder.

Brother, calm down.




Ever since she was 'invited' to the Lord Marquis' residence prison, Murong Yunshu had escaped from the clutches of Wang Chao and Zhang Yu——men and women were held separately.

This was actually not in her plans, but it was still a blessing that she didn't have to spend her days staring at those two in the eyes.


Even if her appearance had changed and her voice was mute, that didn't affect Murong Yunshu's enjoyment of prison life.

Yesterday, when Marquis of Jingbian's people took away that book 'Yueliu Tianshu', they brought another book for her.

The title of this new book was very influentially inspiring, and the content was even more influentially inspiring.


Murong Yunshu sat on the straw mat, leisurely flipping through the blood-red coloured book called 'Loyal To The Monarch, Devoted To The Country[ ]Chinese idiom : faithful patriots' in her hands.

She laughed as she read it, and when she finally closed the book, she said to herself, "The person who wrote this book is a very loyal official, and the person who reads it will become a martyr sooner or later." She still wanted to live a few more years, so she just left the opportunity to lay down one's life for one's country[ ]Chinese idiom : die for one's country to someone else...


Murong Yunshu looked at her neighbours on both sides, one old and one young.

They just 'came to stay' this morning.

She chuckled and thought for a moment, and finally decided to give the book to the old woman in the left cell.

She was already in her twilight years anyway, and it didn't matter if she was afflicted with another great suffering.


Murong Yunshu had just put down the book, only to see the old woman suddenly turn her head.

With her fierce face, she gave her a very unfriendly look, and then turned her head back.

She didn't know if it was just her illusion, but Murong Yunshu always felt that the expression on the old woman's eyes were a little odd, as if she hated her to the marrow of her bones[ ]Chinese idiom : bitterly hate.


Had she ever offended this person Murong Yunshu took a look at the old woman again, and went back to her straw mat, while holding her chin with one of her hands.

As she lost in thought, she suddenly sensed someone staring at her from the left side, which made her feel prickles down her back[ ]Chinese idiom : uneasy and nervous.

Murong Yunshu frowned, and turned her head around to look.

The girl in the left cell immediately turned her head to the other side, like she felt guilty as a thief[ ]Chinese idiom : have sth on one's conscience.


Murong Yunshu's suspicion deepened in her heart.

What was going on with these two


Meanwhile, at the same time, Wang Chao, who was held in the men's prison, was on the verge of regretting it with all his guts.

"If I had known today, I should have changed my face into a woman, then it wouldn't have ended up like this, where we were imprisoned separately with one on the south and one on the north.

Even the whip can't even reach[ ]Chinese idiom : beyond one's influence.

I don't know if she manage to run away."


Zhang Yu's face was full of black lines after he heard what was said, and the stiff corners of his mouth twitched many times, but he didn't say anything.


Regardless of whether anyone listened or not, Wang Chao continued to talk by himself, "Although my body is a little big and burly, no one will doubt me if I pretend to be a fat woman.

You're much better off doing it though.

Except for your face, you look like a woman everywhere.

Even if you don't look like a woman, no one will doubt your gender when you put on women's clothes.

At most, you can sigh with emotion, 'This Miss is also a little tired of this ugliness'...



When Zhang Yu saw Wang Chao was becoming more and more outrageous, he couldn't help but spoke coldly, "You should regret not disguising her as a man."


Wang Chao slammed his thigh and shouted, "Yes, yes, we should have made her a man! Why didn't I think of that before Although she is petite and has gentle features, since I have climbed to heaven and went into the earth[ ]Chinese idiom : go to great lengths, that there's no one that can match me, and no one can beat this Thousand Faces gentleman here.

Even turning her into a ladyboy, I can...



"Shut up!" Chang Yu squeezed these two words out of his teeth, while resisting the urge to smash someone's noisy mouth.


Wang Chao was immediately kept silent.

A wise man should know when to not say a word.


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