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As soon as Murong Yunshu was seated, she saw a white-haired old man with a little girl coming towards this side of the main seats.


"Miss, it is the pair of storytelling grandparent and grandchild! Are they here to join the fun" Lu'er asked doubtfully.


Murong Yunshu smiled at the old man as a greeting.

Then, she answered Lu'er's question, "They must have come to see what has happened in this Martial Arts Assembly in person before they can tell their stories in a teahouse."


Lu'er suddenly saw the light¹Chinese idiom : suddenly realise what has happened, as she nodded and said, "First-hand news, no wonder so many people like to hear his storytelling."


Chu Changge smiled when he heard this talk and said to Murong Yunshu with his head tilted to the side, "Madam, there are so many people who are well versed in pen and sword²Chinese idiom : fine scholar and soldier in Mojiao Sect.

Do you want to consider changing your maid"


"No need." Murong Yunshu ignored his gaze and looked off into the distance as she faintly said, "Someone who is too smart is not suitable to be my maid."


Sword like eyebrows or Jianmei

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When Chu Changge's sword like eyebrows raised, it gave an expression of 'then just forget about it' on his face.

After a few seconds, he couldn't help teasing her, "So that is all you have been pursuing."


Murong Yunshu restrained herself from drawing back the corner of her lips as she said, "We who run a private bank are only happy to be with money.

As for being happy with people, it's fine if we don't pursue it."


"Is Madam implying that her husband only likes to have fun"


"Stated explicitly."


"...." Chu Changge was tempted to ask if in her eyes, he also fell into the category of 'not too smart'.......


Although Murong Yunshu's expression was still light as the cool breeze, when she took a glance at Chu Changge's dishevelled manner and defeated expression, she suddenly unable to say how carefree her heart felt, as the corners of her mouth unconsciously slightly raised.

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At this moment, Old Man Shenji approached them and he happily said to Murong Yunshu, "Little girl, we have met again."


Murong Yunshu politely rose, "Elder Shenji is old but still vigorous³Chinese idiom : hale and hearty despite the years."


Old Man Shenji kept shaking his head as he took a seat on the far left.

He then said, "No, this old man is on the point of death as this old man is already old.

This old man even just pant after climbing those previous steps of stairs.

Don't know who deliberately made things difficult for this old man by setting up the stage this high."


"It was this old monk who had sent someone to build it," Great Master Xuankong said with a smile.


"I know you stinking monks have bad intentions!" The old man Shenji indignantly said.

When he turned away his white haired head, paired up with his old 'disrespect the elder' appearance, it stirred up loud laughters from the crowd.


The three great masters and one great devil had arrived, thus the drums thundered and the Martial Arts Assembly officially began.

Great Master Xuankong spoke first to the effect that 'we held the Martial Arts Assembly for the sake of the harmony of the whole martial arts circle, and all disharmonious factors must be eliminated'.

In Jianghu terminology, it was for choosing a Great Leader of Martial Arts and getting rid of disobedient people in order to keep the world at peace.

After Great Master Xuankong made his speech, Senior Taoist Priest Mo spoke to the same effect.

In short, they should all work for peace in the martial arts circle.


Most people were concentrating their attention to Great Master Xuankong, while a small number of people were thinking about their own plan in their heart, such as Lu'er.


"Miss, you lied to me again." Lu'er pouted and accused her Master's bad behaviour of not taking her maid's mind seriously like she did not have her own mind.


"Uh-huh," Murong Yunshu confessed.


Lu'er suddenly felt that she had nothing else to say, when there were actually many complaints in her heart, but as the saying went, leniency to those who confessed⁴from a complete phrase 'leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist' which is one of China Law., and Miss had already admitted it.

What else could she say If worse came to the worst, even if Miss didn't admit it, she still wouldn't be able complain! Ah, no wonder Miss liked to make fun of her, since she was stupid, naturally stupid!


After some self-reflection and self-spurning, Lu'er adjusted her mind and asked, "Miss, when did you know that the old storyteller was Old Man Shenji"


"A moment ago."


"When was that"


Murong Yunshu listened to Senior Taoist Priest Mo while answering to Lu'er, "When he walked up to the stage."


Upon hearing this, Lu'er immediately exclaimed with a look of adoration, ''Miss, oh God! You saw right through him as soon as he showed up!"


Murong Yunshu didn't lift her eyelids even once, "It's nothing." It wasn't that she was being modest, but the truth was too obvious——there was only one empty seat left on the stage, and the person who walked up to the ring was either Old Man Shenji or Old Man Shenji's son or grandson, in which, according to the age presumption, was bound to be the real one.

What's more, the first time she met him at the teahouse, she could tell his status was extraordinary, and it was no surprise that he was the one who could see the head of a heavenly dragon⁵Chinese idiom : to maintain an air of mystery, Old Man Shenji.

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"Miss, I bet that the Great Leader position will belong to Guye⁶term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family, don't you think" As soon as Senior Taoist Priest Mo announced the rule for 'Great Leader of Martial Arts competition', Lu'er started to chatter continuously.


The Four Guardians also became restless, as they began to move their bones and muscles⁷exercising the body while whispering with each other.


East Guardian : It's been a long time since I punched someone.


South Guardian : I'll go first in a moment.


West Guardian : No way.

You'll be too ruthless.

Just let Lil North go first.


"Why do I have to go first whenever he will be too ruthless" North Guardian didn't feel happy.


"Because you're weak." The three guardians, South, East and West spoke in unison.


North Guardian touched his nose bitterly and muttered, "There's no need to be so direct......"


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement and asked Chu Changge with her head tilted sideway, "There are so many deaf and dumb people in Murong mansion.

Do you want to consider changing the Four Guardians"


"No need." The corners of Chu Changge's mouth tinged with a smile as he explained, "Someone who is too quiet is not suitable to be my guardian."


Murong Yunshu also imitated him by raising up her eyebrows and gave an expression of 'then just forget about it' on her face.

Then, she paid attention to the fights on the stage.

After she heard the words 'Great Leader of Martial Arts contest', she knew what happened yesterday was only a trap, in order to force Chu Changge to promise——not to use force inside the Shaolin Temple.

If no force could be used, he would be excluded from the Great Leader of Martial Arts contest.


Those who dug this trap must know them very well.

Not only did they know that she would go to Shaolin Temple to save Chu Changge without hesitation, they furthermore knew that Chu Changge would have misgivings about her safety and would not fight all out which led him to lose the battle.


Who was it Who knew both of them.


With a jolt, a name flashed in Murong Yunshu's mind.

Her forehead immediately felt heavy, as she looked at the stage with an imposing expression.


Like all competitions, only after the shrimp soldiers and crab generals⁸Chinese idiom : hopeless troop fought each other would the key figures enter the stage, and the Martial Arts Assembly was no exception.

Soon, Fang Hongfei went up and defeated all his opponents.

He sneered at Chu Changge and issued a provocation, "Chu Changge, I heard that your martial arts are matchless in the world⁹Chinese idiom : undefeated.

So let my Yangtian¹⁰lit.

look up at heaven Sword meet your Qinglong¹¹lit.

green dragon Divine Sword here today!"


Chu Changge was still looking like he was undisturbed, looked disdainfully at Fang Hongfei in the middle of the stage, and said without any worry, "Qinglong¹¹lit.

green dragon only sees masters, so you are not worthy."


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