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The day after Murong Yunshu and the group left, the important person that Lu-er had been waiting for finally came.


"Guye[1][term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family] son-in-law!" Lu-er welcomed him with her face covered in smiles[2]Chinese idiom; beaming with happiness, only to find that her own master, surprisingly, was not there.

She hastily asked, "Where is Miss"


"You haven't seen her" Chu Changge asked instead rather than answering the rhetorical question.


"No." Lu-er shook her head, looking bewildered.

Miss was obviously with Guye[1][term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family] son-in-law, but why did Guye[1][term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family] son-in-law ask her instead


"Have the four, South, East, North and West come here"


"No also."


After asking the question, Chu Changge immediately turned to leave, leaving behind Lu-er whose face was like a three-meter high monk, you couldn't rub his head[3]Chinese idiom : at a total loss as she stared stupidly at the same place.

She didn't react for a long time. Guye[1][term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family] son-in-law had gone down the mountain to find Miss, so should she still stay here to wait for Miss to come


At the same time, Chu Changge immediately sent a pigeon to the Four Great Guardians, asking them to come and join him.

At the same time, he also issued Black Wind Order to the branches in all directions to immediately report back to him as soon as they learned of Murong Yunshu's whereabouts.


Chu Changge inquired about her all the way as he continuously in hot pursuit for three days in a row.

Still, there was no news of Murong Yunshu.

However, in Jingbian City, he came across the Four Great Guardians who had the horses galloped on without stop[4]Chinese idiom : travel without stop as they rushed over to meet.


"Leader, what's the matter with this urgent call" East Guardian rushed to ask before he could even catch his breath.

There was also a big question mark written on the faces of the three men from North to South.

In fact, the turmoil in the Sect had not yet subsided.

If not for Leader's ten thousand fire emergency[5]Chinese idiom : most urgent summon, they would have never left Black Wind Mountain halfway through the situation.


"Murong Yunshu has been kidnapped." Chu Changge explained.

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The four people were shocked.

No wonder the Leader had a murderous look on his face.

As it turned out...if Madam could be found just by killing other people, they afraid that Daye Dynasty would have littered with corpses.


"Any clue" asked East Guardian.


Chu Changge shook his head slowly, with his deep black eyes staring out the window, while wondering what was going on.


"Actually, there is no need for the Leader to worry.

Perhaps Madam was too overwhelmed by your oppression that she walked away on her own..." North Protector was only halfway through his sentence when he received a sturdy slap from West Guardian, who also gave him one deep scornful glance.


North Guardian casted an incredibly sad and innocent look at West Guardian.

He was also trying to comfort the Leader ah.


Do you comfort people like that West Guardian gave him another blank look and turned to Chu Changge, "What enemies does Madam have We will go check them one by one."


Chu Changge replied, "None."


"That's a tough one.

How could you be kidnapped even when you don't have any enemies"


Chu Changge also couldn't figure it out.

With Murong Yunshu's personality, there must be quite a few people whom she had offended, but those who would seriously go overboard to kidnap her were almost none.


"Could it be Leader's enemy who did it" North Guardian touched his still aching chest where his heart was still fluttering with fear[6]Chinese idiom : have a lingering fear as he opened his mouth again.


This time, West Guardian didn't hit him nor did he give him a scornful glance, but rather nodded his head in favor of his suggestion that the one responsible was the Leader's foe.


"If that's the case, it will be even more difficult." South Guardian stated.


East Guardian nodded in agreement to his statement, "The Leader's enemies are countless.

Each of them hates him so much that they wish to hack him to pieces, or to tear his body to thousand of pieces.

Only God knows which one of them has kidnapped Madam."


Chu Changge took a quick look at East Guardian coldly as he said, "You're really worthy of being the guardian of this Leader." Knowing that he was currently depressed and urgently needed to vent his anger, he, East Guardian, had come here to act as a cannon fodder.


East Guardian suddenly had a bad chill which forced a smile out of him that he said, "Leader is overpraising me."


