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Who would have believed that the Great Leader Chu, the lone flower who admired itself[1]Chinese idiom : self-love and considered himself unexcelled in the world[2]Chinese idiom : be insufferably arrogant, would use his profound martial arts skills to snatch a fowl from a woman who lacked the strength to even truss a chicken[3]Chinese idiom : weak


Murong Yunshu smiled sourly and shook her head as she urged, "Just eat it.

I don't know if there will be another meal for us to eat after this one."


As soon as the words came out, Chu Changge suddenly lost his appetite and chuckled, "Don't curse yourself to be a widow when you are still young."


Murong Yunshu stopped bickering with him as she opened the door and saw the mountain[4]Chinese idiom : came straight to the point, "I heard that your Left and Right Emissaries have rebelled."


When Chu Changge heard what she said, both of his eyebrows sank.

He asked, "So the four guardians, from South to West have returned to the Black Wind Mountain"


"Mmm."  Murong Yunshu gently nodded.


When he got a positive answer, Chu Changge's cold expression eased a little.

After he pondered for a long time, his face suddenly revealed a wide smile.  Then he asked, "Since you have gotten into the cave, you should have a way to climb up the mountain, right"


Murong Yunshu didn't expect his thoughts would jump so quickly, that she became flabbergasted for a few seconds before she asked, "You're not going back to Mojiao Sect's headquarter to clean up the mess personally"


Chu Changge replied, "It's already enough just to let the four of them handle such a trivial matter."


Could the rebellion of Left and Right Emissaries be considered a trivial matter  Then, what could be treated as a big deal in his opinion  Murong Yunshu stared suspiciously at him to make sure his unperturbed manner was not just an act.

Only then did she leisurely say, "There is a way to climb up the mountain, but I need your help."  Since he didn't even care about his leader position, she no longer needed to meddle in other people's business.

Her top priority right now was to find the Li people in this mountain.


Chu Changge asked, "What do you need me to do"


Murong Yunshu did not directly answer his question, but asked him instead, "How sharp is your Qinglong[5]qing=green, long=dragon Divine Sword"


When Chu Change heard her question, he suddenly had a foreboding feeling and hesitantly answered, "It can cut through iron as if it was mud." T/NYou should trust your gut, Leader Chu.


"Cut iron as if it was mud…then it should not be a problem for it to cut through a few of the stone blocks…" Murong Yunshu muttered to herself, as she looked up at the rock wall, and said, "You should cut a few steps out of the rock wall." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

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"Cut a few steps" Chu Changge thought he might have heard it wrong.


"Cut it all the way around the rock wall.

The distance between every step should not be too big.

Just cut it all the way to the top of the mountain."


Chu Changge was dumbfounded and thought for a long time to digest her words, before he incredulously cried out, "What you mean is, I cut the steps, and you will just walk up there"


"You can go too." However, she personally felt that a certain person would definitely reject this kind of primitive method as he would feel it was beneath his dignity to do so.


Chu Changge said with an aloof and sullen face, "I can do qinggong[6]"the art of lightness".

The body is trained to be "light as feather", so that a person can run at great speed, leap high and drop down softly on the tip of the toe." How did she come up with such a way that only harmed others for her personal benefit[7]Chinese idiom : benefit oneself at the expense of others


Murong Yunshu, with 'I knew you will say that' expression on her face, raised her eyebrows and stated, "Are you willing or not Otherwise, I'll hire workers to cut it." The last thing she needed was money anyway.


How dare she treated him like a free worker  Chu Changge couldn't get himself to laugh or cry[8]Chinese idiom : dumbfounded.

He had never suffered any losses in other people's hands for his whole life, but ever since he met Murong Yunshu, he began to force himself to believe the four words 'loss is a blessing'.


Chu Changge laughed at himself, as he fixed his attention on his strength and gave out a loud cry "Qinglong[5]qing=green, long=dragon unsheathe!" Afterwards—he started to work on what he had been told to do.


As Chu Changge continued cutting halfway up the mountain, he suddenly felt a fierce vibration coming from the bottom of the mountain.

His nerves instantly tightened and he made a graceful whirl, drifted down to Murong Yunshu's side and asked, "What's going on"


"I've discovered a mechanism." Murong Yunshu pointed to the stone door that had just appeared due to the opening of the mechanism, then said, "I guess the way up the mountain is through this stone door.



"But how did this stone door…wait!" Chu Changge suddenly came to his senses and gave out a perplexed shout, "You tricked me!"


"Yeah." Murong Yunshu confessed indifferently, then said, "You try pushing the door open with your inner force."


Chu Changge couldn't believe his ears.

First, she tricked him into chopping the rock wall with his Qinglong[5]qing=green, long=dragon Divine Sword, and then, after she generously admitted her bad behavior, she still continued to use him like nothing har happened Where was the justice...where was the justice, dear God….


"Unwilling" Murong Yunshu's raised her dark eyebrows and said, "Then I'll hire some workers…"


"I'll push." Chu Changge interrupted her words and took three steps back, and made a half crouch to transport qi[9]vital energy to his palms, then he so hard at the stone door that it instantly reduced to rubble.

This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.blogspot.com.


"Thanks a lot."  Murong Yunshu was about to enter the door when he held her back.


"I'll go first." Chu Changge's tone was as it should be by rights[10]Chinese idiom : proper and to be expected as a matter of course.

Then he bent over to enter through the door.


In a simple words, this one action of his had stirred up an emotion in Murong Yunshu's heart.

She suddenly regretted playing trick on him.  Although he had being very unkindly by robbing her drumstick, it seemed that she had gone too far by making him cut the rock wall with his magic sword…she was conducting a self-examination when she heard him asked, "Did you trick me to cut the rock wall in retaliation for taking your drumstick"


It had been seen through.  Murong Yunshu immediately felt embarrassed beyond measure.

She was thinking on how to answer when she heard him say, "Actually, since you have stripped me of my clothes and I have robbed your drumstick, that already make it even between us."


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