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Murong Yunshu was missing.


This was just like thunder appeared on the blue sky[1]Chinese idiom : a sudden and unexpected event for Chu Changge.

It took him 30 seconds to restore his normal thinking ability.

He looked coldly at Halji and questioned, "How could such a big person disappear"


Halji responded, "She was seen walking towards the grassland.

I guess she has gotten lost there, so I've sent someone to find her."


Chu Changge gave her another look, which was full of warnings and threats——if she hurt even a tiny bit, I will only hold you responsible, and then I'll not only just walk away.


"Ah Chang, wait for me." Chu Xiyue ran out and followed after him, while grumbling, "We used to act together, no matter what we did, but now, you go as far as just left me behind and ran away.

Just because my body has changed, you don't treat me like one of your people, right"


"Of course not.

No matter what you've become, we will always be the closest people in the world." Chu Changge had said this sentence many times ever since he was a child, but to say them again after they had been separated for three years, he actually had a guilty conscience.

It was not because her position in his heart had changed, but rather because there had been another person who lived inside his heart, a person who made his dull life full of fun.


Before meeting Murong Yunshu, he thought that no one in the world could replace his sister's position in his heart.

Although he was born only three minutes earlier, he had a sense of responsibility as a brother towards her, and would prefer to be the one who was covered all over with cuts and bruises than letting her suffer any harm.

After meeting Murong Yunshu, he discovered that the one he would hold hands through this long lonely life, was his wife, not his sister.

Even if they were twins, it would be impossible.


It was a good thing that Xi-er didn't take his childhood jokes to heart, or maybe she had already understood the truth.

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Chu Changge suddenly remembered.

A long time before she met with mishap, she would always talk about Big Brother Feng.

Could it be that the two of them...or was Feng Cheng her unrequited love


Feeling the probing gaze of her 'sibling', Chu Xiyue tilted her head and took a few small steps back, while asking nervously, "You, you, you...why are you looking at me with such a weird look"


"You and Feng Cheng…"


"There was nothing!" Chu Xiyue flatly denied.


"You're lying."


"There was really nothing."


"You're still lying.


Chu Xiyue blushed anxiously as she conceded, "Alright, alright, you guessed it right."


"Uh-huh, this statement is the truth." Chu Changge nodded and smiled while feeling such a great relief.

His mood suddenly became jubilant.

Since Xi-er finally had a home she could return to, he now could wholeheartedly take care of the people he wanted to take care of.


As he thought of that person, Chu Changge's heart was filled with sadness and joy, which turned into a mixture of all five flavours[2]Chinese idiom : having mixed feelings.

The sky was getting darker.

In the vast expanse of the grassland, where the hell would she be






Murong Yunshu also didn't know where she was.

When she woke up, she merely felt absent-minded, and her eyes could only see darkness.

She stretched out her hands, groped forward, trying to find out, but she was blocked by a linen cloth.

By then did she discover that she had been trapped in a small sack, which was an extremely depressing thing for her.

As she felt the ground jolted up and down, the squeak from rolling wheels could be heard.

Obviously, she had been trapped in a moving carriage.


At this moment, there were people having a conversation outside.


"I really don't know what Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness was thinking.

This woman's appearance doesn't even look that good.

There are a lot of women who are much gentler and more beautiful than her all over the streets, so why would he even bother with so much effort for this woman"




"Hey, Zhang Yu, don't think I'm afraid of you just because you're cold-blooded."




"Yeah, this is boring as hell.

It would have been much comfortable if we stayed in Shu.

I don't know what's wrong with Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness.

It's just a matter of grabbing a woman.

He could have just send someone, so why did he need us to do it"


"Talk too much."


"I say, Zhang Yu, you've been silent all day, and you've been speaking like a gloomy, dissatisfied with lust kind of man.

Can you hold it or not!"


Their conversation continued, with one chattering, while the other being sarcastic.


Murong Yunshu listened to the conversation between the two people, as she gradually guessed some of the details, and slowly remembered that after she talked with Huberg that day, she was walking casually for a while.

On her walk, she seemed to feel that someone had touched her waist, and then, she didn't have any impression on what happen the next.


From their conversation, she ought to be kidnapped deliberately, and the person who kidnapped her was a Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness.

But what she couldn't understand, what a Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness was thinking of by kidnapping her She hadn't come in contact with many Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness, and she had even fewer Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness that she had any past feud with, so how could...suddenly, Murong Yunshu remembered when she was in the capital, she was nearly been assassinated by King Liang Jr.'s men…could it really...be him


The more Murong Yunshu thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

Since he was an old acquaintance, things would be much easier to deal with.

King Liang Jr.'s abduction of her would definitely involve interests, and with interests, she would have the capital to negotiate with him.


"If I suffocate in this sack, I'm afraid you will have a hard time to explain to King Liang Jr.

in the future." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


This sudden light sound of someone talking frightened the life of Wang Chao who almost loosened the reins in his hands.

"Zhang...Zhang Yu, did you hear someone talking"


Zhang Yu gave him a blank look, lifted the curtain of the carriage and untied the sack.


Murong Yunshu climbed out smoothly, and her eyes felt a stab of pain from the sudden sight of bright lights, as she blinked to adjust.


Murong Yunshu had seen the cold-faced young man in front of her before, inside the inn by the cliff.

There was a slightly older man seated in the middle with him.

Originally she wasn't too interested in irrelevant people, but that handsome slightly older man who looked well-bred, had a piercing scar on his cold, steely face, which made it hard for her not to be impressed.


She thought that man must have been King Liang.


"Say a word and you will die!" Wang Chao cursed lowly, as he stopped the horses and entered the carriage.

He suddenly bumped into a pair of extremely calm black eyes and had a huge fright.

"How did you get out"


Zhang Yu gave him another scornful glance, and began to ignore that certain someone who would even be frightened at the sight of a dead ant, as he said to Murong Yunshu, "Wangye[3]Prince/His Highness invites you over as his guest."



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