Chu Changge faintly said, "I don't want to see you guys in men's clothing again tomorrow."


As soon as this statement was made, the four people's faces were filled with a strange color, and their smirking faces twisted into a big 'bitter' word.

If you didn't wear men's clothing, then you could only wear women's clothing, and you couldn't help but have to wear them when the Leader had said so…


"Leader, now that the country prospers, the people at peace[7]Chinese idiom : peace and prosperity, and it is a favourable weather[8]Chinese idiom : good weather for crops for everyone, so for us men to dress as women will show that we're lacking in propriety." Even though he knew that resistance was ineffective, East Guardian still habitually tried to put up a last ditch struggle.


Chu Changge's sword eyebrows were raised, "What is this thing called propriety" This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

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East Guardian was speechless.

He could only lower his head silently and admit defeat.


But for West, North and South, they were different.

They were at best just accomplices and should have been given a lighter punishment.

"Leader, the person who speaks without thinking, was only Old East, while we are purely innocent." South Guardian argued.


While both North and West chimed in with the nods of their heads, showing due respect for his statement, "Yeah, it's none of our business."


East Guardian beat his chest and stamped his feet[9]Chinese idiom : describing a very sad and regretful look, feeling so sorrowful for befriending such bad friends!


Chu Changge casted his line of vision out of the window, and after being silent for a long time, he threw out concise and comprehensive words——"Guilty by association."



This is how an eggplant looks like after being hit by frost.

The three people's faces were like eggplants that had been hit by frosts, deflated.


East Guardian, on the other hand, was smiling, truly happy to have three of his 'good brothers' to share his trouble with.




After walking at dusk for two to three days, Murong Yunshu finally arrived at Jingbian City under the hostage of Wang Chao and Zhang Yu.

Jingbian City was unfamiliar to her, but at long last, she found a place that she could leave her footprints.


"Patron, are you just stopping by for snacks or staying overnight" The shopkeeper asked enthusiastically.


"Staying overnight." Wang Chao smiled and threw him a piece of silver.

He then boldly said, "I need two main rooms."


"All right!" The shopkeeper smiled and led them the way.


Wang Chao stretched his body as he walked, while saying, "It has been a long, bumpy ride.

Now, I can finally get a comfortable night's sleep."


Murong Yunshu also felt the same way.

Although she was being held hostage, it was always good to be able to sleep comfortably.


Only Zhang Yu, with his gloomy look, disapproved of them staying here.


Once upstairs, Wang Chao immediately seized up a room with both of his hands being put on the door as he said, "Zhang Yu, we'll take turns be on guard.

You'll guard during the night and I'll guard during the day." After he said that, both of his hands pushed opened and closed the door as he went to sleep.


In response, Murong Yunshu followed what was right just like a stream followed its course[10]Chinese idiom : readily accept good advice, as she walked into the opposite room, looked at Zhang Yu, and told him with her eyes——'It's enough for you just to watch from outside the door', and then, she closed the door and went to sleep.


Zhang Yu's face grew even more darker.

He was used to Wang Chao's brazenness, but for this Miss Murong, she also didn't think of herself as an outsider.

This room, they were the ones who paid for it anyway…


The next morning, Murong Yunshu got up very early, smiled at Zhang Yu who hadn't slept all night, and went downstairs to dine.

Actually, being kidnapped wasn't all bad, at least, you didn't have to pay for your food and lodging with your own money.


At this time, the door to Wang Chao's room also opened and he smiled at Zhang Yu as well, "Brother Zhang, good morning.

Did you have a good rest last night"


Zhang Yu did not even look at him as he followed Murong Yunshu's steps down the stairs.


As soon as they descended down the stairs, the three were stopped in their tracks by a man who just happened to walk into the inn.


Murong Yunshu stopped because of joy and excitement.

There were so many inns in the world, but he just happened to walk into this one.

Right on time, their four eyes collided with each other.


Wang Chao and Zhang Yu stopped because of fear.

There were so many inns in the world, but why did he have to walk into this one at this time…


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