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Just as Murong Yunshu expected, after passing through the stone bridge from Mountain of Doom to the Undead Mountain, what awaits them was their biggest test—the Li soldiers—she preferred to call them uncivilized people, or 'savages' for short.

As each of them was unclothed, with their faces painted in red and white face rouges like devil masks, straw hats on their heads, straw sandals on their feet, and a circle of straw mats around their waist, to cover the areas below the waist and above their knees.

Besides, there were no extra decorations on their bodies.


In fact, when one got down to it, it was a bit unfair to call them uncivilized people.

After all, they still knew how to cover up the lower half of their body, so they were considered semi-civilized people at best.


"Who are you How dare you trespass on the forbidden land of Li Clan!" asked the man with a gray feather in his straw hat.


When Murong Yunshu heard what was said, she smiled lightly.

Very good, their language was the same, so there would be no barrier in communication.

Chu Changge, however, frowned, while holding a folding fan that was unknown where he had gotten it from, and he had been shaking it for a while.


The man noticed that Murong Yunshu was not only unafraid, but actually smiled in a calm and collected[1]Chinese idiom : showing no sign of nerves manner.

He suddenly turned hostile and roared, "I'm asking you a question! What are you laughing at....." before the words even died down, a 'pap' sound could be heard, as a blinding redness appeared on the face of the man with the feather on his head, while blood was running from the corner of his mouth.

Obviously, he had been slapped, but no one saw who slapped him, or even when the slap had been given.

By the time everyone reacted, he had been solidly slapped.

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The man stared at Chu Changge, with his eyes bulged out, and his throat was 'gurgling', but he didn't say a word.

It was because as soon as he opened his mouth, it was like ten thousand ants eating his heart, extremely painful and itchy, which was worse than death.



I don't know who drew this, if you know, let me know, but he really was the image I have of Chu Changge.

Chu Changge was no longer shaking the fan at this point, because the fan in his hand had been closed.

A trace of blood flowed out from the corner of that man's mouth, in a steady flow[2]Chinese idiom : an unending stream.

There was a great tendency for the man's body to be drained of all his blood since it didn't seem to stop streaming.

It was only then that someone noticed that t on the edge of the fan in Chu Changge's hand was stained with some rouge.


It could be seen that the man was sweating like rain.

His face was distorting painfully.

He suddenly gritted his teeth, covered his face and roared wildly, "How dare you.....how dare you hit....." before he could even finish his sentence, another 'pap' sound could be heard, as he stumbled a few steps to the side, and the strange redness on his face also disappeared.

Although the corners of his mouth still bled, it was not as surging as it did before.

Now, it looked like a normal manifestation of bleeding after a normal person had been slapped by an abnormal certain martial artist.


"How dare you hit me!" The man roared.

After he roared, he suddenly quivered, and found out that besides the burning pain on his face, he couldn't talk as much as he used to.

So he put away his anger and the expression on his face was replaced with a look of confusion.


The fan in Chu Changge's hand had been unfolded again this time.

He shook the fan lightly, while leisurely smiled, and then casually said, "You can continue trying to treat her even a bit worse, and you will know that I not only dare to beat you, but also dare to kill you."


He said in a light-hearted way, but it was bone chilling to those who heard it.

Especially to the leader with a feather on his head, as his legs began to tremble.

In the face of such a threat from a man who could send himself to hell for a walk with just two slaps, how could he not tremble


For Chu Changge to stick up for her, Murong Yunshu's heart was naturally moved, but as moving as it was, there was still some concern.

He had this 'I'm the greatest in the world' attitude, and it really shouldn't continue to flourish…..especially when you didn't know what the other party was capable of.

It was always good to be a bit more reserved.

Of course, she was only thinking of these thoughts in her mind.

He would never be persuaded, since she herself was a person who also followed her own desires[3]Chinese idiom : do as one pleases, so she knew his behaviour very well.


If she had been the one with the unique skills, she would have been the first one to punch and kick the leader.....uh, punching and kicking seems to be something a street fighter would do.

A master, like Chu Changge, would beat people without being known by god or ghost[4]Chinese idiom : without anybody knowing about it.

As Murong Yunshu thought until here, she suddenly smiled.

She really didn't have the potential to be a master of martial arts.

Even her thoughts were on the same level as a street fighter who was like a three-legged cat[5]jack of all trades and only knew how to bully the good people but scare of the evil ones.

When it came to learn combat aspects, she was the legendary piece of rotten wood, which could never be carved[6]Chinese proverbs : You cannot change the true nature of such things.....


The savage people had never seen such a smile that they couldn't make a head or a tail of[7]Chinese idiom : baffled.

Naturally, when combined it with Chu Changge's threat, they were reminded of the sneer that bandits would give out before they started killing, the sort that could make one's hair stood on end[8]Chinese idiom : absolutely terrified.....


The leader shuddered and slowly trotted backwards.

He backed up till he was next to his second-in-command and whispered, "Busi, I'll hold them off.

You go back and call for help." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


Without waiting for a reply from the man called 'Busi', Chu Changge smilingly said, "If you have something to say, just speak up.

No matter how small your voice are, I can still hear you."


Hearing this, Murong Yunshu shook her head helplessly.

This person ah, was so afraid that others would not know that he was a master of martial arts.


The leader couldn't calm down, and with a shudder, the feather on his head was shook off to the ground.

Busi hurriedly picked it up and plugged it back for him.


Feather was a symbol of status in the Li People.

Just like the official seal of the Daye Dynasty, losing them would be punishable by death.


Murong Yunshu looked at the leader and said, "We are just merchants, from the Daye Dynasty at the foot of the mountain.

This barbarian act of intrusion to your clan forbidden area, isn't actually our choice but we're really looking forward in meeting you all." The correct way to communicate with reasonable people was through peaceful measures before using force[9]Chinese idiom : diplomacy before violence, while for unreasonable people, one should communicate with force first before peaceful measures.

Although she wasn't sure if these savages were reasonable people, but, since someone had used 'force' on them first, in that case, they could be considered unreasonable people by default.

Of course, even if one didn't understand a sensible talk, one would instantly become a language genius, especially under a certain someone's intimidation, right


So, in a way, someone's violent behaviour had greatly relieved her of the burden and saved her a lot of trouble.


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