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"Humph! I think you are just afraid!" Fang Hongfei snorted.


"Surnamed Fang, you really think that you're worthy to fight with our Sect Leader!" North Guardian flipped to the top of the stage and said, "You have to win against me first."


Fang Hongfei responded with a contemptuous look in his eyes, "The Martial Arts Assembly is not a place for nobody like you can talk.

If you don't want to die, get out of my way."


North Guardian laughed as soon as he heard these words, while holding his belly with both of his hands.

After his laughter ran out, he spoke, "I'm a person who was born looking for death.

Let's just do it."


"Good! I'll teach you a lesson first, before I clean up Chu Changge." Fang Hongfei's face turned fierce, as he swiftly stabbed his sword forward, which pierced North Guardian's sleeve and grazed his shoulder.


North Guardian was shocked.

He had seen Fang Hongfei's sword technique at the Jianghu Inn that day, but it was only mediocre.

Even Li Wunai could subdue it.

How did Fang Hongfei make such amazing progress with his sword technique in just two or three days


Red Tassel Spear

The reasons for this spear to have a tassel are, firstly, for the spear to look beautiful and secondly, to absorb blood from the person that has been stabbed by the spear.

This way, the blood won't flow down to the hand of the spear holder.

- by 無風卻起念, on article 中國古代的槍上為何要綁上紅纓?原因很簡單,兩個字便能解釋清楚

Image Credit | wfqn888 @ wechat

Murong Yunshu was also surprised.

Although she did not know martial arts, Fang Hongfei's sword just now was obviously several times faster than the one that had been split by Li Wunai the other day.

Before she could even see how he thrust his sword out, North Guardian was already being stabbed on the sleeve.

Had Fang Hongfei retained his actual strength or there was another reason Just as she was feeling perplexed, she heard West Guardian's shout behind her, "Lil North, catch!" Even when West Guardian had hardly finished speaking, she saw a human size red tassel spear fly towards the stage.

North Guardian leaped into the air, caught the iron spear, then he naturally made a dashing bicycle kick as he firmly landed on the ground.

If anyone is interested in how bicycle kick looks like just watch this video.

Focus on the red pants guy.




North Guardian had a look of great solemnity as he said, "I was careless just now.

Now, let my spear meet your sword for a moment!" As soon as his spoken words ceased, the spear started to move with a killing aura.

The red tasselled spear seemed to come alive, as it gradually advanced and entrenched itself at every step¹Chinese idiom : consolidate at every step, aggressively, unobstructed all the way, as it drove straight in, forcing Fang Hongfei to the edge of the ring, with no way to retreat.

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Fang Hongfei's situation at this time was comparable to troops in defeat like a landslide²Chinese idiom : overwhelming defeat.

North Guardian's spear was too fast and too relentless that it wouldn't give him any chance to fight back, let alone for him to win.


Faced with the red tasseled spear that could stab him in the throat in one centimeter more, Fang Hongfei was both terrified and reluctant, "How could you use the Gu family spearmanship"


"You still know this is a Gu family spearmanship.

Not too bad." North Guardian coldly said.


Fang Hongfei snorted coldly and replied, "The former Great Protector of the State, General Gu Yueyang had a fearful spear that was widely known in the world.

How can I not know it But Gu family's spearmanship was lost five years ago when the whole Gu family had been executed and their properties had been confiscated.

Where did you learn it"


"General Gu taught me."


"Impossible! The Gu spearmanship only passed down to the eldest son…" Suddenly, Fang Hongfei realised, "It can't be that you are the eldest son of the Gu family who has survived the execution….impossible…absolutely impossible…the Gu family were full of loyalty and they would never take refuge with the Mojiao Sect…"


North Guardian sneered, "The fate of the loyal and valiant men is usually to cut them all down.

Why should I still be loyal to the muddle-headed ruler Besides, if I haven't taken refuge with the Mojiao Sect, don't tell me I should take refuge with an honest distinguished family like yours I can't think of any other sect that dares to take me, the one who has infringed the Imperial Court, except for the Mojiao Sect."


The whole room fell silent as soon as these words came out.

Fang Hongfei, who was standing on the stage, was even more embarrassed.


After a long time, a lazy voice suddenly pierced the silent atmosphere of the Shaolin Temple.

"Lil North, since you understand that this Leader has shown great kindness to you, today you will fight for this Leader and take the position of Great Leader, so as not to let those friends from the right path come back to find the misfortune of my Mojiao Sect."


"Understood!" North Guardian flipped his spear and used the hilt to knock Fang Hongfei off the stage, then looked around the stage with cold eyes.


"Amitabha, good, this is good." Great Master Xuankong got up and stated, "Since this patron has infringed the Imperial Court, he can no longer participate in the tournament.

The Great Leader of Martial Arts must not be a sinful person."


The venue, which had been silent a moment ago, suddenly turned upside down.


A person who is sinful cannot be the Great Leader of Martial Arts.

Even if his martial skills are even higher, I won't accept it."


"Yes, can't be accepted!"


"Can't be accepted!"


"Can't be accepted!"


The whole audience started to boil, but North Guardian still stood motionless on the stage as if he had not heard any of it.


Chu Changge boredly snapped his fingers and lazily said, "Forget it.

Lil North, you can come down and change fighter."


Even before the voice died away, West Guardian jumped out unusually on his own initiative and shouted, "I'm on!" Then, with a leap, he landed beside North Guardian, and gave him some unusual brotherly pats on the shoulder, while saying, "Lil North, don't be depressed.

When I become the Great Leader, I'll ordain you as Vice Leader." After saying that, he smilingly turned back towards Chu Changge and called out, "Leader, you will be the Grand Master." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね.

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To be a puppet-master was still a high position, but Chu Changge only gave him a blank glance and said with extreme impatience, "Make haste."


"Understood!" West Guardian looked around and smiled, "I'll just introduce myself first, so that I won't be called a nobody." After saying those words, a long chain suddenly flew out from his sleeve.


"That's Jiu Qu³jiu=nine, qu=can either be crooked or song/melody's Linglong⁴linglong=exquisite chain!" A sharp-eyed person recognised the chain and yelled out its name.


West Guardian faintly smiled and elegantly waved the Linglong⁴linglong=exquisite Chain, saying, "That's right, it's precisely Jiu Qu³jiu=nine, qu=can either be crooked or song/melody's Linglong⁴linglong=exquisite Chain.

I heard that no one could break the old man Jiu Qu³jiu=nine, qu=can either be crooked or song/melody's Linglong⁴linglong=exquisite chain.

I have little talent with it as I've only learned a few things.

I wonder if any of the heroes are willing to take the lead in testing it"


Willing to take the lead in testing it…..that was very modest of him! Murong Yunshu discovered that there was the truth to the saying 'similar things group together, similar people fit together⁵Chinese idiom : similar meaning to birds of the same feather flock together' for the people at Chu Changge's side, where one would be crazier and better than the other.

If North Guardian's Gu spearmanship could shock the whole audience, then, right at this moment, West Guardian's Jiu Qu's Linglong⁴linglong=exquisite Chain had frightened the audience.


Only two out of the Four Guardians had stepped in and they had already frightened a group of righteous men into silence.

This Martial Arts Assembly had simply become the Mojiao Sect skills demonstration which totally caught everyone off guard.


Old Man Shenji took a glance at the worried face of Great Master Xuankong.

He chuckled and stated, "I've told you, Monk.

I've told you beforehand that the Great Leader of Martial Arts selection should have been done in secret, and not to never make a big deal of it.

But you wouldn't listen.

This is just great.

Once the Mojiao took the position of Great Leader, your distinguished families will certainly be done for."


It couldn't be said that it went well.

As soon as those words were said, Great Master Xuankong became even more anxious.

Old Man Shenji then turned to look bitterly at Master Mo who was beside him and sighed heavily.

How could this be considered as well!


Master Mo was also helpless.

At present, those who had surpassed the four aces of Mojiao Sect could be counted on one's fingers⁶Chinese idiom : very few.

Unfortunately, all of them were currently sitting at the judging table.

Thus, they couldn't be on the stage.

"Old Man Shenji, as you have seen, what should we do"


"What should you do Aren't you people going to choose the Great Leader Now that someone has beat his opponent, you people should be happy." Old Man Shenji answered in a matter-of-fact way.


Master Mo said with a deep sigh, "If this Great Leader title falls into the hands of the Mojiao Sect, there will surely be no peace in the Jianghu!"


"Master Mo, our Leader is still here, so please speak politely!" East Guardian coldly said.


Chu Changge smiled indifferently and gestured for East Guardian to shut up, while laughingly said, "Does Master Mo want peace Then, why not all join the Mojiao Sect together."


In an instant, Master Mo's grizzled beards shook violently as he righteously said, "Good and evil cannot coexist."


Chu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly, "That's why I invited you guys to join the Mojiao Sect."


Old Man Shenji smiled happily as he said, "Chu Changge, you are already the master of your own sect anyway.

Why don't you sell me a face and give the Great Leader position to someone else to fight for If you become the Great Leader, the Jianghu will be boring."


Chu Changge began to smile, with a smiling expression that seemed savage in everybody's eyes which caused them to gnash their teeth⁷Chinese idiom : displaying extreme anger, "As far as I'm concerned, the position of Great Leader is dispensable, however, what will you use to buy for this face"


Once Old Man Shenji heard what was said, his wrinkled old eyes narrowed as he looked at Chu Changge for a few seconds before he smiled and leisurely said, "The antidote for the Soul Snatcher, the real antidote."


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